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Shazia Mustafa: Work Like A Woman - Traditional Roles, Childcare, And Privilege

Coworking Values Podcast

For this episode, we welcome back Shazia Mustafa of Third Door Coworking. It is a family-friendly coworking space that also has an Ofsted-registered Nursery on-site, Third Door. Third Door was founded on the conviction that it is possible to thrive in your profession and spend quality time with your children at the same time.  We are going to talk about the Mary Portas' book: Work Like A Woman: A Manifesto for Change and the Coworking Idea Project challenge for this month. We also deep-dives into the world of working parents - especially women, childcare, and privilege. That also comes with traditional roles, and how equality and inclusivity in workspaces can make it easier for women. 


7 Sep 2021

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9: To Scale or not to Scale - with Shazia Mustafa from Third Door

Coworking Conversations

Continuing with our series of scaling a coworking business, we chat with Shazia Mustafa from Third Door - a coworking space and nursery based in London. Ten years into running the business, Shazia laughs as she recounts the story of being new to parenting whilst needing to work, and how this sparked the idea and motivation for what became Third Door.Listen in to the podcast to hear what happened next, including a tough decision not to scale after a year of prep, lessons learned from that and how this informs future plans for growing the business. Because the answer is “Yes, do scale - but do it right!”We also hear about- How values and integrity inform running a business- Building foundations and ensuring longevity- What to have in place and what to consider prior to scaling- What makes for valuable marketing- Why waiting with scaling paid off- Advice for new coworking businesses- … and what surprises Shazia about the coworking movement!Links for this episodeBathtub 2 Boardroom


14 Feb 2020

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Shazia Mustafa & Yusuf Chadun of Third Door Coworking & Nursery

GCUC Podcast

Learn more about the importance of family-oriented spaces as Shazia & Yusuf tell the story of their project in London:https://www.third-door.com/


18 Dec 2019

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Coworking Out Loud 020 – Coworking with Childcare Pioneer Shazia Mustafa

Coworking Out Loud

Shazia Mustafa is an absolute pioneer of coworking. Founder of Third Door in London, Shazia opened the first coworking space with childcare way back in 2010. Now we’re seeing parent-friendly coworking spaces pop up everywhere,


6 Aug 2019

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36: Shazia Mustafa of Third Door - Coworking and Nursery

Impact Hustlers - Entrepreneurs with Social Impact

Third Door is a coworking and nursery, bringing together a collaborative community of working parents and passionate childcare professionals, who believe that work and family can grow together.Shazia Mustafa is passionate about growing Third Door to help working parents create a family and work-life balance and where parents can work both on their careers without any guilt and be there for their children.Highlights:The rise of flexible nursery and coworkingHow is Third Door different from other spaces?Growing a community of working parentsBenefits of working next to childrenBeing in a safe space for mums and dadsUseful links:Third Door - https://www.third-door.com/Shazia Mustafa's Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/shaziamustafa/Chapters:[1:00] Solving a personal problem that lead to Third Door[4:30] How does Third Door works?[7:00] The Third Door community[10:00] Growing the coworking and child care services[14:00] Growing a business and making a difference to parents[15:00] Biggest challenge to creating Third Door[20:00] What is your 10 year vision? Support the show


23 May 2019