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49 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mike James. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mike James, often where they are interviewed.

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49 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mike James. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mike James, often where they are interviewed.

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Why sexy sells, but boring is best * Simon Ward and Mike James, The Endurance Physio

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In this week’s podcast I catch up with the Endurance Physio, Mike James.  Mike came to my attention about 14 months ago when he started posting how-to videos on various social media platforms and tagging me in. I’ve watched a lot of his videos, replied to many of his tweets, and it's become clear that Mike and I share a similar philosophy - do the basics well and they will never let you down!

In this conversation we chat about Mike’s life starting out as an aspiring football player, transitioning to ultra running, triathlon, long distance swimming and back to ultra running. At the same time, he was open active duty with the RAF and beginning his rehabilitation career working with injured servicemen at Headley Court. On leaving the RAF he decided to study to become a physiotherapist and is now based in Cardiff, South Wales.  We find a lot of common ground during this chat and Mike shares some valuable bits including:

  • Choosing Sir Alex Ferguson as his virtual mentor for a month and why as a Spurs fan he admires him so much
  • Why it’s important to be in the moment, and how having children helps one appreciate the smaller things in life
  • Telling the same story over and over to patients prompted the filming of his many videos
  • 3 key lessons learned from treating severely injured servicemen at Headley Court
  • Why sexy sells but boring is best
  • Why Mike’s job as a physio is to help you stay uninjured
  • Why rest IS NOT rust!
  • 3 simple things to do better that will improve your health and performance
  • Why marginal gains are really only for elite athletes

If you want to find out more about Mike James, you can follow him on:

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TheendurancePT/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/theEndurancePT

The Endurance Podcast with Mike James and Marc Laithwaite

Kicksology by Brian Metzler

Mike’s chosen signature tune The Rocky Soundtrack

To find out more about Simon’s SWAT programme, please click HERE

Visit Simon's website for more information about his coaching programmes

Links to all of Simon's social media channels can be found here

For any questions please email Beth@TheTriathlonCoach.com

Jul 08 2020 · 1hr 20mins
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Mike James Interview, Cant Miss Episode!- Episode 34

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Marsh & Jordan are joined by former NFL and former Miami Hurricanes Starting Running Back Mike James!

Jun 12 2020 · 43mins

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42 Mike James - Strategy coach and data analyst

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This week we speak to strategy coach and data analyst, Mike James.

Mike has worked with some top pros and coaches. He worked alongside Magnus Norman to analyse Stan Wawrinka pre and post injury and is currently working with NextGen Miomir Kecmanovic.

We talk about working with the above guys, tennis stats, interpreting stats, hawkeye, gps training equipment and more

Hope you enjoy it.

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Apr 07 2020 · 47mins
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Fantasy Basketball One Hit Wonders || Dorell Wright, Mike James & More

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Josh Lloyd looks at players who had one fantastic fantasy basketball season and were never able to replicate that one hit wonder outing, like Dorell Wright and Mike James. The Locked On Fantasy Basketball Podcast is brought to you by Basketball Monster.

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Mar 31 2020 · 31mins

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PodChatLive: Episode 69 with Mike James on Online Consultations

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In this episode we were joined by Mike James to talk about online consultations. This was a really useful episode for those who have recently starting doing (or are considering doing) online consultations. We covered some of the legal aspects, the options available technology wise, things to put in place preparation wise beforehand, and then what a consultation may look like (both subjectively and objectively). Without doubt a fundamental shift in mindset/approach is required from all parties, but a global pandemic is a pretty reasonable motivator for change.

Mar 28 2020 · 58mins
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) with Adam Meakins and Mike James

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RCL Ep41: Coronavirus (COVID-19) - What Should We Be Doing?

Adam Meakins & Mike James join us for an impromptu but given the current climate necessary conversation about Coronavirus (COVID-19), to discuss what clinicians/patients/people should/could be doing with regards to minimising the impact & spread. Many thanks to everyone who joined us live at such short notice! 👍🏻 #communication #education #flattenthecurve

NEXT EPISODE:RCL42: Thursday April 30th 8pm (GMT)Special Guest: TODD HARGROVE, author of 'Playing With Movement'.Join us LIVE: www.facebook.com/MattPhillipsRCL 

RUNCHATIVE INTERNATIONAL RUNNING CONFERENCE 2020Oct 29th & 30th - ONLINE!Simultaneous Translation into Spanish!10 fantastic speakers including:Matt Fitzgerald, Kevin Maggs, Ben Cormack, Tom Goom, Alice Sanvito, Claire Minshull, Trevor Prior, Emma Brockwell, Nick Knight & Jess Bruce, Mike James.

INFO & TICKETS: https://www.therapistlearning.com/p/run-chat-live-2020

Mar 15 2020 · 50mins
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Episode 26: Bombing with special guest Mike James

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Dusty Slay talks about bombing on stage with comedian Mike James. Dusty also reads emails from other comics about bombing.

Dusty talks about his time in Syracuse at the Funny Bone, and about eating at the Gem Diner and his love for tater tots.

Jan 30 2020 · 1hr 30mins
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01/17/2020 - Remembering The Mike James Season, Pt. 2 w/ Joe Wolfond

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In Episode 643 of Locked On Raptors, Sean Woodley and Joe Wolfond finish their chat about Mike James and his remarkable 2005-06 season for the Raptors , originally recorded for the defunct Primoz, Pasta & Ross Patreon page.. They continue to break down James' seven-minute rant from near the end of that season, and answer some Mike James-themed listener questions. Part 2 of 2. Check out the first half on Wednesday's episode of the podcast!

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Jan 17 2020 · 43mins
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01/15/2020 - Remembering The Mike James Season, Pt. 1 w/ Joe Wolfond

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In Episode 641 of Locked On Raptors, Sean Woodley chats with Joe Wolfond (The Score) on a re-released episode of the old Primoz, Pasta & Ross Patreon podcast about the hot and heavy single season fling the Raptors had with noted 20-point averager Mike James. They discuss James' shameless quest to average 20 points, ponder whether the team was happy, mad or indifferent about James commandeering the offense, and take a section-by-section look at what might be the greatest sound bite in Raptors history. Part 1 of 2.

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Jan 15 2020 · 47mins
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#71: Mike James – Navigating, Interpreting & Implementing Data in Tennis

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An increasing amount of data is becoming available within tennis. As coaches we need to navigate through the jungle of  information. How do we interpret the data? What stats are true, but not relevant? and ultimately how can stats help player development, scouting of opponents as well as inform us about winning patterns of play?

Mike James helps us do exactly that. He is a strategy analyst, which means that he interprets data combined with video of matches to help players and their teams with game development, scouting reports and preseason content based on the previous years matches.

In this interview Mike explains how Djokovic is fooling us, how the best players in the world have a BELOW 50 winning percentage from the baseline and helps us understand how data can inform us about what to do on the practice court

You’ll get to know:

  • How Djokovic is fooling us
  • The surprising winning percentage from the baseline
  • How to change the practice court

Enjoy the show!

01:40 The 3 ways Mike uses video
06:15 The first 4 shots
07:24 The misinterpretation of stats
07:57 What about big points?
09:12 Analyzing the servers role
11:09 Patterns of play
12:50 Key statistics
14:00 How Djokovic is fooling us
15:14 How to approach Junior development
17:38 How Height Correlate to ranking
19:12 Why data needs video
22:23 Scouting vs data on yourself
24:30 Focus on the 0-4 zone
27:15 The Practice Court is broken
29:54 How can we improve the practice court
32:12 Tennis is game of errors
34:07 Claudio Pistolesi
35:28 Favorite Books
35:52: World number 1’s at 40
37:50 Don’t crowd please
38:40 Tennis has trends
39:50 Expose yourself to different players and cultures

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Dec 07 2019 · 43mins