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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jason Latour. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jason Latour, often where they are interviewed.

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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jason Latour. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jason Latour, often where they are interviewed.

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Spider-Gwen by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez

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Happy Memorial Day! This week Chris and Daniel discuss Spider-Gwen by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez. We also talk about the SnyderCut of Justice League, Ruby Rose quits Batwoman, and Netflix's The Old Guard.

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May 25 2020 · 1hr 22mins

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Amazing Friends: Jason Latour

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On this episode of the show, Dan sits down with writer/artist Jason Latour to talk about his Spider-Gwen run, Gwen’s involvement in “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”, and his upcoming Spider-Man Annual #1 featuring Spider-Ham.

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Mar 31 2019 · 1hr 17mins
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Episode 437 - Syrupy Butterthroat f/ Jason Latour

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The co-creator of Spider-Gwen and Southern Bastards joins us once again to talk Into the Spider-Verse, G.I. Joe (as a fan), Spider-Gwen's costume design, his most North Carolina moment ever and a whole lot more!
Feb 11 2019 · 1hr 30mins

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Episode 100: Exit Gwenterview – In Conversation with Spider-Gwen writer and co-creator Jason Latour!

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(Recorded July 12, 2018)

In our final episode, Brian and Jack get to close things out with an exclusive in-depth “exit interview” (or is that exit Gwenterview?) with Spider-Gwen’s writer and co-creator Jason Latour!

In a conversation that mirrors the spirit of the book, we dig into some big ideas while simultaneously going in all kinds of directions. We talk about Spider-Gwen’s spirit of risk, the power of consequence, and how the series continually defied expectations as part of a unique and personal search for the truth. We unpack the ideas of the series finale, discuss the Spider-Verse trailer and consider where Gwen could go next. We learn more about the upcoming “Spider-Ben” story, get clues about the lost Earth-65 books (!) and hints about Jason’s next project for Marvel. There’s even time for quantum physics and of course, for corn dogs.

Be sure to stick around after the interview, as Jack and Brian offer some final thoughts, share some reflections from our listeners, and bid a fond farewell to Ultimate Spin.

THANK YOU for listening and for your support over the years! It’s been a blast!

  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 2:28 – In Conversation with Jason Latour: Digging into Spider-Gwen’s themes of Great Power and Great Accountability to find a different take on the Spider-Man mythos. Wearing the mask releases your inhibitions, but then you have to wrestle with the consequences of those inhibitions not being present. Letting go of the fear of failure while in pursuit of the truth. Embracing the craziness of comic books and recapturing the Saturday Morning Cartoon vibe. Considering the finale and looking to the future.
  • 1:22:19 – Listener Thoughts, Thank Yous, and Farewell

You can find Jason at:

Our sincere thanks to Jason for taking the time out of his busy schedule to chat with us!


Thanks for listening!

Jul 18 2018 · 1hr 42mins
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Jason Latour and Ivan Brandon on Black Cloud

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Jason Latour and Ivan Brandon talk about Black Cloud published by Image Comics on sale 04/05.

Mar 30 2017 · 53mins
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Episode 21 - Jason Latour!

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The co-creator of Southern Bastards, Loose Ends and Spider-Gwen joins us on the party floor. We get deep into the creative life of a writer-artist juggling several projects at once, putting yourself into genre work, the genesis of Southern Bastards, the return of Loose Ends, and dive deep into what it means to truly collaborate with other artists in a multitude of ways. Plus: Mike & Zack talk their new collabs, we see the return of the 5 Year Plan, and mike tries to rebrand PP as a "Comics Salon" (it doesn't fly).
Feb 27 2017 · 1hr 29mins
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Episode 32.3: Interview with Spider-Gwen writer and co-creator Jason Latour!

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(Recorded June 12, 2016) A special “point one” (or “point three”, but who’s counting?) episode where Brian got to talk with JASON LATOUR, the writer and co-creator of Radioactive Spider-Gwen! We covered a *lot* of ground in this episode, diving right into the book’s themes of family, identity, and of course, power and responsibility. Jason shares […]
Jun 14 2016 · 1hr 36mins
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Jason Latour | Southern Bastards

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In this episode Jason talks about football, Dusty Rhodes, and maybe some comics.

Topics include Southern Bastards as the ultra American comic, translation nuance, Milestone, finding a French football fan, the absurdity of it all, understanding Spider-Gwen, Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl, going to see The Force Awakens with the entire team, sitting next to Magnum TA at an American Gladiators event, Dusty Rhodes impressions, TREE: life drawings, not wanting to miss the overall experience of Southern Bastards through the larger cast, and what he’s reading!


Feb 22 2016 · 25mins
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Off Panel #33: Prolific Ways with Jason Latour

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Jason Latour, the writer of Spider-Gwen and artist/co-creator of Southern Bastards, joins Off Panel this week to talk about his work, career and collaboration. We talk the difference between writing and art for him, how those two roles inform each other, his working relationships with his creative partners like Jason Aaron, Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi, how growing up in the Charlotte area helped him, Coach Boss as Bill Belichick, challenging readers, Saturday morning cartoons, Spider-Gwen's success, the Carolina Panthers, barbecue, and much more.

Jan 26 2016 · 1hr 23mins