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EP69: Reflecting On Our Interview With Dr. David Labaree

Reinventing Education

How did schools get to where they are? Who are the stakeholders in our education system and how are their needs met? What has been the impact of schools shifting their attention from nation-building to cultivating value? What are the impacts of gamifying education? Our conversation with Dr. David Labaree from episode 68 brought up so many important questions that we unpack some of what he brought to the table here.    


9 May 2021

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EP 68 : Dr. David Labaree : How We Got Here - Education's Changing Purpose

Reinventing Education

Today we chat with Dr. David Labaree, a sociologically oriented historian at the  Stanford Graduate School of Education on some of the major processes and patterns that define the relationship between education and society. David's books include, “Someone Has to Fail" & "How to Succeed in School Without Really Learning.” We are joined by fellow educator Dwayne Primeau to discuss how the purposes of school have evolved from building citizens to producing human capital. Along the way, we dig into hopes for the future and ways to bring political decisions about education back to the community. Enjoy! And please get in touch with us at reinventingeducationpodcast@gmail.com if you want to be part of the conversation.


25 Apr 2021

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Academic Freedom in a Social Media Age (w/ David Labaree)

The Learning and Forgetting Podcast

Kevin Currie-Knight (East Carolina University) and David Labaree (Professor Emeritus, Stanford University) talk about the history and meaning of academic freedom. They talk about whether there has ever been a “golden age” where academics were safe to be heterodox (no), and what academic freedom means in an age of social media and the in-group policing it fosters.  00:00:32 - David’s Life as a (Newly) Retired Academic and Kevin’s Life as a Grinding Academic00:04:49 - The European Origins of (and the Reasons Behind) Academic Freedom11:14:58 - Academic Tenure Comes About at Stanford University00:19:32 - Academic Conformity and Why David is Concerned About Two Types of Academics00:34:29 - A Tension Between Academic Freedom and University Brand-Consciousness00:44:25 - When Academics Tweet00:52:56 - Should We Redesign a More Robust Academic Freedom? Can We? 

1hr 8mins

22 Feb 2021

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David Labaree on the Evolution of Higher Education

Modern Education

David Labaree seeks to analyze the changing nature of educational institutions. He joins us in the studio to discuss what we see today in our higher-education system, being hyper-competitive think tanks and how it got there. Originally aired on 15 February 2019 at KZSU Stanford. 


19 Jun 2019

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The birth & growth of American colleges w/ guest David Labaree

Stanford Radio

School's In with Dan Schwartz and Denise Pope:"The birth & growth of American colleges w/ guest David Labaree"Stanford Graduate School of Education Professor David Labaree gives us a historical perspective how and why America’s college and university systems developed from the Pre-Revolutionary War times into the present.Originally aired on SiriusXM on June 9, 2018.Recorded at Stanford Video.


13 Jun 2018

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The Birth and Growth of American Colleges with David Labaree

School's In

David Labaree, professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, gives us a historical perspective on how and why America’s college and university systems developed from the pre-Revolutionary War times into the present.


9 Jun 2018

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046 - An Interview with David Labaree About The Perfect Mess of American Education

The MoonshotEdu Show

In this interview with Dr. David Labaree, Professor of Education at Stanford University, we discuss his newest book, The Perfect Mess: The Unlikely Ascendancy of American Higher Education. Dr. Labaree provides some important historical and sociological context, and sage advice for any current or aspiring education reformer, change agent, or educational innovator.


18 May 2018

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FreshEd #77 – What makes American higher education great? (David Labaree)


How did American universities end up being seen as the best in the world? My guest today, David Labaree, argues it was the very decentralized and autonomous structure of the higher education system that allowed universities to develop an entrepreneurial ethos that drove American higher education to become the best. Today, America’s universities and colleges produce the most scholarship, earn the most Nobel prizes, hold the largest endowments, and attract the most esteemed students and scholars from around the worldThe messy structure of American higher education was not planned, however. There was no strong state or strong church directing the system from above. Rather higher education developed in a free market where survival was never guaranteed. Such a system produced unintended consequences that would make American higher education the envy of the world. David Labaree is a professor of Education at Stanford University. His new book is A Perfect Mess: The unlikely ascendancy of American Higher Education, which was published by the University of Chicago Press earlier this year.


12 Jun 2017