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Interview: Young Rich Lister Fred Schebesta on founding Finder

Fear And Greed

Sean Aylmer speaks to entrepreneur and Young Rich Lister Fred Schebesta about taking Finder.com.au from an Australian comparison website to a global success story.Support the show: https://fearandgreed.com.au/all-episodesSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


13 Jun 2021

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Rich lister sentenced to more than two years in prison

Midday Report

A prominent businessperson has been sentenced to two years and four months in prison He indecently assaulted three men, and later attempted to convince one of them to withdraw their complaint. The man has interim name suppression. The public gallery at the High Court at Auckland was packed for this morning's sentencing. Max Towle spoke to RNZ's reporter Jean Bell at the High Court.


27 May 2021

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A Rich Lister Lister and a Suburban Mum tell us how they save money.

Do You Want Salt with That...

We're currently in a recession . So we thought it a perfect time to ask a couple of people from different ends of the financial spectrum how they save money . We start out by talking to the co-founder of the comparison website finder.com, Fred Schebesta . Fred's a down to earth kinda guy who also happens to be a hugely successful entrepreneur. We also speak to Jade a suburban mum with two kids about he she balances her budget .This Episode of Do you want Salt is for entertainment purposes only. It is in no way intended as any sort of financial advice. You shouldn’t buy or sell any investments or act in anyway based on what you’ve heard here. Any opinion or commentary is the view of the guest speaker only - and not the producers of Do you want Salt With That . This podcast doesn’t replace professional advice regarding your personal financial needs, circumstances or current situation.


11 Jul 2020

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Finding Grace episode 33 with Rich Lister

Finding Grace

In this episode of finding grace I am joined by Rich Lister a nurse, modern medicine man and coach, who covers the focus of Mind, body, spirit, relationships and environment, to provide a holistic plan for helping you feel better and be better. Rich is also a podcast host, writer, meditation teacher and believes in the concept of radical rest and soothing our nervous systems, to get us feeling more resilient.  Rich and I connected online and I can’t wait to dive in this conversation.  In this episode : Rich shares what Finding Grace means to him, and shares his story and where he’s at today, with being a medical nurse but mixing this with practical methods to helps us in the busy world that we live in.  We discus how people are living with burnt out nervous systems in the world we live in today, and what this means and practical ways we can soothe it.  Rich shares why mixing more holistic practises with modern medicine is helpful in the world we live in today.  We talk yoga Nidra, what it is and what its benefits are and why we would all benefit from trying it. ( check out the one I share below on this rich kindly gifted me for the listeners ) Rich shares the tools he uses personally to help himself.  We discus his new book that’s coming out, and what led him to write it. Rich shares his wisdom with grace and practicality which I love so I hope you enjoy this episode, with such and important topic in a world where so many peoples nervous systems are over stimulated, burnt out and suffer with adrenal stress. So I hope this is helpful.  Do reach out to either of us to continue this conversation.  To work with Rich, find his book or get hold of some brilliant Yoga Nidra meditations you can find him : Instagram @medicineformoderntimes www.medicineformoderntimes.com Podcast ‘Medicine for modern times’ on all major podcast platforms. Face book ‘Rich Lister : The recovery Coach ‘ Rich has kindly gifted a free Yoga Nidra to all my listeners so click on this link to download.  https://yoganidrahosting.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/RRYN%20grace.mp3 You can find me on : www.hannah-wallace.com Instagram @thehannahwallace twitter @hannahwallace_ Facebook ‘ Hannah Wallace' @thehannahwallace   Thank you so much for listening, I hope you enjoyed this episode, please share, subscribe and review its greatly appreciated and I hope you find grace in your week ahead.  


9 Apr 2020

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Episode 13: {Insight Interview} What is Yoga Nidra? with Rich Lister

The Yoga Goddess Academy Podcast

In this episode I interviewed Rich Lister. Rich is a trained nurse, yogi, and coach. He uses yoga nidra with students to help them develop neuroplasticity to help them become more resistant to the stresses and strains of modern life. He spent the first part of his career in the ER before having a breakdown and moving to Malta. He currently lives on the south coast of the UK and spends his time teaching, coaching, and writing across the US and Europe. He works with people 1:1 via Skype or Zoom and provides radical rest yoga nidra prescriptions to help improve their experience of life. This episode is perfect for you if you've wanted to incorporate yoga nidra into your teaching or if you've never heard of it as you'll learn exactly how it works and the many benefits it offers.   Today’s episode is brought to you by my online and in-person 40-hour advanced yoga teacher training, where we focus on the foundations that may have been glossed over in your 200-hour teacher training, such as sequencing, alignment, modifications, and more. Check the website to see where and when it will offered next. Without programs like this, I wouldn’t be able to make amazing content like this for you.     In this episode we discuss: The breakdown that led to Rich leaving his career as an ER nurse to begin teaching yoga Different ways to empower students in your class within their personal circumstances and health issues What yoga nidra is, what to expect from a yoga nidra class, and the incredible benefits it offers How Rich prepares for a yoga nidra class Taking a client's phobias into account when planning their yoga nidra recording What it takes to shift from a stable, full-time job to running a self-employed yoga business Using Patreon to create more financial sustainability in your yoga business The income streams Rich has in his business The steps for beginning to teach yoga nidra Rich’s most embarrassing yoga teaching moment     Links mentioned: My yoga teacher training Yoga Goddess Collective (my free Facebook group) Uma Dinsmore-tuli iRest (developed for the us military, great for corporate gigs)       Where to find Rich: Website Instagram Patreon


3 Mar 2020

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Yoga Nidra: The Art Of Radical Rest For Deep Healing W/ Rich Lister #228

The Life Stylist

If you regularly feel stressed out, overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, or tired – that isn’t just a symptom of modern society, although there is an epidemic of lethargy and our collective mental health is on the decline. You can change the way you experience the world, without quitting your job and moving into the middle of nowhere (as nice as that might sound some days). To solve modern problems, though, I often think the best solutions involve going back to ancient wisdom; there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel when our ancestors have already figured out tools and techniques we can use to overcome overwhelm. So I think there’s a lot of value in looking at how we can apply ancient wisdom to our modern times. One of these ancient techniques is called Yoga Nidra, an Ayurvedic meditation practice that’s sometimes referred to as “yogic sleep.” And if you watch someone practicing Yoga Nidra, it does look like they’re asleep, but it’s a bit more than that – it’s a meditation designed to lure your body into a state of consciousness that’s between being awake and being asleep, and it has transformative potential in our busy world. To learn more about the benefits of Yoga Nidra and how it works, I sat down with Rich Lister, a trained nurse and the founder of Medicine For Modern Times. He also created a program called RadicalRest, which is an application of Yoga Nidra combined with other complementary medical and spiritual practices. I met Rich at the Ra Ma Festival and I respect the way he’s helping people improve their lives by integrating both the spiritual and the medical into their mind-body experience, and I think Yoga Nidra is a tool that a lot of us will be able to incorporate into our daily lives so that we can re-focus on that mind-body experience and thrive in our modern world. Topics Discussed In This Episode: Rich’s 15 years of experience in the ER & how it broke him How Rich started developing his yoga practice How ancient yoga and meditation practice first made their way to the West – and then started finding popularity, again, in the mid 90s Why your unconscious mind is the root is all healthy living The ins and outs of RadicalRest: a deep meditation practice that helps you release negative emotions and thought patterns, calm your nervous system, and develop the aptitude necessary to meet all of life’s challenges Can someone practice Yoga Nidra or RadicalRest alone? Bringing science to the esoteric The relationship between the vagus nerve and the female orgasm What we should know about HRV and the unconscious mind The subjectivity of trauma We are doing the best we can with the tools we have More about this episode. Connect with Luke on social media to learn how to take your lifestyle to the next level, plus catch exclusive live interviews & events: INSTAGRAM - @lukestorey // https://www.instagram.com/lukestorey/ FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/MrLukeStorey/ TWITTER - @MrLukeStorey // https://twitter.com/MRLUKESTOREY YOUTUBE - https://www.youtube.com/c/LukeStorey THIS SHOW IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: ORGANIFI. I'm loving Organifi Gold, especially for my night time routine. It has turmeric, ginger, reishi, lemon balm, turkey tail and other rad superfoods, phytonutrients & pain-soothing herbs. My daily routine lately goes like this: in the morning I add it to my nut milk smoothie. At night when I want to chill out, I make a golden latte. I add the power and a healthy fat like ghee, coconut, or grass-fed butter to hot water and voilá! Great warm elixir, really chills you out, gently detoxifies and tastes awesome. Save 20% using code “LIFESTYLIST” at organifi.com/luke. AND... FOUR SIGMATIC. Melt away stress, boost immunity, relax & sleep deeper, improve productivity, increase brain power, get stimulation without jitters. Sound like all the good stuff you want? Welcome to the medicinal fungi kingdom with Four Sigmatic's highest quality mushroom & herbs in little packets of magical power that you can add to your coffee or warm drink. Now featuring a slew of brand new super chronic, super food & herbal blends! Check out the green coffee bean extract, the brain stack, the sleep stack, the matcha tea with Lion’s Mane, and the new coffee + mushroom infused mixes! Use code “thelifestylist” for 15% off at foursigmatic.com/thelifestylist. AND… BLUBLOX. Studies have clearly shown that blue and green light up to 550nm is a potent suppressor of melatonin, but the Sleep+ lenses in BLUblox glasses are the most effective blue and green light blockers for after dark use, proven to block 100% of the light in this range. BLUblox offers free global shipping everywhere, and they do prescription glasses, reading glasses, and non-prescription glasses for a tremendous value. Use code LIFESTYLIST for 15% off at BLUblox.com. HELP SUPPORT THIS SHOW! Love the Show? Youʻll really love Lukeʻs Master Market Online Store!  It’s a win/win! Get direct links to all of Luke’s hand-picked biohacking and health products all in one place, get exclusive discounts, and support the show by making purchases through the web store >> SHOP NOW. Other ways to support:  SUBSCRIBE >> Apple Podcasts + Stitcher + Google Podcasts + Spotify LEAVE APPLE PODCASTS REVIEW >> Simple step-by-step instructions SHARE >> Spread the word! 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3 Sep 2019

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Episode Four: Responsibility, Balance and Change with Rich Lister

The Divine Feminist

Following on from recent episodes on balance and the need to own our own shit, Ceryn welcomes Nurse and Coach Rich Lister to give a man's perspective on Divine Feminism.The pair talk self-responsibility - a key theme in Rich's work - and ego, as well as diving into the challenges and ongoing journey of the masculine in our out-of-balance society and how we are all affected by today's changing world.*********************************Episode notes are available here.For more information on Rich and his work, visit www.richardlister.com.Music is Start again, copyright Alex (2014), sourced through YouTube and available to hear in full here.


18 Jun 2019

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Rich Lister loses High Court skirmish against Islamic investment firm

NBR Radio: News/Commentary

Anthony Harper partner Richard Smedley discusses the implications of a court ruling against an NBR Rich Lister.Read more ($): https://www.nbr.co.nz/article/rich-lister-loses-high-court-skirmish-against-islamic-investment-firm-cg-p-204437


22 Jun 2017