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"Subway Lovers" w/ Remy Kassimir

That's A Gay Ass Podcast

Remy Kassimir (How Cum Podcast) joins the pod and we laugh and cry. Like actually. We discuss ex-boyfriends, Ariana Maddox giving Remy the strength to come out as bi, waxing, and the hot ginger Eric fell in love with on the N train. Funny, heartfelt, and jussssst delicious.Follow Remy on all platforms @RemyKassimir and listen to How Cum Podcast and We Really Love Island: https://www.remykassimir.com/Follow Eric on Instagram (@EricWillz) and TikTok (@EricWillzTT)and That's A Gay Ass Podcast on Instagram Leave a five star review and faves will be read on the pod! <3


21 Apr 2021

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REMY KASSIMIR: Real HouseThems of NYC

EN(BA)BY: A Podcast About Gender

This week on the pod we have resident cool boy and virgo podcast king, Remy Kassimir (@remykassimir). Gara (@gararararararara) and Remy talk about their incredible podcast, How Cum, Stanley Tucci, their gender parents, The Real Housewives, the comedy world, coming out as Non-binary and more!THEME SONG IS 'CRYBABY' BY DESTROY BOYS (@destroyboysband) ALBUM ART IS BY ANNA BOULOG (@annaboulog) Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/garalonning)


16 Apr 2021

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Afternoon Tea With Remy Kassimir

The Betches Sup Podcast

In this week’s Afternoon Tea, Sami is joined by Remy Kassimir, comedian, actor, and host of the podcast How Cum. They begin with a conversation about how Remy conceptualized the idea behind her podcast and her experience and journey to female orgasm. Next, they chat about why feeling pleasure in your own body is important with or without a partner, and how learning to see yourself outside male gaze makes sex better. They also discuss the stigma around the elusive female orgasm (and why it shouldn’t be so elusive) and how her relationship with herself evolved as she discovered her sexuality. Next, they talk about how to feel more comfortable talking to your partner about sex, asking for what you want in the bedroom, and some the of telltale signs that you’re not sexually compatible with your partner. Lastly, it’s time for The Four Questions, which leads to a conversation about a spontaneous pick me up going through through a car wash while blasting music (and other things).


9 Apr 2021

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How Cum I can't? W/ Remy Kassimir (How Cum Podcast)


In this Episode, Elise talks to comedian HOW CUM podcast host, Remy Kassimir! Elise's self pleasure journey started with HOW CUM! Listen to today's podcast to hear all about HOW CUM and how Remy went from no to the Big O, toys and challenges along the way and let’s not forget the people who came (😏) along with! Disclaimer: Sexual activity, pornography, explicit language.  QUESTIONS: Tell us your How Cum origin story Can you compare your view on female pleasure from before you started HOW CUM to now? You had your first big O using the womanizer and celebrated in season 1 episode 6 of your podcast. How has your orgasm journey been since then and what’s your latest favourite toy? The diversity in people you’ve had appear on the show is just phenomenal, different ages, careers, sexualities, genders, lifestyles! For our listeners to really get an idea about how diverse your guests have been what are some really memorable guests you’ve had on the show? which episode has had the greatest impact in addressing the pleasure gap between men and woman? Questions from listeners: what role do you think foreplay plays in relation to the pleasure gap? What advice would you give men who want to contribute to closing the gap? What’s your opinion on porn and the expectations it places on sex?     6. What advice would you give little remi? Click here for the how cum podcast Girl's best friend by Sweet Vibrations How Cum website Follow us on Instagram @feminandco Check out our website for great articles, videos and access to our represented professionals! www.feminandco.com Subscribe to our Patreon for exclusive content such as BTS, extras and 18+ content! www.patreon.com/feminandco Want to help us spread the word about Femina? Rate us on itunes and like us on Spotify! And leave a comment :) Disclaimer: We recommend that content shared on this platform not replace or compensate for any treatment or advice specific to your situation without a second opinion and/or permission from a certified health professional . Make sure you contact a certified healthcare professional before making any choices which may affect your physical or mental health and wellbeing

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31 Mar 2021

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53. REMY KASSIMIR on Sex Education & How to Have an Orgasm

Mostly Balanced

Welcome back! This week we’re talking all about the things no one told you about sex, female masturbation, and how to have an orgasm. And who better to have than conversation with than Remy Kassimir! Remy is a comedian and host of hit podcast How Cum, which she started at 27 on a quest to have her first orgasm. Remy opens up about how she felt when she realized she had never had an orgasm, and what eventually helped her (and over 1,000 of her listeners) get there. We talk about why the female orgasm is so complex, how to talk to your partner (and your therapist!) about it, and why we need to all be a little more open when talking about sex and masturbation. You can find Remy on Instagram @remykassimir and listen to her podcast @howcumpodcast everywhere you can listen to podcasts!  How Cum Episodes we mentioned: Episode 3 with Dr. Helen Fisher and Episode 24 with John Fugelsang & Christian Finnegan Mostly Balanced Episodes we mentioned: Episode 14 with Kolby & Alex on Holistic Health & the Power of Sex What we're trying this week: Carleigh's Pick: Sunday Riley clean, cruelty-free skincare  Mia's Pick: Smart sweets As always, find us on Instagram @mostlybalancedpodcast and on our blog. Thanks for joining us and please leave a rating or review if you enjoyed the episode! Shop our Favs: Sakara Life - use code XOBALANCED for 20% off meal programs and clean boutique items Copina Collagen Booster - Code MOSTLYBALANCED Sourse Vitamin-infused Dark Chocolate - Code MOSTLYBALANCED MindBodyGreen Supplements Sprout Living Protein Powders - Code MOSTLYBALANCED Recess Hemp-Infused Sparkling Waters - Code MOSTLYBALANCED


29 Mar 2021

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Episode 15: Bop's Plan with Remy Kassimir - 02.22.2018

Bop or Flop Pod

For Episode 15 The Bop Boys are joined by the iconic Remy Kassimir (@remykassimir) of the How C*m podcast to go through the Billboard Top Ten from February 22nd, 2018! Be sure to check out How C*m and follow Remy at @remykassimir!

1hr 6mins

16 Mar 2021

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Remy Kassimir is Themy Kassimir

We're Having Gay Sex

Remy Kassimir (Netflix, How Cum podcast) is BACK and they are GONNA CRY. No seriously we get to some really deep shit on this episode, and we are so honored that Remy came back. Ashley shares her epic break up story. Gara needs plan b.  Remy can be found on instagram and twitter at @RemyKassimir. Their podcast is called How Cum.  Newsletter & Live Events: bit.ly/WHGSPodcast@ashgavs on ig and twitter. @ashgavscomedy on tiktok.@garararararara on ig. @queerdancebaby on tiktok. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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8 Mar 2021

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She Didn't Sign Up For This with Remy Kassimir

Help From A Hypocrite with Joey Dardano

We're back with our first interview of season 2, and boy does it feel great to be home again. This episode just felt like hanging out with a good friend...and thats exactly what it was! Remy is the host of her own wonderful, ground-breaking podcast "How Cum", so I feel honored having her drop on by to do my silly little show. We talk about growing up, friendship, the comedy scene, the negative traits we've grown highly aware of in others, and a whole mess of other fun topics! Remy and I really band together answering the audience's questions in hopes of changings some lives. I think if you listen intently, yours might change too. Or you'll just be a really intrigued fly on the wall for a fun conversation. Either way, you win. Check out Remy's podcast "How Cum with Remy Kassimir" and follow her on Instagram and Twitter @RemyKassimir  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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9 Feb 2021

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(Remy Kassimir) Cum-Fortability // 82

Resting Bitch with Ali Macofsky

Ali has her friend, comedian, podcaster, and gossip enthusiast Remy Kassimir on the pod to discuss being diagnosed with ADHD, the journey to orgasm, celebrity controversy, and plans post lock down.

1hr 9mins

27 Jan 2021

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Happie Campers

The delightful host of the fabulous podcast HOW CUM Remy Kassimir stops by once again to chat with us as our FIRST guest since quarantine (dont worry she called in to the show)


30 Oct 2020