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#14 FORTIUS Podcast - A Conversation with Mark Valenti

The FORTIUS Podcast

First up on Season II of the FORTIUS Podcast, we have Mark Valenti.Another one in the seemingly infinite connections with Ohio and Jud Logan. A Master ConversationalistThe most interesting man in podcasting, and a true friend and mentor. We talk about a wide variety of topics. Sure to entertain!This is Mark Valenti. If you enjoyed this conversation, don't forget to like, subscribe, and share!Find Mark at:Instagram | https://instagram.com/refinedsavageactual?igshid=vvgbt4a2lh6nFind FORTIUS:Website | www.kibwejohnson.winFORTIUS Friday | https://facebook.us18.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=210a62eb84914cf3d4c790772&id=75087a3148Anchor | https://anchor.fm/kibweFacebook | www.facebook.com/kibwejohnsonInstagram | www.instagram.com/martillokibweTwitter | www.twitter.com/kibwejohnsonIf you wish, please become a supporter of the FORTIUS podcast! | https://anchor.fm/kibwe/support--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

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13 Nov 2020

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My guest on the show today is Mark Valenti from Cleveland , Ohio. Mark is a former professional Highland Games athlete and qualified for the national championships five times. He is Former member of the World Team Champions and was also a world record holder. On top of this Mark was a Master Strongman competitor and  three times National qualifier He is now the owner of Blind Dog Gym in Vermilion, Ohio and the host of the Refined Savage Podcast. Today Mark and I discuss a variety of topics related to fatherhood after kicking off our conversation with a shout out to Terence Mitchell and his incredible legacy. We then delve into how much is enough and when to draw the line, who to have in your circle and how big names dont necessarily big positive impact We then discuss working on ourselves to serve others and not just our fragile egos and how working out, eating healthy and setting up routines play a big role in this. A big focus is on the importance on finding what you value and what you truly love and doing what works for you and your family.

1hr 22mins

10 Nov 2020

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Episode 145: Mark Valenti (refined savage podcast)


Mark Valenti: Mark is one fo the old dudes that was a professional in the Highland Games long before I showed I began competing.  he competed for almost 20 yrs before retiring and now running a gym in OH.  Been great talking to him about he direction change and growth as a person he has experienced. Sponsors: Hybrid Performance method: code umso saves 5% on subscription Eat Rite Foods: Use code UMSO and save 10% Stay Classy Meats: code UMSO saves 10% Habit Coffee: yournewhabit.com code thankyou saves 20% HVIII Brand Goods: code UMSO saves you 10% at checkout Mark Bell Slingshot: code UMSO15 saves 15% Powerdot.com code UMSO saves 20% Daily Destroyer: team training and programing SIGN UP HERE: https://bit.ly/DailyDestroyer

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23 Oct 2020

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The Refined Savage with Mark Valenti

The STRONG Life Podcast with Zach Even - Esh

BONUS episode of The STRONG Life as I get interviewed by Mark Valenti on his Refined Savage Podcast. We talk about: - The origin story of The Underground Strength Gym - The crazy schedule I have now and how I make it work - Why you need to be mentally tough, aka GRIT - How I train athletes on both a physical and mental level - The NO Excuses mindset needed to crush everything that stands in your way Dig in and enjoy! http://ZachStrength.com http://UndergroundStrengthCert.com


1 Oct 2020

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Mark Valenti and Brittany Wilson, Motivational Interviewing and the Great Mask Debate

Lean Blog Interviews

http://www.leanblog.org/374 Joining me today for Episode #374 of the podcast are two colleagues, Brittany Wilson and Mark Valenti. The topic, as Mark and I discussed in Episode #306, is "Motivational Interviewing." We will all be exploring this topic in the context of talking to people about wearing masks during the pandemic. But, there are many applications to workplace situations, as well. Mark and Brittany do a series of very engaging webinars, which you can find on their YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy the conversation!


11 Jun 2020

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Mark Valenti, Simple is best and Corona Extra

Drink Coffee. Work Hard.

Evan sits down with Mark Valenti of Refined Savage and Blind Dog Gym in Vermillion, Ohio.  In this episode we discuss lifes current situations, business, and life.  If you found this episode entertaining, please share with 1 friend, leave a review, and subscribe to the show. Follow @vikingcoffeeco on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Any questions please direct to evanarmstrong@vikingcoffeeco.com

1hr 2mins

19 May 2020

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EP 121 - Are You Strong Enough with Mark Valenti of the Refined Savage

Black Flag Radio

Welcoming an old friend to Black Flag Radio for Episode 121 of Black Flag Radio. We catch up with Mark Valenti of the Refined Savage Podcast and Blind Dog Gym to discuss our place in the fitness industry within the scope of the pandemic and what we can do to get our voice heard amid the chaos. We also cover the three pillars of BDG, what he prioritizes for his athletes, and the parameters of strength. The conversation isn't complete without touching on how we can evaluate which diet best suits us plus pointers on how to be less of an asshole, enjoy!


11 May 2020

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Mark Valenti discusses Screenwriting

Helheim Podcast

As a screenwriter Mark Valenti has written over 200 hours of television, mostly for children and families, ranging from Rugrats to Disney TV movies. He writes TV movies for Lifetime and Hallmark and he has authored several books, including a YA trilogy that came out in 2018, called The Wolf and the Warlander.


26 Jan 2020

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Mark Valenti: Separating Yourself From The Pack

Pushing Downhill

Mark is owner of Blind Dog Gym and has extensive experience working in the world of strength and conditioning, Strongman, fitness and powerlifting. Mark is also a former nationally ranked professional Highland games athlete with 22 years on the circuit. In Episode 7 of “Pushing Downhill” we discuss Mark’s view on the continuously world of fitness as well as his philosophies on training and coaching. We discuss gym culture and what separates Blind Dog Gym from the pack. We learn how Mark has been able to compete at such a high level in both sports for such a long time. And finally, we wrap up the episode with a discussion of how Mark structures daily routine, how he maintains a balance between work and life and what the future holds for him, his business and his family.

1hr 3mins

30 Dec 2019

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#168 – Year in Review – Mark Valenti

Refined Savage Podcast

Mark Valenti is the host of the Refined Savage Podcast, join us as he reviews the year and lets us know what the future holds. The post #168 – Year in Review – Mark Valenti appeared first on Blind Dog Gym.

1hr 14mins

24 Dec 2019