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Kings Kaleidoscope's Chad Gardner: Turning apathy to art

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It's not often that you put indie-rock star and third-generation church leader in the same sentence, but there's nothing kosher about the way Kings Kaleidoscope's Chad Gardner works, not, at least when it comes to creating worship music. In a desperate search for 'realness' in faith and following deep personal reflection on his battle with his mental health, Seattle-based front-man Chad (and his band of friends) released their fifth studio album, Zeal - a controversial mixtape of hip-hop beats, head-swinging guitar riffs and an 'f bomb-ing' prayer that ultimately encapsulates the honest ups and down of one man rediscovering child-like faith. The Profile is brought to you in association with Premier Christianity magazine. Subscribe now for only £4.95/month


8 May 2020

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Chad Gardner of Kings Kaleidoscope - living enchanted, anxiety, creative process, and more!

Life Enchanted with Nick Carlile

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6 Dec 2019

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Chad Gardner of Kings Kaleidoscope

Everything In Between

In episode eight Daniel sits down with Chad Gardner, the lead singer of Kings Kaleidoscope. Chad has released four albums that have topped the U.S Christian charts. In April, 2019, Chad with Kings Kaleidoscope released "Zeal”, their fourth studio album that focuses on recapturing the wonder of faith. In this episode Daniel talks to Chad about how to move from apathy to action in faith. They share their seasons of deconstructing their faith and after the episode, Jessica and Daniel discuss their journeys together about doubt and faith. To listen to Chad’s album click here: https://music.apple.com/us/album/zeal/1458153076Host, Daniel Kunkel (shorturl.at/exIZ1)Co-Host, Jessica Senbetu (shorturl.at/gjLO7)Producer, Scott Bolin (shorturl.at/kloX9)Graphics, Gabe Senbetu (shorturl.at/ikJR7)Photographer, Gina Mangiante (https://bit.ly/2m7C4iQ) Social Media, Sarina Wadhwa (https://bit.ly/2mqllYg) ALSO, follow us on Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/eib.podcast/?hl=enALSO, ALSO our website: eibpodcast.com  

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23 Sep 2019

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064: Zeal, Puzzle Pieces, and Rainbows (feat. Kings Kaleidoscope's Chad Gardner)

The JFH Podcast

Chad Gardner of Kings Kaleidoscope joins the show this week to talk all about the band's new album Zeal, how it came about, how it relates to the band's history, and what it means for the band's future. This episode is sponsored by Josh Engler, whose new album It's a Wonderful Life is available now, wherever you buy or stream music. The JFH Podcast is hosted and produced by Chase Tremaine and executive produced by John DiBiase and Christopher Smith. If you are interested in sponsoring the podcast, please send an email to Christopher@Jesusfreakhideout.com. If you have questions, send them to Chase@Jesusfreakhideout.com. You can also follow the podcast on Twitter, @JFHPodcast.


10 Apr 2019

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#81 Chad Gardner Of Kings Kaleidoscope

Radio Free

We tracked down Chad in March of 2018 and had a great conversation about living honestly, making great art, and what to expect at a live Kings K show. For more info about Chad Gardner and his incredible band, please check out www.kingskaleidoscope.com - and for more great interviews, and the best and most diverse music playlist, please listen to Radio Free at www.radiofree.cc


30 Mar 2018

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Gear Slum Interviews: Chad Gardner of King's Kaleidoscope

The Gear Slum Guitar Podcast

Phil sat down with Chad after a show in Roseville, CA this summer. They talked about Chad's gear, King's Kaleidoscope's writing and record process, and Phil got the scoop on Chad's days as a wedding DJ.  This episode is brought to you by SINASOID. Check them out at www.sinasoid.com. They have amazing cables of all kinds. Check out the signature Slate cable, for all your instrument needs. With the 100 year warranty, it's the last cable you'll ever need to buy.   This episode is also sponsored by Gabriel Tenorio String Company. Gabriel makes the finest hand-made strings for all your electric and acoustic guitar needs. Each set is hand-made and designed for your specific instrument. Check them out at www.thegts.co Join the Slum Hard Street Crew for your chance to slum it hard so we don’t have to. Send $25 to thegearslum@gmail.com for the following amazing benefits Limited Edition iron on Slum Hard Street Crew Vintage Vision logo patch. A bunch of stickers The respect and admiration of your peers. A personalized, hand-written note from one of the Slummers. An episode dedicated to you. If you want, you can even come on and do the opening segment with the three of us. (This will be available to all SHSC members, one at a time). If you don't want to have an episode dedicated to you, we can also dedicate it to your mom, dog, etc. Mad props. Early access to all future offerings. We'll buy you a coffee, beer, or Diet Mt. Dew if we ever see you around town. You get to help spread the gospel of Slum all across your town/ the internet. Special discount code for Sinasoid products.


4 Sep 2017

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Chad Gardner of King Kaleidoscope (Ep 90)

Break It Down with Matt Carter

Kings Kaleidoscope is one of the few bands that has experienced that breakout success every new artist asks about. Lead man Chad Gardner joins to discuss their new mixtape, "The Beauty Between," which is a collage of hip hop, rappers, chamber choirs, and worship music featuring rappers Andy Mineo and Propaganda. They break down a couple songs' themes and inspirations with his unique style of organized chaos. Links & Sponsors:breakitdownpod.comFacebookAway: awaytravel.com/down promo code DOWNKings Kaleidoscope Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 3mins

22 Aug 2017

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#268 Chad Gardner (Kings Kaleidoscope) and Zach Bolen (Citizens and Saints)

It's All Over

You get some in studio performances from these two brilliant musicians and we talk a bit about “worship music,” how these guys make a living on their music, the infamous “f-word gospel song,” and how both have changed since being worship leaders at Mars Hill Church.  Sponsors and Links: Winc – http://trywinc.com/badchristian DSTLD – http://dstld.com/badchristian TrackR – http://thetracker.com Promo code badchristian BC Media - http://badchristianmedia.com Join the Club - http://thebcclub.com/


8 Apr 2017

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#205 Chad Gardner of Kings Kaleidoscope

It's All Over

Matt gets together with Chad Gardner of Kings Kaleidoscope. They debut 3 tracks from the new record “Beyond Control”, “In This Ocean Pt I & II” and a live performance of “Lost?” by Chad. They discuss the concept behind the album, what they did different this time around and more!   Sponsors and Links: Harry’s - http://harrys.com/ - PROMO CODE “BCPOD” House Of Heroes - http://thehouseofheroes.com/  Emery Acoustic - http://emeryacoustic.com/ Join the BC Club! - http://badchristian.com/contribute


2 Jul 2016

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Episode 103 // Chad Gardner Returns Again // Kings Kaleidoscope Returns

The Church Collective Worship Leader Podcast

In this episode Miles, Adam, and Chris talk with Chad from Kings Kaleidoscope about:What the band has been doing lately.Their latest project Beyond Control.What it's like now that Chad is no longer a week to week worship pastor at Mars Hill.The heights and depths of emotion found in this album.The story behind the song "Enchanted" and how it conveys the theme of the entire record.How God is with us in every step of our lives. How that thought is reflected in the album. Here's some more of Chad talking about what's been going on in his life over the years.How our hope in Christ outbalances whether we feel like we are resonating with the lyrics.The thought of this album being more of a gospel album than a worship album.The process behind writing "A Prayer" and the decision to have an explicit version.Why we need to be able to open and honest with God in our prayer time.The composition of the band, how Chad is the driver of King Kaleidoscope's music.What their tour this year looks like.The idea of blending genres as a worship leader.The co-writing process with guys like Zach Bolen on the album.The importance of music theory when wanting to include all the instruments of our church.

27 Jun 2016