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75- Carlos Tanner- Integration- The Ayahuasca Foundation

Expanding Reality

Thank you for listening! Carlos Tanner is an American living in Peru, where he has been studying the science of ayahuasca and plant medicine in the Amazon Rainforest since 2003. He currently works as the program director for the Ayahuasca Foundation, a non-profit organization he began in 2009 based out of Iquitos, Peru. He organizes healing retreats and educational courses with authentic indigenous healers, called curanderos, to help people in need of healing anything from depression to cancer or who are interested in learning the indigenous healing traditions of the Amazon Rainforest.  In 2017 Carlos opened the Riosbo Ayahuasca Research Center, a modern facility located inside the Allpahuayo-Mishana National Reserve.  The research there was recently published in the journal Frontiers in Psychiatry demonstrating that attending an ayahuasca retreat can produce epigenetic changes that significantly reduce depression and anxiety. Research continues at the center and will now include studying chronic pain, PTSD, and changes to the gut biome as a result of attending an ayahuasca retreat. The Ayahuasca Foundation Contact Carlos InstagramOur Website Rokfin Show some love Shirts-N-Such Music by VinnyTheSaint

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12 Oct 2021

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Episode 153: Carlos Tanner and the Ayahuasca Foundation

The Entheogenic Evolution

I'm joined this week by Carlos Tanner, director of the Ayahuasca Foundation. We share a lengthy conversation about drug addiction, personal transformation, learning the ropes of ayahuasca, and Carlos' transition into being a facilitator and retreat director. You can learn more at www.ayahuascafoundation.org

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20 Sep 2021

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The Healing Power Of Ayahuasca With Carlos Tanner

Law, The Universe, And Everything

Ayahuasca Foundation founder Carlos Tanner joins the show to discuss his journey with ayahuasca and his work organizing healing retreats in Peru. You can learn more at https://www.ayahuascafoundation.org/---Law, The Universe, And Everything is a show featuring leaders from the fields of law, business, sports, medicine, spirituality, music, marketing, entrepreneurship, cannabis, blockchain, and beyond. We talk about anything and everything as long as its interesting. No topic is off limits so it's a bit like Joe Rogan meets Tim Ferriss but the host has better hair. Law, The Universe, And Everything is a production of The Soldati Group (https://soldatigroup.com). All opinions expressed by the host and podcast guests are solely their own opinions and do not reflect the opinions of The Soldati Group. This podcast is for information and entertainment purposes only. These discussions do not constitute legal or investment advice.------Today’s episode is brought to you by The HOCL Association, the first trade association for the HOCL industry. HOCL is the chemical our white blood cells produce to fight infection, now available in shelf stable form for the first time in human history. 100x stronger than bleach yet safe enough to drink, HOCL is the most important chemical you’ve never heard of. Combining the strength of chlorine with the safety and versatility of water, HOCL will revolutionize skincare, wound care, pet care, disinfecting, and usher in a new era of clean agriculture. It even works as a seed to sale additive for cannabis with dozens of incredible benefits. Learn more at https://HOCLA.org.---------Books Mentioned:The Life And Teachings of The Far East by Baird Spalding: https://amzn.to/3kNtnFjBiology of Belief by Bruce Lipton: https://amzn.to/3zH6ObxThe Alchemist by Paulo Coelho: https://amzn.to/3gZHDJYThe Overstory by Richard Powers: https://amzn.to/3tdJsIf------Show Notes:00:00 Show Intro01:04 Https://HOCLA.org01:50 Guest Intro – Carlos Tanner02:17 Interview Begins02:29 Getting started with plant medicine09:36 Misconceptions around plant medicine12:34 Balancing ancestral traditions with modern systems17:21 Finding your path20:46 How to build a better psychedelics industry31:27 Opiates vs. psychedelics33:57 Bad recommendations about psychedelics34:54 Carlos’ favorite failure35:50 The best investment Carlos has ever made37:28 Carlos’ book recommendations40:54 Carlos’ billboard46:15 Carlos’ advice for young people46:59 Carlos’ heroes52:02 Carlos’ self-care strategies53:21 The kindest thing anyone has done for Carlos55:55 Show Outro


2 Sep 2021

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Episode 24 : Interview with Carlos Tanner from the Ayahuasca Foundation

Avatar Healing Art's Ayahuasca Assisted Therapy Podcast

In this episode I am honored to have a conversation with Carlos Tanner about healing and awakening with the mother Ayahuasca. Listen to the whole interview to hear the details about how can this path of healing radically change your life! Highlights Healing our relationships with ourselves, with the Earth and with each othersExpanding your awareness and shifting perspectiveFollow your dream and align with your destinityFinding the root of disease and the real cause of traumaHealing is a journey not an event, there is no magic pillFreedom from the past and taking full responsibility for our lifeResponsible preparation for an Ayahuasca journey and the biggest red flagsChanging our realityAyahuasca Integration, embodiment, creating fundamental, lasting changeYou are the healer, love is the medicine About Carlos Tanner – Ayahuasca Foundation Carlos was born and raised in the United States and has degrees in both art and philosophy. He moved to Iquitos, Peru, in 2004 and lived with his first teacher for four years before creating the Ayahuasca Foundation in 2008. In 2017, he opened the Riosbo Retreat and Research center and began hosting medical research in 2018.  The stage 1 study completed at the end of 2019 and will be published in the journal Frontiers of Psychiatry in July.  Carlos appeared in the Netflix series Down to Earth with Zac Efron in 2020 and continues to offer unique educational courses and healing retreats as well as host important research into the traditional use of ayahuasca and plant medicine.

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11 Jul 2021

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Psychedelic Conversations Podcast | Carlos Tanner #20

Psychedelic Conversations

Welcome to the Psychedelic Conversations Podcast! Episode 20: In this episode we talk about Carlos' background story, how he became interested in medicinal plants through reading Carlos Castaneda books, overcoming his drug addiction after his wakeup call, his first transformative experience drinking Ayahuasca in Peru, synchronicities that take place after a psychedelic experience, the trust one builds with the universe along their path, the retreats that Carlos and his team offer that are lead by Curanderos from the Shipibo tribe, targeting and resolving inaccurate personal truths that were formed from our traumas, what is Ayahuasca and what are its properties, and perceiving beyond our biological limitations (sight, hearing, smell) through drinking Ayahuasca. Later on, we discuss Carlos' powerful understanding of how traumas are formed and how we can overwrite them through the use of psychedelics, the long-term effect of psychedelic treatment vs pharmaceutical treatment, the fish tank analogy and how important changing the environment of an unhealthy individual is rather than trying to fix the individual themself, forgiving but not forgetting, Carlos' thoughts on the future of plant medicines, the complex training involved in becoming an Ayahuasca practitioner and so much more. Connect with Carlos: Twitter: https://twitter.com/AyahuascaFound Website: https://www.ayahuascafoundation.org/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ayahuascaretreats Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ayahuascafoundation/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ayahuasca-foundation/ About Carlos: Carlos was born and raised in the United States and has degrees in both art and philosophy. He moved to Iquitos, Peru, in 2004 and lived with his first teacher for four years before creating the Ayahuasca Foundation in 2008. In 2017, he opened the Riosbo Retreat and Research center and began hosting medical research in 2018.  The stage 1 study was completed at the end of 2019 and has now been published in the journal Frontiers of Psychiatry. Carlos appeared in the Netflix series Down to Earth with Zac Efron in 2020 and continues to offer unique educational courses and healing retreats as well as host important research into the traditional use of ayahuasca and plant medicine. The published study on "Ceremonial Ayahuasca in Amazonian Retreats": https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyt.2021.687615/full?utm_source=F-NTF&utm_medium=EMLX&utm_campaign=PRD_FEOPS_20170000_ARTICLE Thank you so much for joining us!  Psychedelic Conversations Podcast is designed to educate, inform, and expand awareness. For more information, please head over to https://www.psychedelicconversations.com This show is for information purposes only and is not intended to provide mental health or medical advice. About Susan Guner: Susan is a trained somatic, trauma-informed holistic psychotherapist with a mindfulness-based approach grounded in Transpersonal Psychology that focuses on holistic perspective through introspection, insight, and empathetic self-exploration to increase self-awareness, allowing the integration of the mind, body and spirit aspects of human experience in personal growth and development.  Connect with Susan: Website: https://www.psychedelicconversations.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/susan.guner LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/susan-guner/ Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/susanguner Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/susanguner Blog: https://susanguner.medium.com/ Podcast: https://anchor.fm/susan-guner #PsychedelicConversations #SusanGuner #PsychedelicPodcast #Microdosing #PsychedelicScience #PlantMedicines #PsychedelicResearch #Entheogens

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11 Jul 2021

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"Vine of the Soul" with Carlos Tanner and Dr. Simon Ruffell

Stationary Astronaut

Carlos Tanner is the founder of the Ayahuasca Foundation located just outside Iquitos, Peru. Here, with the help of Dr. Simon Ruffell, they completed a study that was just published - concluding that Ayahuasca does indeed significantly, and statistically rewrite the expression of SIGMAR1 - a gene most known to be involved in how traumatic memories are stored. This study has proven to be ground breaking and will forever have scientific equity in the powers and perceptions of plant medicines. Catch Carlos on episode 8 of Zac Efrons Netflix show, Down to Earth to learn more about what he is doing within the world of Ayahuasca. To view the study: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyt.2021.687615/full?fbclid=IwAR0_xgu32q-N2__PZo1S7nEAdt1RmvLwJ6JnT8PHw9K_03Ctb9jPspnUFQA To read the Forbes Article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/amandasiebert/2021/06/28/first-ever-study-looks-at-ayahuascas-impact-on-dna-expression/?sh=6cfbd44d361f&fbclid=IwAR0MP8dtbG6zeAI_X20tod2sI3LUslOhoZr3udlygEmsrE6pT0bYtSYPCp8

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30 Jun 2021

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Ep. 4 — Carlos Tanner: Director of the Ayahuasca Foundation

Ayahuasca Anonymous

My guest this week is Carlos Tanner, the director of the Ayahuasca Foundation!In 2003, after hitting a rock bottom moment involving heroin addiction, Carlos visited the Amazon to drink ayahuasca.  The experience was so transformative that he 1. never did heroin ever again and 2. moved to Peru to study with a curandero for four years, sleeping on a dirt floor with no running water.Eighteen years later, Carlos runs the non-profit Ayahuasca Foundation, a school which teaches the Shipibo plant healing traditions.  Carlos and the foundation were recently featured on Zac Efron's Down To Earth on Netflix, and the foundation is also the site of the FIRST western government funded research into ayahuasca to cure anxiety and depression, where they have already managed to prove that ayahuasca produces LONG LASTING relief from depression (continued efficacy after 6+ months) and also causes epigenetic changes in saliva markers (ayahuasca literally alters your genome expression).We talk about how  'trauma' is misunderstood and relative to each person,  how negative beliefs shape our health, the problems with the western medical paradigm,  viewing medicine as a relationship, and more! Of particular note is Carlos' very articulate, lucid explanation of how ayahuasca can improve your relationship to your self and benefit your life.Since it's rare I get to talk to someone this knowledgeable, during the second half of the conversation,  we get into weirder, more psychedelic territory.  We discuss the Earth as one interconnected organism, the possibility that all of human history thus far is the gestation period of the Earth's reproductive cycle which will fling us into space like mushroom spores,  how Ayahuasca is a spirit and contrary to what most westerners adopt as their belief  --  ayahuasca is not actually gendered -- the 'Mother Ayahuasca' mythos is a cultural projection depending on the tradition you drink in (In Columbia, ayahuasca is padrecito, the divine father)... and so much more.If you want to learn more about Carlos, you can connect with him on all the social medias, or visit https://www.ayahuascafoundation.org/

2hr 16mins

27 Mar 2021

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Ep. 13 Shifting Consciousness, The Power of Ceremony & The Evolution of the Ayahuasca Tradition with Founder of the Ayahuasca Foundation Carlos Tanner

The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast

After struggling with addiction, Carlos Tanner heeded the call to sit with grandmother ayahuasca in Peru, knowing this would be his path of healing. Shortly after that, he was invited to move into a shaman's home and apprenticed with him for 4 years. This eventually led him to start the Ayahuasca Foundation in 2009, offering retreats and educational training programs within the Shipibo lineage. In this conversation, we explore some nuanced and complex topics, including:The misunderstanding we have around the concept of “tradition” Understanding trauma from a shamanic perspective How ceremony acts as a catalyst for enhancing consciousnessDo these sacred plant medicines discriminate between skin color and language spoken? The placebo effect and the role that consciousness plays in the healing processHow consciousness profoundly influences our experience of reality The understanding of trauma from a shamanic perspectiveHow we have forgotten that we are inherently a part of natureThe ayahuasca foundations 4 and 8-week programs.Access Episode Page HereResources Ayahuasca Foundation WebsiteFour Week Empowerment Course at the Ayahuasca FoundationEight Week Initiation Course at the Ayahuasca FoundationAccess 8-Day Free Microdosing Course HereAccess 4 playlists for psychedelic journey’s and beyond.Music FeatureRainbow Light by Tara Davina. Click here to listen on Spotify.

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3 Mar 2021

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Carlos Tanner, The Ayahuasca Foundation

Psychedelic Spotlight

To learn more about Carlos Tanner and the work being done at the Ayahuasca Foundation be sure to visit their website, AyahuascaFoundation.org.**Get the latest industry news around all things psychedelics by visiting our website and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to never miss a thing. Visit our Website: www.PsychedelicSpotlight.comSubscribe to our YouTube ChannelFollow us on InstagramLike us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterThis episode was recorded on November 24, 2020.


10 Feb 2021

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Carlos Tanner on healing trauma with Ayahuasca


Carlos Tanner is the founder of The Ayahuasca Foundation in Peru. After living and studying with a curandero for over four years, Carlos worked to provide a safe and effective way for people to not only receive treatment in the healing tradition of the Amazon but also to study the tradition, the way he had with his maestro. The idea for the Ayahuasca Foundation was born from a desire to spread the science of plant medicine back into the world. The Foundation supports the preservation of indigenous wisdom and culture, offering healing retreats and educational courses, and conducting research focused on the ayahuasca healing tradition used for millennia by indigenous healers of the Peruvian Amazon. The Ayahuasca Foundation also supports the preservation of the Amazon rainforest, and promotes educational efforts to raise awareness about sustainability, permaculture, and harmonious environmental relationships. The Foundation participates in community outreach programs and cultural reeducation projects. Listen to the song I wrote after being inspired by my conversation with Carlos 'It'll All Work Out'  and all the other Podsongs--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/podsongs/message

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23 Nov 2020