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Michael Horn | 6-10-21

Frank Morano

Michael Horn, the American representative for UFO contractee Billy Meier and the world’s leading authority on UFOs. Topic: prophesies from aliens


10 Jun 2021

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Billy Meier | The UFO Contactee Explained by Michael Horn

UFOs and Aliens

When entering Ufology many people's first interactions are with stories from UFO Contactee Billy Meier. Billy Meier is said to be many things by many people. Some say he is a hoaxer, some say he is a messiah figure and others simply pass him off as a mad man. The fact remains that Billy Meier has some very interesting stories about interaction with off planet beings and photos to back up his claims. Still many think that Billy's work is a sham and has been debunked years ago and other have even deliberately created smear campaigns and started rumors that Billy Meier has died. One thing's for sure is that Billy Meier remains one of the most controversial men in Ufology and hasn't changed his stance since coming public in the late 1970's. Billy claimed to have contact with beings from the Pleiades and other star systems and could produce proof. This stirred up the small town of Ober-Sadelegg, Switzerland and Billy quickly had a target placed on his back. But it isn't all negativity that surrounds Billy and his cause. Many people find his writings and teachings very enlightening and transformational and its believed that the information that he has received from the beings is why his work is still so profound and is proven to stand the test of time. Whether you choose to believe in UFOs, Aliens, Angels, Fairies or not is up to you but if Billy Meier is telling the truth, well, that changes everything. There is a word at play and much activity going on in our night skies. A world that if we try to reach out to, will reach back. Billy's story has undoubtedly influenced so many people who are now prominent within Ufology. The fact remains that Billy's story has and will stand the test of time. In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Michael Horn who is Billy Meiers representative in America. Michael unfolds Billy's story and shows the holes within the accusations of Billy's unbelievers.TruthSeekah's Book Spirit Realm: Angels Demons, Spirits and the Sovereignty of God (Foreword by Jordan Maxwell) https://amzn.to/31g9ydRTruthSeekahs Guided Meditation | The Throneroom Visualization https://www.TruthSeekah.com/MeditationsHelp Keep The TruthSeekah Podcast On The Air!⭐️ Become A Patron And Support TruthSeekah📚 Get Access To The School of the Mystics Thursdays @7pm cen💿 TruthSeekahs Full Discography & Unreleased Music👉 http://www.Patreon.com/TruthSeekahDownload This Episode OniTunes - https://goo.gl/1q5UftDownload On Android - https://goo.gl/kgRVzm👍Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TruthSeekah🐦Twitter https://twitter.com/TruthSeekah🔴Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/TruthSeekah/📷Instagram http://www.Instagram.com/TruthSeekah💬Join Our Discord Chat https://discord.gg/y3jcQch👕 SHIRTS https://goo.gl/ZaWxsD🌕OFFICIAL http://www.TruthSeekah.com🅿DONATE VIA PAYPAL http://www.Paypal.me/TruthSeekah http://www.TruthSeekah.com/Donate📖Get Your FREE Audio Book! http://www.Audibletrial.com/TruthSeekah📧 Send Mail To TruthSeekah P.O. Box 333 Creola Al, 36525 US

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27 May 2021

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Michael Horn | 5-26-21

Frank Morano

Michael Horn, the American representative for UFO contractee Billy Meier and the world’s leading authority on UFOs. Topic: What to expect from the Pentagon’s UFO report


26 May 2021

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S03E17 - Beyond The Tin Foil Hat - Michael Horn - Billy Meier, Ufology Disinformation, and the big C

Beyond The Tinfoil Hat

Michael Horn has over 40 years of experience as a science researcher and begun his study and research into the UFO contacts of Billy Meier, in 1979. In 1986, Michael found previously unknown warnings, originally published by Billy Meier beginning in 1951, about unnatural manmade climate change, global warming, the increased frequency and intensity of storms, blizzards, tsunamis, and the coming climate destruction. Michael also found that Mr. Meier was the first person to warn about the damage to the ozone layer from A-bomb explosions, and about the connection between the extraction of petroleum and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, all of which were subsequently scientifically corroborated. In 2004, after 25 years of research into Meier’s information and the evidence substantiating his claims, Michael also became the voluntary Authorized American Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts. Michael gives national and international multi-media presentations, university lectures, interviews, etc., and makes frequent media appearances representing the Meier contacts. In October 2020, Michael discovered never before seen, historically unprecedented photographs, from 1981, of a UFO interacting with a, then top secret, US Stealth fighter at Groom Lake Nevada. And the list goes on and on. His website: https://theyflyblog.com *************************** Beyond The Tinfoil Hat is a weekly podcast brought to you by The Experiencer Support Association. Every week we dive into topics that are deep into the realm of the unknown. Ranging from topics between #UFOS, #Ghosts, and #Paracryptid This podcast is co-hosted by members of TESA and is designed to educate and assist the public in understanding the blend of every phenomenon happening in the world. Our guests often include eyewitness testimony. #Ultraspectrum #Ufology #Ufologie #UFO #ONVI #UAP #UFOTwitter #UAPStudies #UFOCanada #UAPCanada #DisclosureCanada #Paranormal #ParanormalCanada #Ghost #Alien #AlienAbudcition #ParaCryptozoology #Psychogenic #Parapsychology #TESACanada #TheExperiencerSupportAssociation BEST WAYS TO SUPPORT: 1. Become a member and get access to bonus content https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSCD... 2. Get MERCH at https://www.paranormalhangar.com ⇀ Report a UFO or Paranormal Event: www.tesacan.org/reportingsystem Follow TESA: ⇀ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheExperienc... ⇀ Website: https://www.tesacan.org  Affiliates: GhostStop https://www.ghoststop.com/?Click=61343 UFOStop https://www.ufostop.com/?Click=9526 Morninglight Music https://morninglightmusic.io/?ref=82 Goddess Provisions https://www.goddessprovisions.com/ref... Captivate https://captivate.fm/signup?ref=ryans... MailChimp http://eepurl.com/hqZyWX StickerMule https://www.stickermule.com/unlock?re...

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21 May 2021

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Michael Horn on Billy Meier the UFO/ET contactee

Nikkiana Jones, Exploring the Fringe

UFO's, close encounters, time travel, prophesy, messages, teachings and warnings, assassination attempts, photographs, multiple witnesses, physical evidence etc. With 80yrs of experiences, this case has it all and then some!    Micheal Horn is the authorized representative in the US and English-speaking world for “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier was born on February 3, 1937, in Bülach/Zurich, Switzerland. Aka: Billy Meier  If you email Michael he will give free access to UFO documentary about Billy Meier called , "The Silent Revolution of Truth", which was released in 2008. pr@theyfly.com   And if you want to hit Nikki up: Nikkianajones@protonmail.com  Telegram channel: https://t.me/nikkiana_jones ​​​​​​IG: nikkiana_jones --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/nikkianajones/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nikkianajones/support

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14 Apr 2021

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Michael Horn Live: The Very Curious Billy Meier Case Part 1


Prophecies, Predictions & Plejarens – The Life of a Contactee Past, Present and the Bleak Future of Humanity The Billy Meier Case BOOGIE MAN CHANNEL PODCAST This amazing podcast and many more like it are proudly presented by our sponsor || SIZZLE CITY || Strings of Bling and Other Shiny Things || Call or Visit Us Today || www.SizzleCity.com || 626.274.6028 || Our very special guest Michael Horn came to visit for a sit down via Zoom on Saturday, April 10, 2021 @10am PST. Over the next few hours we will be hearing from a pioneer in the UFO community about one of the most argued cases from ufo history We have with us today Michael Horn, the American representative of Billy Meier. In case you’re unfamiliar with Billy Meier and his unique case – Billy is a contactee and has received regular visitations throughout his life beginning at only 5 years old. During these visitations he received vast amounts of knowledge and information from a group called the Plejarens. Billy was assigned a handler by the Plejarens and although his handler changed hands a few times throughout his life their job was always the same. To groom Billy for his future assignments and assistance in filling said requirements for future endeavours on behalf of the human race. Our very special guest Michael Horn is an award-winning director, writer, author, painter, musician, comedian and all around great guy. By far the most knowledgeable man on the planet about UAPs and every detail of the Billy Meier case study. Michael walks us through the history of contacts of Billy starting with the very first and then hitting on any notable contacts as we move to present day. Michael hit on A LOT of prophecies reported by Billy regarding SARS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu and even Corona Virus / COVID-19. Michael reports that Billy wrote about these diseases centuries before they were even discovered and/or transmitted to patient zero. That is some pretty remarkable statements and thankfully they were very easy to prove. Billy Meier did indeed discuss these viruses many many years before modern science even remotely knew about them. Billy did his best to warn the world as he was instructed but he unfortunately couldn’t get anyone to listen. Michael has been doing the same work now for years as Billy and trying his best to warn the world of upcoming events, new strands of viruses, near Earth objects which may devastate our landscapes, natural catastrophes and so much more. Billy Meier has dedicated his life to the work assigned to him by the Plejarens and has been using the memories, first hand accounts, information and knowledge given to him by the Plejarens to let as many people know as humanly possible but unfortunately his efforts have been in vain. To Learn More About Michael Horn Please Visit the Links Below: About Michael Horn https://tinyurl.com/4vn58kzu ************************************************ Learn More About Singularly: https://bit.ly/31gwNag ************************************************ Learn More Amount Groom Lake: https://bit.ly/2PheeQp ************************************************ Learn More About Tysk: https://bit.ly/3tGNoAa ************************************************ Learn More About Cooper: https://bit.ly/3cdO0r6 ************************************************ About the Pentagon: https://bit.ly/3f5L4yB ************************************************ Petition for the United Nations: Request SETI to Reveal the Billy Meier UFO Contacts https://tinyurl.com/7kz6s8bb ************************************************ For more amazing podcast just like this one – visit our podcast library: https://4thewoke.com/blog/podcast-library/ For more ways to stay Boogie, follow the links below. More Bogie than you can handle… Join the Discussion on Discord Chat: https://discord.gg/FWwRKts ********************************************* Fund Our Research: https://tinyurl.com/4krpaet6 ********************************************* Boogie Merch: https://tinyurl.com/n6yrnkre ********************************************* Our Website: https://4thewoke.com ********************************************* Email: ytech.satellite2550@gmail.com ********************************************* Crowdfund Our Next Amazing Discovery: https://tinyurl.com/3mbsh9xf ********************************************* Twitter: https://tinyurl.com/u9szm9kc ********************************************* Facebook: https://tinyurl.com/yttcm9p6 ********************************************* Instagram: https://tinyurl.com/9d6yex3z ********************************************* Join Us on Reddit: https://tinyurl.com/2x69k89m ********************************************* Please be good to one another and of course always be good to yourself. Please use this opportunity to prepare for the worst and of course always hope for the best. best.

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13 Apr 2021

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5.02 Michael Horn & Billy Meier Prophecies

The Just Conversation Podcast

Guest Michael Horn, documentary filmmaker, blogger and follower of the teaching of Billy Meier and his Prophecies, comes on to discuss the profound nature of Billy Meier’s experiences and quest to correct the errors of humanity through spiritual teachings (non religious) and philosophies. An episode jam packed with subjects from subatomic blueprints for life, population control and other pressing issues. One of our most ‘Must listen’ episodes to date. If you want to be informed, Michael Horn is the man for you.Topics Discussed- Aliens- Humans from Space- Billy Meier Contacts- Carbon Life Across the Universe- Genetics- Covid19 Prophecies- U.S. Capitol Insurrection- Predicting Future Events- Photos from The Future- A.I. God- Prophets of Peace- Decentralize Spiritual TeachingsMichael Horn Links:Website 1 - TheyFly.comWebsite 2 - TheyFlyBlog.comYoutube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5gc3oUDbAEBilly Meier and Related Links:Future of Mankind Website - http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Main_PageOur Links:Official Website - https://greythoughts.info/podcastTwitter - https://twitter.com/JustConvoPodFacebook - https://facebook.com/justconvopodInstagram - https://instagram.com/justconvopod

2hr 59mins

27 Feb 2021

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Michael Horn & The Billy Meier Contacts - The Life & Legacy..This is My Alien Life!!

My Alien Life

In the studio tonight, a voice of UFOlogy and an expert on the experiences of Billy Meier who has been part of the UFO community for decades.  We are going to talk with Michael Horn and much more, coming right up.  On My Alien Life!! Michael Horn has over 40 years of experience as a science researcher.  In 1986, Michael found previously unknown warnings about manmade climate change and global warming, also foretelling increased frequency and intensity of all forms of storms, blizzards, tsunamis, etc. The warnings, which were in the information he found in 1979, were originally published, beginning in 1951, by a Swiss man named Billy Meier. Meier also first warned about the damage to the ozone layer from A-bomb explosions, and about the connection between the extraction of petroleum and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, all of which were subsequently scientifically corroborated. Find Michael Horn online at: www.theyfly.com www.theyflyblog.com If you participate it allows me, and makes it so much easier to get some powerful guests in addition to your neighbor, who may have the most amazing story of all. PLEASE - FOLLOW, LIKE, FAVORITE, SUBSCRIBE wherever you listen to podcasts. If this is important to you, you are important to me and it is so easy to ! This is your show! The website www.myalienlifepodcast.com The other website www.insidethegueststudio.com Find me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100034090429371 My Alien Life Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/694842757635535 Inside The Guest Studio Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/169917644449645/?multi_permalinks=309315773843164 Follow me on Instagram Thank you so much to an incredible producer, writer and musician… Thank you Eleon, for putting together the amazing music heard on this podcast.  I am forever grateful to you.  Your talent is a gift to me, my listeners and the universe. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCoXlEprZfLhtpqPZha5v_Lw/videos https://www.heartdancerecords.com/michaellrogers

1hr 16mins

12 Feb 2021

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The New University: A Conversation with Jeff Selingo and Michael Horn

Education Empowered

What do changing student demographics mean for colleges? What can universities do to differentiate themselves? More broadly, what’s in store for the future of higher education, and where does technology factor into it all?Joining the podcast to help us answer these questions and many more are Michael Horn and Jeff Selingo. Michael is the author of Choosing College and a senior strategist at Guild Education. Jeff is the author of Who Gets In & Why: A Year Inside College Admissions and he is a special advisor at Arizona State University. They sat down with Jason to discuss the biggest obstacles facing universities and how to overcome those challenges. They dig into big themes that are permeating the education sector such as student wellbeing on and off-campus, and virtual and hybrid learning models that work. Plus, they share what it really takes for a college to create a seamless student experience that fosters lifelong learning.---Interested in learning more about the future of higher education? Get inspired with the New U -  a thought-provoking piece written in collaboration with higher education thought leader, Jeff Selingo, and Salesforce.org. Learn more at sfdc.co/educationempowerednewu.


11 Feb 2021

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Michael Horn x Michael Decon - A Year In Review 2020 ( SURPRISE MUSICAL PERFORMANCE )

The Michael Decon Program

Episode 297: A Year In Review 2020Michael joined the program to discuss the year and Billy Meier.Michael Horn is the American media representative for the Billy Meier UFO contacts. Meier's evidence includes more than 1,200 stunningly clear, UFO photos, films and video, as well as sound recordings, metal samples and over 26,000 pages of information. With specific examples of prophetically accurate scientific and world event-related information, Billy Meier is also the source of abundant, specific and accurate prophetic information.Michael is the writer/producer/director of the award-winning new film, "And Did They Listen?", as well as the co-producer of the new documentary, "as the time fulfills", which presents an abundance of evidence that authenticates the Billy Meier case. He is the writer and co-producer of the award-winning feature length documentary, "The Silent Revolution of Truth", as well as the writer, producer and narrator of the DVD "The Meier Contacts - The Key To Our Future Survival". Michael says that the reason for the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts is to help us on Earth assure our very threatened future survival.

2hr 26mins

29 Nov 2020