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S1:E:8 Samer Hamadeh Creator & Founder of Akiba Dori


Our guest today is Samer HamdehCreator & founder of the restaurant Akiba Dori and Big Mouth Concepts. Inspired by Tokyo the restaurant serves Japanese street food and Neapolitan Pizza. They will have couple of more expansions in the UAE and are opening in Saudi Arabia and they are aiming to go global by opening in Europe and Asia.You can find Samer on Instagram @iammrbrightside, @akibadoriPlease note, the first part covers his habitual thinking, mental practices and who is successful to him, whereas the second part covers practical routines and habits utilized to help him achieve results. The host is the author of the book Happy Life: Summarized Guide and Habits to Self Development. Enjoy.


20 Oct 2021

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The Future of Healthcare: In-Home Medicine w/ Zeel Founder & CEO Samer Hamadeh

Innovation with Mark Peter Davis

Samer Hamadeh is the Founder and CEO of Zeel. Zeel started by providing in-home massage therapy, but looks a bit different these days. As you might suspect, the pandemic crushed their business and overnight their revenue went to zero. But in a time of crisis Zeel was able to leverage the logistics network they had built over the years to start offering in-home COVID testing. They’ve now expanded their services to include in-home medical services and have positioned themselves to be a pioneer in the nascent in-home-medicine market.During our conversation we discuss the growth potential for the in-home healthcare industry that is quickly taking shape, the difficulties of a logistics based company, how companies can navigate crises, and much more. Follow us on Twitter:@samerham / @getzeel@mpdShow Notes:Book - The GoalGuest Links:Twitter - Samer, Twitter - ZeelPodcast Links:Website, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn


22 Apr 2021

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‘If your concept isn’t differentiated, you’re selling hot air.’ Samer Hamadeh on his mission as an F&B owner/operator and how to develop an edge.

The Lighthouse Conversations

This week we caught up with our d3 neighbor Samer Hamadeh to doubleclick on his pivot from nightlife impresario as founder of Stereo Arcade--a Dubai staple--to F&B as owner/operator of Akiba Dori, a licensed Japanese street food restaurant. Samer shared some insights he gained since launching his first venture in 2009, from how to raise capital for new projects to scaling a business beyond one venue. On his learnings over the years and the collective shock of 2020, Samer firmly believes that nothing “is the end of the world,” and recommends for those who have strong convictions to press on the gas pedal during the hunt for opportunities especially during more challenging times. Tune in to find out more about Samer Hamadeh’s journey as an “entrepreneur” and why he really dislikes being called one!


24 Feb 2021

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Exit Strategies: M&A Wisdom From Entrepreneur-Investors Samer Hamadeh and James Marciano 

StartUp Health NOW Podcast

In this episode of StartUp Health NOW, StartUp Health co-founder Unity Stoakes dials up Samer Hamadeh, CEO and founder of Zeel, and James Marciano, founder of Tuck advisors, for a candid discussion on mergers and acquisition. According to both Hamadeh and Marciano – who have spent time on both sides of the M&A table – it's important for founders to build their startups as though they're going to sell one day, even if they don't. That means building the systems for clean accounting and transparent business operations from day one. They also discuss the elusive UFO (unsolicited flying offer) and how to know when an offer is worth pursuing. This straight talk on M&A is hard-earned wisdom that will benefit most people in the startup ecosystem.Entrepreneurs: How to get investment from StartUp Health startuphealth.comInvestors: How to invest in StartUp Health Moonshots healthmoonshots.comWant more content like this? You can subscribe to the podcast as well as other health innovation updates at startuphealth.com/content. Sign up for StartUp Health Insider™ to get funding insights, news, and special updates delivered to your inbox.


2 Feb 2021

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Episode 4: Feed your Passion with Samer Hamadeh, Creator of Akibadori, Founder of Aegis Hospitality and Big Mouth Concepts

Here's Good News: You Can Make It

My guest Samer Hamadeh, is a veteran, a serial entrepreneur who went on his own in his early 20's building successful businesses.  In this episode we learn from Samer's experience, overcoming challenges in events, entertainment and Food and Beverage industries.  Today, after several ventures, Samer is proud to express how Akibadori is a Japanese Lounge/restaurant -one of a kind at that, which is an exportable concept.  Pay close attention to the knowledge bombs Samer drops, take the learnings and apply it to your dream entrepreneurial ventures... and if your dream is to build a F&B concept but don't know where to start? Contact Samer Hamadeh, Aegis Hospitality and Big Mouth Concepts teams will gladly support you with the creation and Here's Good News Team will coach you to success!    Hosted by Tarek Azmi founder of Here’s Good News, a leadership and development company dedicated to your personal and professional growth, offering learning modules, coaching solutions and personal training. Like this podcast? Share and Subscribe to never miss a show, get in touch and receive a courtesy call to start building your dreams and achieving your goals and Here’s Good News: You Can Make It! Samer may be reached on samer@aegishospitality.com and through tee.azmi@heresgoodnews.com 

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10 Jul 2020

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Tennis Legend Venus Williams & Zeel CEO Samer Hamadeh

The Bob Johnston Podcast

I was lucky enough to riff with Zeel CEO, Samer Hamadeh, and tennis great, Venus Williams. Zeel provides health and wellness services (both in person and virtually), to consumers and businesses. Venus, in addition to being one of the world’s all-time greatest athletes, is a Zeel board member. We covered a lot of topics ranging from what they each do to keep a calm head during times of crisis, to keeping employees fit using virtual environments. How can you combat “tech neck” (if you’re spending too much time hunching over your device like the rest of us!)? And, how can you keep yourself fit using virtual environments? Plus, you’ll hear a whole lot more around the entrepreneurial mindset. 


27 May 2020

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The Massage On-Demand: Zeel’s, Samer Hamadeh

The Safari

Samer Hamadeh is the Founder and CEO of Zeel, the on-demand massage company that connects people with licensed massage therapists who provide massages at home, in hotels, or at the workplace. Since launching Zeel in 2012, Samer has channeled his impressive entrepreneurial background into building a wellness platform that not only addresses our aches and pains, but also explores the possibilities of how wellness can evolve in the digital age. We talk about: ways to build trust with both consumers and therapists, the pivot into self-care and virtual wellness, the evolution and new opportunities of how start-ups are funded, the changes in the health and wellness space post pandemic, and more. Interviewed by Mortimer Singer. 


26 May 2020

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Samer Hamadeh on building F&B brands that people love

Conversations with Loulou

Guest Samer Hamadeh Samer Hamadeh has made his name in the Dubai restaurant and nightlife scene and most recently featured in the Arabian Business DXB100 list of people helping shape the future of Dubai. Samer is a serial entrepreneur having founded his first business at age 24, a corporate events business. It’s been almost 2 decades since those days and Samer has evolved to pioneer some of Dubai’s legendary clubs such as Stereo Arcade and Republique as well as funky restaurants such as Akiba Dori. Just shy of age 40, Samer is on a quest to help build more amazing and quirky concepts as well as help entrepreneurs who are looking to venture into the food and beverage space. Samer S. Hamadeh (@iammrbrightside) • Instagram photos and videos My guest Samer Hamadeh is a serial entrepreneur in the entertainment and Food & Beverage space having built some great concepts such as Republique, Stereo Arcade, Akiba Dori and more. I met Samer way before his food and beverage days when he was at Impact BBDO, where 7 months in, he was already on his way out, founding his first business in the corporate events space. Samer is the kind of guy you want to hang out with and learn from as he openly shares his successes and failures. I catch up with Samer to talk entrepreneurship, fundraising, managing a board of directors, building brands that people love and more. Thanks to Justmop for their support of the show. Justmop is an app and website that helps you connect with well-trained, pre-screened service professionals for disinfection & cleaning services with bio-safe, hospital-grade disinfectants. Use the code loulou30 to get 30% off your disinfection or sanitization service. Offer valid until end of July 2020.


24 May 2020

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Aegis Hospitality: Samer Hamadeh

Tales of the Trade

Guest Samer Hamadeh Founder, Aegis Hospitality Samer S. Hamadeh (@iammrbrightside) • Instagram photos and videos Over a decade ago, a young man left behind his masters program to move to the UAE. It didn’t take long for him to spot an opportunity to branch out on his own and today–as much as he hates the term–can only be defined as a serial entrepreneur. Pull up a chair & join our season finale with Samer Hamadeh, founder of Aegis Hospitality & the man behind some of Dubai’s iconic venues such as Republique, Stereo Arcade & Akiba Dori. Credits Hosted & produced by Chirag Desai. With support from Abhishek Venkatasubramanian, Sukayna Kazmi & Zainab Ujjaini. Original music composed by Reiner Erlings. Links Support the podcast Support The Frying Pan Adventures Aegis Hospitality Akiba Dori (Instagram)


31 Mar 2020

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Samer Hamadeh, CEO ZEEL

HALO Talks: Elevating Wellness

"People are recognizing the more they do things like massage, the more they can prevent injury, the more stress and tension they can reduce. . . and as the health care plans and employers start to subsidize, people will buy it more," states Samer Hamadeh, CEO. As a highly successful entrepreneur, ZEEL's massage on demand service has already has done over 1 million massages, 3/4 of which are medically related, pain management issues. ZEEL's growth has been tremendous. Venus Williams recently joined their board, and they're currently in 6 core cities with hundreds more seeded in the last 3 years. Currently, ZEEL is raising their Series C $25M round. Listen now to learn about their future plans, the continued rise of their B2B business, current deals with Hyatt, Amex and healthcare plans, how the recovery space is no longer a "vitamin" but is becoming the "aspirin" (in VC speak) and more! 


8 Oct 2019