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Tukan Das: Pivoting The Business, Focusing On The Customer & Early Stage Sales

The 0 To 5 Million Podcast

Want to hear more conversations with Founders, CEOs and Revenue Leaders who are growing their business? Make sure you Subscribe to the podcast and leave us a review! Connect with Tukan: www.linkedin.com/in/tapajyotidas More about LeadSift: leadsift.com Connect with Shawn: www.linkedin.com/in/shawnfinder/ Connect with Ollie: www.linkedin.com/in/olliewhitfield Autoklose: www.autoklose.com--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/0-to-5-million-podcast/message


15 Apr 2021

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448 - Using Intent Data to Action Your Leads with LeadSift's Tukan Das

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur

Today on the show is Tukan Das, the CEO and Founder of Leadsift.Leadsift is a B2B company that helps businesses with their data research. They search the web and find signals such as potential customers speaking to a competitor company and their automated system targets these leads and directs them back to you. 


13 Nov 2020

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Tukan Das, CEO of LeadSift, on Technical Cofounders' Lessons Learned

A Faster Horse Podcast

In part 2 of our interview with Tukan Das, CEO and one of four technical cofounders of LeadSift, he talks about the lessons he and his fellow cofounders learned from the early mistakes and offers advice for other founders — especially technical cofounders.LeadSift's mission is to mine actionable intelligence from unstructured public web data to help organizations better engage their customers.Tukan Das on LinkedInLeadSift


3 Nov 2020

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Tukan Das, CEO of LeadSift, on Technical Cofounders' Mistakes

A Faster Horse Podcast

Tukan Das, CEO and one of four technical cofounders of LeadSift, shares the trials and tribulations that can happen when you write computer code before you understand what your business is about.LeadSift's mission is to mine actionable intelligence from unstructured public web data to help organizations better engage their customers.Tukan Das on LinkedInLeadSift


20 Oct 2020

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#073 Data lists are DEAD 😵: Use intent data to generate hot B2B leads! 🔥 - Tukan Das

Business Growth Show

Are data lists really dead? - Tukan Das lets us know!Tukan is the CEO @ LeadSift. LeadSift provide companies with B2B Intent Leads You Can Action Immediately!Today on Sam's Business Podcast we chat through;👉 Why static lists for prospecting are DEAD👉 How you can use intent data and buying signals to generate hot B2B sales leads!👉 Tukan's journey from technical founder to sales👉 Actionable digital marketing & sales tips to help skyrocket your own sales & biz!


6 Sep 2020

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#61 Tukan Das on going from 88% outbound to 77% inbound via content marketing

Media Camp with Sergey Ross

This is easily one of my best content interviews to date. I had a pleasure to chat with Tukan Das, the CEO of Leadsift (B2B SaaS) about the magic of inbound content marketing. We are talking specifics and data in this episode so you can actually apply a lot of ideas and you will get results. Here are a few talking points worth mentioning: how Tukan went on to generate almost all his business, 77%, from content marketing what can you do with YouTube pre-roll ads how Leadsift produces micro-content and on what platforms they apply it how Tukan is doing short video interviews with influencers in B2B Say hi to me on Linkedin I’d love to connect Linkedin Connect with Tukan on Linkedin Twitter Check out Leadsift Cool marketing folks Tukan follows: Chris Walker Nathan Latka Dave Gerhard Guillaume Cabane Gong

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7 Jul 2020

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#86: What is Intent Data Anyway?, with Tukan Das

If You Market

This week on the If You Market podcast we talk about Intent Data with Tukan Das. What is intent Data, how does it work, everything you've always wanted to know about Intent Data and how to use it to better identify what companies to pursue. Tukan is the CEO of intent data company LeadSift where they mine Intelligence from Unstructured Public Web Data to help Organizations better engage their Customers, Also known as “intent data”. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


30 Jun 2020

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S4N 047 Tukan Das on getting your first customers

Sales for Nerds

Tukan Das, computer programmer and CEO of LeadSift, talks about how they got their first customers, including how he tried to get someone else to do sales, and what he did when he realized he had to do sales himself.


23 Jan 2020

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Checking Your Marketing Strategy Targets The Right People | Tukan Das From Leadsift | 20 Minute Marketing #15

20 Minute Marketing

We chat with the CEO of Leadsift, Tukan Das. Leadsift helps B2B companies identify more relevant leads based on intent data. Tukan talks about the three ways that you can check that your marketing strategy is targeting the right people. As per usual, we finish with some graduate advice.


6 Dec 2019

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Driving Content with Intent with Tukan Das from LeadSift

Tech Qualified

Episode Highlights: Tukan Das shares his background and what he is up to at LeadSift.  What is the smartest decision Tukan Das has ever made as a professional? How did Tukan get started with LeadShift with his other co-founders? What does buying intent mean to Tukan Das? Tukan talks about where LeadSift’s data comes from and ways they signal intent.  What are the three main types of buying intent data?  How does LeadSift provide intent signals at the level of the individual?  Once companies or sales teams have this data, what are some things they can do with it?    Tukan Das talks about their content series called Driving Content with Intent. How did they come up with this content series?   Case studies, short videos, and publishing an eBook are types of content that have worked well for LeadSift.   What is his favorite resource that he relies on?   Is there a tool that Tukan has implemented that now he can’t live without?  What is his favorite resource that he relies on?  3 Key Points: LeadSift’s mission is to mine publically unstructured data to identify buying intent.  The three sources of intent in a B2B setting are first-party intent, the data from activities on your own online properties, second-party intent, data from someone else's' first-party intent, and third-party intent, is data from everywhere else. The LeadSift content series called Driving Content with Intent takes someone’s competitive landscape and zooms into what kind of content they are consuming, topics they are engaging with, and what events they are attending. Resources Mentioned: Tukan Das: Linkedin Twitter LeadSift: leadsift.com SaaS Growth Hacks Facebook Group SaaStr: saastr.com Make It Happen - B2B Sales with John Barrows Facebook Group


21 Nov 2019