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June 17/21 - Beyond The Nimitz with Gary Voorhis

Spaced Out Radio

Gary Voorhis was stationed on the USS Princeton in 2004, when the US Naval ship started picking up weird objects in the sky. He was right there when the Navy Pilots started chasing the 'Tic Tac' UFOs. He tells this story and more tonight!

2hr 54mins

18 Jun 2021

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June 13, 2021 — Gary Voorhis Jr.

The Paracast -- The Gold Standard of Paranormal Radio

Gene and Randall present the return of Gary Voorhis Jr., a firsthand witness to part of the the U.S.S. Nimitz “tic-tac” UFO events during the week of the 14th of November 2004. He was a fire controlman and Aegis Computer/ CEC technician onboard the U.S.S. Princeton. In addition to recounting his experience and background, he provides fascinating insights into the modern sightings that even the U.S. government acknowledges as something real. There will also be comments about the early reports of the work of the Pentagon UAP Task Force and whether it helps fulfill hopes for disclosure. Gary is President and Co-Founder of UAPx.

2hr 39mins

13 Jun 2021

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Ep.111 Gary Voorhis: USS Nimitz UFO Incident

UFO Chronicles Podcast

Our guest this episode is Gary Voorhis Jr, and is a first-hand witness to the U.S.S Nimitz tic-tac UFO events of November 2004. During his time on the U.S.S Princeton he had the task of security and inventory of Top-secret and classified info and materials including being trained on the W.A.S.P military recon U.A.V for the Pacific fleet during 'Operation Enduring Freedom' and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Gary is Co-founder and President of UAP Expeditions, and will be a speaker at Contact In The Desert 2021. More information on this episode on the podcast website:https://ufochroniclespodcast.com/ep-111-gary-voorhis-uss-nimitz-ufo-incident/UAPXhttp://uapexpedition.orgContact In The Desert 2021https://contactinthedesert.comDiscount Promo code:SAVE25Want to share your encounter on the show? Email: UFOChronicles@gmail.comPodcast Merchandise:www.ufochroniclespodcast.com/shop-2/ Help Support UFO CHRONICLES Podcast by becoming a Patron:www.patreon.com/UFOChroniclespodcastor tip and support as a one-off donationhttps://ko-fi.com/ufochroniclespodcastWe have partnered with Advertise Cast to handle our advertising/sponsorship requests. They're great to work with and will help you advertise on our show. Please click the link below to get started.https://www.advertisecast.com/UFOChroniclesPodcastThank you for listening!Please leave a review if you enjoy the show, and everyone that leaves a five-star rating and review on Apple Podcasts will get a shout-out on the following show.


6 Jun 2021

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Spaced Out Sunday (04/25/21) Gary Voorhis "USS Nimitz UFO Encounter"

Spaced Out Radio

USS Nimitz UFO Encounter, UAPx

2hr 38mins

26 Apr 2021

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70: Gary Voorhis - TicTac Witness, Catalina Island & Permaculture

UFO Garage Podcast

In this episode we chat with our friend Gary Voorhis, one of the eye-witnesses of the TicTac UFO encounter. Gary is one of our buds, we shoot the shit about stuff and things and then we may or may not blow your mind about some other stuff.

1hr 4mins

23 Jan 2021

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31: Roundtable #1 Gary Voorhis, Kevin Day, Patrick Hughes Pt.2

That UFO Podcast

Listener Questions section of the Roundtable with Gary, Kevin and Patrick is here... they answer;- Could the pilots & radar have mis-identified the craft?- UAP Task Force, what sort of power will it have?- Threat, intent and why did they allow themselves to be seen?- What happened to the Underwater contact picked up?- Have others had similar experiences and will they come forward?- And more...Donate to UAPx @ Paypal.me/UAPexpedition ,find out more @ www.uapexpedition.orgPlease remember to like, subscribe and share the show on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and ofcourse twitter.Contact me on twitter @UFOUAPAM or email UFOUAPAM@gmail.comSupport the show @ www.Patreon.com/ThatUFOPodcast Thank you for listening!


25 Aug 2020

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30: Roundtable #1 Gary Voorhis, Kevin Day, Patrick Hughes Pt.1

That UFO Podcast

A brand new show and new format as the first "Round table" drops!What a line-up for the inaugural episode, Gary Voorhis, Kevin Day & Patrick "PJ" Hughes, all members of UAPx and witnesses to the infamous 2004 Nimitz 'TicTac' UFO event.You've heard the story so many times already, so myself and the gents get into talking about some NEW aspects of the story including; The West Coast entity that tracked the TicTacs! Was this US testing new tech? Does the story have more to give? How the incident has changed the conversation The Nuclear attraction Kevin Day public statement to the UAP Task Force and much, much more Donate to UAPx @ Paypal.me/UAPexpedition ,find out more @ www.uapexpedition.org Part 2 will be available in a few days which is YOUR listener questions for over an hour, it was a lot of fun to record this show! As with any new format, i would love to hear your thoughts and feedback, this is something i want to do monthly and already have a line-up for the second show in september!Please remember to like, subscribe and share the show on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and ofcourse twitter.Contact me on twitter @UFOUAPAM or email UFOUAPAM@gmail.comSupport the show @ www.Patreon.com/ThatUFOPodcast Thank you for listening!


23 Aug 2020

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Skinwalker Radio #4 - Gary Voorhis TICTAC UFO witness

Patriot Radio Network

Gary was on board the USS Princeton when the now emphasis TICTAC UFO appeared in 2004.  He talks about the events of that day and how those events have shaped his life.  He now works as part of a group called UAP Discovery Group and hopes to unravel the mysteries around UFOs.  Recently the NYT has released a series of articles and videos about the TICTAC.  Hear the accounts of that event first hand. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/patriotmedia/support

1hr 7mins

26 Jul 2020

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Ep. #380: Tic For Tac – An Incursion Affair w/ Gary Voorhis

Into The Parabnormal with Jeremy Scott

Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Gary Voorhis (Ret.), Vice President of UAP Expedition Group recounts tracking the "Tic Tac" object in the Nimitz UFO encounters off the Southern California coast in 2004 while serving on the U.S.S. Princeton.Plus a surprise guest in hour three!http://parabnormalradio.com/2020/06/13/ep-380-tic-for-tac-an-incursion-affair-gary-voorhis/

2hr 29mins

14 Jun 2020

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1: Episode 1 Gary Voorhis

That UFO Podcast

The first episode of "That UFO Podcast" is finally here...I'm your host Andy and i start of discussing the Pentagons huge statement this week, confirming the authenticity of the three UAP videos released a few years ago by TTSA.My first guest on T.U.P is Gary Voorhis, now vice president of UAP Expeditions, was a radar operator onboard the USS Princeton who witnessed the famous events of November 2004 first hand. Hear Gary's story of those few days where the US Navy were being toyed with by crafts of unknown origin, his thoughts on what they could be and more!Gary can be found on twitter @GaryVoorhis and on facebook. Find out more about UAP Expeditions  www.UAPexpedition.org Add me on twitter @ufouapamEmail the show: UFOUAPAM@gmail.comFacebook: That UFO Podcast

1hr 27mins

30 Apr 2020