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Keri Mantie on Fat Loss, Mindset and Getting Results - 228

The Ali Damron Show

Fat loss, exercise and nutrition is overcomplicated and feels so confusing.  So many women are trying and struggling to lose weight despite “doing everything right.”  Keri Mantie is a strength, mindset and health coach who helps her clients get results without losing their minds. Tune in to learn how to navigate fat loss, vacation dieting, mindset around food, exercise and so much more! www.kerimantie.com www.instagram.com/kerimantie www.alidamron.com/consults www.alidamron.com www.facebook.com/groups/alidamron Please rate and subscribe to this podcast so you never have to miss an episode.


20 Jul 2021

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EP66: Proving to yourself less is more with Keri Mantie, CSCS, SFG

Carrots 'N' Cake Podcast

Keri Mantie is a mom of 3 boys, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, StrongFirst Kettlebell and Bodyweight Instructor, and Fat Loss Coach who helps busy women reach their goals, without losing their minds. She has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and has a passion for helping women ditch the all-or-nothing mindset, fall in love with strength training and "just start". In this episode, we chat about ditching the all-or-nothing mindset and how adopting a "just start" mentality can be hugely beneficial. We also discuss kettlebells and strength training for women. Find Keri on Instagram @kerimantie If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review and subscribe so you never have to miss an episode! Comments and questions can be sent to info@carrotsncake.com, and please join the Carrots ‘N’ Cake Community Group on Facebook. Follow me on Instagram @carrotsncake Subscribe for the latest updates and free resources: https://carrotsncake.ck.page/free


21 Jun 2021

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Sarah & Dr Brooke Show #176 Home Workouts With Coach Keri Mantie

Dr. Brooke Show

Keri is a mom of 9 year old twins and a two year old - all boys! She is also Strongfirst certified and a master of helping women workout effectively at home - perfect timing for this episode. She shares her best tips for getting a great workout with limited time and equipment and shares her simple mindset shift if you're struggling to think home workouts or even bodyweight workouts will be as good as the gym and that’s: you can always get a great workout even with your body if you’re willing to move it. Keri and Sarah also share how their journey with motherhood has changed as their kids have gotten older. We’ve given a lot of attention to new moms on past episodes so this is for the more seasoned mamas!Learn more about Keri here.  Sponsors of this episode include Four Sigmatic, makers of those incredible adaptogen elixirs! Save 15% with code BETTEREVERYDAY at checkout and NED full spectrum hemp oil! Use code BETTEREVERYDAY at checkout to save save 15%. Be sure you connect with us in our FREE PRIVATE Facebook group where we’re already hanging out with other amazing, like minded women like YOU! Join us!


30 Apr 2020

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Episode 46: Just Get Going with Keri Mantie

Heart Driven Radio

Just Get Going with Keri Mantie In this episode Marisa & Holly chat with Keri Mantie who is a business owner, Fitness & Nutrition Coach, and busy mom of 3 young children. We chat about how she transitioned into self-employed life and built a business she loves, while she raises three young children. Keri shares her own struggles with fitting fitness and a focus on her health in to her busy life and how she's helped countless women do the same. Keri runs a successful online membership group and shares steps you can take to setting up your own business, creating a community online, and what's worked for her to maintain her high client retention numbers. Keri's number one advice in starting a business and for finding time to focus on your health... #justgetgoing Keri Mantie IG Kerri Mantie FB https://kerimantie.com/ Connect with us: Heart Driven Radio Marisa Mae Holly Garnett


7 Apr 2020

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Episode 085: Is Healthy Packaged Food Real or Imagined with Keri Mantie

The Fierce Life with Concita Thomas

In today’s episode, we’re going to dive deeper into a conversation on whether or not healthy packaged food is real or imagined. Can you really call yourself a healthy eater if the thing that you eat comes in packages or boxes, or not? Joining in today’s conversation is, my good friend, coach, hormonal weight loss specialist, Keri Mantie.http://www.concitathomas.com/ep85/


29 Jan 2019

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Episode 16: Evolution of training as a Mom with Keri Mantie

Purposeful Strength Podcast

Keri and I talk about the wealth of knowledge she has acquired over her years in the fitness industry and how her workouts, priorities and mental space has changed throughout her growth process. We also discuss how adding kids to the mix changes things up and how she uses tools like “I ams” to get perspective, stay grateful and feeling good about herself mentally and physically.Notes: I also state that this is episode 17 in the recording but it is actually episode 16.


30 May 2017

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Ep 034: Overcoming "All or Nothing" Thinking with Keri Mantie

Primal Potential

So many of us fall into the trap of the "all or nothing" mindset to weight loss. We're either "on" or "off" and we can rarely sustain our progress that way. Keri and I talk about our own personal struggles with this mindset, how we work to overcome it and how we help our clients navigate the major mindset obstacles that hold them back including judging yourself for making poor choices and making excuses.  http://primalpotential.com/all-or-nothing-keri


11 Apr 2015