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Always Be Opening (Matthew Kimberley)

Just Between Coaches

It’s no secret that, as a group, coaches tend to be much more service-oriented than sales-oriented. We tend to think that effective selling requires characteristics that we just don’t have. Sales and marketing expert Matthew Kimberley disagrees. He says selling just requires skills that can be learned by anyone as long as they have confidence in what they are selling.In this episode, Melinda and Matthew discuss in detail how to get and retain clients and the steps to develop a sales cycle that’s easy to work with. The two coaches get real about ditching sleazy sales tactics and earning trust to earn the sale.In this episode we discuss:Are there certain traits or characteristics that make a good salesperson?Why do coaches tend to resist sales and marketing?What should coaches be doing instead of traditional sales methods?The importance of clarity and expectations with potential clients.How can coaches stop undervaluing and underselling their services?The importance of separating yourself from your services.Creating a systematic process to increase scalability.How to frame and conduct a discovery call to increase sales—the four-part, super-simple sales conversation.The difference between scripting sales conversations and structuring them for maximum return.“So if you're knocking people over the head with promises that they are not sold on, or aren't interested in, then you're going to have natural resistance there. And that resistance is unpleasant.” – Matthew KimberleyWith two decades of international sales and advisory experience, and multiple millions of dollars, euros and pounds generated for his own companies and the companies of his clients, Matthew Kimberley now hides out in the Mediterranean and works behind the scenes with a handful of select clients, ranging from one-person service business start-ups to bigger and more mature operations.      Resources or websites mentioned in this episode:MiraseeCoaches ConsoleMatthew’s websiteMatthew’s LinkedInCredits:Guest: Matthew KimberleyHost: Melinda CohanProducer: Cynthia Lamb Executive producer: Danny InyScripted and assembled  by: Michi Lantz Audio Post Supervisor: Evan Miles, Christopher MartinAudio Post Production: Post Office SoundMusic soundscape: Chad Michael SnavelyMaking our hosts sound great: Home Brew AudioIf you don't want to miss future episodes of Just Between Coaches, please subscribe to Apple podcasts or Spotify or wherever you're listening right now. And if you liked the show, please leave us a starred review. It's the best way to help us get these ideas to more people.• Music and SFX credits: •Track Title: CloudsArtist Name(s): AcreageWriter Name: Marshall UsingerPublisher Name: BOSS SOUNDSTRIPE PRODUCTIONS•Track Title: Coastline DreamArtist Name(s): Wild SkyWriter Name: Adam SimonsPublisher Name: BOSS SOUNDSTRIPE PRODUCTIONS•Track Title: Coo CoosArtist Name(s): Dresden, The FlamingoWriter Name: Matthew WigtonPublisher Name: A SOUNDSTRIPE PRODUCTION•Track Title: Stars & TreesArtist Name(s): Outside The SkyWriter Name: Dustin RansomPublisher Name: A SOUNDSTRIPE PRODUCTIONEpisode transcript: Always Be Opening (Matthew Kimberley)  Coming soon.


8 Jun 2022

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No One Is Self-Made—It Takes a Village (Matthew Kimberley)

Making It: How to Be a Successful Online Entrepreneur

Welcome to Making It. This weekly show explores the lives and stories of entrepreneurs as they share their unique perspectives on their success and the path to making it. Episode summary: Matthew Kimberley is the CEO of Book Yourself Solid® Worldwide, and according to him, “making it” means you get to decide where you spend your time, your money, your energy, and your attention. Matthew is “rad” and easy going. He doesn't go for conventional marketing tactics, and he's not hardcore competitive. Matthew says that if people work together and understand each other, we will all be better off. He believes that it’s an absolute fallacy to be self-made. It takes a village to make it, and investing in relationships brings the greatest returns. “Making it means you get to decide where you spend your time, and where you spend your money, and where you spend your energy, and your attention.” – Matthew KimberleyGuest bio: Matthew Kimberley is the CEO of Book Yourself Solid® Worldwide, the founder of The School for Selling, and the creator of Delightful Emails. Through their books, programs, and a network of licensed business coaches, Book Yourself Solid Worldwide supports hundreds of thousands of small businesses in growing their businesses.This multi-faceted business owner is a host of Marketing for Coaches, a show that supports top-tier business coaches in growing their own businesses and their clients' businesses.His bestselling self-help book, How To Get A Grip (re-released after 9 years with the title Get A F*cking Grip) has changed the lives of tens of thousands of people the world over. His clients’ reviews are a testament to his success. As one of his raving clients says, “Matthew understands people, why we buy, what we want to read, how to make us laugh, how to help us get out of our own way.”Matthew was born in the UK. He lived there until he left, aged 18, and moved around the world. After stints in Malaysia, Belgium, and Italy, he settled in Malta. Matthew can't discuss the most interesting thing that ever happened to him, on account of signing the British Official Secrets Act.• Resources or websites mentioned in this episode:MiraseeMatthew’s podcast Marketing for CoachesMatthew’s website Matthew’s booksMatthew’s LinkedIn Matthew’s TwitterMatthew’s InstagramMatthew’s YouTubeCredits:Guest - Matthew KimberleyProducer - Cynthia Lamb Executive producer - Danny InyAssembled by - Geoff GovertsenAudio Post Supervisor - Evan Miles, Christopher MartinAudio Post Production - Post Office SoundMusic soundscape - Chad Michael SnavelyIf you don't want to miss future episodes of Making It, please subscribe to Apple podcasts or Spotify or wherever you're listening right now. And if you liked the show, please leave us a starred review. It's the best way to help us get these ideas to more people.If you have a question for Making It, put the show title in the subject line and send it to podcasts@mirasee.com.Music and SFX credits: • Track Title: Time Swirls ByArtist Name(s): Matteo GalesiWriter Name: Matteo GalesiPublisher Name: BOSS SOUNDSTRIPE PRODUCTION•Track Title: The Sunniest KidsArtist Name(s): Rhythm ScottWriter Name: Scott RoushPublisher Name: A SOUNDSTRIPE PRODUCTION•Track Title: Only The BraveArtist Name(s): Joshua SpachtWriter Name: Joshua SpachtPublisher Name:  BOSS SOUNDSTRIPE PRODUCTION•Track Title: Dancing at Ocean CrestArtist Name(s): Cody MartinWriter Name: Cody Kurtz MartinPublisher Name:  BOSS SOUNDSTRIPE PRODUCTIONEpisode transcript:     I'm Matthew Kimberly and you're listening to Making It! I run a business called Book Yourself Solid and we help small business owners like you get more clients than you can handle. Even if you hate marketing and selling.      One of the greatest compliments I have ever received was recently when I was talking to my yoga teacher and he said I always assumed that (and I'm the poorest practitioner of yoga you've ever met. You know, I get cramp tie my shoelaces.) He said I always assumed Matthew that you were a yogi because you seemed very light and un incumbent and I found that to be a true compliment because I try to want for nothing other than making sure that my kids and health and happiness are looked after.      We choose to get into entrepreneurship and if you choose to go down that path remember their alternatives are open to you. You can go and get a job or maybe you think that you can't. But the very fact that you, as a Westerner, who is listening to this, who has made the choice to become self employed, you can either treat this as the most serious game of life or death in the world, which is the wrong type of game or you can treat it as a fun game, a theme park ride which is going to have ups and downs that you have, yourself, decided to ride and that puts everything into perspective for me.     Boarding school wasn't for everybody. I had a fantastic time there. I elected to go. I told my parents, age nine, that I wanted to go to this school, which I had been to visit. It was a beautiful school setting, acres and acres of the British countryside. It was 500 years old, there were scholarships available. So it was within my parents reached providing I was able to pass muster, which luckily I did. And it suited me very well. It taught me a sense of community. It was almost militaristic. Back in the 90s, we were up before 7, everything was incredibly regimented and, it was also at the same time, a little bit Lord of the Flies-esque because there were 50 boys living in under one roof... under the supervision of one absent and often alcoholic housemaster. And it taught the importance of friendships, it taught the importance of independent, critical thinking. But also I was very, very lucky that it also taught creativity. The school I was at stressed music and theater and creative writing very strongly and it set me up with a kind of infallible sense of confidence, which is a privilege for which I'm very grateful.      People say that the greater the risk, the greater the reward. I've always been very keen to mitigate my risks no matter where I am and I think it's more about responsibility. So if you are going to take off when you're still wet behind the ears and travel to a part of the world that you don't know, you've got to take responsibility for yourself. And that has allowed me, I believe, to take slightly bigger risks because I always understand the flip side of risk is responsibility. The more responsible you are for your health, the greater the rewards will be, the more responsible you are for your parenting skills the greater the rewards will be. And I think travel is a good idea. I think a good motto that I live by is what's the worst that can happen. And can I live with it? And if nobody gets hurt and nobody gets killed and if you get released after you're arrested, then often you can live with the results of the decisions that you take.      I was getting to the very limit of running my recruitment company. I had a fractious relationship with my business partner who was the investor. He had the money, I had the time and the energy. @e paired up and I felt sorry beholden to him, which wasn't a problem in and of itself. But on top of that, our relationship was, was rapidly deteriorating. My first son had just been born, I wasn't spending much time. I was working seven days a week. I was stressed about the sheer financing requirements that are involved in running a temporary recruitment business. The amount of borrowing that we had to do weekly to keep the business running, which was part of the original business plan, but it was completely new to me... was causing me ulcers and sleepless nights and health conditions. And I made the decision that it was time to make a change for my own sanity. And so I looked at the parts of the business that I enjoyed and two of them are very obvious. The first time was selling, I always enjoyed selling. The second one was training other people how to sell. So I thought I'm going to become a freelance sales trainer.      The very first coaching client I got on board I said I can help you get more clients. And they said to me well how many clients do you have? I said "you'd be my first." His eyebrows almost you know took him off into the stratosphere and I said but let me show you what we're gonna do together. And I was able to walk him through this systematic process for addressing every aspect of the business. He said okay I'm sold let's let's do it. And so it was almost like wanting to open a restaurant but guaranteeing it being as successful as Mcdonald's, how do you do that? Well you get a Mcdonald's franchise. So I borrowed somebody else's IP, I rented somebody else's intellectual property and took it to market. And that really allowed me to hit the ground running rather than wing it or create new IP, see what works, see what didn't work. Because at this time I had a son to feed, I had a baby and the mortgage, bills to pay and my exit from my recruitment company was not, you know, nobody was writing about that in the newspapers. The money from that didn't leave me going for a long time. So that was what started it. And I really never looked back and now I run that licensing organization myself and help other coaches do exactly the same thing that I did.      When my second son was born I was working with Michael Port, the founder of Book Yourself Solid. And he represented pretty much 80% of my income and a good 70-80% of my time. And my youngest son was born with a heart condition and the heart condition meant that he had to go to hospital. He had to have seven hour open heart surgery when he was four months old and his recovery was very tough. And so I said to Michael, I said look I'm not gonna be able to show up for the next, I don't know how long, hopefully two weeks... ended up being four months. And every month without question or concern or favor requested, Michael would send me a chunk of change and he said we'll be here when you're here. And that to be the recipient of that kind of help certainly informed the way that I now treat my staff or the way I try to treat my contractors and my clients and my customers and my suppliers. It's a virtuous cycle. And unfortunately for many of us, we have to experience it to recognize the true importance of it.      There is an unhealthy obsession with being self made, particularly in our industry. I think it's an absolute fallacy that anybody is self made. Everybody as a result of their environment, everybody as a result of their circumstance, everybody as a result of the help and support that they've had along the way. Also, I don't know whether this is true, but I'm no student of gender politics or psychology, but I certainly know plenty of men who have less healthy relationships holistically than women, less inclined to talk about their emotions, less inclined to cry, less inclined to tell people that they're suffering and they need some kind of intervention even if that's just a beer and a friendly ear. So I think the peer networks that I have, sometimes resistingly, immersed myself in over the years. It's very easy for something like me just to seek my own company, a newspaper and a cup of coffee. But investing in relationships enables you to ask for help because you normalize the sharing of fears. Hollywood and TV shows like Shark Tank and Dragon's Den (as we have in the UK) favor the Alpha. But really very few of us, even us entrepreneurs are "true alphas" or "true hunters." We really need the village around us.      If you're going to try and fit yourself into a shoe that doesn't fit as an entrepreneur either by compromising on your values or on your ethics or even the things that give you energy versus the things that sap your energy... you're gonna find ii exhausting and you're gonna find after a while that you can no longer pilot the ship. If that's something that pilots do. The answer is to find the fit, and it might take trial and error. You show me a billionaire who has not been bankrupt and I'll show you 50 who have. Because if you're going to compromise, you're going to find that your energy is not where it needs to be in order to sustain the business long term. So sometimes you have to be stubborn and sometimes you have to be persistent and sometimes you have to be consistent. But if it gets to the stage where you're going to need an orthopedic or a surgical intervention to fix the fact that this shoe is completely wrong rather than just waiting to break it in, then maybe it's time to reconsider.      Making it for me is when you have large parts of your diary available for you to fill with the people and the projects that you choose and that you enjoy. Making it means you get to decide where you spend your time and where you spend your money and where you spend your energy and your attention. And I think when we have that freedom, all the others are kind of moot.      This too shall pass. We we are all buoyed and supported by luck, opportunity, and circumstance. We're all one bad decision away from deconstructing it, from unmaking it. So I would say never take it for granted. Make sure you have a good insurance policy, both literally and figuratively and remember that this too shall pass.      I'm Matthew Kimberly and you've been listening to Making It! You can find me at marketingforcoaches.com


8 Oct 2021

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BYP 295: Book Yourself Solid with Matthew Kimberley

You Are The Brand

Matthew is the host of the new podcast, Marketing for Coaches, and the author of How to Get a F*cking Grip. He is also one of the managing partners with Book Yourself Solid where he trains and certifies business coaches. In this episode, we dive into what marketing for coaches should look like. I am a marketer and a coach, so you could say I fit right into his target audience. We also talk about how coaches can get more clients with (or without) marketing, along with: The correlation between coaching and marketing. The three business currencies and the one that Matthew relies on the most. The importance of building a professional network and creating relationships with people that will lead you to paying clients. Resources: Marketing for Coaches Podcast Connect with Mike: https://mikekim.com/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mikekimtv/ LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikekimtv Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mikekimtv/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/mikekimtv *** EPISODE CREDITS: If you like this podcast and are thinking of creating your own, consider talking to my producer, Danny Ozment. He helps thought leaders, influencers, executives, HR professionals, recruiters, lawyers, realtors, bloggers, coaches, and authors create, launch, and produce podcasts that grow their business and impact the world. Find out more at https://emeraldcitypro.com 


21 Jul 2021

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Ep 89 – Matthew Kimberley – Zero-Cost Marketing AND 4 Easy Sales Questions

Profit Tool Belt

In this episode of the Profit Tool Belt podcast, Dominic Rubino speaks with Matthew Kimberley, CEO of Book Yourself Solid Worldwide, about how to talk about your business, zero-cost marketing, the elevator pitch, 4 easy sales questions, the “who and do what” statement, and more.


27 Apr 2021

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Matthew Kimberley and Dr Jonathan Verderame: Getting Booked Solid

Axiom Seminar

The legendary Small business growth master discusses Fun, Feedom and Flow for your small business and how to optimize and grow.


28 Mar 2021

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Matthew Kimberley: Book Yourself Solid By Licensing Your Intellectual Property

B2B Growth Think Tank

If you're even slightly uncomfortable with the idea of networking, marketing, or selling, then you’re gonna love this episode.  Especially if you also love the idea of being able to Book Yourself Solid with clients! And you’re going to love it even more if like many service professionals, you understand both the importance and power of combining collaboration and relationships to get more clients. I say this with complete confidence, because my guest today is Matthew Kimberley, Head of Book Yourself Solid Worldwide, where he and his team licence the proprietary Book Yourself Solid business development and marketing system to coaches across the globe. The Book Yourself Solid system is based on the book written by Michael Port, and has been successfully used by thousands of service business owners who have used it to get more clients, enjoy more success, spend more time on their business, and less time in it. Plus we help out another business leader on The Virtual Hotseat where we're answering the question... “How Do I Add A Revenue Stream To My Business?” Mentioned On This Episode The Growth Accelerator Implementation Programme Join The B2B Growth Think Tank Community Connect with Matthew on LinkedIn Visit BookYourselfSolid.com Get Matthew's Free Guide: 5 Things You Need To Do Every Morning To Get More Coaching Clients In The Next 60 Days Listen to the Marketing For Coaches Podcast Connect with Adam on LinkedIn Get My Free Book Conversational Relationship Marketing Get More Free Business Growth Resources on The B2B Growth Think Tank Listener Gift Page


4 Mar 2021

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Book Yourself Solid With Matthew Kimberley

The Successful Pitch with John Livesay

When we think of attracting clients into our business, we immediately think of marketing. But not for Matthew Kimberley, the owner of Book Yourself Solid, who believes that marketing does not get you clients. In this episode, he joins John Livesay to explain to us this contrarian idea as inspired by Michael Port's Book Yourself Solid, a handbook for self-promotion that can help you get more clients even if you hate marketing and selling. He discusses the effectiveness of emails and how best to format them, growing a personality-based brand, and becoming a person of value rather than a provider of value. What is more, Matthew then speaks about why your business should be a love story, one that is between you and your business, you and your clients, and you and marketing. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join The Successful Pitch community today: JohnLivesay.com John Livesay Facebook John Livesay Twitter John Livesay LinkedIn John Livesay YouTube


3 Mar 2021

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Your Personal Brand with Matthew Kimberley Ep 22

Mike Up In Your Business Podcast with Mike Michalowicz

Matthew Kimberley is the Head of Book Yourself Solid Worldwide. He's also the author of Get A F*cking Grip, creator of Delightful Emails and the School for Selling and host of the How To Get A Grip podcast. He lives in Malta with two boys, one wife and one dog and pre-Covid traveled the world speaking on stages from Singapore to San Diego. He mostly likes good Scotch and better conversation. Websites and Handles:https://www.bookyourselfsolid.com/ https://matthewkimberley.com/ https://www.instagram.com/mattkimberley/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewkimberley/ https://www.facebook.com/thematthewkimberley CORPORATE SPONSOR: HRdirect Smart Apps- It's a new breed of HR solutions, more affordable and accessible than ever before. Visit www.HRdirectApps.com


16 Nov 2020

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Special Guest: Matthew Kimberley

None Of Your Business Podcast

Shawn & Lacey interview one of their favorite people, Matthew Kimberley of Book Yourself Solid! Matthew is one dynamic guy and will have you engaged throughout this entire conversation about sales, marketing, and the consulting business. Make sure you take notes! Get Booked Solid: https://www.bookyourselfsolid.com/Marketing Your One-Person Business: https://marketingforcoaches.com/#1 Community for Service Providers: https://blackdiamondclub.com/Support the showJoin the #1 Community for Service-Based Entrepreneurshttps://www.blackdiamondclub.com Follow Shawn and Lacey on Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/drshawndill/ https://www.instagram.com/drlaceybook/


23 Sep 2020

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NBC 673: Matthew Kimberley: Money!

Natural Born Coaches

Matthew Kimberley helps small businesses sell more and sell with sophistication. He provides strategic counsel to business owners around the what, when and how of running their companies, as well as being a Managing Partner at Book Yourself Solid® Worldwide. Matthew is the author of Get A F*cking Grip (John Blake, 2011) and host the podcast How To Get A Grip Some, as well as the creator of the Delightful Emails course. If you’d like learn more from Matthew, register at https://www.naturalborncoaches.com/BYS for our free live training Thursday, August 20th, 2020 at 3 pm EST!


17 Aug 2020