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Awaken Night 2 | Samuel Rodriguez | Monday, October 10, 2022

Faith Assembly Orlando

Awaken Night 2 | Samuel Rodriguez | Monday, October 10, 2022


11 Oct 2022

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When God Is For Us, No One Can Stand Against Us: Cynt Marshall and Samuel Rodriguez

Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith

All of us have faced times in our life that felt like a battle. Maybe you’ve had moments of disappointment and pain where you felt like no one understood you, or you had no support system. Perhaps someone hurt you with their words or planted a seed of doubt in your mind that you’d never get to where you want to be in life, and that trying to reach for more would be impossible. Here’s some comforting news: we’re not alone when we face battles in our lives. We’re not left to fight by ourselves. God is greater than whatever we’re facing and He has promised—He will never leave us.  Our guests this week held on to the promise that they could stand strong in God’s power when people or circumstances might have crushed their spirits. Samuel Rodriguez experienced situations in his young life where discrimination threatened to divert him from the path he was meant to follow to become a pastor, author, movie producer, and advisor to three of the last four U.S. presidents. Cynt Marshall endured the abuse and abandonment of her father, but her faith in the Lord and the guidance of her mother led her to thrive despite her circumstances, ultimately becoming a highly successful business woman and the CEO of the Dallas Mavericks NBA franchise.  Links, Products, and Resources Mentioned: Jesus Calling Podcast Jesus Calling Jesus Always Jesus Listens Past interview: Dedee & Greg Lhamon Upcoming interview: Chris Nikic Cynt Marshall Marshalling Resources Dallas Mavericks University of California at Berkeley Teenagers protesting in Parkland, Florida Reverend Dr. Billy Graham You’ve Been Chosen Samuel Rodriguez New Season Church  National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference 1 Peter 1:16 NIV John 17:21 NIV Matthew 5:14-16 NIV Luke 1:37 NIV https://pastorsam.com Interview Quotes: “I always saw myself as the person to help everybody and to provide resources and to be there for people.” - Cynt Marshall “My leadership philosophy is around three Ls, and it's ‘listen to, learn from, and love the people.’” - Cynt Marshall “With faith in God and with standing on His promises, you can truly thrive—not just get through it—but truly thrive through the unexpected.” - Cynt Marshall "I've learned bad things do happen to good people. And so we have to accept adversity and never give up and let the Lord guide us through it." - Cynt Marshall "Love expels fear, mercy triumphs over judgment. All things are possible." - Samuel Rodrigez “We had this crazy dream that the church can be both Billy Graham and Dr. King, and that it can be both righteousness and justice, truth and love, sanctification and service, conviction and compassion.” - Samuel Rodriguez “If you look at the cross as two pieces of wood, one vertical and horizontal, the strongest part of the cross is the nexus. The point of convergence where they intersect. This is the place where we marry the optics of redemption with the metrics of reconciliation.” - Samuel Rodriguez "If our commitment is to be light in the midst of darkness and not just whine about the darkness, doors will continue to open." - Samuel Rodriguez ___ Enjoy watching these additional videos from Jesus Calling YouTube channel! Audio Episodes:     https://bit.ly/3zvjbK7 Bonus Podcasts:     https://bit.ly/3vfLlGw Jesus Listens: Stories of Prayer:  https://bit.ly/3Sd0a6C Peace for Everyday Life:     https://bit.ly/3zzwFoj Peace in Uncertain Times:     https://bit.ly/3cHfB6u What’s Good?     https://bit.ly/3vc2cKj Enneagram:     https://bit.ly/3hzRCCY ___ Connect with Jesus Calling Instagram Facebook Twitter Pinterest YouTube Jesus Calling Website


29 Sep 2022

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Samuel Rodriguez - Be the Light and Confront the Darkness


On today’s episode, Matt and Laurie Crouch host pastor and New York Times best-selling author, Samuel Rodriguez, to reveal the ability of confronting the darkness in your life. Gain insight as Samuel shares how with God's light in your life, darkness will ultimately be defeated. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


28 Sep 2022

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Conference Ready: Pastor Samuel Rodriguez

Inspire Church

Welcome to Conference Ready where we’re giving you a sneak peek into our incredible speakers at Inspire Conference! Today, we have Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference!  And if you didn’t know, Inspire Conference is happening in-person and ONLINE from Sept 7-9. Register today at www.InspireConference.tv !


26 Aug 2022

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"Be Light" | Dr. Samuel Rodriguez at Council 100 | Ordination Service

The Team Illinois Podcast

This is the Dr. Samuel Rodriguez's sermon from the Ordination Service of Council 100 . Our Website: idcag.org . Facebook: facebook.com/TEAMILLINOISAG . Instagram: instagram.com/teamillinoisag . YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UC9rnDDUQo658gLgQmZ1J7uQ . Photos: idcag.org/council100photos


30 May 2022

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Ep. 74: Unity and Disciple-Makers with Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

The Church in Action Podcast

Our fractured nation can make unity seem like a distant hope. But as followers of Christ, we're not only called, but equipped to stand unified as a Church family. Join us and Rev. Samuel Rodriguez -  President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, advisor to former presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump, and pastor of New Season Church. Rev. Samuel will share his experience on the practice of unity as a disciple of Christ, and the role unity plays in making disciples who do justice and share Jesus.Learn more about Rev. Samuel Rodriguez here!Learn more about New Season Church here!Learn more about the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference here!


11 Apr 2022

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Samuel Rodriguez - From Survive to Thrive


On today’s episode, Matt and Laurie Crouch host pastor and New York Times best-selling author, Samuel Rodriguez, to unpack “cancel culture,” and how far we’ve strayed from living like Christ. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


23 Mar 2022

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LAUNCH 2022 | Night Three | Samuel Rodriguez

The Refuge


1 Feb 2022

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1/27/22 - Federal Mandate of COVID Vaccines, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez & Preserving Power

The Bottom Line

- "The Federal 'Mandate' Requiring COVID Vaccinations for Large Businesses has Been Scrapped. How Many Churches Would have Been Impacted - and How Many Would Have Complied?"- REV SAMUEL RODRIGUEZ: "A Wake-up Call for the Church in the Pandemic Era: How to Persevere with Power"


28 Jan 2022

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Ep 40 - Forgiving Formal Religion - Samuel Rodriguez

Miracle Voices - A Course In Miracles Podcast (ACIM)

Tam and Matt welcome Samuel Rodriguez to Miracle Voices. Samuel shares his forgiveness story with his childhood church.  How Can You Support Miracle Voices? If you feel inspired to make a donation to support these podcasts you can donate here: https://acim.org/donate-miracles-voices-podcast/ Get Notified of New Episodes By Joining Our Email List at: https://www.miraclevoices.org/email Share Your Forgiveness Story on Miracle Voices: Do you feel your forgiveness story could inspire listeners? Simply fill out the form at https://www.miraclevoices.org/form and let us know you would like to be considered as a Miracle Voices Podcast guest. Topic or Question You Want Us To Cover? If you have topics that you would like Judy and Matthew to address, simply drop us a line at: https://www.miraclevoices.org/contact/ We Need Your Help Please leave a review for the podcast on whatever app or site you use to listen to this podcast. This helps new listeners that are trying to practice forgiveness find the show.


27 Jan 2022