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Ep. 15 Loren Lockman - 'Water Only Fasting'

Sweat It Out

Loren Lockman is a world-renowned Water Fasting Specialist. He is the founder of Tanglewood Wellness Centre, the world's largest Water Fasting facility. Loren has successfully fasted thousands of clients, helping them heal from Type II Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancerous Tumors, Arthritis, and a whole host of other typically chronic conditions and diseases.To find out more from Loren, you can access his website here: https://tanglewoodwellnesscenter.com/about-tanglewood/our-staff/Visit his YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe2XcRqNNRbkcbzC71s8DIw

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1 Mar 2021

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Fasting for Amazing Health with Loren Lockman - E18

Lion Heart Podcast

Loren speaks to how fasting and detox is a natural way for the body to reach states of clarity, awareness, vitality and ultimately reach its highest potential. We talk about what happens in the body and brain when fasting, and how having a clean body will allow us to listen to its own natural intelligence. Loren follows the simple and dynamic laws of nature in a profound and original way. Loren is the founder and director of Tanglewood Wellness Centre in Costa Rica now since 1996, and has studied the relationship between diet and health since 1977. Notes and links can be found here https://bit.ly/fastingforamazinghealth

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18 Aug 2020

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Lost Arts Radio Show #293 - Special Guest Loren Lockman

Lost Arts Radio

Loren Lockman from Tanglewood Wellness Center in Costa Rica visited us on the Sunday show a few weeks ago, and gave an excellent presentation on the great value of fasting as a health protocol, useful in dealing with many types of health conditions. Loren is not just talking about theory, he is one of the most experienced water fasting supervisors in the world today. As the founder of Tanglewood Wellness Center in Costa Rica, where visitors come from all over the world for healing (www.tanglewoodwellnesscenter.com), Loren now also does fasting supervision via Skype for people who can't easily travel to Costa Rica for in-person support.After Loren's visit on the show a few weeks ago, we became aware of subjects we wish we could have covered at that time, so I invited Loren to come back and continue the discussion. And this could easily become a series, like a multi-part class in fasting, for Lost Arts Radio listeners. So I hope you'll be able to join us on Sunday for the current installment of the class, as we go into more detail on the basics of how fasting works, as well as connected issues that are essential to a full understanding of what should be normal health. We'll be sure to get into hydration and a lot more this Sunday. I'm sure it will be a valuable experience for all of us.For those of you who would like to support our work, help keep us on the air in the face of massive censorship, and help us fund the projects we have waiting in the wings, please visit our new Subscribe Star page and tell others. It can be found at www.subscribestar.com/lostartsradio.

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3 Aug 2020

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004 Conversation with Loren Lockman

Awesome Life Podcast

The founder and director of the Tanglewood Wellness Center in Costa Rica, Loren began studying the relationship between nutrition & health in 1977. Since 1997, Loren has led more than 2000 people through water fasts of 1 to 9 weeks, & has coached more than 2000 others to better health. Free Ebook info@tanglewoodwellnesscenter.com  (a $29.99 Value) mention Ebook Awesome Life Podcast in the subject line


13 Jul 2020

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Lost Arts Radio Show #289 - Special Guest Loren Lockman

Lost Arts Radio

First, understand that fasting doesn't cure anything. It doesn't heal anything. Then why has it been promoted by the greatest healing teachers since long before recorded history began? Because they understood that all healing of every kind is done by the conscious Life Force, or Life Current, within the body. If the Life Current doesn't heal the body, it's not going to heal. In fact, the moment that Current is no longer present, life in that body is over. No doctor, whether using synthetic drugs, invasive "procedures" or natural remedies, can heal anything. The doctor can do any kind of treatment, which may support healing, but if the Life Current doesn't heal us, we don't recover.The same teachers mentioned above, who say only the Life Current can heal, they say our job is to stop blocking the Life Current from healing us. There are many ways we block our own healing, physical, mental and emotional. But one of the big ones is by continuing to eat food, especially toxic or lifeless food, when the body needs to heal. Taking a break from putting food into the body is called "fasting." Just from this one change in routine, done correctly for the right length of time, amazing things happen. Not because fasting heals anything, but because a big block to our own healing has been removed. We stop forcing of the Life Current to process food, so it can turn its full energy to healing.It sounds simple, but doing it right usually requires guidance from someone with long experience and proven results. One of the few in today's world with those qualifications, is Loren Lockman, founder of Tanglewood Wellness Retreat. Join us for a discussion of how fasting works, some individual stories of people from their own fasting experience, the history of Tanglewood, Loren's background, and more. Don't miss this chance to hear from one of our few remaining fasting experts on the planet today.

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6 Jul 2020

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Guest health coach expert ( Loren Lockman )

Vanessa 's Podcast

Health expert Loren Lockman is here to tell us a few incredible stories about his 20 years of experience and the 12,000 people he has helped over the years to fight against type 2 diabetes and other coronary diseases... GET YOUR FREE BOOK!!!info@TanglewoodWellnessCenter.com just by mention this!!


24 Jun 2020

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A Holistic Vision Of Human Health With Loren Lockman

Be Yourself and Love it

Loren Lockman of the Tanglewood Wellness Center in Costa Rica re-joins Antony Sammeroff in episode 71 of the Be Yourself and Love It! Podcast to expand on his vision of human health and wellbeing.


19 Sep 2019

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The Fundamentals of Water Fasting with Loren Lockman

Be Yourself and Love it

Loren Lockman of the Tanglewood Wellness Center in Costa Rica join Antony Sammeroff to discuss the health benefits and technical aspects of water fasting for episode 71 of the Be Yourself and Love It! Podcast.Find Loren Lockman's YouTube channel here: ]https://www.youtube.com/user/LorenLockman/videosFind the Tanglewood Wellness Center here: https://tanglewoodwellnesscenter.com


30 Aug 2019

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Everything you need to know about water fasting with Loren Lockman

Live Awakened with Jose Reynoso

In this episode, Loren Lockman is sharing his insights regarding water fasting. He is the founder of Tangle Wood Wellness Center one of the worlds exclusive water fasting centers in the world. Intermittent fasting is becoming very popular lately as well as dry fasting, what are the benefits and should you do it?  We will talk about what are humans designed to be predominantly eating and why water fasting is so important in healing deeper layers of our physical body.  Links: Tanglewood Wellness Center https://tanglewoodwellnesscenter.com/ Youtube Channel https://bit.ly/2RShQnn Twitter @LorenLockman --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/josereynoso/message

1hr 44mins

10 Feb 2019

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Episode 65 "Loren Lockman" The Healing Benefits Of Water Fasting/Tanglewood Wellness Center

The Chris Hall Podcast

Loren Lockman visits the podcast! Loren is the founder of the Tanglewood Wellness Center, that specializes in water fasting for health and rejuvenation! Fasting is nature's way of cleansing and healing. Loren suffering from ill health at an early age lead him to discover Arnold Ehrets Rational Fasting, which turned his life around!

1hr 23mins

6 May 2018