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#Bitesize - Choosing the right plyometric exercises for your athletes with Jeremy Sheppard and Dana Agar-Newman

Pacey Performance Podcast

Jeremy and Dana featured on episode #373 of the Pacey Performance Podcast. This #bitesize episode takes a great clip from that episode where they discussed - What to consider when programming plyometric exercises Is variation important? Incorporating landing training into a programme Check out the full episode with Jeremy and Dana here - https://www.sportsmith.co/listen/creating-a-framework-to-maximise-jumping-and-landing-training-with-athletes/ This episode is supported by RockDaisy, the only FREE AMS on the market. AMS Lite features reporting capabilities, questionnaires and forms, alerts and communication, data sharing, data visualisation and calendar views.


13 Apr 2022

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Jeremy Sheppard | The Secret to Capital Growth

The Elephant In The Room Property Podcast | Inside Australian Real Estate

What makes prices go up and what data sources can you use to predict the movements?Jeremy Sheppard is the Head of Select Residential Property. Before joining SRP, Jeremy created a suburb scoring algorithm called the DSR (Demand to Supply Ratio). The DSR has been featured in Australian Property Investor magazine and Your Investment Property magazine.Jeremy is a regular contributor to the major property investment publications in Australia and has over 50 articles published, as well as other blogs and has been quoted in major newspapers and appeared on prime-time TV news. RELEVANT EPISODES:Episode 180 | Are buyers agents worth the cost? | Cate Bakos Episode 177 | Australia’s Economic Recovery | Carlos Cacho Episode 167 | Infrastructure & property prices | David Tucker LINKS:https://gooddeeds.com.au/buyers-agents-sydney/sell-my-investment-property-now/ https://gooddeeds.com.au/investment-property/should-you-sell-or-hold-investment-property/ HOST LINKS:Looking for a Sydney Buyers Agent? www.gooddeeds.com.auWork with Veronica: https://linktr.ee/veronicamorgan Looking for a Mortgage Broker? www.wealthful.com.auWork with Chris: hello@wealthful.com.au Send in your questions to: questions@theelephantintheroom.com.au EPISODE TRANSCRIPT: Please note that this has been transcribed by half-human-half-robot, so brace yourself for typos and the odd bit of weirdness…This episode was recorded in June, 2021.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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4 Jul 2021

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Creating Value Through a Personal Brand: How "The Guitar Hunter", Jeremy Sheppard is Creating Community Through Business, Music and Friendship

Blue Collar Money: Theories of Middle Class Investing

Resources and Mentions:StorybrandJim RohnMartin GuitarsFender GuitarsGuild GuitarsEnneagramYoung LifeAbraham KuyperMartin LutherN.T. Wright Contact:Jeremy Sheppard:  www.jeremysheppard.comYouTubeInstagramFacebook PW Gopal:  pwgopal@pwgopal.com, pw.gopal@thebluecollarmoney.comMike Hatch:  mikehatch@thebluecollarmoney.com

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9 Jun 2021

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ALTIS Poolside Chat with Augustine Agyei, Matt Price, Jeremy Sheppard, and Scott Livingston

Leave Your Mark

This episode is the fourth in the series of ALTIS v-ACP Poolside chat's I had the honor of hosting back in September of 2020.  This one is a great conversation on the intake process for supporting performance athletes' success and features the lead combine preparation coach for Landow Performance, Augustine Agyei, Lead S+C for the LA Kings, Matt Price, and the Lead of Performance for Snowboard Canada, Jer Sheppard. It's a great performance conversation, and I hope the listener takes much away from the insights of these amazing human performance professionals. Enjoy

1hr 3mins

9 Mar 2021

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ASCA Podcast #56 - Dr. Jeremy Sheppard

ASCA Podcast

Jeremy is a Director of Performance Solutions with the Canadian Sport Institute (CSI), in partnership with Canada Snowboard, where he works in the daily training environment as Off Snow Coach for the Slopestyle and Big Air teams, and is accountable for the Sport Science/Medicine of the 5 Olympic snowboard disciplines. He is also a member of the CSI leadership and strategy group, and mentors the discipline leads of Strength and Conditioning. Prior to this he was the Head of Strength and Conditioning and Sport Science Manager for Surfing Australia. He's held positions as strength and conditioning coach and sport scientist at Queensland Academy of Sport, Australian Institute of Sport, and Canadian Sport Center. He has been fortunate to have worked with numerous national, world, commonwealth, and Olympic medalists, with consultations to professional teams in the NRL, NFL, and AFL. He is an active consultant to Hurley and Nike on performance matters. Jeremy is a graduate of the Canadian National Coaching Institute, and is also certified by the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) as a Level 3 and Master coach, and Life Member. He is certified in level 2 Olympic Weightlifting, Medical Exercise, Performance Nutrition, and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and a Coach Emeritus with the NSCA. Jeremy has conducted numerous research projects with >100 peer-reviewed research manuscripts and abstracts, as well as 13 book chapters on strength and conditioning. He has presented on strength and conditioning in Canada, the USA, UK, Europe, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Australia. QUOTES“In a population that is jumping a lot (e.g. volleyball), more jumping does nothing”“You don’t have to fix it, you just have to make it better” “Does everyone understand what winning looks like in the performance team?”“The preparation framework must serve the performance model”“Ankle range is really key to produce more force in the lower body and has this protective effect on injury”“Connect the dots between what you are doing with the athlete and their performance”“Sport is about making shapes and changing shapes”“It is no point doing micro-dosing, if you have not met the demon at some stage in your preparation”SHOWNOTES1) Jeremy’s origin story and the impact of a car crash on his journey2) The background on jumping research and interventions to improve jumping like eccentric accentuation3) Working with surfers, snowboarders and the unique nature of action sports4) Performance models, sharing an objective and a mutual understanding of what success looks like5) The current performance model for Canadian snowboard 6) Working on hardware/software issues for mobility and extremity (hand/foot) function 7) A “typical” week for Canadian snowboard athlete and time allocations for strength/power and mobilityPEOPLE MENTIONEDWarren YoungRob NewtonMike McGuiganAndrew StarkJason PatchellDamian Farrow

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8 Oct 2020

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Reconditioning Zoom Lab with Jeremy Sheppard

Leave Your Mark

Reconditioninghq.com has been hosting weekly Reconditionig Zoom Labs and talking about subject matter near and dear to our hearts and minds.  The first edition features Jeremy Sheppard who is the Director of Performance Solutions with the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific where he acts as the Head of Strength and Conditioning for the Slopestyle and Big Air teams and oversees the Sport Science-Sport Medicine of the 5 Olympic snowboard disciplines. Prior to his role at the CSIP, he spent a number of years as the Head of Strength and Conditioning and Sport Science for Surfing Australia. He has been fortunate to have worked with numerous national, world, and Olympic medalists, and consults with professional teams in the NRL, NFL, and AFL.  Jeremy is also the consummate marriage between sports scientist and practitioner who has contributed volumes of valuable research in the area of athlete performance to the sports science community at large. He is an avid sportsman and has worked with his board on the ocean and on the snow as a surfer and snowboarder.


9 May 2020

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Guitar Hunting With Jeremy Sheppard

Backstage Journal Podcast with Rhett Shull

Jeremy Sheppard is a guitar player and trader who has bought and sold over 3,000 guitars in his time as a player. In this episode we talk about the ups and downs of life in the guitar playing and trading community. 

1hr 3mins

12 Jun 2019

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Finding Great Capital Growth Markets With Jeremy Sheppard

Property Podcast

Jeremy Sheppard is the Research director at Empower Wealth. He will divulge his data-driven strategy that you can use to pinpoint the top markets that are best suited to your budget and uncover how Location Score can help you eliminate the 99% of properties you don't want!Sheppard will tell you why the safest property investments aren't broadcasted in the media, the fundamentals he looks at before purchasing a property, how he takes the hefty challenge out of finding a location to invest in through using an actually easy to understand breakdown of data and how Location Score can be used - at the least - as a tool to shortlist thousands of property markets within seconds. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


23 May 2018

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Jeremy Sheppard

Australian Property Investor

Jeremy Sheppard, director of research at Empower Wealth, has created an algorithm determining where the market will grow in the future. Merging computer programming with property, learn from Sheppard and follow the ups and downs of his property journey - from tenants creating $13,000 worth in damage to simply taking his eye off the ball.The fist-punching-in-the-air moment where Sheppard realised property really worked as an investment will inspire you in your own journey, as we uncover his story from humble beginnings as a data geek and evolving into a young, well-informed property investor who's blazing the trail to disrupt the industry. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


9 May 2018

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Ep.170 | Property Data Dive with Jeremy Sheppard & The Top 20 SUA Report!

The Property Couch

We’re taking a plunge into the Property Data Dive today folks! Because today the LocationScore Lads have got the band back together and so The Capital Growth King of Research, Jeremy Sheppard — Property Analyst, Research Director and Creator of [...] CONTINUE READING The post Episode 170 | Property Data Dive with Jeremy Sheppard & The Top 20 SUA Report! appeared first on The Property Couch.


3 May 2018