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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Michael Ware. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Michael Ware, often where they are interviewed.

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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Michael Ware. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Michael Ware, often where they are interviewed.

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Taylor Hill and Michael Ware from Berkadia (Ep 39)

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Today I'm talking to Taylor Hill and Michael Ware from Berkadia in Dallas, TX, to understand the world of commercial real estate through the eyes of a broker. Even though the audio is not ideal, it's still important to hear their valuable lessons for new investors:

Why it's important to start small (5:00), why face to face meetings make a huge difference (8:00), mistakes they see new investors making (10:00), traits of an experienced investor (14:20), why Texas is still an investing hotspot (14:30), how to determine good locations in a new market (18:20), and how do you know what to stay away from (19:30)

Learn more: https://www.berkadia.com/

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Dec 27 2019 · 38mins
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Michael Ware: "You had to be there in the blood and guts."

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Michael Ware became the voice of the Iraq war when he was based in Baghdad for Time magazine and CNN for six years from 2003.

​Here he details why such war reporting faces extinction, what motivated him to face incredible danger in both Afghanistan and Iraq, the painful price reporting took on his mental health and why Wikileaks founder Julian Assange doesn't deserve to be called a journalist.

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Feb 25 2018 · 56mins

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S4E6: Michael Ware

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For our Season 4 Finale episode, we are joined by the Executive Director of the Innocence Project of Texas. Mr. Ware walks us through George's case from start to finish. Hear all of the behind the scenes details of the post conviction relief proceedings, along with some shocking new information about the Bell County D.A.'s office.
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Oct 22 2017 · 43mins
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176: Michael Ware

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Michael Ware is a legendary international war correspondent originally from Brisbane, Australia.

Through his career, Michael’s style has always been a first-person, front row seat to some of the most confronting and dangerous situations on this planet. From modern-day witch-hunting in Papua New Guinea, to profiles of deadly Mexican drug cartels, to going in to Afghanistan only weeks after 9/11 and being one of the few Western journalists to live full-time in Iraq during the war.

He was the Bureau Chief for Time Magazine in Baghdad before switching over to television for CNN, also in Baghdad.

Needless to say, Michael has seen the worst the world can dish up.

And during this conversation, he openly gives first-hand accounts of some of the things he’s witnessed during war.

This week you may have seen cruise missiles being launched from a US destroyer hundreds of kilometers from their targets in Syria. This is not the kind of war Michael has seen.

He talks about the fog, the horror, the gore and the death he has seen.

Not to sensationalize it - but to describe it, so that you and I may know what it is we’re asking for when our leaders decide to send troops into a country in our name.

So here’s a warning right up top. This discussion goes to some dark places. I’ll say right now, if you have any difficulty hearing what Michael talks about, please do call lifeline in Australia on 13 11 14 - or whatever 24hr counseling line is in your part of the world.

It’s a tough story to hear but it’s an important story to hear because if you’re listening to this, you won the genetic lottery. Whatever stars and planets aligned I don’t know - but you’re listening to this on an internet connected device somewhere in the world that is safe. And that is not how the majority of the world live.

Michael’s struggles with his demons are well documented, and when I first met him on a rooftop in NYC back in 2012 - he was very open about his PTSD. It was pretty obvious from his body language that I don’t press him on what caused it, but I’m grateful that five years later he and I were finally able to talk.

We met in a wonderful old hotel in Sydney, right in the middle of the city.

He was in town to talk about his new documentary series Uncensored, where he embeds himself into some of the most risky groups of people on the planet. From militant pro-Russian biker gangs, to the hill tribes on PNG, to the much-hated paparazzi of L.A., Michael brings a first-hand account of what he sees.

The show is in Australia on National Geographic and it’s bloody incredible.

Do what you need to see it.

We do talk about the first episode with the Russian Bikers, but don’t worry we won’t spoil it for you.

This is a heavy chat, but it’s important for you to hear.

I had a coffee beforehand, but you - like Michael, may need a drink as we go.

So hold on - because this is me and one of Australia’s finest, Michael Ware.

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Apr 09 2017 · 1hr 27mins

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Episode 61 - Will Jarnagin & Michael Ware - Berkadia

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Will Jarnagin & Michael Ware are with Berkadia in Dallas. We sit down and visit with these two top producing investment sales brokers and find out about what you need to know about acquiring apartments.

Oct 17 2016 · 40mins
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Michael Ware Scares The Shit Out Of Me And I Love It.

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WARNING: THIS PODCAST CONTAINS VIOLENT AND EXPLICIT CONTENTMichael Ware was taken by ISIS and survived.The foreign correspondant has been held at gunpoint more than once in his career. He’s seen people killed in front of him. Been almost beheaded and reported on issues that most of us could not comprehend.And he’s come out the other side, through years of PTSD, to tell his story. He joins me to talk about his career, the future of warfare with ISIS and what it was like in the moments he thought he was about to be beheaded.This conversation is quite a ride. It's content is brutal at times, at others it's playful, fascinating, combative and unhinged, but to be honest, it's exactly what I expected from a man who's pushed himself to the limit and survived.It's definitely not for the faint-hearted, or for children's ears. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.Leave comments on my facebook pageAnd my twitter is hereThanks to Michael Ware, his documentary is Only The Dead.Please leave a review and a rating for this show in itunes.

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May 31 2016 · 48mins
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#67 - Only the Dead director Michael Ware

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Special guest, writer and director Michael Ware, joins Matthew Pejkovic of Matt's Movie Reviews to talk about his new movie Only the Dead.
Oct 25 2015 · 27mins
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Live Interview With Poet Michael Ware & Harmony CEO Of REP Recordz

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Come check out the interviews with Michael & Harmony and listen to poetry readings by Michael and yours truly TF59... You definitely will not want to miss this show. TF59 will be your host for this segment.
Nov 14 2007 · 1hr