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Utes Insider – Former All-American Distance Runner Grayson Murphy

Utah Athletic's Podcasts

The five-time All-American recently placed sixth in the 3000-meter steeplechase at the U.S. Olympic Trials. Distance runner Grayson Murphy, a five-time All-American in two years at Utah, recently competed in the 3,000-meter steeplechase at the U.S. Olympic Trials. During this episode of Utes Insider, Murphy talks about her chase to make the Olympic Team and looks back at her collegiate career. Murphy recorded the two best times of her career in the steeplechase at the Olympic Trials, winning her heat in the prelims and placing sixth in the final, coming up short of advancing to the Summer Games.


9 Jul 2021

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Run Beyond with Grayson Murphy

Run Beyond

All-Star athlete and all-around badass human, Grayson Murphy, joins us on the Run Beyond podcast this week.We chat with Grayson about bridging the worlds of track/road running and trail running at a championship level, longevity in endurance sports, leveraging an athlete's platform to create a positive impact, and mental health advocacy. You won't regret tuning in to this one!You can follow Grayson on IG and Twitter: @racin_graysonOn the web at: https://racin-grayson.com/

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22 Apr 2021

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Grayson Murphy | Saucony Pro Track, Road, Trail & Mountain Runner Talks Training, Transferring Twice, Entrepreneurship & more!

Convos Over Cold Brew with Emma Abrahamson

In this episode Emma sits down with Grayson Murphy, professional runner for Saucony who specializes in track, road, trail and mountain running! In this episode Grayson talks about her late start to running and transferring twice in the NCAA. She also talks about how her training varies from season to season depending what she is focusing on, as well as being a social media influencer and entrepreneur. You can find Emma on Instagram at @emmaabrahamson and on her YouTube Channel. Follow Convos Over Cold Brew Podcast on Instagram at @convosovercoldbrewpod. Follow Grayson on Instagram at @racin__grayson. OFFERS: InsideTracker | Go to http://insidetracker.com/emma to get 25% off their entire store and level up your running & nutrition game with a concrete, science-backed, trackable action plan. Green Chef | Head to GreenChef.com/90coldbrew and use code "90COLDBREW" to get $90 off including free shipping! Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


1 Apr 2021

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23 | Bozeman, MT with Grayson Murphy: Running In The Rugged, Wild West

Suite Run

We are so excited to welcome Grayson Murphy to the show! Grayson is a professional runner for Saucony and is the 2019 World AND US Mountain Running Champion as well as the XTERRA Trail Run World Champion.Grayson lives and trains in stunning Bozeman, MT  and we get the lowdown on everything we need to know about running, refueling and more in Bozeman. We also talk about Grayson's running career and so much more. Don't miss this great conversation!Click HERE for the show notes.This episode is sponsored by: Inside Tracker and Beam Inside TrackerInsideTracker is a personalized health and wellness platform like no other.What’s their secret? First, InsideTracker uses its patented algorithm to analyze your body’s data and offer you a clearer picture than you’ve ever had before of what’s going on inside you. Then, InsideTracker provides you with a concrete, science-backed, trackable action plan for reaching your performance goals and being your healthy best. For a limited time, InsideTracker is offering 25% off its store for our listeners. Just visit insidetracker dot com slash SUITE RUN. Beam Beam is a CBD company that’s making waves in the wellness industry by offering products that combine THC-free CBD with other high-quality ingredients.  They just launched their first ever non-CBD product line called elevate hydration. Elevate hydration powders give your body the electrolytes it craves and more. Because when you’re hydrated, your body functions the way it was designed to. Available for digestive balance, enhanced energy and supportive recovery, beam’s hydration formulas bring you a supercharged stack of electrolytes sourced entirely from nature. Plus, they make your water taste amazing. Try elevate hydration from beam for 15% off with code SUITERUN. Visit beam TLC DOT com to redeem. That’s beam TLC DOT com with the code SUITERUN for 15 percent off your new favorite electrolyte powders and if you opt in to their subscription, which is already 20% off, you'll receive an extra 15% off with code SUITERUN! Where to find Grayson Murphy: Grayson's InstagramTwitterGrayon's Training Planner (for purchase!)Blog Where to find Natalie and Jerold:Natalie's InstagramSuite Run InstagramNatalie's TwitterSuite Run TwitterNatalie's FacebookSuite Run WebsiteSuite Run Facebook


25 Mar 2021

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Episode 12 | Grayson Murphy, Mountain Running World Champion and Pro for Saucony

More Than Running with Dana

Grayson is a multi-talented athlete with success on the trails and track. She got started in soccer and currently does cross-country skiing on the side. After transitioning from being a collegiate soccer player at Santa Clara, she got more into running and found All-American success at Utah. The steeplechase was her event and she owns a 9:48.57 personal best in it. She signed a professional contract with NAZ Elite but then made a change and signed a contract with Saucony to explore the trail running scene. She lives and trains in Bozeman, Montana.  In this episode, we talk about how she manages her time while mostly training alone. She shares her interests outside of running and she sees those pairing with her running career in the future.  She just ran a 15:44.61 personal best for 5,000 meters at the Trials of Miles Texas Qualifier after not having access to a track in the brutal Montana winter. SPONSOR: Do you want to run further and faster and recover quicker and easier? Do you want to feel healthier than you've ever felt before? You need to make a change and that's what InsideTracker is all about. Founded by leading scientists in aging, genetics and biometric data from MIT, Tufts and Harvard, InsideTracker is a personalized health and wellness platform like no other. They used a patented algorithm to analyze your body's data to paint a clear picture of what's going on inside you. They then give you a concrete, science-backed trackable action plan for reaching your performance goals and feeling your best. For a limited time, InsideTracker is offering the ultimate prize package giveaway to a lucky listener of More Than Running. One lucky winner will get more than $1,500 in InsideTracker value. To enter go to http://insidetracker.com/dana ▶  Follow Grayson: @racin_grayson ▶ Follow Dana: Twitter | Instagram ▶ Follow CITIUS MAG: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


12 Mar 2021

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First Race-Grayson Murphy

The Outdoor Running Podcast

New episodes Monday & Friday I’m sending positive energy your way! Less Screen Time. More Outdoor Time. Love the 🌎. Live Fully.


21 Nov 2020

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Episode 27. Grayson Murphy - Unconventional Journey to the Top (of the Mountain)

Voice In Sport

 Grayson Murphy, Professional Runner, University of Utah alum and 5x All-American for Cross Country and Track and VIS League™ Member shares her incredible and unconventional journey in sport. She is currently running for SWAP, “Some Work All Play,” and formerly for NAZ Elite. Grayson has been successful in numerous distance running events ranging from the 1500m, 3k Steeplechase, to trail running, where she earned the title of U.S Mountain Running Champion after winning a USATF National Title, and many events in between! Grayson’s path looks a little different than most D1 runners because she started college as a soccer player. Today, Grayson opened up with us about topics such as transferring schools, changing sports, switching pro groups, all in the pursuit of making the right decision for herself. With these changes, inevitably comes changes in one's body and she explains how different sports and events will likely lead to physical changes and that this is totally normal! She also goes into detail about her struggles with anxiety and teaches us how to build our own personal “toolkits” to navigate one's anxiety. She wraps it up with advice on how to stay true to you.“Have the courage to be brave and believe in yourself.” - Grayson Murphy


16 Nov 2020

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Episode #5: Grayson Murphy

Bodies in Motion Podcast

In this episode, we interview Grayson Murphy, a professional runner for Saucony and the 2019 World Mountain Running Champion. We discuss her evolving relationship with food and her body as a lifelong athlete, navigating her transition from road to trail running, and how her anxiety disorder has impacted her career as a runner. You can follow her on social at @racin__grayson or visit her website at www.racin-grayson.com. We are so excited to share this conversation with you. If you like the show, be sure to like and subscribe and follow us on social @bodiesinmotionpod. And if you or someone you know would like to sponsor the pod, shoot us an email at bodiesinmotionpod@gmail.com.


3 Nov 2020

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Episode #28 – Grayson Murphy

Bleav in The Long Run

Soccer player to World Champion, Grayson Murphy joins the podcast to talk about her journey towards the World Mountain Running Championship, how she got her start and so much more! Source


16 Oct 2020

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184: Grayson Murphy - A Well That Will Not Dry Up

C Tolle Run

Carrie chats with World Mountain Running Champion Grayson Murphy! They discuss her winning the world and US championships last year, having a boyfriend who is a professional Nordic Skier, her perspective on living with an eating disorder, and much more!


30 Jul 2020