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Bryan Alexander on College 2.0

Steve Hargadon Interviews

Bryan Alexander on College 2.0 by Steve Hargadon


26 Jul 2021

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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Future of Creativity with Bryan Alexander

The Fueling Creativity Podcast

In this episode, Drs. Cyndi Burnett and Matthew Worwood interview Education Futurist Bryan Alexander about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and what these advancements mean for Creativity in the future. 


23 Jul 2021

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Future Trends in Education with Bryan Alexander

SciComm Stories

This week Chris speaks to an award-winning futurist, researcher, writer, speaker, consultant, and teacher who works in the field of higher education’s future. Bryan Alexander talks to us about the collaborative nature of working as a futurist, how technology will change the face of schools, and the impacts that COVID will have on education.Find out more about at: https://bryanalexander.org/Join the conversation on the Future Trends Forum: http://forum.futureofeducation.us/Credits:       Dream of the forest (jazzy mix) by articom (c) copyright 2020 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license.   http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/articom/61177   


12 Apr 2021

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Imagining Higher Ed's Future: A Conversation with Bryan Alexander


In this episode, we talk with Bryan Alexander.  As an award-winning, internationally known futurist, researcher, writer, speaker, consultant, and teacher who works in the field of higher education’s future, Bryan has his finger on the pulse of the trends that we all need to be paying attention to right now.  In this episode, Bryan shares key insights from his recent widely acclaimed book, Academia Next: The Futures of Higher Education, wherein he offers a fresh and provocative perspective on the emerging colleges and universities of today and tomorrow. For more information about Bryan, see here. https://bryanalexander.org/bio/ To sign up for Bryan's Future Trends Forum (FTF), see here. For more information about the Higher Education's Big Rethink project that Bryan discusses in this episode, see here. 

1hr 6mins

26 Jan 2021

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Gaming, Scenario-Based Thinking, and Covid-19 on Campus with Bryan Alexander

Trending In Education

This week Mike is joined by Bryan Alexander, Senior Scholar at Georgetown University and author of Academia Next , to talk about what happens when a Futurist gets a prediction right. In Bryan's recent book, he explores a possible future where a widespread pandemic akin to the 1918 Spanish flu hits and majorly disrupts higher education. Bryan's book was released prior to Covid-19 and it's received a lot of attention since.Although it's tragic and we empathize deeply with those impacted most severely, we use this as a jumping off point to explore how gaming, scenario-based thinking, and "futures work" help build out our ability to think through and manage the novel situations that life continues to throw at us.What does Bryan see on the horizon for Higher Education and the world more broadly? Listen in to find out!


1 Oct 2020

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EP 62: Giving Future Education a Voice - Bryan Alexander


Bryan discusses scanning as a client service and product, the notion of human identity, the globalisation of culture and the future of Higher Education.Bryan Alexander works at the forefront of Higher Education and technology working. He sees this moment as the Golden Age of autodidact learning. He passion is to return the student to the centre of discussions about the future of Higher Education.


31 Aug 2020

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The Past, Present, and Future of XR with Guest Bryan Alexander

MiXR Studios Podcast

In this week’s MiXR Studios podcast, we talk with Bryan Alexander, a senior scholar at Georgetown University and a 3 time alum of the University of Michigan. Bryan completed his English language and literature PhD at the University of Michigan in 1997, with a dissertation on doppelgängers in Romantic-era fiction and poetry. Over the last 20 years, Bryan has worked to bring digital technologies to small colleges and universities and since 2013, he has consulted with higher education in the US and abroad about the future of higher education.

12 Aug 2020

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SHI 0505 - Back to the Future w/ Bryan Alexander

Student Housing Insight

Bryan Alexander is an internationally known futurist who has dedicated his career to researching how technology will transform the future of higher education.  This dedication made him the "go-to advisor" for publications like The Chronicle of Education and other national media outlets, as well as institutions and companies when COVID-19 thrust faculty and students into remote study in order to finish out the spring semester. In this episode, Wes sits down with Bryan in a keynote fireside chat from SHI's spring webinar series, "Planning for Fall 2020."  They review higher ed's wins and losses from the spring semester as well as short and long term impacts COVID-19 will likely have on the industry.  Additionally, Bryan reviews his 3 likely scenarios that will play out for fall 2020 and how student housing will likely be impacted. This episode is sponsored by Carter-Young, Inc. Resources mentioned: Bryan's website: www.BryanAnderson.org Bryan newest books:  Academia Next: The Futures of Higher Education Wes's LinkedIn Article:  What College Campuses May Look Like this Fall... From the Perspective of an Off-Campus Housing Professional SHI's YouTube Channel Link for SHI's webinar series on COVID-19's Impact on Student Housing.


28 May 2020

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RPP #183: Academia Next with Bryan Alexander

Rod's Pulse Podcast

Click the Title to Play or Download. This special edition is a wide-ranging talk with Bryan Alexander, author of Academia Next, about the futures of higher education. Bryan is a futurist, researcher, speaker, and educator. His focus is on the future of higher education, especially under the impact of technology. We discuss:Dr. Bryan AlexanderTeaching at Georgetown UHis new book, Academia NextEDU scenarios in 2035 and longerTechnologies with largest impactNext-gen learning environmentMixed/extended realityGamificationTechnopanicOpen educationInfluence of science fictionQuantum computingGeriatricsSocial trendsPolicies and politicsCyberwarfareFuture jobsLinksAcademia NextThe Future of Education Observatory Future Trends ForumPodsafe music selectionDon't Doubt ur Vibe by Elon "EDM" MuskDuration: 46:16

20 Mar 2020

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What If? Scenario Planning in times of deep change with Bryan Alexander

Navigating Change: The Podcast from Teibel Education

Many of us listen to podcasts in moments of leisure or capacity to separate from work. Sometimes a topic comes along that is central to what we’re facing right now.This week, we are very fortunate to have educator and futurist Bryan Alexander joining us for a conversation around scenario planning in the era of COVID-19. Bryan recently has been a leader in a crowdsourced operation to document the impact of the pandemic on higher education and discusses approaches to scenario planning along with the pitfalls institutions may experience along the way.   Please share this episode with colleagues who would benefit from strategies in scenario planning. As always, feel free to reach out to the Teibel Education team to discuss further.Links & NotesGoogle Sheet: Higher Ed Closures and MigrationsAcademia Next: The Futures of Higher Education by Bryan AlexanderAbout Bryan Alexander


18 Mar 2020