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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Erin Smandych. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Erin Smandych, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Erin Smandych. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Erin Smandych, often where they are interviewed.

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Advancing Your Health with Erin Smandych

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Food and diet are multibillion-dollar industries. Both are confusing and complicated ––to say the least––, especially when we are continually being bombarded with messages of what we should and shouldn't eat.

Today, we have an expert in the area of culinary nutrition and advanced female metabolism with certifications in both specialties.

She helps people achieve their health goals by getting them off the diet roller coaster and then helping them focus on food, eating, and nutrition.

She is also the executive chef, founder, and creator of all the amazing recipes for a new café ––that I'm in love with–– called Masterlab, which focuses on performance food.

We're venturing into the world of food and nutrition! I want to welcome Erin Smandych into The Inner Circle.

Let's dig in!


  • 3:50 - We start with Erin's powerful message about the capability of food, her background, her biggest passions, and the importance of considering the social and emotional components of food that take place in our health.

  • 7:45 - We address the complicated topic of carbs, what they are, the sources, their importance, the fear around it, the impact they have on our bodies, biofeedback, and how to balance them.

  • 15:19 - Time to discuss Keto Diets, where this comes from, what it is, what it is ketosis, how it works, the impact, the benefits, and for whom it is.

  • 21:48 - Moving into Intermittent Fasting, the misconceptions, and intensity of it, what it really is, its impact, its benefits, how it affects hormones, and the implications.

  • 29:40 - Stress is one of the biggest obstacles that everyone suffers; we ought to know how bad it is for us, the effects, how it can impact our body and metabolism, how to balance it, and the power of walking and slowing down.

  • 37:21 - Gluten is one topic full of misinformation and misunderstandings; Erin explains what it really is, why it causes so many problems to people.

  • 42:51 - We tackle a relevant topic: Is there a relationship between packed goods and our health problems, and how do we listen to our biofeedback and balance it.

  • 44:30 - We wrap up the conversation by congratulating Erin on the opening of Masterlab, the fantastic recipes, and the philosophy behind everything.


  • "I'm also really passionate about cutting through a lot of the misinformation out there."
  • "This very special time to connect over food."
  • "Find a balance that works for your body."
  • "It's important to get to know your own body so you can actually be your own expert."
  • "It should always come back to what feels best for your body."
  • "If we are under extreme stress, our metabolism constraints itself."
  • "It's about learning your own body and not arbitrarily cutting something out because you heard it could be poison."
  • "What is the quality of the food you're eating."
  • "I love being able to combine holistic nutrition principles, and the way our food fuels us can be medicinal, healing, performance-enhancing with delicious recipes."  


Masterlab - Website

Erin Smandych - Website

@erinsmandychnutrition - Facebook

@erinsmandych - Instagram 


https://www.carriedoll.co/t - Website

@CarrieADoll - Twitter

@Carrie Doll - Facebook

@Carrie Doll - YouTube 

@carriedollconsulting - Instagram 

@CarrieDoll - LinkedIn

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May 19 2020 · 49mins
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Episode 016: How to approach health without perfection with Erin Smandych

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In this episode Erin Smandych and I really explore how you can approach health without perfectionism! Erin breaks down the mindset shift that you need to embody so that health isn't hard and so that you can break down your goals and start to rebuild trust with yourself. Erin also explains the power of exploring what your story is and the importance of knowing your why. It’s a jam packed episode all about health without perfection. 
Erin is a health coach and private chef certified in both culinary nutrition and advanced female metabolism. She helps people ditch food confusion and get off of the diet roller coaster for good so they can finally achieve their goals and make taking care of their health feel truly effortless. Find her at erinsmandych.com and on Instagram at @erinsmandych
Mar 17 2020 · 45mins

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Erin Smandych, Culinary Nutrition Expert, Talks Breaking Diet Culture through Mindset and Easy Nutrition Tips

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This week on the podcast we welcome Culinary Nutrition Expert, Erin Smandych, to the show.  Erin spent years on a roller coaster of restrictive eating, cleanses, and dieting. Instead of another meal plan or more willpower, she realized she needed a major shift in her belief system. Through proper nutrition and a major lifestyle change -- she was able to transform a lifetime of poor sleep, anxiety, and her relationship with food and her body. Now she helps other driven women ditch the diet mentality and food stress through nutrition and mindset coaching so they can look and feel their best -- without the struggle.

On this episode, we discuss Erin’s personal journey from a job in corporate finance to her current work as a culinary nutrition expert, we discuss ditching diet culture, her easy and accessible cooking and nutrition tips, and we also touch on the dark side of the wellness industry. We hope you enjoy this episode!

To learn more about Erin you can visit her website: http://www.erinsmandych.com
You can also follow her on instagram @erinsmandych

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Aug 07 2019 · 51mins
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Mar 25 2019 · 1hr 9mins

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Trusting your Instincts with Food with Erin Smandych

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Today we talk about a subject that many of us love, but may also have some struggles with - food. Eating to fuel and nourish our bodies can have a profound effect on both our inner and outer wellness, but many of us have limiting beliefs surrounding eating and struggled for years with yo-yo dieting and the latest health fads. Our guest today is here to make it simple and yes, even fun. Erin Smandych is a self described “nutrition nerd”. She blends her background as a Culinary Nutrition Expert and Coach, to mentor many clients across Canada and Europe. Erin empowers us today by openly sharing her own journey with food, how she helps others shift their mindset surrounding health and wellness, and gives us the top three changes we can take on to have a dramatic effect on our well being.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

  • Despite all her credentials, Erin has had her own struggles with her relationship with food. She is open and honest about her past feelings of anxiety and guilt with food to show others that they aren’t alone or broken in this area.
  • How Erin got into holistic nutrition, became a Culinary Nutrition Expert and then finally shifted to equate food truly as fuel for our bodies.
  • The limiting beliefs Erin sees most when working with her clients, and the ways they show up to block us from reaching our highest potential.
  • What trusting yourself and tuning into your instincts really means when it comes to eating.
  • How to handle cravings, and when to know if your body is needing something or just playing tricks on you!
  • The psychological impact that happens when we stress, and ways we can break the chronic pattern of fight or flight. The less we worry about the 5lbs we need to lose before vacation, the better chance we have of acting losing it!
  • Why Erin strongly dislikes restrictive diets, harsh detoxes, and the promise of a quick fix.  
  • Yes, guys really do drop weight faster than women! Find out why.
  • Erin’s top three tips to developing a healthy relationship with food: mindfulness practice, mindset work, keep it simple.


  • “It was getting harder and harder to start the diet again every Monday.”
  • “Our fuel actually does change how we feel.”
  • “Fruits and vegetables were my gateway drugs.”
  • “It’s almost how you begin the journey, is understanding the impact of food.”
  • “Fat isn’t the outcome of taking care of your body.”
  • “Meal plans and knowledge aren’t what got me to the place I am now.”
  • “The brain is required to make us eat. We aren’t supposed to starve.”
  • “Question your beliefs about what health really looks like.”


Erin Smandych

Healthy Eating Made Effortless


Journey Into the Inner Circle:

Carrie Doll

@CarrieADoll - Twitter

@carriedollconsulting - Instagram

Carrie Doll - Facebook

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Dec 07 2018 · 42mins
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Episode #36: Effortless eating, holistic nutrition & breaking free from restriction with Erin Smandych

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It’s your freaking birthright to feel good and fuel your body well.

Erin Smandych is a private chef & master mindset/health coach for driven women who are done with food stress and want to stop spinning their wheels when it comes to their health. She is a ninja with vegetables, a cat enthusiast, and incredibly passionate about showing people just how delicious (and effortless!) healthy eating can be.

Here are a few things we discuss in today’s episode:

  • Finding your groove in the kitchen

  • The truth around nutritionist programs and how restriction (and how addiction can often play a big part of it)

  • Focusing on how we want to FEEL instead of living in the extremes

  • Breaking free from the quick fix mentality

  • Her experience coming out of holistic nutrition school and how it negatively impacted her relationship with food

  • How to quickly and directly impact your internal health

  • Healthy eating made simple and affordable

  • Investing in yourself in positive ways

  • We may say sparkle farts on the podcast so…..you can bet it’s a badass episode.


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Erin’s Website | Instagram

Erin’s Private FB Group: Healthy Eating Made Effortless


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Oct 04 2018 · 51mins