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15 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Lyn Christian. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Lyn Christian, often where they are interviewed.

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15 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Lyn Christian. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Lyn Christian, often where they are interviewed.

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From Fear to Resilience with Lyn Christian

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Amidst the chaos and uncertainty of the times we are in right now, we are talking with our guests about resilience. In this episode, we are bringing back one of our most popular guests, Lyn Christian. As a Master Certified Coach, she has guided thousands of people through change, pivots and uncertain times. In today’s podcast, she talks with us about the actionable steps we can all take right now to guide us through our fear and find resiliency.

Apr 14 2020 · 41mins
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Overcoming Fear with Lyn Christian - #415

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About the Show:

On this episode of the podcast we get to sit down with the CEO & Founder of SoulSalt, Lyn Christian. We get to find out her story. We find out what inspired her to get into coaching, what motivated her to start up SoulSalt, thoughts on the coaching industry today, and actionable tips that we can take as individuals to make our lives just a little bit better in 2020. Lyn also shares with us what she loves about living here in Utah and some of her favorite local eating spots.

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Thank you for listening to this episode of I am Salt Lake podcast. We showcase local talent, businesses, and everyday people making Salt Lake City what it is today. Please consider making a one time donation through PayPal to help with the expenses of keeping this podcast running smoothly https://www.paypal.me/iamsaltlake

Jan 13 2020 · 57mins

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Awakening to Your True Self with Lyn Christian

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Throughout life, we will have multiple times where we have to reawaken to who we were meant to be. In today’s episode, Lyn Christian, Master Certified Coach and founder of SoulSalt, shares her own experience of awakening numerous times in her life to her true self.

She shares the moment when she came out to her three children, and how moments like that led her to her true calling as a Master Certified Life and Business Coach.

In this powerful conversation, you’ll gain tips and insights into how to awaken to your own true you.

Oct 23 2019 · 53mins
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474: How to Reinvent Yourself and Your Career | Lyn Christian

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My guest on the show today is a speaker, coach, and facilitator of career reinvention. She has the unique ability to guide others through the difficult transition of changing careers or moving from employee to entrepreneur.

This ability is why she is here today. In this conversation, we work through the mindset struggles so many of us have had to deal with while making leaps of faith and jumping into new careers – whether those are into new industries or into entrepreneurship.

She has coached stay-at-home moms to become successful entrepreneurs, and to keep their home life thriving and energized. As well as guiding countless others with the science behind changing our mindset and learning new skills.

Over the years, she has been invited across the globe to coach team leaders seeking better solutions to their unique challenges, and teams to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Now, let's hack...

Lyn Christian.

Aug 26 2019 · 43mins

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E30. Lyn Christian (2)- Overcoming Barriers

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**“Friends of the Military” Episode**

 We have Lyn Christian back again!  If you didn’t listen to episode 29 it was a great introduction to Lyn Christian and the work she does as a coach.  I am thrilled to have her back again for a second interview!  As a refresher, She is a Master Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation, Her dad was a Marine, and she has done some work with the military too.

For this week’s Skillset challenge, once again, pick any number of the tools and tactics Lyn describes, or as a special gift Lyn is offering her online program to TAMF listeners at a 50% discount!  This is a fantastic way to continue the training with Lyn and to improve your capacity for focus.  Just use TAMF as a coupon code.  Use this link HERE to get to the program!

  • During this interview Lyn talks about:
  • Self Reinvention
  • The difference between should and must
  • Experimentation
  • Authentic self-discussion
  • Learning to adapt
  • I part vision 1 part flexibility
  • 10% closer to a goal when you see someone else accomplish it
  • How do you define success?
  • Building your own system- self efficacy
  • Choosing to repel others
  • The tendency to appease
  • Recipe for Success
  • Need for a team
  • Facing fear
  • Strategies for getting out of panic
  • Gut health
  • Developing Focus
  • Creating your own planning rituals

Lyn’s recipe for success:

Be true to yourself

Find your core values

Leverage your strengths

Manage your focus

Lyn’s Definition of Success:

How soft your heart remains and how open your mind stays

Quotes from Lyn:

“We find our way by experimenting. Knowing the right answer is so much less interesting, inspiring, and effective than being willing to discover many right answers. “

“Life itself is a proposition of infinite numbers of rules of proper engagement”

“Appeasement helps with survival but can’t help with thriving”

To learn more about Lyn Christian please visit her website: https://soulsalt.com or www.TAMFpodcast.com/soulsalt

May 22 2019 · 54mins
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29. Lyn Christian- Become a Badass

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***Friends of the Military Episode***

Today’s episode is a little different.  First, I need to announce I will be moving to an every other week episode schedule.  I love doing the interviews and producing the podcast, when I started I really didn’t understand everything that it took to produce a podcast, and now, after 7 months, this will make it easier for me to maintain and continue giving you valuable content. Look for the next episode in 2 weeks.

Also, this is the first “FRIENDS OF THE MILITARY” episode. This episode comes from a supporter of the military, who has developed powerful skillsets that can really empower you in your career.

Today’s guest in Lyn Christian.  She is an Master Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation, she is certified in Conversational Intelligence®, former Director of Innovation at Franklin Covey Coaching and former ambassador for the World Association for Business Coaches

I had a fantastic time with the interview.  It is full of incredible advice and practical skills you can apply to develop yourself.  For today’s skillset challenge, pick any of the activities that Lyn Recommends. 

In the interview Lyn Christian talks about:

  • Focus
  • How to support those around you
  • Neural Networks
  • Journal- tally sheet
  • Fresh beginnings
  • Becoming a teacher
  • Becoming a coach
  • Power of the military structure
  • Having a Marine as a father
  • Leaning into the challenge
  • Reinventing yourself
  • Why you would resist change
  • Conversational intelligence
  • Being Formidable

To learn more about Lyn Christian please visit her website: https://soulsalt.com or www.TAMFpodcast.com/soulsalt

May 09 2019 · 46mins
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53 Talking to Your Partner About VBAC with Lyn Christian

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What an incredible episode we have for you today! Lyn Christian is Julie’s and Meagan’s business mentor, a triple-certified business coach, and a master of all things conversational intelligence. We talk all about how to have an effective conversation with those you love and care deeply for that may not be supportive of your birth choices. If you have ever felt judged or hurt by people who you want to support you, this is a must-listen! You can find out more about Lyn on her website, soulsalt.com, and find the referenced TedX talk Head, Heart, and Gut here. We have an overview of how to have an effective conversation about VBAC with loved ones on our VBAC blog at thevbaclink.com/blog.

Please note, to get stories from all over the country and even other countries, we record using phone lines. For this reason, audio quality may vary between episodes and speakers.

Mar 04 2019 · 49mins
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012 Conversational IQ with Lyn Christian Part 2

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explores conversational IQ and how to develop with . This episode is a continuation from last week’s discussion. Braxton and Lyn discussed making your priorities the priority in the last episode. In this hour they combine your priorities with getting what you want in conversations with Conversational IQ. Lyn discusses the ways to invite communication vs trying to force a conversation. Conversational IQ is used in family dynamics, sales, customer support, and any other situation where you want to understand someone and have them listen to you. Lyn covers the levels of conversation, 6 functions of your brain, and how to use your head, heart, and gut to develop C-IQ. Braxton and Lyn explore how to use C-IQ to continually have constructive conversations with your partner, child, teen, colleagues, and loved ones. Many of the tools and references were made from Judith E Glasser’s book Today and Not Today Program: Listeners of this episode use special Promo Code DUTSBAS5 to save 20% on signing up. This also supports the podcast! Be True Core Values Course: Soul Salt Website: Leave Birds and Bees an iTunes review Leave a Stitcher Review Birds and Bees Facebook Page
Nov 21 2017 · 54mins
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011 Making Your Priorities, The Priority with Lyn Christian Part 1

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How easy is it for other priorities to seduce you? How often do you feel something is a priority but you have no time to do it? Today, Braxton sits down with Lyn Christian from to address how we make our priorities, the priorities in our life. This episode is interactive. Lyn provides a free resource to help listeners recognize how their brain best functions to accomplish goals. She also provides a format for planning your day to stick to your goals in a realistic way. Lyn addresses our dopamine seeking activities such as list making and how to manage where we set our focus. This episode can be used for employees, couples, parents, and personal progress. Check out these show notes for the PDFs Lyn and Braxton discuss in the episode. Follow along and do the activities with them! Birds and Bees goes interactive on this episode.  Manage where they focus Daily Planning Today and not today tool  Today and Not Today Program: Listeners of this episode use special Promo Code DUTSBAS5 to save 20% on signing up. This also supports the podcast by giving the show a referral kickback.  Focus Simulation activity (123, Jan-Dec, ABC) Video today and not today: Be True Core Values Course: Book: challenge Soul Salt Website: Leave Birds and Bees an iTunes review Leave a Stitcher Review Birds and Bees Facebook Page
Nov 14 2017 · 53mins
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Be Focused with Lyn Christian

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Lyn Christian has gone from school teach, to a writer, product developer at Franklin Covey, from project manager to director of innovation. She has grown herself professionally and has raised three children in the process! She's the CEO and Founder of Soul Salt Inc. Her quest is to support those who want to earn their living and live their lives by doing things that inspire them.

Lyn discusses the brain science behind unscrewing a person's mind and locating what it is that holds true to them.

She shares a little about her upbringing, and explains how she started to find her own voice, and her own perspectives, and what gave her the power to become more of the person she truly is.

She describes a spiritual experience that she had, and explained that the more she aligned with her integrity, and figured out what that was, the more she opened up in her life.

Lyn also shares tools and tips on getting focused, why gratitude is important and how managing your strengths is crucial to living true.

“Without the struggle, we don't really have success”

“Self expression especially in a sexual manner, in unique to each individual”

“You want to be responsible, but no one's ever told you how to really get your shit together”

“Before your feet touch the ground, practice gratitude”

“What they think is a weakness is actually a strength that they haven't learned to manage yet”

“Everybody needs a success team”

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Sep 26 2017 · 34mins