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Building A Better Ponzi with Ameen Soleimani | Layer Zero


Ameen Soleimani is the Founder and CEO of SpankChain, the co-creator of MolochDAO, and the co-founder of Reflexer Labs, which created RAI. David and Ameen chat about Moloch, coordination, DAOs, and what DAOs can do for both Ethereum and the broader world. Additionally, they get into Ameen’s recent fight against the Federal Reserve. This is a mind-expanding discussion that you won’t want to miss. Enjoy! ------ 📣 Swell | Liquid Staking for the People https://bankless.cc/swelldiscord ------ 🚀 SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER: https://newsletter.banklesshq.com/  🎙️ SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST: http://podcast.banklesshq.com/ ------ BANKLESS SPONSOR TOOLS: 🌱 LENS | WEB3 SOCIAL PROTOCOL https://bankless.cc/Lens 🚀 ROCKET POOL | ETH STAKING https://bankless.cc/RocketPool ⚖️ ARBITRUM | SCALING ETHEREUM https://bankless.cc/Arbitrum 🦁 BRAVE | THE BROWSER NATIVE WALLET https://bankless.cc/Brave 🌉 JUNO | BRIDGE FIAT TO LAYER 2 https://bankless.cc/Juno ⚡️ ZKSYNC | THE LAYER 2 SCALING ENDGAME https://bankless.cc/zkSync ----- Topics Covered 0:00 Intro 5:25 Ameen’s Crypto Perch 7:22 Ethereum’s Culture 9:55 Ameen’s Activity in the Space 14:03 Moloch Meme’s Origin 22:03 Moloch DAO & PTSD(AO) 31:31 Ability to Freely Exit 35:20 Organizational Change 42:55 Slaying Moloch 50:25 Global Settlement Layer 54:20 Sticks vs. Carrots 59:18 RAI, the Fed, Ponzis, & the Dollar 1:10:32 Thomas Jefferson & Slavery 1:15:34 Dollar Printing Gone Wrong 1:18:00 Invading Iraq 1:19:50 Ignoring, Overreacting & the Dollar 1:27:18 How Ethereum Fixes Things 1:34:11 Closing ------ Resources: Ameen Soleimani https://twitter.com/ameensol ----- Not financial or tax advice. This channel is strictly educational and is not investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any assets or to make any financial decisions. This video is not tax advice. Talk to your accountant. Do your own research. 

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20 Sep 2022

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Ameen Soleimani: RAI – A Low Volatility Trust-Minimized Stablecoin

Epicenter - Learn about Crypto, Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Distributed Technologies

Decentralized stablecoins have long been regarded as a fundamental building block for the decentralized web. The first ground-breaking project in this area is Maker with their stablecoin DAI. Multiple ideas existed for how Maker should evolve and the path Maker chose was to add multiple types of collateral and rely on governance input to maintain stability. Over time, the vast majority of Maker's collateral came to be represented by USDC, a centralized stablecoin issued by regulated US institutions.Rai Reflex Index (RAI) decided to fork Maker and choose a path favoring trust-minimization over faster scaling. Unlike with Maker, only ETH is accepted as collateral and a different mechanism is used to maintain low volatility that doesn't rely on governance input. We were joined by Reflexer Labs' co-founder Ameen Soleimani to chat about the philosophical differences to Maker, the mechanisms used to ensure the stability of RAI, the threat of regulatory intervention for DAI and how we can create truly trust-minimized stablecoins to ensure the resilience and neutrality of DeFi.Topics covered in this episode:Ameen's background and the vision behind ReflexerHow RAI differs from MakerThe problem with DAI becoming multi-collateral and adding more governance controlRAI's stability mechanismThe function of the redemption priceWho holds RAI and how stable is it?FLX governanceHow decentralized stablecoins can scaleEpisode links: Reflexer LabsReflexer on TwitterAmeen on TwitterSponsors: Steakwallet: Steakwallet is your new favorite multi-chain, mobile wallet. Tired of having a different wallet for every chain? Get Steakwallet today and get the power of Web 3 across all chains right at your fingertips: https://steakwallet.fi/ -This episode is hosted by Brian Fabian Crain & Friederike Ernst. Show notes and listening options: epicenter.tv/460

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7 Sep 2022

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Sell Porn or Die Trying: EP9 | Ameen Soleimani

Sell Porn or Die Trying

In Episode 9 of Sell Porn or Die Trying, Connor talks crypto with Ameen Soleimani, CEO of Spankchain. Ameen answers Connors questions about how adult companies can get setup to accept crypto. He also answers questions about banking concerns in the adult industry, Ethereum, how he got started working...


29 Jul 2021

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"We Were Idiots and We Were Poor; Then From Mid 2020 to Now, Suddenly, We're Right: " Ameen Soleimani

The Defiant - DeFi Podcast

In this week’s episode I interview Ameen Soleimani, one of the most prolific builders in Ethereum. He’s the CEO of SpankChain, a blockchain-based adult entertainment platform, the co-creator of MolochDAO, a DAO to fund Ethereum projects, and the co-founder of Reflexer Labs, which created RAI, a purely ether-backed stablecoin. We talk about the need of a purely ETH -backed stablecoin, and how RAI is so cypherpunk it’s not only not backed by fiat, but it’s also not pegged to the dollar, it’s only pegged to itself, and stabilized by its own algorithm. It’s a pretty radical experiment and Ameen has very high hopes for it: The goal is for Rai to become a global reserve currency. Big thanks to our sponsors: Zerion, a simple interface to access and use decentralized finance Ledger, a hardware wallet combined with the Ledger application to securely buy, sell, exchange, stake, lend & manage your crypto Kraken, consistently rated the best and most secure cryptocurrency exchange, which can get you from fiat to DeFi

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5 Mar 2021

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33 - Slaying Moloch | Ameen Soleimani & Kevin Owocki


🚀 SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER: http://bankless.substack.com/ ✊ STARTING GUIDE BANKLESS: https://bit.ly/37Q17uI ❤️ JOIN PRIVATE DISCORD: https://bit.ly/2UVI10O 🎙️ SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST: http://podcast.banklesshq.com/ 👕 BUY BANKLESS TEE: https://merch.banklesshq.com/ ----- GO BANKLESS WITH THESE SPONSOR TOOLS: 🤖YIELD-SEEKING MONEY ROBOT THAT FARMS DEFI FOR YOU http://bankless.cc/yearn 🌐 UNSTOPPABLE DOMAINS - HUMAN READABLE ETHEREUM & CRYPTO ADDRESSES https://bankless.cc/unstoppable 🌈 ZAPPER - ULTIMATE HUB FOR DEFI - ZAP INTO DEFI http://bankless.cc/zapper 💳 MONOLITH - GET THE HOLY GRAIL OF BANKLESS VISA CARDS https://bankless.cc/monolith ------ 33 - Slaying Moloch | Ameen Soleimani & Kevin Owocki Moloch is the god of human coordination failure; the reason why we can't have nice things; the embodiment of the Prisoners Dilemma. The story of humanity is a never-ending iterative process of discovering new tools and mechanisms to coordinate against Moloch. Is Ethereum the Sword that Humanity needs to finally slay Moloch? Why is Ethereum different than previous instances of coordination mechanisms, such as Religion or the Nation-State. Tune in to this extremely important episode, and join the army of coordinators to help Slay Moloch! Meditations on Moloch blog post: https://slatestarcodex.com/2014/07/30/meditations-on-moloch/ This is the original source of information which all Moloch-related conversation spawns from Read aloud on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeohwQls2GE&t=5660s David's Bankless Piece: Ethereum: Moloch Slayer https://bankless.substack.com/p/ethereum-slayer-of-moloch- Gitcoin & MolochDAO https://gitcoin.co/hackathon/gitxchange2/?tab=hackathon:16 https://gitcoin.co/grants/238/bankless?tab=description https://www.molochdao.com/ POV Crypto Podcast on MolochDAO origins w/ Ameen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oU5jjyHWxE&t=4s ------ Don't stop at the video! Subscribe to the Bankless newsletter program http://bankless.substack.com/ Visit the official Bankless website for resources http://banklesshq.com/ Follow Bankless on Twitter https://twitter.com/BanklessHQ Follow Ryan on Twitter https://twitter.com/ryansadams Follow David on Twitter https://twitter.com/TrustlessState Follow Lucas on Twitter https://twitter.com/0x_Lucas ----- Not financial or tax advice. This channel is strictly educational and is not investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any assets or to make any financial decisions. This video is not tax advice. Talk to your accountant. Do your own research. Disclosure. From time-to-time we may add links in this channel to products we use. We may receive commission if you make a purchase through one of these links. We'll always disclose when this is the case.

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5 Oct 2020

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Episode 29: Venture DAO with Ameen Soleimani and Gabriel Shapiro

Wizard of Dapps

Episode notes: 👹 Reflections on Moloch DAO and the next steps for iteration 👑 Design philosophies of Venture DAO (legal and engineering) 🌿 Moloch's natural legal innovation with minority protection Venture DAO Venture DAO: twitter.com/VENTURE_DAO Ameen Soleimani: twitter.com/ameensol Gabriel Shapiro (Lex node): twitter.com/lex_node Wizard of dapps Twitter: @wizardofdapps  Website: https://wizardofdapps.fm/ Telegram group: https://t.me/WizardOfDapps Donate (ETH): 0x865c2F85C9fEa1C6Ac7F53de07554D68cB92eD88


19 Jan 2020

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Ameen Soleimani: Moloch DAO – A Simple Yet Unforgiving DAO to Fund Ethereum Development

Epicenter - Learn about Crypto, Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Distributed Technologies

We’re joined by Ameen Soleimani, Co-founder and CEO of SpankChan. From his humble beginnings at ConsenSys, he went on to create SpankChain in 2017 at the height of the ICO boom. The project aims to create a better and safer environment for sex workers by removing the intermediaries who take significant commissions on their revenues. SpankChain’s initial product, an adult cam platform, allows users to pay performers in crypto with a native asset over sophisticated payment channels. More recently, Ameen headed a project called Moloch DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization with the goal to fund Ethereum 2.0 development. Moloch has but few simple functions: making proposals, voting on proposals, and exiting. This simple design, heavily inspired on “The DAO” of 2016 has attracted funding from Vitalik Buterin, Joe Lubin and other prominent community members. Topics covered in this episode: Ameen’s background as an early ConsenSys employee working on payment channels Why Ameen decided to found SpankChain and how the project has evolved since its inception What is Moloch DAO and why he decided to launch it The mechanism behind Moloch and how it compares to other DAOs How one becomes a member of Moloch and participates in governance The simplicity of Moloch DAO and its essential functions How Moloch DAO scales and its intended lack of a smart contract upgrade mechanism The attention and funding the project has already received Proposals already made on Moloch, including YangDAO, and their utility to the ecosystem Ameen’s views on the broader Ethereum space, his outlook on Eth 2.0 and the future of the project Episode links: Moloch DAO Moloch Ventures · GitHub Moloch DAO white paper Moloch Summoning Guide The State of Ethereum 2.0 report A Study of Libp2p and ETH2 A Call for a Temporary Moratorium on The DAO YangDAO Ameen Soleimani on Twitter Moloch DAO on Twitter SpankChain DappCon – 20% off with the code “EpicenterDappcon2019” Epicenter Meetup at Berlin Blockchain Week – Thu 22 Aug 2019 Berlin Blockchain Week 2019 Sponsors: Azure: Deploy enterprise-ready consortium blockchain networks that scale in just a few clicks - http://aka.ms/epicenter Trail of Bits: Trust the team at the forefront of blockchain security research - https://trailofbits.com This episode is hosted by Sebastien Couture & Friederike Ernst. Show notes and listening options: epicenter.tv/297

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24 Jul 2019

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How Crypto Protects Sex Workers with Ameen Soleimani & Allie Eve Knox from Spankchain

What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack

Interview location: Ameen - Venice, Los Angeles | Allie - AustinInterview date: Ameen- Sunday 17th March, 2019 | Allie - Friday 22nd March, 2019Company: SpankchainRole: Ameen - Co-founder & CEO | Allie - Head of OutreachPorn. An industry estimated to be worth up to $97bn a year, yet people don’t like to talk about it.Porn. An estimated 70% of people watch it, yet people don’t like to talk about it.Why does an industry with so many customers, which generates so much income fail to protect the workers it employs. From financial censorship to a lack of regulations, sex workers are exploited and abused, but the stigma associated with the industry is increasing the risk to workers; an industry which is legal in many countries.In this podcast, I interview both Ameen Soleimani and Allie Eve Knox from Spankchain about the issues faced by sex workers and how Spankchain is working to help them.-----If you enjoy The What Bitcoin Did Podcast you can help support the show my doing the following:Become a Patron and get access to shows early or help contributeMake a tip:Bitcoin: 3FiC6w7eb3dkcaNHMAnj39ANTAkv8Ufi2SQR Codes: Bitcoin | Ethereum | Litecoin | Monero | ZCash | RipplecoinIf you do send a tip then please email me so that I can say thank youSubscribe on iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | SoundCloud | YouTube | TuneIn | RSS FeedLeave a review on iTunesShare the show and episodes with your friends and familySubscribe to the newsletter on my websiteFollow me on Twitter Personal | Twitter Podcast | Instagram | Medium | YouTubeIf you are interested in sponsoring the show, you can read more about that here or please feel free to drop me an email to discuss options.

31 Mar 2019

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Ameen Soleimani

Ethereum Community Series

Hey fam,Welcome to the second talk of the series! /u/ameensol and I just got off the phone! We had a great conversation thanks to the submitted questions. Please check the first convesation with /u/jtnichol here. Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EopG76BU9hE Link to MP3: http://ethcs.org/files/ameensol.mp3 I will be sumitting the RSS feed to iTunes so that I can make timestamps in Overcast.fm (my go-to podcast player). This process might take a few days. For now, you can manually add the RSS feed to you favorite podcast player: https://www.ethcs.org/feed/podcast/. The questions (more or less chronologically) Please note that I grouped the questions into five categories: General, Spankchain, Ethereum (governance, protocol, Reddit), MolochDAO and Closing Questions. Please click the category to go to the YouTube-timestamp. Also, I tried to tag everyone that submitted questions but I might’ve lumped some together and thus tagged the wrong person, whoops! INTRO (timestamp) Can you share a little bit about the place where you’re sitting right now? Who are you and what are your interests? What is your background? What, if anything, did you study? Who do you look up to, and if it’s nobody in particular, where do you go for advice? GENERAL (timestamp) As a former mesh member, what’s your take on the work ConsenSys does and, if you’re familiar enough, the changes that have occurred since you left? u/DboVilakati What do you think about ConsenSys’ work which benefits oil and gas giants? u/DboVilakati I recently read an article where Gavin Wood was quoted as calling Joe Lubin the “Darth Vader of Ethereum”. Any comment about that remark? u/soupdizzle1 Crypto has already attracted much economic interest. What can we do to spark more interest in the potential social and political benefits of blockchain? u/_lotuseater SPANKCHAIN (timestamp) What’s your elevator pitch for Spankchain when asked what you do for a living? u/chazschmidt Growing Spankchain has been a wild ride, I’m sure, and the company is still young. What’s one thing you wish you would have done differently in terms of running a company in the bleeding edge space that is crypto? are there unique challenges you can share? u/Trent_vanepps When it comes to introducing the crypto model to empower people in the adult industry, how has the general reception “behind the scenes” been? The Adult industry is always referenced as being one of the first applications for new technology, it would be interesting to know if the cliché still has merit. u/frescalal Same question, but with regards to your “blockchain space” peers. How is their reception? I see Vitalik frequently mentioning Spankchain as one of the projects with scaling solutions, but are they all so open-minded? u/frescalal Do you ever regret not picking more discreet names for things? (ie ComeSwap) u/chazschmidt A recurring theme in your work is the idea that we can use blockchain tech to harness and redirect the human tendency to be overly-self interested. The Spankchain whitepaper, for example, indicates that it was conceived to address some of the predatory practices of the adult entertainment industry. What sort of unexpected obstacles have you encountered during those efforts? u/_lotuseater(I’m afraid I skipped this questions, but it got answered in another form.)​ Where do you see Spanchain in 2 years? u/soupdizzle1 Is Spankchain researching privacy tech for the platform? u/chazschmidtCan you talk about how Spankchain/you are involved with helping support the ecosystem with grants/donations? u/SuddenMind ETHEREUM, GOVERNANCE, OTHER PROJECTS AND REDDIT (YouTube timestamp) What’s one of the biggest misconceptions that you’ve seen over the years with respect to Ethereum, both the protocol and the projects building on it? u/Trent_vanepps when you first came across it, what was your reaction / interpretation? How has that lined up with where we are today? u/Trent_vanepps What’s been the most and least gratifying part about developing projects on Ethereum? u/Trent_vanepps (I think I skipped this questions but it got answered elsewhere.) Would you be interested to be the release coordinator and/or have an active role in the core dev calls? u/sfdao91 Do ETH holders have a coordination problem? Do you have any advice for people in this sub who want to participate more actively in ensuring the best outcome for their investment? u/carlslarson Do you believe some of the rumours that the Afri rage quit and various other activities was a socially engineered PR stunt? u/etherbie Would you want to take over Afri’s old position? u/oldskool47 What are your thoughts on the /r/ethereum mod situation? They seem very apathetic, burnt out, and misaligned with most of the discussion around Polkadot and Ryan Zurrer. Taylor Monahan basically killed the conversation with a fake attempt at engagement and that was the end of it. No further follow-up has been made and Ryan Zurrer continues to sit as a moderator. Nobody in a visible position of leadership appears to give a fuck about public opinion regarding all of this. I worry this situation will fester and cause a much greater explosive reaction the next time there’s a conflict of interest with Parity and co. What do you think? Do you have anything to add about how this matter was handled? u/introspectre I’m not sure if the premise is correct for this one but: if polkadot also uses the ewasm design it seems plausible that products and services could migrate from Ethereum to Polkadot. Is this true? u/DboVilakati What would you need to see happen on Polkadot or not happen on Ethereum in order to make the decision to migrate? u/DboVilakati Where do you see Ethereum in 2-5 years? u/reterical What do you think ethereums greatest weaknesses/threats are and how can it overcome them. u/etherbie MOLOCHDAO (timestamp) The Moloch DAO goal to solve the “Tragedy of the Commons” problem is a very ambitious one. How does blockchain technology make it easier to turn such thought experiments into real world experiments? ​u/_lotuseater what’s more interesting, working on spankchain or MolochDAO? u/SpacePirateM If MolochDAO fails, what would be the cause of that failure? u/chazschmidt When will I, a pseudonymous but very pro Ethereum user and Ethtrader, be allowed to join your Moloch DAO guild with a modest contribution of something like 10 Ether? u/blockduane Moloch DAO is live but information on participating is pretty technical. Is it intended to be exclusive towards technical folk? What is the current status of the DAO as far as assets, members, proposals? u/carlslarson Do you think a Moloch type DAO would be an appropriate way to hold funds in the ENS system? Perhaps instead of the current proposal where deposits and rent would be held in a multisig and dispersed by its root key holders as they see fit for development grants, development could instead be voted on individually and funded through grant submittals. If you decide to ragequit because you dislike the direction of development, you also release your ENS name. This could also mitigate the tax implications they currently face as it is seen as income as soon as it enters a multisig. u/blockduane The whitepaper describes the scenario where in a contentious vote only no voters may ragequit. Can no voters also choose to stay in the guild after voting and during the grace period, effectively leaving their options open? Is this attack vector mitigated in any way other than socially? For example, guild members may not let someone that acts this way mint new shares in the guild… u/blockduane Do you think that the lack of price promotion by the Ethereum foundation and leaders in the space could be out of fear of being accused of promoting Ether as a profitable investment and thus a security, rather than thinking price is not important to security of the network? Perhaps what you are doing by independently saying these things is exactly what the system needs, as the core devs cannot do it themselves. u/blockduane CLOSING QUESTIONS (timestamp) You have a weekend to relax and unwind, what do you do? u/CryptoUK You like the Sparta meme. however, this is partially at odds with the historic public image of ETH as unicorns / quirky, etc. How can we transform these magical creatures (lol) into beasts of war (lol) without descending into the self parody that is BTCs meat/ guns / gold mantra or community fracturing due to a loss of vision? We can still be some type of unicorn in the end, just more like the uniswap branding 😉 u/Trent_vanepps What definitive Ameen Soleimani quote can you offer for the “History of Blockchain” book that will be written 100 years from now? u/_lotuseater Do you consider yourself a Transhumanist? ​(“Transhumanism is an philosophical movement that advocates for the transformation of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellect and physiology.”) u/_lotuseater If could snap your fingers and it be done, what’s one the one thing on Twitter you would change or make vanish? u/chazschmidt Where can people learn more about you, and do you have any parting advice or words of wisdom? u/krokodilmannchen

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20 Mar 2019

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SpankChain CEO and Moloch Ventures Founder, Ameen Soleimani

Messari's Unqualified Opinions

Our CEO Ryan sat down with Ameen Soleimani at ETHDenver to talk about the new Moloch DAO.


8 Mar 2019