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Anna Osborn on Managed Services and Outsourced Compliance

Compliance and Coronavirus

Welcome to the newest addition to the Compliance Podcast Network, Compliance and Coronavirus. As the Voice of Compliance, I wanted to start a podcast which will help to bring both clarity and sanity to the compliance practitioner and compliance profession during this worldwide health and healthcare crisis. In this episode, I visit with Anna Osborn is Senior Vice President of Growth and Marketing at Exiger. She discusses cultivating collaborative working environments and building process into an organization’s compliance relationship management activities, during the era of Covid-19.Some of the topics include: What are the top 3 challenges you are as we move into Q3 and Q4 of this year? Do you anticipate they will change in 2021? How can senior management create a narrative around these changes? What is the future of managed services? How can a CCO ‘spread the peanut butter too thin?” What is the role you see for outsourced compliance? Resources For more information, check out Exiger’s website here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


27 Aug 2020

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138: Balancing Love as a Female Entrepreneur | The Myth of the Work Life Balance and How to Achieve Relationship Success with Anna Osborn

Women in Business: Inspirational Stories of Women Entrepreneurs

Do you ever feel like you’re walking a tightrope between commitment to your business and commitment to your partner? You are definitely not alone - this predicament is common with entrepreneurs who find so much joy in their business. Anna Osbourn joins me again to talk about how to set healthy boundaries so you can prioritize all the loves in your life. The busier we get with our business, the less we communicate with our partner about what’s going on. Whether they don’t want us to talk non-stop about our business so we don’t share, we get too stuck in our own head, or a combination, clamming up about all aspects of our lives is never the way forward. You should endeavor to share your busy business news with your partner. Anna explains what happens when you identify as your business and struggle to see a separation between the two. It can lead to feelings of resentment, especially if your partner doesn’t want to hear about your business 24/7, you might feel like they don’t want to hear about YOU. That’s why it’s vital that you separate your identity from your business - after all, being a business owner is only a part of who you are. Anna shares one of her favorite pieces of advice, especially during busy business periods. Recognizing when you’ve done enough for the day is an important aspect of setting healthy boundaries. We all need that time to decompress and switch off, so she recommends adopting the mantra, “I’ve done enough for today”. Another important part of setting healthy boundaries is to give yourself space to work ON your business and let your creative streak loose. You might come up with some pretty incredible business breakthroughs! Anna also tells us why you need to set some strict boundaries of when you talk about work. Set yourself a cut-off time - is it at 5pm? After dinner? Dessert? Whenever you decide you won’t talk about work anymore, make sure you stick to that time. Spend the rest of your day with your family and reconnecting with your partner. Lastly, Anna actually tells me off a little bit, because I admitted I felt a certain amount of shame or guilt about setting boundaries. In no uncertain terms should you feel guilt from either your business or your partner for deciding where to set your boundaries. Who’s opinion are you valuing? Do you have a cut off time for when you stop talking about your business? How do you prioritize your relationship with your partner? In This Episode: Why we tend to be more uncommunicative when we’re busier How identifying as your business can lead to feelings of resentment Why you need to realize when you’ve done enough work for the day What happens when you give yourself time to work on your business, not in your business How to set boundaries between work and relationship talk Why you shouldn’t feel any shame or guilt about setting your boundaries Quotes: “Our business is not the sole determinant of us as valuable beings. And actually, when we look at boundaries when folks identify themselves as their business will struggle more boundaries when it comes to how that bleeds into or negatively impacts their relationship.” (5:24) “We can’t always be in the grind and the hustle, that’s not sustainable. So it’s looking at the season of our business: are we in growth mode? Are we in maintenance mode? Are we in scaling and leveraging? Where are we at? And what are the set of expectations that we have on that and how do we communicate that and collaborate with our partner so they also have a voice into this, because it impacts the relationship.” (9:39) “Sister, no! Other people’s opinions are none of your business. And if people need you to stay small to keep them happy, that ain’t gonna work!” (29:43) Links Join the 7 Day Relationship Challenge Find Anna Osborn Online Follow Anna on Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest Find Dr. Cortney Baker Online Follow Dr. Cortney Baker on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn Join From Side Hustle to CEO on Facebook Subscribe to Women in Business on Apple Podcasts Are you a female millennial entrepreneur who wants to start or scale your service-based business but not sure where to start? Go to https://www.drcortneybaker.com/roadmap to get a copy of my business roadmap. Stop duct-taping ideas together for starting your business. Snag my FREE roadmap to get starting on building a real business today. About Dr. Cortney Baker... She is an award-winning entrepreneur, researcher, author, speaker, and advocate for gender equality. As a leadership expert and mother of three, she is passionate about inspiring and empowering women to lead with greatness. Dr. Baker is the author of the best-selling books: The Ten Do's and Don'ts for Business Leadership: Lessons to Lead Effectively and Unlimited: Conquering the Myth of the Glass Ceiling. She is passionate about helping ambitious female entrepreneurs go from side-hustle to CEOs! Feedback? Questions? Comments? For more information or to reserve Dr. Cortney Baker to speak at an upcoming event, please contact her at cortney@cortneybaker.com or 1-469-708-8840.


27 Jan 2020

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Ep 56: Marriage & Entrepreneurship with Anna Osborn

Wild & Holy Radio | Grounded Wisdom For Business Growth

Hi, friends! Today, I'm joined by Anna Osborn – a LMFT based out of Sacramento who specializes working with entrepreneurial women and couples to help them reconnect and deepen their intimacy as she believes your primary relationship can be your greatest tool or greatest barrier to success.   I am so excited to be diving into this topic this week as this has been a huge piece of growth for me personally this past year. I’ve briefly alluded to my marriage going through a rocky season in 2018 as we went through a deployment, navigating the preliminary stages of a pervasive medical diagnosis for one our children, having a second child, and becoming acutely aware that the agreements in which we has built our marriage drastically needed to shift. What were originally created from a place of love we understood at the time had become toxic that were preventing both my husband and I from truly thriving – as individuals and together.   The past year has been about redefining our agreements and updating our expectations, needs, communication, and boundaries that better support us as a couple, but also make space for us to reconnect to our souls on an individual level. Life has gotten immensely busier and fuller in this season, which means we’re needing more from each other and just in general than ever before. This has led to vulnerable conversations around what we need, how we need it, and how we need the other person to step up so we consistently get our needs met.   And I can say too that going through a growth phase of business while also going through a growth phase of marriage isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of presence, hard conversations, and a willingness to embrace the suck for a little while until you come out the other side. I’ll never forget having a conversation with my husband about a year ago in which I shared I was angry we were going through this after all we’d just endured. I was angry that it would likely be awhile before this felt easier as I knew we needed to rebuild our marriage from the ground up. And I also knew if we could show up and stay committed to who we wanted to be, we’d come out the other side stronger than we’d ever been before. I anticipated this would take us 6 months to do, but nope – we’re still very much in the rebuilding phase of our marriage a whole year later and likely have at least 6 more months to go before we feel like we’ve arrived to a new normal.   I wanted to bring Anna on to talk about entrepreneurship & mar&iage because one – both of these things are so complex and challenging and two - I often see business success come at the detriment of successful marriages. Entrepreneurship asks a lot of you as the CEO, but it can also ask a lot of our partnerships and I know from a personal level how much stress it puts on every area of your life when marital issues and rough patches pop up. It shifts the foundation in which you walk and can make you re-examine everything. Today, Anna is going to be giving us some tips and tools for maintaining intimacy and how to reconnect when we’re not really "feeling the love".   She’s offering an amazing 7-day challenge for couples to reconnect intentionally which you can find right here. Some of my favorite parts of this conversation were when she distinguished between being busy &&being productive, how we can leverage our entrepreneurial strengths for relationship success, why it’s so important to celebrate your wins, and how we all go through seasons of marriage just like we go through seasons of business growth.   Here's more about Anna:  Anna Osborn, LMFT, owner of Life Unscripted Counseling and host of Her Life Unscripted podcast, focuses her work on reconnecting couples and inspiring individuals. She works with couples and individuals on improving communication, deepening intimacy and changing negative patterns of disconnection in their love relationships. As a licensed psychotherapist and relationship specialist Anna provides therapy, relationship workshops and hosts speaking events that help folks create change and live their lives with intentionality. Anna also works with entrepreneurial women to inspire and motivate them to step fully into their voice and live their lives out loud. She believes that your primary relationship can your greatest tool or greatest barrier to success.   To connect with Anna on social, find here on Facebook!  


30 Oct 2019

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104: Business Success without Relationship Compromise | Entrepreneurship and Intimate Relationships with Anna Osborn | Anna Osborn is a LMFT, Podcast Host, Wife, Mama & Owner of Life Unscripted Counseling

Women in Business: Inspirational Stories of Women Entrepreneurs

Balancing your new business with your existing relationship shouldn't be hard... but sometimes it is. You need to focus on not only building your business but also maintaining love and respect at home. Anna Osborn joins me to talk about how you nurture your relationship alongside your business, so nothing is neglected. Anna is a family and relationship therapist who loves to talk about running her own business. In Anna’s own words, she knows the delicate balance prioritizing the most important relationship in your life takes when you own your own business. And when you’re feeling happy in your partnership, that spills over into your business, as well. Before we talk about relationships, Anna gives some insight into starting your own business. Many people are terrified of taking that first step, but it’s all about changing your perspective on fear. In fact, it’s the actual act of “doing the thing” that breeds new confidence within you. Bringing a new business into your partnership is almost like bringing a new child in. Your business needs love, attention, and devotion, much the same as a kid would. This is why it’s important to communicate even more with your partner about how they feel about your new business and to resist the urge to keep the details of your business away from them. It comes down to establishing - and sticking to - healthy boundaries. If you say you’re going to do something, do it! Because if you don’t, you’ve broken a bond of trust with your partner.  But what happens when your partner just doesn’t support your new venture at all? Either you need to find some outside business support or start thinking about what takes priority in your life: your partnership or your business. A small caveat: don’t be afraid to seek out relationship counseling if this is something you want to work through together. Does your partner support your new business? How do you set healthy boundaries with your business and relationship? Do you talk to your partner about your business? In This Episode: How you can change your perspective on fear Where confidence is found What happens when you bring a new business into your relationship Why communication becomes even more important when you start a new business How you can draw healthy boundaries between your work and your relationship How you can become a better business owner by having a happy home life Why you need to find someone to support you through your business Quotes: “I want my kids to know that it’s okay to be afraid and still go forward. That the confidence we get from doing things is because we did it, not because we had the confidence beforehand.” (6:22) “Don’t set a boundary that you’re not going to maintain, because what that does is break down trust.” (19:39) “Knowing there’s always things needing to be done and, in this moment, we need to align our priorities with how we’re spending our time.”(21:28) Links Join the 7 Day Relationship Challenge Find Anna Osborn Online Follow Anna on Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest Join From Side Hustle to CEO on Facebook Keep up with everything Women In Business Follow me, Dr. Cortney Baker on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn KidsCare Home Health Are you a female millennial entrepreneur who wants to start or scale your service-based business but not sure where to start? Go to www.drcortneybaker.com/10-secrets to get your free copy of the 10 Secrets Female Millennial Entrepreneurs must know before launching their service-based business. Get your free copy now! About Dr. Cortney Baker... She is an award-winning entrepreneur, researcher, author, speaker, and an advocate for gender equality. As a leadership expert and mother of three, she is passionate about inspiring and empowering women to lead with greatness. Dr. Baker is the author of the best-selling books: The Ten Do's and Don'ts for Business Leadership: Lessons to Lead Effectively and Unlimited: Conquering the Myth of the Glass Ceiling. She is passionate about helping ambitious female millennial entrepreneurs go from side-hustle to CEOs! Feedback? Questions? Comments? For more information or to reserve Dr. Cortney Baker to speak at an upcoming event, please contact her at: cortney@cortneybaker.com or 1-469-708-8840.


30 Sep 2019

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124 | Navigating Conversations With Your Partner About Your Business With Anna Osborn

Productivity Straight Talk - Time Management, Productivity and Business Growth Tips

I sit down with self-proclaimed master bitmoji maker and the owner of Life Unscripted Counseling, Anna Osborn. She dismantles some myths around therapy for entrepreneurs, gets to the bottom of why having conversations about your business with your partner can be so frustrating, and offers real advice for transforming those tough conversations into healthy, productive ones where you leave feel heard and supported. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔️Tools For Conversating With Your Less-Than-Supportive Partner ✔️Strategies To Thrive In Business And Love ✔️How To “Hold Space” If Your Partner Doesn’t Support Your Dream ✔️Ways To Establishing Realistic Expectations With Your Partner ✔️Where To Find Secondary Support That Pours Into You ✔️So Much More! This was an awesome discussion with Anna Osborn I hope you enjoy. Now let’s jump right in and get to the straight talk! Show Notes Schedule Your Discovery Call with me to find out how we can work together to accelerate your success.

1hr 1min

23 Sep 2019

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232 – Navigating Through a Difficult Conversation with Anna Osborn of Life Unscripted Counseling

Gift Biz Unwrapped

Anna Osborn is the owner of Life Unscripted Counseling and host of the Her Life Unscripted podcast where she focuses on reconnecting couples and inspiring individuals.She helps couples and individuals to improve communication, deepen intimacy and change negative patterns of disconnection in their love relationships.Anna also works with entrepreneurial women to inspire and motivate them to step fully into their voice and live their lives out loud.She believes that your primary relationship can your greatest tool or greatest barrier to success.Business Building InsightsDon’t let your fear make decisions for you. Look at fear in the eye and continue walking.The more we become comfortable with the full version of ourselves, the more we crave it.Relationships thrive with safety and stability.When it comes to communication, the closer you get to soft emotions and stay out of the noise in terms of frustration, the more authentic a conversation you’ll have.Be clear about what you need from your partner when starting a conversation so you can ask for it and set your expectation from the beginning.Timing is important when presenting a serious topic. Make sure to invite and gain agreement from your partner into the discussion. Or respect their need for it to be another time.Let your partner have their own feelings and be cautious about how you’re interpreting those feelings. The only reflect how they feel about the topic, not about you overall.Our greatest need in a relationship is to be seen and heard.Resources Mentioned7 Day Relationship ChallengeContact LinksWebsite FacebookTwitter LinkedInGift Biz ResourcesJoin our FREE Gift Biz Breeze Facebook CommunityIf you found value in this podcast, make sure to subscribe and leave a review in Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts. That helps us spread the word to more makers just like you.Thanks! Sue


16 Sep 2019

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074: Healing Negative Relationship Messages w/ Anna Osborn

From Betrayal To Breakthrough

After a betrayal, it takes a willingness from both parties and the ability to hold space for one another's pain in order to move forward. Anna Osborn is an LMFT, founder of Life Unscripted Counselling and co-creator of Shine Retreat for Women. Anna works to help couples find safety and healing while navigating the tricky waters of rebuilding a relationship after betrayal. You owe it to yourself to bring your best and healthiest self into the next chapter of your life, with or without your relationship with another. It takes some hard work to find consistency between your words and your actions, but with some effort, you can find peace within the ‘what-ifs’ and actually do the work necessary to heal.  Being able to triage the huge intense wound of a betrayal is possible when you are able to remember what it was like before and rebuild trust after grieving the loss of that chapter in your relationship. If you want to improve your communication, deepen intimacy, heal from betrayal or change your negative patterns of disconnection, Anna is the expert for you.  Have you been betrayed and are considering rebuilding a life with the person that hurt you? Let us know what you gained most from Anna’s insight in the comments on the episode page.  In This Episode Signs to learn if your partner is truly being present in your healing journey  How to gain the emotional understanding of what it means to really hear somebody  Creating body awareness and the ability to give a voice to your physical sensations Suggestions for both the betrayed partner and the betrayer to move on without shame Learn ways that you can build or rebuild trust in your relationship and yourself Quotes “Although the choices that the betraying partner made are devastating and unfair and all those sorts of things, life is multi-layered.” (7:45) “There's a way that the relationship has been breaking down, that has lead to greater vulnerabilities, to where the betraying partner made this choice.” (10:59) “I really believe that when it comes to this type of work its really about supporting and helping people on the path, to be able to lay something down, because it's simply too heavy to be able to carry into the future and the relationship that they deserve.” (15:21) “Part of the healing process is to create enough stillness around to know what you need healing to look like. And that is a day by day journey.” (27:36) Links Life Unscripted Counselling Her Life Unscripted Podcast Shine Retreat for Women Contact Anna and Mari at info@ShineRetreatForWomen.com Find the full episode post here: https://pbtinstitute.com/74 Do you have Post Betrayal Syndrome? Take the quiz: https://pbtinstitute.com/quiz/ Products and Programs specifically designed to help you heal from betrayal: https://pbtinstitute.com/shop/ Connect: Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/InspireEmpowerTransform Free Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WomenHackingBetrayal/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/DebiSilber LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/debisilber/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/debisilber/ Watch my TEDx: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX30i6nC7ro


19 Aug 2019

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Episode 56: The Gifts of Letting Go with Anna Osborn, MFT

Women In-Depth: Conversations about the Inner Lives of Women

Welcome to the podcast! Today I’m very excited to be joined by Anna Osborn, LMFT. Anna Osborn, LMFT is a licensed psychotherapist and relationship specialist in Sacramento, California.  Anna works with individuals and couples to restore connection, heal trust, improve communication and increase intimacy. Anna gets the privilege of seeing folks transform their relationships and begin to live a more happy, connected, and loving life.   As hard as it is to admit, we are our relationships. Whether we are in an amazing relationship, a lonely one or an unhealthy one, it has a profound impact on success in all areas of our lives. Specializing in relationships over the past 10 years has allowed Anna to work with folks leaving abusive relationships to singles seeking out "the one", to couples wanting to improve their relationships, and even divorced parents struggling to maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship.   As a psychotherapist and relationship specialist, she knows the profound impact that working on our relationships has on improving all aspects of our lives. Anna sees the folks that she works with improve their primary relationship and then experience amazing success in their professional lives, their hobbies, and their friendships.   Anna practices in the vibrant town of Sacramento, California and loves having a practice there and having the opportunity to work with diverse people who are successful in their professions and want to have that same success reflected in their relationships. Full show notes available at - lourdesviado.com/womenindepth


8 Sep 2017