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Brett Goldstein

Congrats on the new...

Brett Goldstein (Ted Lasso, Soulmates, SuperBob) joins Steen Raskopoulos to promote his latest TV show!https://twitter.com/brettgoldsteinBrett's podcast "Films To Be Buried With" https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/films-to-be-buried-with-with-brett-goldstein/id1408585620?mt=2A comedy podcast from Steen Raskopoulos. Each episode features a friend from the entertainment industry attempting to promote their new film, tv show, book, app or diet plan. The twist is, it’s made up. Steen will be asking questions on a completely invented project while his guests have to improvise answers as best as they can.https://linktr.ee/congratsonthenewhttps://twitter.com/steenraskohttps://www.instagram.com/steenrasko/Congrats on the new... is a podcast created by and starring Steen RaskopoulosA Turtle Canyon Comedy productionhttp://www.turtlecanyoncomedy.comOther Turtle Canyon Comedy podcastsUp Your Footfall - https://www.podfollow.com/1559039647Secret Artists with Annie McGrath - https://www.podfollow.com/1484654152Ghastly Women - https://www.podfollow.com/1563300413The Actors - https://www.podfollow.com/1552230467


10 May 2021

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S3 EP6 - Film party with Brett Goldstein

Birthday Girls House Party

S3 EP6 - Film party with Brett GoldsteinThis week Camille hosts a film party and the girls are joined by their film-loving friend, Brett Goldstein. There’s chat about films they wish they’d been in, some pretty impressive role play and a surprising amount of ‘woofing’. Enjoy the show, folks! Please subscribe, rate and review. XXXMusic by Anne Chmelewsky:https://www.annechmelewsky.comArt work by Lucy Moore: https://www.lucymooreedinburgh.comNominated for best comedy podcast at the British Podcast Awards in 2019, Birthday Girls' House Party is back! Acclaimed sketch trio Beattie Edmondson (the funny one), Camille Ucan (the funny one) and Rose Johnson (the funny one) have combined their two loves into one podcast: house parties and chatting sh*t.Each episode is based on a certain party theme – for example ‘beach party’, ‘Victorian’, ‘baby shower’, ‘pirate’, and loads of other examples – and the girls basically get together with celebs and invite them to share in the riotous fun and craziness. Past guests include the likes of James Acaster, Ed Gamble, Felicity Ward, Lou Sanders, Adam Riches, Suzi Ruffell, Rose Matafeo and many more, and the new run will see names of equal esteem line up to get messy with the potty hosts.So… get ready for a bunch of exciting themes, a lot of oversharing, and some amazing party pals. Think cocktails with Tom Allen, adventures into space with Mae Martin, and a film night with Brett Goldstein – plus LOADS more. Join the girls for fun, games, legends and dicks.Beattie: “Really looking forward to being bullied on a weekly basis by these two ar*eholes.”Camille: “I'm stupidly excited that our podcast is returning because it means Beattie and Rose have to talk to me on a regular basis.”Rose: “I can’t wait to get recording again and have even more of my embarrassing secrets revealed to the world by my two best friends.”Enquiries: hello@keepitlightmedia.com


4 Nov 2020

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38. Brett Goldstein

Conversations Against Living Miserably

To support World Mental Health Day we are releasing five new episodes! In episode 38 Actor, comedian and podcast host extraordinaire Brett Goldstein Joins Lauren and Aaron.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


9 Oct 2020

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'Ted Lasso' Star Brett Goldstein on the Show's Emotional Beats and Creating AMC's 'Soulmates'

Watch Less

This week, Watch Less invites writer-actor Brett Goldstein to the pod to discuss his busy schedule. Not only has he starring on (and writing for) Apple TV+'s 'Ted Lasso' (starring Jason Sudeikis), but he's created 'Soulmates', a new anthology series for AMC, alongside Will Bridges ('Stranger Things', 'Black Mirror'). Oh, and he has his own podcast, 'Films To Be Buried With'. We cover all of this, and more.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


9 Sep 2020

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#006 "Brett Goldstein - The Unbundling of Higher Education"

The Brandon Zhang Show

Today I am talking with Brett Goldstein, a former product manager at both Clearbit and Google who is now writing his newsletter “Social Studies” and part of the On Deck Fellowship Cohort 4. In the episode, we discuss the future unbundling of higher education and the role of online courses, what it is like being part of an accelerator program, and whether Brett is an explorer or a builder.  Links:Social Studies WebsiteBrett’s TwitterMy WebsiteMy TwitterMy MediumLeave me a Review:Please feel free to leave me a review on iTunes/ Apple PodcastsShow Notes:I’ve always been interested in the brain and how people think and I also really loved European History and was part of a philosophy club in high school so the cognitive science major really spoke out to me.In technology, we over-emphasize technical majors, STEM majors, and saying that is the only thing that matters.When we’re building technology products, these products are all about people, you users are people, your backend system administrators are people. In order to sell anything, you need to understand what the economic transaction is, what the economic value you are generating is for the individual on the other side. Even if you are not selling anything like Facebook or TikTok, there is a social-economic value, social capital..The value of education is not increasing to the same degree that the cost of education is.Universities are not doing a great job teaching students the skills they need to do well in the workforce. As technology and software are taking over the world, students need to learn newer and newer tools and technologies.There is a false perception that getting a degree and major will set them up for a great career and it doesn’t.For the first time in history, more students are asking is this worth it than ever. Where does that leave us, it leaves us with a lot of students looking for alternatives.There is information abundance, you can get information wherever you go on the internet. I think what we are learning in comparison to these MOOCs that we talked about before is exactly what you said. The community matters.Building the pyramids was not too different from building GPT-3 its just different hardware, different software.Product hunt is actually great for newsletters. I had been seeing a number of newsletter launch on product hunt and do very well so I figured I would step in line and do the same thing. The way to think about it is that newsletters are products. Products solve users and solve a user needs, this helps you write a better newsletter because you identify your users and their needs.On Deck at a high level is a modern approach to an MBA. Another way to think about it is a pre-Y Combinator.


22 Jul 2020

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339 - Brett Goldstein

The Comedian's Comedian Podcast

At last! Brett Goldstein (movie star, comedian, writer, super-fan of ComCom and perpetual invite-swerver) drops by for a “NonComPod” that won’t expose at all how crackers he is. Sadly Stu can’t help himself and it all goes a bit “Are You Happy?” A brilliant conversation with a kind, funny, deeply handsome man, who lets us into his mind to discuss humility, boredom and workaholism - and why the comedy community is like an AIDS quilt...25 mins of extra content available exclusively to members of the Insiders Club include the backstage view of Brett’s “Films To be Buried With” podcast, how a run of terrible gigs way back during the Comedy Reserve fringe line-up show became a brutal bootcamp, and a decent chunk of Stu giving Brett unsolicited advice on how to navigate his mental health…Join the Insiders Club now at www.comedianscomedian.com/insiders for all this and much much more.*New episodes are now streamed live at www.twitch.tv/stugoldsmith on 1pm BST every Wednesday, for release the following week*STU GOLDSMITH’S INFINITE SOFAEvery Monday and Thursday night at the new later time of 9pm, Stu Goldsmith’s Infinite Sofa brings you the warmest and most atmospheric cure for the social-isolation blues!Forthcoming guests include Nish Kumar, Suzi Ruffell, Anna Mann and Randy Feltface, who with 10 members of the public join Stu for an hour of brilliant comedy, music and variety with interactive games and big laughs. Find out more at www.infinitesofa.comCHOPS COMEDYEvery Tuesday at 8pm come and watch your favourite comics riding their sea-legs in the new world of online stand-up, with a warm and a generous studio audience, at Chops Comedy! Forthcoming headliners include Josie Long, Sarah Millican, Jarred Christmas, Rob Kemp, Russell Hicks and Lost Voice Guywww.chopscomedy.comSee acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 21mins

14 May 2020

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Brett Goldstein, Nathan D'Arcy Roberts & There Will Be Blood

A Thin Layer of Film with Heidi Regan

It was about time we got serious about films (ok a little bit serious). This week - film podcast legend, actor and comedian Brett Goldstein brought knowledge and giggles and returning guest Nathan D'Aarcy Roberts gave a compelling case for a chocolate bar to be squeezed into There Will Be Blood for this week's Product Placement Challenge!Please subscribe, review and enjoy! You can follow Heidi Regan: @heidi_reganwww.heidiregan.com


2 Mar 2020

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Brett Goldstein

Secret Artists with Annie McGrath

Brett Goldstein doing art and chatting to Annie McGrath. Secret Artists is a brand new podcast hosted by comedian and artist, Annie McGrath. Each week her guest selects a subject which inspires them to create an artwork... It could be an object, a place, a person, an animal... Whilst drawing and painting, Annie and her guest enjoy a nice chat. Often silly. Sometimes serious. Mainly relaxing.Brett's muse and the final artworksTo see them painting, close ups of the "works of art" and more behind the scenes go to the Secret Artists Instagram:@secretartpodTwitter:@secretartpod#:#secretartistspodMore Annie:www.anniemcgrath.comTwitter:@AnnieMcTweetAnnie's Art:@mcgrath.artAnnie's Life:@mcgrath.annieMore Brett:TwitterFilms To Be Buried With... podcastInstagramSuperbob - Brett's incredible filmSoulmates - new series from AMCTurtle Canyon Comedy:www.turtlecanyoncomedy.comTwitter:@turtlecanyoncomInstagram:@turtlecanyoncomLucas MouraDavid LynchJim HensonOther Turtle Canyon Comedy podcastsUp Your FootfallGhastly WomenCongrats on the new...The Actors Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/secretartists.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


27 Feb 2020

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Ep 1: Brett Goldstein

Cuddle Club with Lou Sanders

The first guest invited into Cuddle Club is honorary club president, Brett Goldstein!Lou talks to the comedian, filmmaker and podcaster about how the podcast got started and they judge each other’s cuddles.Listen to Brett Goldstein’s podcast ‘Films To Be Buried With’ on Apple Podcasts, Acast and Spotify.Follow Cuddle Club on Twitter and Instagram: @CuddleClubPodRecorded and edited by Ben Williams for Plosive Productions.Artwork by Paul Gilbey (photography and design). Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/cuddleclub.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


14 Feb 2020

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S1 Ep3: Brett Goldstein


In this episode the team receive gossip about a lonely boy in a house and a dirty boy called Jorge.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


12 Apr 2019