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John Blake: Mississippi Burning

Tenfold More Wicked

Author and CNN journalist John Blake tells us about the murders of three civil rights workers, including James Earl Chaney in Mississippi in the 1960s. Blake explores how James’s death still reverberates through the Chaney family.   Written, researched, and hosted by Kate Winkler Dawson/producer Alexis Amorosi/sound designer Andrew Eapen/composer Curtis Heath/web designer Ilsa Brink/additional research Ella Middleton  Subscribe to my newsletter: tenfoldmorewicked.com Buy my books: katewinklerdawson.com If you have suggestions for historical crimes that could use some attention, email me: info@tenfoldmorewicked.com Follow me on social: @tenfoldmore (Twitter) / @tenfoldmorewicked (Facebook and Instagram)  2021 All Rights ReservedSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


4 Oct 2021

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John Blake - Senior Writer and Producer at CNN.com and author of "Children of the Movement"

Karen Hunter Show

To read John Blake's article on CNN, visit: https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/04/us/census-browning-of-america-myth-blake/index.html To get John Blake's book, visit: https://www.publishersweekly.com/978-1-55652-537-7


13 Sep 2021

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Episode 219 John Blake Robert Tsai

The Public Morality

CNN senior writer John Blake discusses voting rights legislation constitutional law professor Robert Tsai discusses Texas abortion law


13 Sep 2021

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John Blake on The Seven Ways to Stop your Funnel Leaking Leads

Barrels and Business

How good are you at SIMPLIFYING AND PRIORITIZING?This is something John Blake has had to do in many areas of his life and something he URGES his clients to do. John is a Sales Growth Strategist with over 30 years of experience in the market. He has developed his own system to help huge brands, such as Oakley, sell BIG TIME.During this episode, he shares the seven holes that are DRAINING your lead generation strategy and how these are inflection points you can use to CONVERT those leads.Want to get started right now? One of the most important things to do is FOLLOW UP! Did you know that 80% of sales are done AFTER the FIFTH follow-up? And there you are, too shy to contact a client more than twice!Another big piece of advice John provides is to BRING INNOVATION. Many business owners find themselves copying what the competition is doing, instead of bringing their authenticity and CREATING THEIR OWN LANE. Don’t be scared of applying things you might have learned in another industry to the one you are in right now. THAT’S HOW YOU INNOVATE! You need to be DIFFERENT from the rest and make your audience understand what makes you special. Why are YOU different? KNOWING YOUR AUDIENCE is key as well! And it’s not just about knowing what product they are looking for. It’s also about identifying THE PROBLEMS the product is going to bring to them.What does this mean?If you are selling TVs, then they are going to need someone to install the TV. Why are you not offering that service RIGHT NOW? Bundling and establishing strategic partners with other providers is KEY to engage with customers and be able to provide as many solutions for them as possible. This should be a PRIORITY.And something else you need to prioritize is BRINGING IN THE RIGHT PEOPLE. John explains why you SHOULDN’T HIRE the people you like or people who are just like you. It’s all about simplifying the process and hiring for ONE CORE CAPACITY.There are A LOT MORE tips and strategies in this episode. From recruitment tools to how to improve your proposal system when you are selling to new and existing clients. Plus, John is very candid about his life story and he shares with us how he faced the worst situation of his life while starting a new business and raising two infants on his own.If you are ready to LEARN and bring your sales to ANOTHER LEVEL, then hit play! I know you want to and TRUST ME, you’re not going to regret it.Key points (00:00): Welcome to Barrels and Business!(04:29): Applying something from one industry or job to a completely different context successfully.(10:23): The importance of controlling the message and setting a definite difference when it comes to standing out from competitors. (16:26): The seven holes or mistakes that lead to the failure of a lead generation strategy.(23:26): Follow-up is one of the most important parts of the sales process.(30:48): Re-engaging people is an important leverage point that can be used to increase revenue and keep clients. (35:44):  Finding the right pricing is all about testing different offers and being willing to change and adjust an offer accordingly.(41:02): Understanding the problem the client has is key to be able to identify the audience that will bring significant revenue to a business. (50:12): The problem with hiring people who are just like you or people you like.(01:01:04): Using a recruiting tool to analyze the characteristics that make your employees excel and turn them into benchmarks for any new hires.(01:08:46): The enormous challenges John went through raising his kids and being a business owner after his wife passed away.(01:13:26): The two big beliefs that helped John cope during the most difficult times of his life.(01:19:08): When you look for the positives even during the worst times, you slowly start finding them everywhere. (01:25:35): The importance of looking for someone to talk to and seeing a mental health specialist when necessary.(01:30:12): Being prepared and knowing what to expect when going to a new surfing spot.(01:32:36): Pushing out of the comfort zone to progress and continue growing. Key takeaways & quotes Choosing which clients NOT to work with is as important as finding the right clients for you.“80% of sales are done after the fifth follow-up”“An offer is a product, plus bonuses, plus terms”Understanding the problems that come with a purchase is key to be able to offer additional products or servicesHiring people that you like does not mean they are going to succeed or be a good fit for the position“You need to hire for one core competency”“You don’t get sent a challenge that you can’t solve.”“We tend to say no to ourselves before anyone else does”Connect with Me and the Barrels and Business Community Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/barrelsandbusiness/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jadegreenau/Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jadegreenauYouTube: http://bit.ly/youtubejadegreenWebsite: https://www.jadegreen.com.au/Connect with John Blake Website:  https://john-blake.com.au/ John’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/john_blake88/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JohnBlakeSalesBreakthroughSolutions John’s Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/371197349917640/user/627559922 John’s Story: https://jcb-phoenix.tumblr.com/post/15025263497/why-i-had-to-do-this John’s LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/johnblakesbt Mentioned resourcesTopgrading: https://amzn.to/3xzEWnYThe Alliance: https://amzn.to/2VH60ofYour Erroneous Zones: https://amzn.to/3lKSF97How to Talk to a Widower: https://amzn.to/3lPvPNqSolving the follow-up process: http://www.johnblakeaudio.com/ See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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15 Aug 2021

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Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show with Guest John Blake - Episode 3

Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show

Mandy Gibbons Podcast Show...  SPECIAL GUEST: John Blake John is the Owner & Managing Director at John Blake Sales Breakthrough Solutions  John shares his story of resilience... and moving through the process of his wife being diagnosed with cancer, and passing away... Having to relocate, his home, his business... Dissolving a business partnership. Then re-designing his business to work around him being able to take care of his two young children as a single parent of his 5 month old son and his 2.5 year old daughter. ...(This all took place within 14 weeks) JUST SOME OF THE GOLD  IN THIS EPISODE: John walks us through the 15 Steps he took to overcome adversity. These are incredibly powerful. And super relatable too... And can be applied in your own life when going through challenging times. The reality of facing a life of bringing up his children on his own. While also seeing his wife go through the devastating symptoms and side effects of the tumours. And the heart break of knowing she won't get to be there for her children as they're growing up.  How John realised he was uniquely equipped to deal with this. How he emotionally, mentally and physically was able to empower himself and took action. John shares how he moved through the grief, fear, emotions and the reality of his situation. There's no fast tracking it... it's on him to deal with it, be present, taking responsibility for where he was at. The most pivotal life-changing steps that allowed him to make incredible decisions moving forward. We chat about the value of accepting offers of help... and seeking help. How this journey has created an amazing connection with his daughter. We discuss how challenges and feelings like you've lost everything... creates a blank slate. So you get to start afresh. How you can emerge and come out the other side of challenges, knowing and believing you can be a better man. A more resilient version of yourself. How digging into resilience and personal growth during this process. Simplifying it and taking action on it... creates momentum. Strength of purpose...Moving through the healing process... John's acceptance that he would be a single Dad for the rest of his life... And then unexpectedly meeting his new wife. The process of going from a single Dad, after heart break, to bringing a new partner into his and his children's life. The power of being grateful. And the possibilities of life. You can reach out to John via: https://john-blake.com.au/ And John's blog that includes the 15 steps discussed today: https://jcb-phoenix.tumblr.com/ Love you, thankyou xo Mandy xo 🏆🌊🌅🔥❤✊🏼 The Resilience & Vital Force Coach For Men Formidable Resilience for Powerfully Grounded Momentum (& Peace) During Challenging and Remarkable Times http://mandygibbons.com/ #resilience #johnblake #mandygibbons


3 Aug 2021

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059- Understanding Your Customer with John Blake

Axiom Strategic Consulting

In many cases, your customers may be more involved with your products than you are. Wouldn't it make sense to get a feel for their perceptions? Join self-described "start-up guy" John Blake as he shares his expertise on shaping the customer journey.

7 Jun 2021

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John Blake - Racing to School

Racing Matters

Racing to School is a charity that aims to inspire young minds through the provision of free, interactive, and healthy outdoor educational events for schools, staged at a variety of racing venues.John talks to us about:- What Racing to School is all about; the charity’s objectives, reach and the schools, clubs and communities they work withWhat a typical Racing to School event looks like and how the educational programme ties in with school learning- Ongoing partnerships with racecourses, trainers, and jockeys and how the Racing industry is a charitable and supportive community- How Covid-19 has impacted the charities work and how they have adapted to the changing circumstances in order to continue supporting, educating and entertaining children- The history, development and success of Racing to School and seeing participants grow up to become involved in the industry


26 Nov 2020

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Ep. 60 "Get With Your Community" - Guest: John Blake (Director of Sales @ Gemini Legal)


On this episode John Blake - Director of Sales @ Gemini Legal joins me to share his story!  Like most of us in the world of sales, John's path has had a couple of twists and turns with  a some big decisions in there as well."Get With Your Community" is his foundation so get ready and enjoy John's story!YOUR INTENTION MATTERS...because that's the result you'll tend to get!www.everestperformance.com


20 Sep 2020

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Episode 22 - Landing a job in a downturn - John Blake

The Sales Topics Podcast

"Landing a job during a downturn" Episode 22 continues the deep dive on this new topic and centers around the idea of what it takes to land a job during a downturn. Sales Coach, Sales Director and Revgenius Ambassador - John Blake - joins host Ryan Reisert and drops some real gems on how to find your next sales gig. John is actively hiring - so if you are looking for the MOST up to date advice on how to land a new sales gig - THIS is the episode for you! 


12 Sep 2020

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On the passing of John Blake + we are now one month from kickoff... what now?

Through the Keyhole

Brady Trantham and Kegan Reneau share some words on the passing of former Sooner John Blake. Missouri State has now been moved up a week, so we're a month from kickoff.... here we go?


27 Jul 2020