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Skyfall with Steve Agee

James Bonding

Matt and Matt invite Steve Agee to discuss how the sky falls! Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

1hr 49mins

12 Oct 2022

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295. Peacemaker with Actor/Comedian Steve Agee

Hall of Justice

Peacemaker was a breakout hit in 2022 for HBO Max, its parent company, and the DC Extended Universe. Steve Agee plays John Economos. Agee played John in 2021's The Suicide Squad and then reprised the role in Peacemaker. Since debuting on The Sarah Silverman Program in 2007, Agee has been on countless TV shows and movies. He met James Gunn, who put him in Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, and subsequently in the DC properties when Gunn wrote and directed.In this episode, Agee talks about his evolving career and then gives a detailed recount of how he met Gunn. He then explains how he thought the Suicide Squad would be it for him and DC, and he explains how he learned about Peacemaker. He talked glowingly about the cast of Peacemaker, and how they made that incredible opening sequence. He also tells great stories from the set, including that famous finale scene in Peacemaker with John Cena, Jason Momoa (Aquaman), and Ezra Miller (Flash).Follow Steve on social media @steveagee.


28 Jul 2022

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601. Independence Day w/ Steve Agee

Who Charted?

Welcome back old chartists! Our first day of independence. Go to https://whocharted.memberful.com/join to learn the BEST way to support the show as we get back to full power.The Rickets Pandemic. The Body EP. Wig Wam. Dragon Manor's Half Court Supercollider. Reptile Pets. Formal Minions Dating: Gru Suit. It's the first ep of a new era and you know what that means, STEVE AGEE IS THE GUEST!See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


6 Jul 2022

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Steve Agee 4

A Bit Of A Chat With Ken Plume - FRED Entertainment

Ken Plume has another chat with actor Steve Agee, about theater etiquette, undersea aliens, cottonmouth mobsters, SUICIDE SQUADing up, beardy torture, King Sharking, pumpkin carvery, musical noodling, PEACEMAKER bonding, photography, easy listening, dance numbers, Cena songs, dye-beards, Economos rising, burger kryptonite, shark voices, and John training.

2hr 27mins

14 May 2022

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Peacemaker’s STEVE AGEE: Pulled Out of a Pit

Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum

Steve Agee (Peacemaker, Sarah Silverman Program) joins us this week to talk about the ups and downs of his career in Hollywood as a character actor, and how James Gunn helped pull him from a pit during the worst year of his life with his recurring role as John Economos on Peacemaker. Steve lays out the entire origin story of his acting experience going from aspiring musician, to hopeful marine biologist, to satisfied Starbucks employee, and even to his time working the circuit of popular 2000’s reality television post production. We also talk about how Sarah Silverman saved his life in more ways than one, working with Jimmy Kimmel, and his experience with denial through the Groundlings. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

1hr 28mins

3 May 2022

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BEST OF BRANDOCAST: Steve Agee on Oingo Boingo

BrandoCast with Brendan Smith

Revisiting a discussion about Oingo Boingo with the great Steve Agee!https://twitter.com/steveagee*support the show https://www.patreon.com/thebrandocast*visit http://thebrandocast.com


13 Apr 2022

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Episode 250: Comedian Steve Agee

The Dave Hill Goodtime Hour (Formerly known as Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident and The Goddamn Dave Hill Show on WFMU)

Comedian Steve Agee drops by the Goodtime Hour to discuss playing John Economos in Peacemaker & The Suicide Squad, being forced to dye his beard, shitting someone else's pants, Lloyd Kaufman, working with James Gunn, Robert Patrick and John Cena, bad doctor visits, Nirvana, and about 500 other interesting things you probably can't handle. Recorded live March 3, 2022.Watch Steve in The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker on HBO Max or Dave will stab you.Brand-new "Is this the show?" t-shirt designs, inspired by numerous guests, viewers, listeners & law enforcement, are now available! Watch Dave's latest stand up special The Pride of Cleveland on 800 Pound Gorilla Records' YouTube Page or his feelings will be hurt.Watch The Dave Hill Goodtime Hour  every Monday at 8pm ET, now exclusively on Twitch!WE HAVE T-SHIRTS NOW! Support Dave, Dez and Chris by purchasing one today!Support this show by becoming a Maximum Fun member!Join the Dumb Industries newsletter to stay on top of all things Dumb, including The Dave Hill Goodtime Hour!Follow Dave on Instagram (@mrdavehill), Dez on Twitter (@shouthouseradio) and Chris on Twitter (@csgersbeck). Dave is banned from Twitter :(Chat with listeners at Dave Hill’s Facebooking Incident. Everyone is making out there and stuff. It rules.The Dave Hill Goodtime Hour is a production of Dumb Industries.

1hr 2mins

4 Mar 2022

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Two Jons Don't Make a Right - Ep. 1 Steve Agee

Two Jons Don't Make a Right

Jon Daly and Jon Schroeder (Two Jons) and a guest drive around Los Angeles making only lefts. No rights. If they have to turn right, the podcast ends. with Steve Agee! (Peacemaker, Suicide Squad, Sarah Silverman Program) 

1hr 2mins

22 Feb 2022

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'Peacemaker' Finale, Season Awards, and Steve Agee | House of Midnight

The Ringer-Verse

Do you really wanna taste it? Mal and Van do! They sit down to discuss the season finale of 'Peacemaker' as well as break down their thoughts on the entire season and what they would like to see out of Season 2 (03:27). They then give out there season superlatives, including best fight, best suit, and many more (51:06). Finally they are joined by Economos himself, actor Steve Agee, to talk about what it was like to work on the hit show (74:09).Hosts: Mallory Ruben and Van LathanProducer: Steve AhlmanSocial: Jomi AdeniranAdditional Production: Arjuna Ramgopal Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

1hr 47mins

19 Feb 2022

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Podly: The Peacemaker Podcast: Ep. 5 with Steve Agee

Podly: The Peacemaker Podcast

Hosts Ify Nwadiwe and Fiona Nova break down the fifth episode of Peacemaker. They discuss the best method for alien pet care, marvel at Peacemaker’s weapon invention ingenuity, and Ify asks special guest Steve Agee, who plays Economos, how badass he felt after saving the day with a chainsaw. Want to watch the Episode 5 outtakes Steve Agee mentioned? Check out the outtakes between John Cena and Steve Agee here: https://youtu.be/zLccVHVd_-E For more information visit https://hbomax.com/peacemaker or http://dccomics.com/peacemakerSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


27 Jan 2022