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Jeremy McKane - Artist. Explorer. Marine Entrepreneur. Co-Founder Ultramarine Summit. Founder / CEO OCN.ai | EP 28

Our Epic Ocean

Jeremy McKane is an Artist and innovator with the passion for the environment.  At 18, he found himself working in a startup that would one day become (for a time) the world’s largest web hosting provider. After leaving the corporate world, his focus began to shift towards impact based art, aligning his vision with ocean related issues and causes. He has shown his work as an installation artist all over the world but feels compelled to not stop there. When not making art, he is often on panels, traveling to climate negotiations and summits around the world,  discussing munitions dumping and cleaning our seas, to ways to fund ocean causes through art and technology.  Jeremy remains an active Explorers Club Member and is CEO of OCN.ai, the Ocean Currency Network, a means to financially incentivize nation-states to protect their waters with Blockchain technology which includes an autonomous network of marine robots that automate enforcement at sea.  He co-founded the ULTRAMARINE Ocean Action Summit with Kite Boarding Pro Susi Mai, held each year on Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island. The Ultramarine mission is to protect 30% of The World's Ocean by 2030 by bringing rapid collaboration to the Ocean Space in hopes that we can protect more of what matters through tangible actions.  LEARN MORE ABOUT JEREMY MCKANE AND HIS WORK here:  Jeremy McKane on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jeremymckane/ Check out Jeremy’s Website: https://www.jeremymckane.com/about/ Follow Jeremy on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JeremyMcKane?s=20 Connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremymckane/ Find Jeremy on Clubhouse: https://clubhousedb.com/user/jeremymckane OCN.ai Blockchain for Saving our Seas: https://www.ocn.ai/ IDUM: https://underwatermunitions.org/ Terrance Long: https://underwatermunitions.org/terrance-p-long/ NFT Mr. Ocean: https://knownorigin.io/mrocean Explorers Club World Oceans Week: https://www.jonathagiddens.com/the-explorers-club-world-ocean-week/ Ocean Summit 2019: https://vimeo.com/328328531 Ultramarine Video: https://www.ocn.ai/videos Ridge to Reef EARTHxFILM Festival 2017: https://vimeo.com/216024694 Underwater Photography: https://vimeo.com/577264029 Trash to Treasure: http://www.takepart.com/photos/ocean-found-objects/ “There is no Superman of The Ocean, but there is a Justice League and each of us can stand up to do our part.” —Jeremy McKane  TO SUGGEST A GUEST YOU CAN REACH US here: guest@ourepicocean.com or email the Executive Producer here: Steve@project-o.org

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14 Sep 2021

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SDG #14: Protecting the Ocean with Data, NFT’s and the Human Spirit with Jeremy McKane

SDG Talks

Jeremy McKane is an artist who has passion for the environment with a direct focus on ocean issues, particularly in the past several years. He is an active Explorers Club Member and the CEO of OCN.ai, an autonomous network of marine robots that automate enforcement at sea. Jeremy talks about how his work with NFTs - or "non fungible tokens" - is funding the removal of munitions from the ocean as well as some misconceptions about overfishing and what we can do as a society to address the problem from multiple angles. In this episode: - Why nature preserves in the ocean work for long-term conservation - Using non fungible tokens (NFT’s) to fight for ocean conservation - Breaking down misconceptions about fishing Website: https://www.jeremymckane.com/about/


22 Jun 2021

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Ep. 263 Ocean Talks with Jeremy McKane | Planet Positive Series

Green Planet Blue Planet Podcast

Jeremy McKane is an Artist with a passion for the environment. His focus has been directed on Ocean issues for several years. He's an active Explorers Club Member and CEO of OCN.ai, an autonomous network of marine robots that automate enforcement at sea. In Jeremy's own words, "my passion is the oceans and I feel that we don't give them the focus that they need. I thought about this years ago when I first walked up on one of the most polluted beaches I had ever seen. The sad part about it was that there was not any people for hundreds of kilometers yet the evidence of mankind was everywhere. Some of my work its pretty evident that I'm focusing on marine life but you might wonder what place people or kids have to do with conservation. My hope is that we introduce kids and adults not just to the ocean but water. Teach them how to swim, how to snorkel or even dive! Once you step into blue, you are forever changed. Every second breath of air we take in right now comes from the ocean. Why don't we do ourselves a favor and start making efforts to protect what little we have left. Because it's definitely worth it!" Please join us for Planet Positive weekly wisdom and opportunities, Tuesdays at 9am Pacific, for an exclusive look at the people and technologies addressing our greatest challenges and enabling humans to thrive in harmony with Mother Earth.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/julian-guderley/support


26 Jan 2021

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#99 Jeremy McKane, CEO of OCN.ai

Bigger Than Us

Jeremy McKane is an Artist with the passion for the environment. His focus has been directed on Ocean issues for several years. He is an active Explorers Club Member and the CEO of OCN.ai, an autonomous network of marine robots that automate enforcement at sea. http://www.ocn.ai/ https://www.ultramarineocean.com/ https://nexuspmg.com/


22 Sep 2020

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Jeremy McKane – Protecting the Ocean, Letting People Live

Break It Down Show

Jeremy McKane – Protecting the Ocean, Letting People Live - Here's another fantastic conversation with Jeremy McKane. This is Jeremy's second visit as a guest, but he's also produced several episodes including ones with and .  Jeremy is not just out to protect the ocean, he's also a tech entrepreneur & an incredible artist-check out his work The thing about caring for the ocean it's part of an enormously complex multi-system which includes humans, the atmosphere, thousands of biospheres, and the ocean itself.  Let's continue to explore how we improve our stewardship with Pete A Turner and Jeremy McKane. To watch the live version of this episode click  HaikuSaving the oceanMeans seeing it as a tubPoison never leavesSimilar episodes: Get your raffle tickets for the Save the Brave rifle at   ​ Join us in supporting Save the Brave as we battle PTSD.   ​ ​ Executive Producer/Host: Pete A Turner  Producer: Damjan Gjorgjiev  ​ ​ ​​ ​The Break It Down Show is your favorite best, new podcast, featuring 5 episodes a week with great interviews highlighting world-class guests from a wide array of shows.

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17 Sep 2020

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Susi Mai and Jeremy McKane from UltraMarine Ocean

Humanitarian AI Today

Humanitarian AI Today's host Mia Kossiavelou speaks with Susi Mai and Jeremy McKane, organizers of the UltraMarine Ocean Summit, about their work building communities taking action around ocean conservation.


5 May 2020