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Epi # 0048 - Blind Blogger - Maxwell Ivey

Leave Your Mark with Vince Cortese

Maxwell started losing his sight at age 4 by 16 he lost 100% of his vision. Max is not one to sit idle. He goes on to graduate from Texas A&M and winds up back in the family carnival business through the Mid-Way Market place he is inspired to start a podcast "What's your problem?"https://youtu.be/9u6G0RGjlFQTune in to this episode on YouTube, our website, or on our LYM mobile app (available on iOS and Android)Join our mailing list: bit.ly/JoinMEonLYMSupport the show


10 Jun 2022

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Don’t be Afraid to Make a Change with Maxwell Ivey

The Lowe Down with Kevin Lowe

Maxwell Ivey, known around the world as the Blind Blogger; is a totally blind man who has transformed himself from failed carnival owner to respected amusement equipment broker to self-help author, motivational speaker, online media publicist, host of What's Your Excuse, and founder of The Wye Network.He has accomplished many goals by being willing to ask for help and accept help when offered, by deciding to find solutions instead of making excuses, and being determined to seek out and find the positives in life. He believes that it's easier for him to answer an awkward question than it is to make you guess. If you have a question for him, please just ask.SPONSORED BY MANSCAPEDGet 20% OFF + FREE Shipping!Use Promo Code LOWE for 20% OFF + FREE Shipping when you shop @Manscaped.comLINKS for MAXWELL IVEYMax's Website: TheBlindBlogger.netPodcast Network: What's Your Excuse?TwitterFacebookLinkedInYouTube ChannelAmazon StoreLINKS FOR THE PODCASTWebsite: TheLoweDownWithKevinLowe.comEpisode Webpage: TheLoweDownWithKevinLowe.com/maxwelliveyInstagram: @thelowedownwithkevinloweFacebook: @thelowedownwithkevinlowe Mentioned in this episode:SPONSORED BY MANSCAPEDSnag a sweet 20% OFF + FREE shipping with promo code LOWE at Manscaped.com


18 May 2022

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Maxwell Ivey, The Blind Blogger, Conroe, Texas, USA

Café & Networking Podcast

Maxwell Ivey, The Blind Blogger, Inspirational self-help author, founder of What´s Your Excuse Network. Talks about his online training program "On The Air", an 8 week course to help entrepreneurs learn to use podcast interviews to share stories, reach new audiences, and grow their brand. https://theblindblogger.net


9 May 2022

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#4a The Blind Blogger Maxwell Ivey: Carnival Lessons and No Excuses

The Great Unfamous

In the A-side of Episode 4 we meet a true original, a one-of-a-kind maverick whose story is one of adversity, positivity and fearlessness. The chapters of Maxwell Ivey's life include growing up in a Texas carnival family, losing his sight in high school, launching his own business and authoring three books with a fourth one on the way.  Max has been a mentor, a role model and a confidante for those looking for a spark, because he turned his adversity into a nickname, his nickname into a trademark, and that trademark into a business on TheBlindBlogger.net. But he also shares the most influential person in his life and how one woman helped point the way with a why-not mindset that refused to accept his limitations or excuses. In fact, she helped co-write his latest song, "What's Your Excuse". Have a question for Max?  Email him at justask@theblindblogger.net or see his socials Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. These are Max's Lessons: 2:14 -- Carnival Life 3:43 -- No Time For Pity 7:05 -- We Find Solutions 11:08 -- The Carnival of Last Resort 12:49 -- Handling A 53-foot Trailer 19:28 -- Losing Your Sight 24:15 -- Benefits of Being Blind 26:46 -- Meeting Lorraine Reguly 28:20 -- First Book 29:31 -- Accepting Help 34:58 -- Smelling Like a Rose 37:28 -- Writing a Book: Easy or Impossible? 40:35 -- Doing The Work 47:46 -- The Gift of Letting Someone Help Origins of The Great Unfamous Nominate your own Great Unfamous IG: @gr8unfamous Twitter: @gr8unfamous All podcast platforms --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thegreatunfamous/message


15 Apr 2022

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My interview with The Blind Blogger Maxwell Ivey

Threads of Enlightenment

I interviewed Maxwell Ivey, Maxwell is an Entrepreneur, blogger, speaker, inspirational, and motivational personal coach.  Born into a family of carnival owners in Texas, USA, Maxwell Ivey lost his sight at age 12. Having a natural gusto for life, Max graduated college and became heavily involved in the Eagle Scouts. He also worked in the family business alongside his brothers until his father succumbed to lung cancer. Faced with his own mortality, Max made some life-altering changes. He underwent gastric surgery and lost over 250 pounds. He started his own business, buying and selling amusement rides, and learned how to blog using software for visually-impaired people. Overcoming many obstacles, Max made a name for himself online and now shares his experiences on The Blind Blogger.  Maxwell now offers coaching to help people who are stuck and frustrated with not being able to find their passion or follow their dreams once they have determined what they want in their lives. He believes that sharing the story of his personal growth and transformation, will motivate and inspire anyone who hears it. Max’s favorite things entail teaching and helping others achieve their goals and create a life of bliss. I encourage every listener to follow him and gain insights from his teachings.Everyone has a story, and this is his story.Below are the sites that house his workhttp://www.theblindblogger.nethttps://www.facebook.com/groups/TheBlindBloggerhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/maxwelliveyhttps://www.twitter.com/maxwelliveyhttps://www.youtube.com/maxwelliveyThe Midway Marketplace.Visit our Threads store:  https://threads-of-enlightenment.myshopify.com/ We shop worldwide to find some of the highest-quality and some limited hard-to-find products online for you. We work closely with many suppliers to get the lowest prices. Enjoy our store!!!!!!. Goode Health personalized nutrition that's effective, convenient, and affordable — because everyone deserves gooTimeshare Specialists Our programs provide a fast, safe, guaranteed timeshare exitSol de Janeiro Body-loving products, addictive scents, and luxurious textures to touch all your senses.Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/threadsofenlightenmentt?fan_landing=true)


25 Mar 2022

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EP45 The REAL impact of Ignoring Accessibility Online with Maxwell Ivey Jr

Talking With Experts Podcast

Maxwell is a totally blind man is an expert in overcoming adversity, building community, finding the positive, sharing by singing, overcoming fears, and teaching others. In this week's episode he talks about the importance of accessibility from his lived perspective as a fully blind man. We discuss what isn't spoken about when it comes to accessibility and disabled users and the advantages of understanding the needs of our disabled and visually impaired peers from a business standpoint. As entrepreneurs, ignoring a loyal customer base is not something that should be overlooked. TL:DR;1. Decide to find solutions instead of making excuses. 2. Be willing to ask for help and accept help when offered. 3. Be determined to find the positive in all aspects of my life. 4. Ask someone who uses extra accessibility if your website is accessible to them, gain their loyalty by tailoring your website to their needs and capitalise on a wider audience. 5. Add alt text to everything you can on your website and DON'T label it the same or you'll confuse your visually impaired users.There are an estimated 253 million people who are affected by some form of blindness and visual impairment.  Are you going to ignore this audience of loyal customers...?Find out more:https://www.theblindblogger.nethttps://linkedin.com/in/maxwellivey See you next week!Chris Cownden Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


15 Mar 2022

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What's Your Excuse with Maxwell Ivey

Inspirational Journeys: Stories that Matter

This weeks episode is one I’ve waited for quite awhile to present to you. My special guest is a fellow blind podcaster, author and he helps his clients make guest appearances on other podcasts. Sit back, relax, watch and listen as Max shares his journey from carnival kid to blogger, author, and podcast host.Maxwell Ivey grew up in a family of carnival owners. He started losing his vision to retinitis pigmentosa at an early age becoming legally blind by junior high school and totally blind by the time he graduated from college. He did graduate from traditional schools, achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, and worked in the family business until his dad’s death forced the closure of their small show. Needing something new he started helping people sell surplus rides. He had to learn so much including how to hand code html, recruit clients, set fees, build an email list, manage social media, and more. People were inspired by his willingness to take on difficult challenges and encouraged him to share more about being a blind entrepreneur. That lead to a second site as the blind blogger, with three books out so far and a fourth due any time. He’s promoted himself through podcast interviews appearing on over 200 shows as well as public speaking where he has shared his inspiring story with local organizations and national conferences. He helps other creative entrepreneurs grow their brands through online interviews. He loves to sing, travel, and find new adventures. If you have questions, just ask.Connect with Maxwell at the following links:https://theblindblogger.net/ https://twitter.com/maxwellivey https://www.facebook.com/maxwellivey https://www.linkedin.com/in/maxwellivey/ https://www.instagram.com/TheBlindBlogger/If you’re looking for high quality editing services at reasonable prices, send queries to theplotstitch@gmail.comVisit www.everyday-excellence.comand use promo code Inspirational Journeys to get 10% off any product on the site.Support this podcast with a monthly donation:https://anchor.fm/inspirational-journeys/supportor you can give a one-time donation via PayPal at:https://paypal.me/annHarrisonBarnes?country.x=US&locale.x=en_US--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/inspirational-journeys/message


8 Mar 2022

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#639 How To Use Podcasting To Build Your Personal Brand with Maxwell Ivey, Host of the 'What's Your Excuse?' podcast

The SiteVisibility Internet Marketing Podcast

In this episode we're joined by Maxwell Ivey, Host of the 'What's Your Excuse?' podcast. Max is also an author, blogger, podcast publicist and founder of the 'What's Your Excuse?' podcast network. Max is visually impaired and regularly on topics related to inclusiveness and accessibility.In this episode, we discuss:Max' evolution from blogger, to podcaster to network hostWhy have larger corporations become so interested in utilising podcasting to support their business growth?How important is editing when launching a podcast?The challenges faced by podcast publicistsThe unexpected benefits of podcastingReferenced on this episode:https://podfestexpo.com/https://podmatch.com/https://www.blogtalkradio.com/https://computersfortheblind.org/[Book] Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert: https://amzn.to/3Ik6N1yhttps://pod.co/the-advertising-hour/15-a-conversation-carousel-with-maxwell-ivey-a-k-a-the-blind-blogger CONNECT WITH MAX:https://theblindblogger.net/justask@theblindblogger.nethttp://wyexcuse.com/https://www.linkedin.com/in/maxwellivey/CONNECT WITH SCOTT:scott.colenutt@sitevisibility.comhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/scottcolenuttCONNECT WITH SITEVISIBILITY:https://www.sitevisibility.co.uk/https://www.youtube.com/user/SiteVisibilityhttps://twitter.com/sitevisibilityhttps://www.facebook.com/SiteVisibilityhttp://instagram.com/sitevisibilityIf you have feedback, you'd like to be a guest, you'd like to recommend a guest or there are topics you'd us to cover, please send this to marketing@sitevisibility.com Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.


24 Feb 2022

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living the dream with author and the blind blogger Maxwell Ivey

Living the Dream with Curveball

Maxwell Ivey Jr is known as The Blind Blogger.Born into a family of carnival owners in Texas, USA, Maxwell Ivey lost his sight at age 12.Having a natural gusto for life, Max graduated college and became heavily involved in the Eagle Scouts. He also worked in the family business for years, until his dad died. Faced with his own mortality, Max made some life-altering changes.He underwent gastric surgery and lost over 250 pounds. He started his own business, buying and selling amusement rides, and learned how to blog using software for visually-impaired people. Max then began another business: personal coaching.He is also an author on a mission to help others become successful. Maxwell has also launched his podcast network called what's your excuse geared towards helping people with disabilities launch or grow podcasts. You can check out his podcast and podcast network at www.wyexcuse.com and you can check out his personal website at www.theblindblogger.net


23 Aug 2021

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452 - What's your excuse?: Tom interviews Maxwell Ivey

Screw The Commute Podcast

Maxwell Ivey is known around the world as the blind blogger. He's transformed himself from a blind, failed carnival owner to a respected amusement equipment broker, to a self-help author, motivational speaker and online publicity rock star. He's the host of What's Your Excuse? and founder of the What's Your Excuse or WYE network and you can find him at theblindblogger.net. Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 452 How To Automate Your Business - https://screwthecommute.com/automatefree/ Internet Marketing Training Center - https://imtcva.org/ Higher Education Webinar – https://screwthecommute.com/webinars See Tom's Stuff – https://linktr.ee/antionandassociates 03:03 Tom's introduction to Maxwell Ivey 13:00 Winning an award with Amtrak to New York City 17:40 Singing on The Voice in a virtual casting opportunity 18:50 Inventing a face mask for the pandemic 22:50 Sponsor message 24:23 A typical day for Max and how he stays motivated Entrepreneurial Resources Mentioned in This Podcast Higher Education Webinar - https://screwthecommute.com/webinars Screw The Commute - https://screwthecommute.com/ Screw The Commute Podcast App - https://screwthecommute.com/app/ College Ripoff Quiz - https://imtcva.org/quiz Know a young person for our Youth Episode Series? Send an email to Tom! - orders@antion.com Have a Roku box? Find Tom's Public Speaking Channel there! - https://channelstore.roku.com/details/267358/the-public-speaking-channel How To Automate Your Business - https://screwthecommute.com/automatefree/ Internet Marketing Retreat and Joint Venture Program - https://greatinternetmarketingtraining.com/ Maxwell's website - https://theblindblogger.net/ Internet Marketing Training Center - https://imtcva.org/ Related Episodes Booby Traps - https://screwthecommute.com/451/ More Entrepreneurial Resources for Home Based Business, Lifestyle Business, Passive Income, Professional Speaking and Online Business I discovered a great new headline / subject line / subheading generator that will actually analyze which headlines and subject lines are best for your market. I negotiated a deal with the developer of this revolutionary and inexpensive software. Oh, and it's good on Mac and PC. Go here: http://jvz1.com/c/41743/183906 The Wordpress Ecourse. Learn how to Make World Class Websites for $20 or less. https://screwthecommute.com/wordpressecourse/ Join our Private Facebook Group! One week trial for only a buck and then $37 a month, or save a ton with one payment of $297 for a year. Click the image to see all the details and sign up or go to https://www.greatinternetmarketing.com/screwthecommute/ After you sign up, check your email for instructions on getting in the group.


16 Jun 2021