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170: Networking Secrets for Job Seekers (with Mac Prichard)

The Exclusive Career Coach

Today, I have a return guest – Mac Prichard. Mac runs the highly successful Mac’s List for employment opportunities in the Portland area. The site also offers a wealth of tips for both job seekers and employers looking to hire. Mac is also the host of the Find Your Dream Job podcast.We're talking about networking secrets for job seekers. Mac talks about the most misunderstood concept job seekers have around networking and how to network during a pandemic. He also gives us his top 5 networking secrets.Connect with Mac via his Find Your Dream Job podcast: macslist.org/podcastsAnd on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/macprichard/ Are you in the wrong job that chips away at you every day? The CareerSpring coaching program will help you find a job that uses your zone of genius, recognizes your value, and pays you what you’re worth. Schedule a complimentary consult to learn more: https://calendly.com/lesaedwards/zoom-meetings2


24 Mar 2021

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29. Mac Prichard - Communication and career expert

People in Transition

Mac Prichard is a communications strategist, career expert, and business owner based in Portland, Oregon.  His career and  businesses are built on his commitment to service, relationships, and community-building.  His two businesses are: Prichard Communications, founded in 2007, is a public relations agency that works with social change makers across the country; and, Mac’s List, founded in 2001, has evolved into a one-of-a-kind regional job board and career community.In this episode, Mac discusses:·       If a friend of his lost his job, the 3 things he would coach that friend to do are:o   Take time for yourself and mourn the losso   Invest the time to be clear on what you want to do nexto   Determine where you want to go and start to build relationships inside of those companies to help you·       On your resume, you need to talk about your accomplishments, don’t just list job responsibilities; companies are looking for problems solvers and result achievement·       Invest time in understanding how to network effectively, remember, each contact is like a business meeting and you need to be clear on the steps you need to take for this meeting to go well·       Computer boards like Mac List are important, but you need to make sure you are not just using them, referrals and networking are critical as wellThis episode was informational, fun and helpful for anyone looking for a new job now or in the future. For more information on Mac, see these links:Mac's ListMacslist.org Find Your Dream Job podcastmacslist.org/podcasts


1 Mar 2021

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263 - Communication at Work, with Mac Prichard and Joey Price

Business, Life, & Coffee | Personal Development and Success Tips for Entrepreneurs

Like this episode? Why not send me a tweet or DM and Subscribe! iTunes: https://apple.co/36RN7PN Spotify: https://spoti.fi/36PuhJ9 Podbean: https://bit.ly/2RgNhtm RSS: https://businesslifeandcoffee.com/ Brand NEW Show with Joey Price:  WINNING AT WORK Live Episodes Every Wednesday at 4 PM EST Want To Know What It Takes To Be A Better Entrepreneur? Check Out This Course! https://bit.ly/2us72H1 Show Sponsors: HR Outsourcing for Small Businesses and Companies - www.jumpstart-hr.com/contact Coffee Shop Q&A ...with: Mac Prichard Communications Strategist, Career Expert, Connector Interview from the first-ever episode of the new show WINNING AT WORK Brand New Episode Every Wednesday at 4 PM EST . Thanks for tuning in for this week's episode of the Business, Life, and Coffee Podcast. Stay safe everybody!  -- Show Credits: Host - Joey Price [@joeyvpriceHR] - Instagram | Twitter | Facebook Music - Ayo


8 Sep 2020

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How to Write Compelling Job Posts to Attract the Best Candidates with Mac Prichard

Transform Your Workplace

With the help of technology, publishing your job posts has never been easier. The challenge, how will you stand out and attract the best pool of job seekers? In a sea of job postings, how do you help a qualified individual seeking for a job find your job posts?  In this episode, we are joined by the career expert Mac Prichard to answer questions related to job search and job postings! Mac is a Communications Strategist and the Founder and Publisher of Mac’s List, a top source for job listings in Portland, Oregon aimed at professionals who’re looking for a personally fulfilling career. He is also the host of Find Your Dream Job podcast where they provide inspiration, empathy, insider secrets, and actionable advice to help you find purposeful work! Check out my guest appearance on Mac’s show! At Mac’s List, they believe that behind every successful career, there’s a smart, effective job seeker. And Mac will share tips for job seekers and how employers can create a compelling job post and help others build a great career! In this episode, you will learn about: Update on the current volumes of job postings on Mac’s list Job losses and recovery Passive job seekers and job seeking for survival How employers can make their job post appealing How to have a clear hiring process Why you should be giving much information as possible before an interview  What constitute a good job interview? How to write a job posting in a compelling way Connect with Mac: LinkedIn Twitter @Mac_Prichard Facebook Twitter @Macs_List Instagram @macs_list Mentioned in this episode: Mac’s List Find Your Dream Job Podcast What did you think of this episode? Give us a 5-star rating and write a review on Apple Podcasts, or take our survey. Contact Brandon: Email Brandon.Laws@xeniumhr.com or connect on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram Learn more about Xenium HR at xeniumhr.com Follow Xenium on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.


23 Jul 2020

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Episode 85: Mac Prichard: Job Seeking During COVID-19

PR Talk

Jobseeking During COVID-19 It may not be the ideal time to look for a new job, but you may not have a choice. In this episode of the PR Talk podcast, we talk with the host of Find Your Dream Job Podcast Mac Prichard. See the entire write-up at https://www.veracityagency.com/podcast/jobseeking-during-covid/


10 Jun 2020

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Setting Goals and Pursuing Your Dream Job - Mac Prichard of Mac's List

Career Yak

Mac Prichard, founder of a Pacific Northwest job board Mac's List and host of the Find Your Dream Job podcast, joins the show to share his career expertise and his own work life story. From goal setting, to starting his own business, to what practical steps to take in pursuing your dream job, listen in as we learn valuable career lessons with Mac!Find Mac online!Mac's ListFind Your Dream Job PodcastMac on LinkedInMac's Book recommendation: Never Eat Alone by Keith FerrazziFind Career Yak Online


8 Jun 2020

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Mac Prichard: Founder of Mac's List & Find Your Dream Job Podcast

PDX Executive Podcast

Mac Pritchard is the Founder of Portland job board Mac's List and the host of Find Your Dream Job podcast. In this episode we discuss the benefits of corporate podcasting and the state of the Portland market during COVID-19.


23 Apr 2020

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Entrepreneurs Take Charge Featuring Mac Prichard


Mac Prichard is the founder of Mac’s List, a job board and career hub in the Pacific Northwest with a mission to create more human hiring processes for all.  Mac is also the author of the book Land Your Dream Job Anywhere and host of the weekly career advice podcast Find Your Dream Job.We discuss:Transferrable skills that make the light bulb go on [2:11]A situation where you can make a difference [7:20]Why you should not gamble all your chips on one color [9:27]The hidden dignity that comes with temporary work [12:08]New habits that virtual work requires [15:33]Why only having a perspective is not enough to get you through a severe recession [16:51]How to do hiring better for job hunters [17:51]The most successful way to run a job search [19:56]Learn more about Mac at https://www.macslist.org/, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


17 Apr 2020

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#36 | Land Your Dream Job Anywhere with Mac Prichard

All Things College and Career

We are excited to introduce you to an amazing guy, Mac Prichard. Mac is the creator of Mac's List, a premier job board and career resource site, author of Land Your Dream Job Anywhere, host of a very successful career podcast Find Your Dream Job, and founder and President of Prichard Communications a communications firm which "helps social changemakers and leading philanthropic organizations do what they do best—identify problems, find solutions and make change happen." He shared with us a ton of great tips that will help anyone looking for a job or considering changing careers. Even if you are not looking for employment, Mac's advice is good to hear no matter where you are along your career path. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, or know anyone that does, this podcast has even more benefits for you! In this episode we discuss: The Hiring ProcessThe Hidden Job MarketNetworkingInformational InterviewsImportance of having clear career goals and making specific requestsHow Mac got into the Harvard Kennedy SchoolMac's List (a premier job board in the Pacific Northwest)Prichard Communications | Public Relations Firm | Portland, Oregon We hope you enjoy this conversation with Mac as much as we did!   Join Our Podcast Email List! Follow Our Podcast:Website: Listen To Our Podcast HereYouTube ChannelTwitterLinkedInFacebookInstagramAll Things College and CareerMeg's LinkedInBobbie's LinkedInACADEMIC & CAREER ADVISING SERVICES:Visit Website:  Academic and Career Advising ServicesSchedule an Appointment with Academic & Career Advising ServicesMusic Production by Lena Keller:  lena.m.keller@gmail.comTechnical Production:  Richard BarnettSHOW NOTES:Find Your Dream Job PodcastLand Your Dream Job AnywhereFollow Mac on LinkedInWork from the Inside Out Podcast with Tammy Gooler LoebIn Patagonia by Bruce Chatwin


23 Feb 2020

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111: How to Hack the Hidden Job Market (with Mac Prichard)

The Exclusive Career Coach

This week’s guest is Mac Prichard, speaking with me about How to Hack the Hidden Job Market. 80% of all jobs are never publicly advertised, but there are ways to access this treasure trove of work opportunities. Mac explains: -Why the hidden job market exists -What kinds of tactics help jobseekers break into the hidden job market -How to execute a less frustrating, win-win job search You can find Mac Prichard on his weekly career podcast, Find Your Dream Job, wherever you get your podcasts.Mac’s List is a Portland-based job listing site that contains excellent job search information:https://jobs.macslist.org/searchHave a question for mac? Email him at mac@macslist.org To visit my website: www.exclusivecareercoaching.comFollow My YouTube channel (Lesa Edwards); it’s chocked full of valuable career management content in easily digestible bites. Want to speak with an expert about your career/job search goals? Need help figuring out what’s holding you back from achieving your dream career? Let’s talk. Here’s the link to schedule a 45-minute consult call with me: https://my.timetrade.com/book/KRKLS. Hope to see you soon!

22 Jan 2020