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4 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mike Meltser. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mike Meltser, often where they are interviewed.

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4 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mike Meltser. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mike Meltser, often where they are interviewed.

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Season 2: Episode 7 – Mike Meltser, SiriusXM/ESPN

I'm Sure I'm Overthinking This
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This week’s guest is Mike Meltser, famous for being jolly and verbose. Actually, that’s a joke. He’s neither of those things. But since we last spoke on this podcast, he’s also no longer hosting a radio show in Houston—he’s now a lawyer (among other things). Wild, right?

Here’s some of what we discussed, this time: (1:40) the full story of exactly what happened when he got fired from his radio show, (11:40) who he called first and who he actually spoke to first, (18:44) the risk, reward and pushback of tweeting opinions when you have a lot of followers, (30:48) the reason he pursued a law degree while hosting a daily, multiple-hour radio show, (35:11) why he felt going to law school actually helped his personal and radio life, (39:45) why have people been trying to scare us our whole lives about the next level of schooling, (43:40) his long-term goals as a lawyer and (47:09) the differences between hosting daily radio as opposed to weekly podcasts.

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May 28 2020


JIS: Mike Meltser Joins The Show

The Josh Innes Show
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Josh thinks the Saints will still beat Tampa despite the fact Gronk is joining Tom. Josh bets against teams that have all the internet hype. Mike Meltser joined and discussed the Texans issues. Did Bill O'Brien need to tell Deshaun Watson he was trading Hopkins before he traded Hopkins? We revisit old team rap songs.

Apr 22 2020

1hr 25mins


Mike Meltser on the 2019 Rockets offseason and beyond

Locked On Rockets - Daily Podcast On The Houston Rockets
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Veteran Houston sports radio host Mike Meltser joins Thursday's show.

Topics include new perspective on the Russell Westbrook trade and his fit with James Harden; potential extensions for P.J. Tucker and Eric Gordon; Clint Capela's room for growth; whether the alternate offseason reality of landing Jimmy Butler would be preferable; and much more.

#Rockets #NBA

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Aug 22 2019



PASR 061 : The One With Mike Meltser | Sports Talk Co-Host: MaD Radio - SportsRadio 610 Houston

The Podcast About Sports Radio : Chats With Industry Leaders
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Sometimes, just being close to the action is the best way to
move up the ranks.
But you still have to be good. Really good.  And that's
what Mike Meltser is. 
Meltser was a host in Hartford, Conn., a stones throw away
from ESPN.  And when the talent is so close, before you know
it, you're doing updates for ESPN Radio.
Since then, it's been nothing but upward for the current host
at SportsRadio 610 in Houston.
Hear about his climb and more in this edition of The
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Apr 27 2016