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Craig Brown on the Royals Being... Fun? 8/8/22

The Zone

In the third hour of Monday's edition of The Zone, Joshua Brisco talks to Craig Brown of Into the Fountains about the Royals' winning series and a weekend full of... fun and hope for the future?See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


8 Aug 2022

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Craig Brown on the Royals at the Trade Deadline, 8/1/22

The Zone

In the third hour of Monday's edition of The Zone, Jason Anderson talks about the Royals' options at the trade deadline with Craig Brown of Into The Fountains. Plus, Jason and Joshua Brisco hear from Frank Clark and discuss what Clark could bring to the 2022 Chiefs.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


1 Aug 2022

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Reaching 47 Million People with the Gospel (TikTok star Craig Brown)

Memorize What Matters

In 2021, Craig Brown - who lives in a small town in Idaho, USA - reached 47 MILLION people with the gospel. How is that even possible? For all the hate we throw at social media, this is one area where it can be used for good. So what does it mean for Craig to be a "digital missionary" and how does he use that platform to encourage people to memorize the Bible? Be sure to check out Craig's content and ministry here: TikTok (1.4 million followers): https://www.tiktok.com/@acraigbrown Instagram (62k followers): https://www.instagram.com/acraigbrown/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/craigbrownbibletime Theomatic Podcast: https://www.thetheomaticpodcast.com/ Logikos Ministries: https://logikosministries.com/ Additional Resources These are a few of the resources mentioned during this episode: Verse Locker App:This app from Sc ripture Memory Fellowship allows you to learn and review collections of Bible verses. Bible Memory Community : Join hundreds of others across the world who encourage and keep each other accountable to their Bible memory goals!   Thank you for listening to the Memorize What Matters podcast. We rely on listeners like you to reach a broader audience, so please take a moment to share this with a friend or leave a review on your favorite podcast player. We appreciate your support and may the Lord bless you as you continue to memorize His Word!


1 Jul 2022

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Craig Brown on Underdogs

Sacked in the Morning

You are minutes away from the opening game of the 1998 World Cup, you are about to send a team out to face the mighty Brazil and everyone expects you to get hammered...what do you say to cut the atmosphere and calm the boys nerves? Legendary Scotland boss Craig Brown joins Amy Irons and Craig Levein to reveal just how he had his players laughing as they got ready to line up against the World Champions. Craig also tells the tale about how he sent home a very young Duncan Ferguson for breaking rules, how a misunderstanding led to both Ally McCoist and Alan McInally thinking they were starting a game at the World Cup and how a very wily Craig stopped his players flirting on a plane to America.


4 May 2022

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Craig Brown and Jody Whiteneck of Underground Vision Technologies groudbreaking well plugging and casing liner.

Talking Energy Show

This Talking Energy Show hashtag#podcast episode Craig Brown and Jody Whiteneck show me how UVT plugs wells with the most innovative patent pending process now ready for deployment through the advanced engineering technology solutions and teamwork they created while now adding a better safer way to line casing. Disruptive game changers with needed and effective ideas saving wells for future hashtag#energy use while eliminating persistent methane emission problems that plague hashtag#oilgas properties throughout the world. From uvtsolutions.com - Underground Vision Technologies (UVT) is an environmental services company that was formed out of a passion to stop all greenhouse gas emissions. UVT addresses the issues of abandoned and orphaned oil wells across the globe. In much the same way that ocean cleanup has taken a priority on environmental and societal agendas, UVT is helping to lead the charge in how our government and society prioritize the issues of abandoned and orphaned wells. We do this by developing, testing and proving that there is a better, more financially viable, solution to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.. See the demo yourself this Thursday in Tulsa at Sawyer Fabrication 7799 S. Regency Drive | Tulsa, OK 74131 Thank sponsors and sign up at oilfieldtailgate.com and follow talkingenergyshow.com hashtag#esg hashtag#methane hashtag#emission hashtag#oilandgas hashtag#orphanwells hashtag#environment


4 May 2022

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Craig Brown - Episode 5 (Season 2)

Red Rewind

Our longest episode to date sees former Scotland and Aberdeen manager Craig Brown revealing more about his time at Pittodrie and how AFC could have signed a 7 figure international for 25 thousand pounds. Episodes 1, 2, 3 & 4 (Willie Garner, Stuart Duff, Jim Whyte & Bobby Clark) are also available as all of Series 1 (Jim Leighton, Steve Tosh, Brian Irvine, Zander Diamond, Neil Cooper, David Preece, Richie Byrne & Russell Anderson). Presented by Dave Macdermid & Andrew Shinie facebook.com/redrewind1903 Presenters: Dave Macdermid & Andrew ShinieArtwork: Alan HayMusic: Adam Featherstone, Mike Macdermid, Joe McNally, David Brant, Alyssa IchinoseProduction & Editing: Mike MacdermidStudios: Northsound 1

1hr 20mins

14 Feb 2022

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Exploring the Prophetic with Craig Brown (S:4 - Ep 51)

Exploring Series with Shawn Bolz

Today on Exploring the Prophetic, Shawn Bolz interviews Craig Brown. Craig is a Pastor who has also recently expanded to the digital realm; teaching the Bible and preaching about Jesus on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and recently launched a podcast. Craig is passionate about helping people know Jesus in a real and relational way.  Tune in as Shawn and Craig discuss his journey of not believing in the prophetic until he encountered Jesus for himself and in a moment took his unbelief and jadedness and revealed how the prophetic is powerful for today.  Hear how Craig’s yes has led him to pastoring on social media platforms that now has millions of followers. Be obedient to the process even if it doesn’t look like what you thought it would.


9 Feb 2022

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Episode 5 - Craig Brown

Down and Off

Happy New Year from John and Tim as they have the privilege to talk with new Alumni Hawkeye Marching Band Board Member and Social Media Extraordinaire Craig Brown. Craig talks about his journey from Fairfield, Iowa to the HMB Drum Line, his band memories from Michigan and Northwestern, time under Dr. Jones, graduation and meeting his wife Katie Newkirk, almost getting married in Kinnick, his family, his time as a broadcaster and pastor, and so much more. Go and like the "University of Iowa Alumni Band" page on Facebook for official videos and posts from the University of Iowa Alumni Bands!As always, send feedback to iowaalumniband@gmail.com, "Like" the "Down and Off Podcast" page on Facebook, and follow the us on Twitter @DownAndOffPod. #OnIowa #GoHawks 

1hr 3mins

7 Feb 2022

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Episode #55: Craig Brown

Heroes in our Midst

Today we are getting to know mental performance coach Craig Brown. Craig seems to be one of those guys who never wants to stop learning so that he can keep figuring out how to help others be better. He grew up in Jamaica, loves all sports, and has an even greater passion for the athletes who play them. He completed a Masters in Kinesiology and Recreation Management at the University of Manitoba, with a focus in Sport Psychology and to add to what he’s learned in the classroom, he has volunteered as a student sport psychology consultant with the Bison Women’s soccer team and with Valour FC. Craig has a deep desire to give voice to the experiences of newcomer athletes and to make a difference in the lives of others. Listen as he shares his personal experience with moving to a brand-new country and finding his place in a field he gave up everything else to pursue.


4 Oct 2021

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140: Stop Hiding and Start Healing with Craig Brown

The Addicted Mind Podcast

What happens when your pain is greater than your fears? On this episode, Duane speaks with Recovery Pastor Craig Brown and author of the book, Stop Hiding, Start Healing. Craig shares his recovery journey coming out of an abusive, dysfunctional family and how he peeled off the layers of his pain, shame, and guilt, and finally found freedom again once he decided to surrender and give his life over to Christ-centered recovery. One of the striking things Craig also mentioned during this interview is that people think recovery is about addiction and about the drug addict, but recovery is about restoring souls. Growing up, Craig was feeling the pressure of having a dad who was a pastor, being in an environment where they were forced to fake it so his dad would look good in public. But the man he saw standing in the pulpit was entirely different than the one he saw at home. He had a lot of demons within him as well as a lot of struggles that he took out on Craig and his siblings.So at a very young age, Craig had to learn some coping mechanisms to deal with what he was going through. He didn't have good nurturing nor did he have any emotional, mental, or spiritual development. Once he got to high school, he started drinking. He felt a huge void and he wanted to get away from God and his family. From there, he began his descent to what he calls the pit of hell. He was partying everywhere and had no self-control. He felt totally isolated and didn’t have anybody he could talk to and trust. He just didn’t feel safe. His streak of unfortunate events continued on as he dropped out of college and took a job at a bar restaurant owned by the biggest cocaine dealer on the East Coast at the time. There, he got sucked up into the drug world. He was depressed and dark with no mission or vision until the pain in his life got greater than his fear of changing. It was then that he finally decided to surrender and God took over his life. From that surrender came freedom.In this episode, you will hear: Craig’s addiction and recovery journey The conscious decision to get well Shattering the bondage of shame and guilt Why the Bible is a blueprint for recovery Replacing negative self-talk with positive input The role of community in recovery Key Quotes:[06:28] - "Oftentimes, we take on the identity of our struggle, our pain. our shame. our guilt, failure."[07:09] - “When the pain is greater than my fear of changing, my fear of shame, my fear of embarrassment, when you're at that point, more often than not, you're going to do whatever it takes to get well.”[13:00] - “People have so many resources available to get well. But the shame of their past is debilitating.”[13:49] - “That shame and that guilt that is just keeping you in bondage. Let it be cracked and shattered, so you can be set free and begin healing.”[14:31] - “Of all places that people should be accepted. It's the church. And oftentimes that's not the case, unfortunately.”[15:56] - “If you've had adverse childhood events and painful events, you're going to find a way to cope, and you're more likely to turn to a substance, or pornography, or sex or food or whatever it is to make yourself feel medicated.”[18:31] - “Churches that teach practical application of Scripture, do extremely well in helping people fully understand how it applies to their situation.”[23:26] - "Whatever your community is, it has to be healthy, it has to be relational."Supporting Resources:Book: www.stophidingstarthealingbook.comWebsite: www.craigdbrown.com Facebook: Stop Hiding Start HealingEpisode CreditsIf you like this podcast and are thinking of creating your own, consider talking to my producer, Danny Ozment.Find out more at https://emeraldcitypro.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


2 Aug 2021