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Christine Khor - Co-Founder, Peeplcoach.com and Peeplmatch

She's THE Boss Chats

Chris Khor is a wonder woman! Having run her HR company for marketing peeps for a couple of decades (with some name changes and shuffling of staff), she realised that there was a weird thing going on in the business. The people who were getting the advanced leadership courses were the executive teams - but it is middle management who need it if they are going to get to the next stage! So she started Peeplcoach, offering on-demand executive coaching. It's a brand spanking new business but one that clearly fills a gap.Starting her career in FMCG at companies like Kraft, Christine and a friend realised that there was a need for a recruitment company to help organisations find great marketers, and at that stage, there weren't any so she jumped out of her corporate role and started an agency. She grew the agency, found a new partner, became part of a multi-office network and then downsized. That agency is still going, albeit with a new name, Chorus Executive. Two children and 20 years later, Chris is passionate about making change and is also actively working with The Hunger Project, a glocal organisation with the goal of ending world hunger by 2030. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


23 Mar 2021

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Episode 50 – The Future of Well-Rounded Leadership with Christine Khor

DevReady Podcast

On this episode of the DevReady Podcast, Andrew and Anthony talk to the CEO of Peeplcoach.com and talent executive, Christine Khor. During their conversation, they discuss thought leadership, the benefits of executive coaching, and how to overcome fear in the marketplace. At the beginning of the episode, Christine talks about what coaching actually is, and what it is not. She provides her background and discusses why she has a passion for helping people to improve their processes and their work-life balance. Going off the cuff for a moment, she mentions the fact that being a braggart about workaholism is not a virtue, and that Gen Z and the Millennials might actually have that part right. “Being a startup means being frugal, but not being cheap.” – Christine Khor She shares some industry insight into how executive coaching works, who it might be right for, and how people might get started into the coaching process. Christine believes that all people will ultimately benefit from coaching, and they can take their renewed perspectives back with them into the workplace to enhance their productivity and passion. This means having a diverse team around you to help make tough decisions. It also means not being afraid. It’s not as simple as just choosing not to fear things, though. It takes work, and Christine’s team of coaches at PeeplCoach know how. “The financial reward isn’t enough of a motivator…you need passion and drive.” – Andrew Romeo Ultimately, the leadership at any startup is trying to create value for their investments, and executive coaching can help to maximize the returns on those investments by preparing leadership for any challenge that may come their way. You can reach Christine at the contact info provided below. Topics Covered: How executive coaching helps you understand your limiting beliefs.Managing work expectations against working your life away.What should you take in if you want to coach others?Diversity ultimately creates better outcomes.Recruitment matching.Coaching yourself through fear and managing to push you forward.Be careful about how much focus you put on money.Your startup is looking for value for money, not for what is cheap.Kinds of people who are ready for coaching. The post Episode 50 – The Future of Well-Rounded Leadership with Christine Khor appeared first on DevReady Academy.


27 Jan 2021

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Series 4 Episode 3: Purposeful Coaching - Christine Khor

Game Changers

The Game Changers podcast celebrates those true pioneers in education who are building schools for tomorrow. In the third episode of the fourth series of the Game Changers podcast, we talk with Christine Khor, CEO & Co-founder of Peeplcoach. Christine started her first business, Market Partners (now Chorus Executive), in 2000, after seeing an opportunity for sales and marketing professionals to recruit for sales and marketing. She wanted to make an even bigger impact, so in 2018 she launched Peeplcoach, an on-demand career health and wellbeing platform. She is also on the national board for The Hunger Project Australia and is passionate about the work they do. In this episode, she tells her story of how she came to where she is today, explains her motivation for her work with The Hunger Project, and speaks on her role in empowering diverse groups of people to succeed.The Game Changers podcast is produced by Oliver Cummins for Orbital Productions, supported by a School for tomorrow (aSchoolfortomorrow.com), and powered by CIRCLE by CIRCLE – The Centre for Innovation, Research, Creativity and Leadership in Education (www.circle.education). The podcast is hosted on SoundCloud and distributed through Spotify, Google Play, and Apple Podcasts. Please subscribe and tell your friends you like what you are hearing. You can contact us at gamechangers@circle.education, on Twitter and Instagram via @GameChangersPC, and you can also connect with Philip SA Cummins and Adriano Di Prato via LinkedIn. Adriano loves his insta and tweets a lot; Phil posts videos to YouTube.GameChangers


29 Oct 2020

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FACING YOUR FEAR with Christine Khor

Wabi Sabi Series

If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be? “I would like people to talk more about what they are really scared of" -- Christine Khor is a powerhouse & always fun to have a chat to. She’s an executive coach and recruiter, CEO of both Chorus Executive and Peeplcoach, director on The Hunger Project's national board and Advisory Council Member - Future of Work Program chaired by David Gonski. She’s a leadership facilitator, presenter, speaker, author and fits in being a mum with all that as well! Christine’s belief is that a business can only be successful when their people are successful. She founded Chorus Executive; a holistic talent management consultancy over 20years ago and in the last 2 years, started up Peeplcoach, an on-demand career and executive coaching and development platform. She saw a gap in the market and felt that coaching should be more accessible to everyone. Peeplcoach provides a wide range of benefits of executive coaching to thousands of individuals at a significantly lower cost than traditional coaching services. Chris & I met at a conference a few years back & have always had such liberating conversations and this was no exception. Connect and find out more about Christine here;- www.peeplcoach.com www.christinekhor.com.au LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christinekhor/ And for more information about the Wabi Sabi Series, please find us here:- https://wabisabiseries.com/ Instagram @thewabisabiseries Facebook @thewabisabiseries If you have a burning topic you’d love society to talk more about, or know someone who’d be great to come on our podcast, drop us a line at hello@wabisabiseries.com


21 Jul 2020

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123 Christine Khor on Talent Management Perspective

Inspiring Greatness

Welcome to episode 123! Christine Khor began her 1 st recruitment company 17 yrs ago. Since then she has had 3 businesses completing a merger which led to national expansion. Christine lives for innovation and growth and her company Chorus Executive is holistic talent management company providing recruitment, coaching and personal branding services to her niche market Sales, marketing and communication space. Christine to run away to Africa in order to gain perspective and bring meaning back into her life. She volunteered for The Hunger Project – a not for profit organisation that works to eradicate world hunger, and came back from Uganda a changed woman. Maxum Corporation - Inspiring Greatness Show Notes: http://maxumcorp.com.au/podcasts/


6 Nov 2017

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Christine Khor, talking how to hire passionate people to make greater profit, growth and life.

The Honest CEO Show

I had the pleasure of talking to Christine Khor, MD of Chorus Executive, on her achievements in business to date. An amazing woman committed to making a difference. Christine is the author of "Hire Love: How to Hire Passionate People to Make Greater Profit". Christine is the 2004 winner of the Women's Chief of Enterprise International Award, a in 2015 was a Telstra Business Women’s Awards Finalist. www.chorus-executive.com.au


26 Apr 2016

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E024 | Christine Khor (CEO)

Coming Up Next

Richard Branson's private island, starting your own company & abundance vs. poverty mindset are just some of the things on the menu when CEO & business coach, Christine Khor, joins in the Coming Up Next ramble.

1hr 5mins

22 Dec 2015