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Journeys to God & The Shamanic Experience w/Mary Kay Ryan

Gin & Tantra

In this episode we continue our conversation with Mary Kay Ryan.  She and Daniel detail Shamanic experiences of interacting with what are perceived as divine forces.  Mary Kay mentions the show Lucifer and its many humurous perspectives on various traditional views on the relationships between God and his family.  She also shares a story of meeting a Daoist Immortal... in Chicago!  Also we detail wisdom as a process of remembering, seeing the world as divine and communicating the feeling of an experience through storytelling.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/gintantra/message


14 Oct 2021

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Gin & Tantra

In this episode we dive headfitst in nuance as we discuss perfectionism as a philosophical movement, a moral standard and a psychological impediment.  We discuss a journey to perfection experienced by Mary Kay and how she feels that a lot of therapy is about finding out who is at fault for why you are the way you are.  Mary Kay also discusses using Shamanic techniques for healing and asking oneself, what is the point of my life?--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/gintantra/message


11 Oct 2021

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Kay Ryan - Koruna

Báseň na každý den

21. září 1945 se narodila Kay Ryan - americká básnířka a pedagožka. Báseň přeložila Sylva Ficová. Podcast "Báseň na každý den" poslouchejte na Anchor, Spotify, Apple, Google, YouRadio, České Podcasty nebo Audiolibrix. Domovská stránka podcastu je na https://www.poetickyklub.cz.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/basennakazdyden/message


21 Sep 2021

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Tenderness and Rot by Kay Ryan s.1 e.2 - Sofia Angulo

Peach Acid

Here is the second episode our wonderful Sofia Angulo 


24 Feb 2021

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Shamanism and a Contact High? w/Mary Kay Ryan pt.3

Gin & Tantra

In this episode we take a deep dive into Shamanic practice. We ask what is Shamanism?  What are some of the aspects that make up this timeless practice as it spans the globe since humankind began to roam the Earth?  How can it help us today?  We talk about the important aspects of leadership and we also discuss the effects we have on others through various practices... possible for a contact high?  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/gintantra/message


29 Jul 2020

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De-Mystifying Religion/Re-Mystifying Spirituality, Conversation w/Mary Kay Ryan pt.2

Gin & Tantra

In this episode, we discuss "...creating a religion out of your own life experience" -Mary Kay Ryan We define the terms religion and spirituality personally for each of us.  How are they different/similar and what are some of the pitfalls around the institutions and practices surrounding each surrounding each?  From Catholicism to various forms of Shamanic practices, very few stones are left unturned!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/gintantra/message


27 Jul 2020

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What is Medicine? A conversation with Mary Kay Ryan.

Gin & Tantra

In this episode, we chat with Mary Kay Ryan, anthropologist, Acupuncturist and Shamanic Teacher who's bio is further listed on the show.  We define medicine from a historic, native and contemporary perspective where the various aspects of the individual and the community are viewed differently.  How can we learn from these ideas and practices for well-being?  Check out the episode and find out!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/gintantra/message


26 Jul 2020

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Kay Ryan

Free Food for Thought

"Silence seems native to all of us...it shocks me to think about all of the people who seem to give it away so easily."This week, Melanie and Skip sat down with former U.S. Poet Laureate Kay Ryan to discuss her collections of poetry, her love of silence, and her evolution as a poet.


12 Apr 2019

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Kay Ryan

The Poet and The Poem

From “The Poet and the Poem from the Library of Congress": During July, on iTunes, we honor Poets Laureate of the United States who keep language from the evils of persuasion …who rinse off words, making them fresh and new.


17 Jul 2018

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Kay Ryan at Edinburgh International Book Festival

2013 Edinburgh International Book Festival

Kay Ryan is widely regarded as one of America’s great living poets. Her book The Best of It: New and Selected Poems won her the Pulitzer Prize in 2011, and she was the US Poet Laureate from 2008-2010. However, despite the plaudits, Ryan is no creature of the establishment: she once said ‘it’s poetry’s uselessness that excites me.’ Both Ryan’s poetry and personality are on show in this event, recorded live at the 2013 Edinburgh International Book Festival. With Robyn Marsack, Director of the Scottish Poetry Library.


28 Sep 2013