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A Word of Encouragement from Gabe Barrett

Board Game Design Lab

Today, it’s just me, and I’ve got a word of encouragement for you. Pursuing a creative lifestyle can be incredibly difficult, so I wanted to do an episode to help you stay motivated and inspired. The post A Word of Encouragement from Gabe Barrett appeared first on Board Game Design Lab.


8 Sep 2021

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Episode 30: Exploration (with Gabe Barrett)

10 Minute Design Chat

In this episode of 10 Minute Design Chat, Rob and Chris are joined by Gabe Barrett; game designer, publisher and host of the Board Game Design Chat podcast, to discuss exploration and discovery in games. How do you bring the excitement and wonder of an open world to the tabletop, and can you make ‘saving’ an analog game a fun and intuitive process? -Find show notes at https://linktr.ee/10MDChat -Find the 10 Minute Design Challenge at http://10minutedesignchallenge.co.uk/ -Learn more about Board Game Bud at https://www.boardgamebud.com/ -Follow us on Instagram! @tabletopapprentice (Chris) and @boardgamebud (Rob)   -We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions for the show; you can contact us any time at 10minutedesignchat@gmail.com. 


22 Aug 2021

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What being trans can teach us about the importance of belonging and building teams with Gabe Barrett

Happiness and Humans

Matt Phelan and Gabe Barrett sit down during Pride month to discuss Gabe's unique perspective on the world of work. Having transitioned Gender Gabe offers us all a unique perspective on subjects ranging from belonging to building teams. Gabe is a data expert and now works to help companies build teams in a Hybrid work world. Matt asks Gabe the following questions Tell us your story? How do you support someone transitioning? Is data scary? How do you build a team? What's next for Gabe Barrett?


16 Jun 2021

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What Does Your Future of Work look like ? Gabe Barrett Former CIO Abellio Group

Get Amplified

This is a slightly different Get Amplified episode - Gabe Barrett former CIO of Abellio Group and shortly embarking in a Masters in Organisational Psychology joins Sam and Vic for a thought provoking conversation. We  dip into what the future of work looks like and things we should be considering as we start to introduce hybrid working for the many vs the few. You can find an overview of the speed check we mention here 


28 May 2021

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Episode 186 | Gabe Barrett of Board Game Design Lab on Cam Newton, Board Games, and International Ministries

Humans of Gaming Podcast

Gabe Barrett has some stories to tell. Before he founded the Board Game Design Lab podcast, he played college football and didn't think much of Cam Newton on his first day. He also lives in Honduras most of the year when he isn't in Atlanta and doing missions work in both. His family was also fell afoul of the moral failings of church leadership that cost them their church family. Despite this sad happening, this paved the path for him to travel to Honduras where he met his wife and started his family. It is from these locations that he founded the Board Game Design Lab where the philosophy is the love that a designer can bring friends and families together around a sacred place: the table.


27 May 2021

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#006 — Gabe Barrett: The future of work is up for design

Mind Narrative

Gabe is the CEO of Otter Intelligence, a workplace and employee experience consultancy. Gabe trained as a geoscientist before beginning his career as a strategy consultant with a particular focus on risk management. He's driven initiatives and built teams in the fields of business resilience, cyber security and technology but he's found himself increasingly drawn towards the human side of work, and most especially is fascinated by what makes a good team. He believes that the future of work is up for design. EPISODE LINKS: Gabe’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gabebarrett/ PODCAST INFO: Podcast website: https://www.mindnarrative.co.uk/ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/1BlZEf3k4ifhvi0XkL8Au1 Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/mind-narrative/id1562903429 Google Podcasts: https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWRpYS5yc3MuY29tL21pbmRuYXJyYXRpdmUvZmVlZC54bWw RSS: https://anchor.fm/s/56b4a504/podcast/rss Full episodes playlist: https://bit.ly/2OFUN3V SOCIAL: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mind-narrative/?viewAsMember=true Support on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/mindnarrative TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Introduction 1:42 What then and now — Gabe's plans 3:03 The future of work — What is it? 8:34 Funny how companies are dictating the number of days in the office to their employees, isn't it better to help them adapt their work location to the task at hand? 14:02 What if the nature of your business means you can’t let everyone ‘work from anywhere? Are you going to lose staff? Lose clients and sales? Fail to attract the top talent? 16:13 Organisations should seize this opportunity to step back and make sure that they are creating clear connections across individual jobs, team objectives, and the organisation’s mission — How would you do that? What is your approach? 20:21 Current projects — Where is your inspiration coming from? (e.g.: military) 24:43 Company's purpose and ''North Star'' 28:28 The issue with companies' buzzwords, B.S and performative actions 31:19 Thomas Friedman’s perspective that humans who want to adapt in an age of acceleration must develop “dynamic stability” 36:30 A pandemic year, resilience, trauma, mental health crisis 38:03 The end of the office factory 42:45 The individualisation of work experience; using a data-driven approach to better understand workers’ unique attributes, needs, and dimensions and segment their workforce accordingly 45:29 What is one thing that you wish your program does for your clients? 46:48 Automation and digitisation of interactions 50:26 Global workforce and company's values 55:05 Lasting impact of the pandemic on labour demand, mix of occupations, the workforce skills required 56:13 What are the skills and/or character traits that helped you so far in your life?


17 May 2021

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Designing Solo Games and the Making of Hunted: Wode Ridge with Gabe Barrett

Board Game Design Lab

Today, it’s just me on the show, and I’m discussing different angles of designing and publishing solo games, and I’m talking through the design process for my latest solo game, Hunted: Wode Ridge.I talk about pros, cons, design challenges, the business side of things, and more. And you can check out Hunted: Wode Ridge on Kickstarter HERE. The post Designing Solo Games and the Making of Hunted: Wode Ridge with Gabe Barrett appeared first on Board Game Design Lab.


24 Feb 2021

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BGMP 045 A Conversation with Gabe Barrett

Board Game Marketing Podcast

In this episode, host Nalin talks with Gabe from the Board Game Design Lab. He has launched 10 crowdfunding campaigns and now is working on a huge platform to connect and help board game creators. He discusses the key points to succeed in crowdfunding and what he wants to achieve with Board Game Design Lab. Check it out!  We discuss: [1:20]: Who Gabe is and a bit of his podcaster journey. He has launched 10 crowdfunding campaigns so far! [03:16]: The key to launching a successful campaign is to understand who your audience is, listening to their input and opinions, and really getting in their mindset as consumers. Gabe creates 2 fictional characters with whom he has conversations about doubts and ideas he has about a product or campaign. These fictional but well-described characters help Gabe get into the consumer mindset.  [7:41]: It’s all about building relationships. One is better than zero, and you want to start creating those relationships one at a time and snowballing your growth from there. [12:38]: With entrepreneurship, community building and crowdfunding, you want to play the long game. You want to really invest time in the social channel that you actually like and grow over time. Success comes from everyday habits. [16:01]: The more you stick to habits that help your business grow, the easier it’ll be to follow through. Scheduling time windows for specific things is a good place to start in order to get organized and do the things you need to be doing, and how this translates to the relationships you need to succeed in crowdfunding.  [23:25]: Gabe’s advice on dealing with people online who don’t love your product.  [27:28]: We live in exciting times that allow the creation of new ideas more than ever, there are no excuses anymore to not work on your dream.  [30:25]: There’s only so much you can do in 24 hours. Having self-care habits will help your creativity and productivity. [33:50]: What’s the idea behind  Board Game Design Lab and how it can help and inspire creators, the content and tools that will be available. Launching soon! Thanks for listening to the Board Game Marketing Podcast! Board Game Design Lab: https://www.boardgamedesignlab.com/ Board Game Design Lab on Discord: https://discord.com/invite/RXuu2rR Board Game Design Lab Community on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BGDLCommunity/ Gabe on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bgdesignlab?lang=en For more information on how to market your game, be sure to check out the Meeple Marketing Blog.


10 Feb 2021

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Ep 6: Marketing With Gabe Barrett Of The Board Game Design Lab

Crowdfunding Nerds: Kickstarter Marketing For Board Games & Beyond!

The Crowdfunding Nerds are joined by Gabe Barrett of the Board Game Design Lab this week. They discuss email lead generation through cold calling, how to engage a Facebook group community, and more!  Episode 600:01:40 – How Did Gabe Barrett Get Into Game Design?00:03:14 - Who Is Gabe Barrett?00:04:22 - Best Board Game Design Lab Episode00:05:50 – Email Cold Calling (Pitching) 00:14:00 – What Gabe Barrett Likes To See When People Email Him 00:17:59 – A Podcast Topic Gabe Barrett Hates 00:21:12 – Game Design Coaching 00:22:32 – Gabe Barrett’s Business Plan00:25:42 – What Gabe Barrett Would Do If Starting From The Beginning Again00:27:04 – The Board Game Design Lab Website00:30:50 – Common Board Game Design Issues For First Time Developers 00:35:00 – Social Media Marketing Tips00:36:26 – How Gabe Barrett Got Into Publishing Board Games  00:39:00 – How Gabe Barrett Got Into Coaching 00:39:50 - How To Get People Excited About Your Board Game00:42:20 - Facebook Group Advice00:44:16 – Gabe Barrett’s Strengths 00:45:40 – Advice To Aim Lower  Board Game Design Lab - https://www.boardgamedesignlab.com/Barrett Publishing - https://barrettpublishing.com/Jamey Stegmaier On The Board Game Design Lab Podcast - https://www.boardgamedesignlab.com/what-you-wish-you-would-have-known/Riot Games Origins Story With Marc Merrill - https://youtu.be/5OsFytuMmk8Jamey Stegmaier KS Lessons - https://stonemaiergames.com/kickstarter/full-list-chronological/James Mathe Kickstarter Advice - http://www.jamesmathe.com/category/kickstarter/


19 Jan 2021

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115 - Before Family Game Night, There's Gabe Barrett

Digital Marketing Masters Podcast

Before you get the family around the kitchen table to play that board game, someone designed it, prototyped it, play-tested it, edited, pitched, produced, and sold it. That process starts with Gabe Barrett from the Board Game Design Lab.Board Game Design Lab: https://www.boardgamedesignlab.com/Digital Marketing Masters Podcast: https://hookseo.com/podcast


14 Oct 2020