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The One With Kathryn Morgan

Dance; Better.

Today we spoke with Kathryn Morgan. Do we need to say more?! Kathryn is a YouTube phenom, ballet influencer, author, coach, YAGP judge, and the creator of Kathryn Morgan Online, Kathryn Morgan and Friends, and so much more. She shared with us her amazing journey through being a preprofessional, getting hired at NYCB, a seven year retirement and harrowing health journey, her comeback to the stage, and now creating her own space in the dance world. Kathryn is a true phoenix, rising from the ashes time and again, and is a true inspiration to us all. You can follow Kathryn on Instagram @kathryn_morgan To experience her platform (find her articles, videos, classes, and even get one-on-one coaching)  visit: www.kathrynmorganonline.com The music is, "A Journey" by Kevin Hartnell It has been edited and reproduced under the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). Follow us on Instagram! Dance; Better Podcast @dancebetterpodcast Courtney @courtulrich Sarah @techballet Send in your questions or episode suggestions to dancebetterpodcast@gmail.com If you relate and found this episode helpful, please click follow/subscribe and leave us a review. (We might even read it on the next episode!) This helps to make our show more searchable, and will make it more accessible to more people...plus, we’d love to hear from you!


19 Feb 2021

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Scribble Talk Episode 88 - Kathryn Morgan (Recipient of 2017 APMP 40 Under 40 Award, Winner of the 2016 APMP UK Writing Award, Nominee 2020 APMP UK leadership category)

Scribble Talk

Kathryn Morgan is a Bid Director with over 14 years’ experience in bidding, starting my career as a bid coordinator in 2006. She is worked in different sectors including hard FM, private security, professional services and soft FM for companies include Just Ask Estate services, Mitie, EY, G4S. Kathryn completed her APMP Professional accreditation last year (2019).  Recipient of APMP 40 Under 40 Award – 2017, Winner of the APMP UK Writing Award – 2016 and also nominated in the 2020, APMP UK 2020 leadership category. 


7 Feb 2021

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54. Kathryn Morgan and her very good reason for leaving Miami City Ballet!

The Balanced Ballerinas Podcast

I'm beyond excited to share this weeks guest with you all. As you would have seen from the title, today I bring you a conversation with the Kathryn Morgan. Affectionately also known as Katie and the YouTube star who brought ballet to peoples living rooms before covid made it cool. Kathryn is an American ballet dancer who started her career as a soloist at New York City Ballet. I'm going to let Kathryn share her story in her own words, but I will share that after being diagnosed with a thyroid condition she had no choice but to leave the world of ballet and its unreasonable demands behind. Getting married and thinking she would live out the rest of her life as a happy wife, Kathryn endured immense heartbreak and used ballet to cope with the pain of her divorce. The remarkable part of Kathryn's story is her return to the stage at the age of 30 as a soloist with Miami city Ballet. An absolutely remarkable accomplishment after so much time off and a testament to her talent and skill. I have wanted to host Kathryn on the podcast for a very long time now, but I'll often wait to approach a potential guest until they have something really important to say, celebrate or share. In this case Kathryn released a now famous video titled 'Why I left Miami City Ballet' and after watching I immediately reached out. This video hit a lot of raw nerves for me. Kathryn should be beyond proud of her career. As I mention in our conversation, as someone who is also trying to turn an industry upside down and forge my own path, I look up to and admire people that through the power of social media and sheer determination manage to be the architect of their own life by designing a career and personal brand that previously hasn't really existed. This is a long, but important conversation. So let's get into it! But first, I'd just like to say thank you so much Kathryn for baring your soul, sharing your story with the world and for giving a voice to all the ballerinas who suffer in silence. ____________________ Get your FREE Balanced Ballerinas 'Intention Setting' worksheet HERE and start kicking GOALS: https://www.balancedballerinas.com/product/balanced-ballerinas-intention-setting-worksheet/ You can find more resources at www.balancedballerinas.com Instagram @thebalancedballerina Podcast @balancedballerinas Facebook - Balanced Ballerinas (ensure you join the *SECRET* Facebook group too!)

1hr 15mins

4 Nov 2020

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Whistleblower, Modern Slavery, AML/CTF, ABAC & AFSLs with Kathryn Morgan

YS Up - Governance and Boards

Episode 21 – Whistleblower, Modern Slavery, AML/CTF, ABAC and AFSL’s with Kathryn MorganShownotesIn this episode of YS Up Governance and Boards Podcast, 3YS Owls Governance Consultants, Ainslie Cunningham and Deb Anderson interview Kathryn Morgan. Kathryn is a Senior Associate (Financial Services) at McCullough Robertson Lawyers. We talk to Kathryn about the enhanced whistleblower protections, modern slavery, AML/CTF, ABac and other challenges for financial services providers, mining and engineering firms, professional services firms and educational institutions.“It [Modern Slavery Act) obviously came into effect in 2019, so it's not necessarily new law now, but the first set of reporting requirements are now coming up. They have all been pushed back by three months due to COVID like most regulators… I think it's important to note that, It's not saying that you have to look at your supply chains and be absolutely certain that there is no modern slavery in your supply chains because quite frankly, that is impossible. Anyone that has a smartphone has benefited in some way, shape, or form, from modern slavery, unfortunately. But what it is about doing is, trying to create as much transparency as possible, given the nature of your business, given the types of goods and services that you're providing, and where possible, trying to remove any obvious instances of modern slavery. So, it really needs to be looked at on a case by case basis.So if, for example, you're manufacturing technology equipment and you're getting a lot of raw materials from a country that's a vulnerable jurisdiction, the kinds of checks, and balances and the due diligence that you're going to put in place for those suppliers is going to be very different for a small accounting business that employs five people and might occasionally buy some merchandise from China. Both require due diligence, and both would require checks. And obviously, the latter businesses are unlikely to be captured by the mandatory criteria and having to report, but it's the framework that any business can and probably should implement.”– Kathryn MorganSummary of episode · Whistleblower protection laws and policies· DFAT Consolidated list· Financial Action Task Force (FATF)· Modern Slavery Act 2018· Anti-Slavery Australia· Implementation of the Hayne Financial Services Royal Commission Recommendations· Anti-money laundering and anti-counter terrorism financing (AML/CTF)· Anti-bribery and anti-corruption (ABAC) policies· Australian Financial Services Licensees (AFSLs)· Regulators (ASIC, AUSTRAC and OAIC)· FinTech· Compliance frameworksAbout Kathryn MorganKathryn is a financial services regulatory lawyer, specialising in white collar crime regulation and compliance. Kathryn acts for clients from a variety of industry sectors, including mining and engineering firms, professional services firms, educational institutions and financial services providers. She advises on matters regarding anti-money laundering and counter terrorism, (AML/CTF), international sanctions, foreign bribery, modern slavery, whistleblower protection laws and other white-collar crime issues.Kathryn brings both in-house and private practice experience, having previously worked as an in-house legal counsel for the wealth management business unit at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Kathryn's experience includes advising various clients on their obligations as existing or potential reporting entities under the AML/CTF Act and advising various listed and unlisted, Australian and multinational entities in relation to addressing a range of integrity risks applicable to their operations, including UNSC sanctions regimes.Review, Like and CommentIf you enjoyed this episode please remember to review, like and comment. You can leave a rating and subscribe for the latest episode at iTunes using the apple icon in the player above.About Us - 3YS Owls – Governance Consultants3YS Owls are a corporate governance firm and incorporated legal practice who specialise in providing a variety of services and solutions across corporate governance, company secretary, board advisory, strategy, risk and business consulting. Contact the team today to see how we can help you.TranscriptDownload a full copy of the transcript here.Suggest a topic or join us as a guest on the showIf you have a topic you would like us to explore, or you would like to join us as a guest on the podcast, we would be delighted to hear from you. Lets Get in touch!YS Up - Governance and Boards Podcast is an easy to understand educational podcast covering hot topics in governance, risk, latest regulatory changes and issues keeping directors and executives awake at night. A practical guide to assist in navigating the complex regulatory minefield, increased public scrutiny, erosion of trust, climate change, modern slavery, non-financial risks, systemic cultural problems and other challenges facing companies in Australia in 2020 and beyond. Are you a company secretary, director, board member, C-Suite, executive or senior manager with an interest in governance, risk and regulatory change? Then this is the podcast for you!https://www.3ysowls.com.au/governance/podcast/ys-up-governance.jsp


23 Sep 2020

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Living together as Citizens of Heaven - Kathryn Morgan - Audio

Creech St Michael Baptist Church

Morning Worship - 14 June '20


14 Jun 2020

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#NCE Live Podcast 5 - Kathryn Morgan - Professional conversations & empathy

#NCE Live

A fantastic conversation with Kathryn Morgan exploring the importance of professional conversations in building empathetic and compassionate culture.Here are the links to the articles referenced in the podcast:https://www.forbes.com/sites/benjaminlaker/2020/04/14/how-to-be-more-compassionate-during-covid-19-crisis/ Culture web - https://www.google.com/search?q=johnson%27s+cultural+web&safe=off&sxsrf=ALeKk00pijkXwnlI4xPK3YPLc0gEJLPH0w:1586891375604&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiRqvWFz-joAhW1Q0EAHbG8B0UQ_AUoAXoECBAQAw&biw=1500&bih=887&dpr=2#imgrc=iVeGLNa7vCxk7M


15 Apr 2020

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Sir David Carter interviewed by Kathryn Morgan

Naylor's Natter Podcast 'Just talking to Teachers'

Welcome to this week's Naylor's Natter, hopefully capturing the Zeitgeist of the continuing school 'closures' and lockdown. This script is being written over lunch during one of my days in school , can I add my thanks to all teaching colleagues going over and above throughout the world. On this weeks natter , we have the marvellous Kathryn Morgan again in the interviewers chair. Kathryn is nattering with Sir David Carter. Sir David is a former National Schools Commissioner, the first Regional Schools Commissioner for the South West and before that had taught Music in Comprehensive Schools across the country since he started teaching in September 1983. He received a Knighthood for services to education in the Queen's birthday honours in 2013.TDT SectionWe have Michelle and Bethan discussing online facilitation in our regular TDT section . This is of course very prescient and topical at the moment PodcastPedagogyIn television from streaming services during lockdown we have Lucy Flower @MrsLFlower https://thehappyleader.wordpress.com/ on Waterloo Road and the genius of Hey Dugee .In music we have Molly @mimmer https://mimmerr.co.uk/ on Tame Impalla and in books its me on Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.Shameless plugs A plug for ResearchEd Home which is a fabulous idea , coming to a device near you from 20/4 . This will be starting with the superb Daniel Willingham and will also feature our very own (well sort of) Simon Cox .Stay indoors , keep positive and see you next week!

1hr 17mins

10 Apr 2020

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Putting Staff First part 1 - Kathryn Morgan interviews Jonny Uttley . Promo code of PSF40 for listeners to get 40% off Putting Staff First.

Naylor's Natter Podcast 'Just talking to Teachers'

Update - promo code of PSF40 for listeners to get 40% off Putting Staff First. Visit https://www.johncattbookshop.com/titles In this weeks natter , Kathryn is in conversation with Jonny on leadership and how it is vital at times like this. Podcast Pedagogy Music- 'Mixing Colours' - Roger Eno and Brian Eno Books- 'A Clergyman's Daughter' by George Orwell Streaming Services- 'Sunderland 'till I die' and The Body Coach Next week Sir David Carter  Stay in and stay safe everyone . Massive thank you to all educators, continuing to safeguard, provide and care for our pupils! #proudtoteach  www.naylorsnatter.co.uk


3 Apr 2020

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12. The cult of Kathryn Morgan

Honestly, truly

Well would you look at that, its episode 12! This week, Abby and Maddie have long time friend Alexandria Brant (aka Pearl) on and talk all about some of her most iconic roles, the ins and outs of the dance world from collegiate dancing to starting your own company, and why Cats (2019) was the best and worst thing to have ever happened.

5 Feb 2020

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Episode 22 Kathryn Morgan

The Chelsea Keefer Podcast

Kathryn Morgan a Soloist with Miami City Ballet shares her triumphant story of coming back to ballet after 7 years of quitting. A prodigy with New York City Ballet in her early twenties was faced with an auto immune disease that set her on a different path. Kathryn shares her vulnerable and badass self with us and how she has continuously persevered. I am truly grateful for her presence within the ballet community and the current stigma's she is addressing head on with grace. Please enjoy this episode featuring Kathryn Morgan.


21 Jan 2020