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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jack McNamara. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jack McNamara, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jack McNamara. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jack McNamara, often where they are interviewed.

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Episode 18: Creating healthier energy drinks w/ Jack McNamara (Tru Inc.)

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We have all heard that energy drinks are not a staple in a healthy lifestyle. Yet, the products are extremely effective in enhancing our abilities to stay focused, accomplish a task and perform at a higher level. We are willing to sacrifice a little bit of health for the results. What if there was an option that tasted great, performed well and was made from natural ingredients that fit a healthier lifestyle? 

That is the question our guest today is in the process of solving. 

Jack McNamara is the co-founder of Tru Inc.,  a beverage company that is focused on disrupting the energy drink market by pursuing healthier ingredients that perform better than their counterparts. Jack has a great back story that I encourage all of you to look more into. We get into it a little bit - but it is definitely worth diving deeper into. 

Today we talk about the basics of creating a product in the beverage industry. Developing a formula, partnering with distributors, manufacturing processes and where to start. Jack shares a ton of insights that will help anyone get their idea off the ground. 


Take a look at TruEnergy's products @

Follow TruEnergy on Instagram as they prepare to launch their new product line @DrinkTru

Jul 24 2020 · 56mins
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Episode #5 - Jack Mcnamara

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On this episode, we bring on former D1/Pro player and current CEO/Founder of TruEnergy - Jack Mcnamara - to tell his story of grinding it out in Europe as a player to then grinding it out as an entrepreneur living in a gym. Some great advice and life lessons in this one! Thank you to all of our friends and our network for listening. We appreciate the feedback and support.

May 24 2020 · 43mins
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Jack McNamara: The Rocky Balboa of the Energy Drink Industry

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Jack McNamara is a former pro athlete turned sports drink entrepreneur and the founder of DrinkTru, the company behind the clean energy shot known as TruEnergy. McNamara left his career as a professional hockey player to live and work out of his bedroom, a hovel tucked away in the back of a CrossFit gym, while he builds his energy drink startup. McNamara's journey so far has seen a number of start-up accelerators invest in his company, and he's had appearances on the TV Show Entrepreneur's Elevator Pitch. There's a lot of buzz around McNamara's rise in the highly competitive sports beverage sector, mostly because he's humble, unabashedly honest, and someone you just can't help but root for. His story reads a bit like the film Rocky, had Stallone's character decided to hang up the gloves and pursue starting a business, it's no surprise then that the tale of McNamara's fight to survive and thrive in the world of startups has been written about in media outlets from Forbes and Fortune magazine through to BuzzFeed.

Diving into the energy drink space, an industry dominated by numerous billion-dollar brands may seem like an underdog, uphill battle, but McNamara has thrown caution to the wind and taken big swings in pursuit of a dream before, having left a great university, Colgate, his scholarship and friends, to pursue a shot at playing professional ice hockey with an against-the-odds tryout for a team in Scandinavia. "So I essentially traded off a scholarship for a one week trial in Denmark where I paid my own way. So I get there and I actually don't make the team, and all I have is a hockey bag and a bag of clothes. And here I am thinking I was bound for the NHL and I can't even make this team in Europe. So then I find a way through my dad who was essentially my Jerry Maguire acting as my agent, he found me a three-day tryout, and the coach right off the bat was like, honestly, we don't really have any spots, but you're welcome to come. I didn't make that team either! So now I'm on the phone, my parents are saying, hey, this isn't looking good, but I can't go back to playing college hockey, because I burned my eligibility doing these tryouts. So finally, I get a last option, and make a last-ditch effort, and just played my game. I didn't worry about anything other than just working hard and doing the right things. And I made the team and I scored in the first game that I ever played professionally."

Mcnamara tells that story as a metaphor for his entrepreneurial journey, as he has fought back from the brink over and over again "this business almost crumbled, as many times as my professional hockey career almost crumbled," He recounts numerous experiences where he has hit the wall over and over again, having come up against a seemingly insurmountable deadline, becoming wracked with anxiety sometimes to the point where he feels he's on the brink of either losing his mind or having a heart attack, yet he's always been able to find his resolve, dig deep and by working his ass off, finding a way to make it all work. "My mindset is like, I've gotten here by pure effort, but the guy that works the hardest isn't the one who's going to make a billion dollars. It's the guy who works the smartest."

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May 13 2020 · 1hr 27mins
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Episode 14: Jack McNamara - Founder & CEO of Tru, Inc.

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Today’s guest, Jack McNamara, Founder and CEO of Tru, Inc., is someone who’s stepped back quite a bit in order to leap forward and get to where he is today. Before embarking full time on entrepreneurship, Jack decided to drop a Division I hockey scholarship in order to play pro hockey over in Europe. It was while in Europe, surrounded by elite athletes putting unhealthy stuff into their bodies when it became time to perform, that he got the inspiration to start TruEnergy. In what actually originated as a product aimed at innovating the liquor industry is now a company that creates all-natural, functional beverages to optimize human performance from the elite athlete to the weekend warrior. In this interview, we first discuss the impact the current Pandemic situation has had on his business, the genesis of TruEnergy and how it’s evolved over time, his pro hockey days in Europe, and the sacrifices one makes and has to embrace while diving head first into entrepreneurship.


00:02:40 Pandemic's impact on his business

00:07:07 When did his entrepreneurial journey start

00:10:42 Software sales for 2.5 weeks and what he learned

00:20:16 Genesis of Tru, Inc.

00:33:27 Why he sleeps well at night with investors' money

00:37:37 Building a mentor network

00:41:32 Customer feedback

00:44:03 Most common critique from investors

00:46:16 Lifeguard Ad for Tru

00:48:06 Pro hockey in Europe while getting a degree

00:55:15 New perspectives gained from living in Europe

00:58:55 Embracing sacrifice as an entrepreneur

01:05:20 Managing stress as an entrepreneur

01:07:00 Working out of the basement of a jiu-jitsu facility

01:11:36 How much of a motivation is money for him

01:13:15 His daily routine

01:15:53 His driving force

01:17:24 What would he do if Tru doesn't succeed

01:19:49 Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

Apr 26 2020 · 1hr 24mins
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Jack McNamara: Authenticity in Entrepreneurship

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My guest is Jack McNamara, a former Colgate University and professional hockey player who is the founder of a growing energy drink company, DrinkTru. It is rare you can get an entrepreneur to speak so honestly about the struggles of building a they're going through it. But as you'll see: honesty is not just central to Jack's success and drive, it's essential to the DrinkTru brand. A rare, behind the scenes look at the day-to-day life of a company on the brink of being the next big thing.

In Today's Episode:

  • Learn how Jack creates viral video content that authentically propel's his companies brand
  • See why Jack quit a job just after two weeks...and why he thinks it's one of the wisest business decisions he's ever made
  • Discover Jack's reliable strategy for leveraging your "celebrity" as an athlete to find internships, mentorships and career opportunities

Connect with Jack

  • Twitter: @drinktru and @_jackmcnamara
  • Instaram: @drinktru
  • YouTube: DrinkTru

Connect with Us:

  • Twitter: @parallelco
  • Instagram: @parallelplatform
Jul 01 2019 · 55mins
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Jack McNamara: International Hockey Pro Turned Entrepreneur

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In this episode featuring Jack McNamara, we talk about his experience playing pro hockey overseas, how he came up with the idea behind his company TruEnergy, & what he had to do to get his company off the ground.

Apr 04 2018 · 26mins
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The Improv Saved My Life Podcast Episode #80 (Amy Frizzi & Jack McNamara)

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The Improv Saved My Life Podcast Episode #80 (Amy Frizzi & Jack McNamara) In this episode Tom is joined by two really talented improvisers, Amy Frizzi (Cast Member of "Face Off" at ImprovBoston, "Baby Giraffes") & Jack McNamara (ImprovBoston Fresh Blend Harold Night Team "Nixon", "Laugh McNamara"). Topics discussed include Amy & Jack's improv backgrounds, their original Harold Team "The Buskers", Amy's sketch group "Baby Giraffes", Jack's love of The Harold Structure and Jack does a bunch of Conor Allen impersonations. Should you check this episode out? Yes...and check out Amy perform at Face Off at ImprovBoston Saturday nights at 10:00pm, get ticket and info here: Also check out "Nixon" perform at Harold Night at ImprovBoston Wednesday Nights at 9:30pm, get tickets and info here: Check out "Laugh McNamara" perform for possibly the last time, Friday, May 15th at ImprovBoston. Do me a favor and subscribe and rate "The Improv Saved My Life Podcast” on iTunes at this link
May 02 2015 · 50mins