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Stephen Miller on God’s grace when things go wrong

Susie Larson Live

Stephen Miller of the "The Miller Fam" on YouTube talks about his book "The Art of Getting It Wrong: Finding Good in the Misadventures of Life." He shares about his amazing family and how God shows up, even when we get it wrong.


17 Aug 2022

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Stephen Miller Reveals How the CDC Conspired to Stifle Free Speech

Sara Carter Show

Former Trump White House official and America First Legal Foundation Founder Stephen Miller joins Sara for the second half of their explosive interview. Sara and Stephen discuss the tools President Trump would pursue to clean out the deep state if he wins a second term. They also discuss what Miller has discovered about the CDC trying to get big tech to crush free speech connected to the COVID crisis. They also document the border catastrophe that President Biden has intentionally orchestrated. Finally, they highlight the importance of this year's midterm elections and what to expect for 2024.In addition, Sara also updates us on her reporting in Oklahoma, where China is using proxies to buy up huge swaths of American land.Please visit our great sponsors:My Pillow https://www.mypillow.com/carterSave on the new Precale Bed Sheets with code CARTER.The Association of Mature American Citizenshttps://amac.us/carterThe benefits of membership are great, but the cause is even greater.


4 Aug 2022

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Stephen Miller Exposes the Power and Reach of the Deep State

Sara Carter Show

Former Trump adviser and America First Legal Foundation Founder Stephen Miller tells Sara just how far the deep state went to stop President Trump's agenda and how far it will go to stop anyone actively opposed to its agenda. It makes unfavorable stories disappear, spoon feeds completely fabricated allegations to the media, and puts innocent people in prison. Miller also explains why he does not believe the Justice Department is fixable in its current form.Sara also walks us through President Biden's horrific poll numbers among Latinos and explains why they are fed up with the Democrats.Please visit our great sponsors:My Pillow https://www.mypillow.com/carterSave on the new Precale Bed Sheets with code CARTER.The Association of Mature American Citizenshttps://amac.us/carterThe benefits of membership are great, but the cause is even greater.


1 Aug 2022

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FunkQuest - Nobility - Featuring - Stephen Miller (Paralympian) v Shawny Hill

Jon Senior's FunkQuest

Shawny Hill plays FunkQuest with Stephen Miller MBE , a British athlete who competes in the fields of Paralympic club and discus throwing. He has won three gold, one silver, and one bronze medal in the F32/51 club throw at the Paralympics. In Paralympic F32/51 discus he won one bronze medal. Question 1 Shawny picked the 'Fox'What do you think you could give a one hour lecture on with no preperation?Stephen Chose the 'Amphitheatre'What letters are on the bottom line of a keyboard? Question 2Shawny liked the 'Motorbike'What was the first album you bought with your own money?Stephen went for the 'Horse Rider'What would you show to extra terrestrials as an accurate depiction of the world?Question 3Shawny chose the 'Wax Crayons'Where is the worst place you got lost?Stephen picked the 'Ladies Hockey'What was the worst DIY you have done?Question 4Shawny went for the 'Pizza'What would you do with £/$/€ 100 if you found it in the street?Stephen plumped for the 'Wellingtons'What is the most ridiculous thing you have recieved?Question 5Shawny decided on the 'Yoga Ladies'Which car would be your dream car?Stephen chose the 'Teacup'What do you think about before going to sleep?What is FunkQuest ?FunkQuest is a fun interactive online conversation game that features five rounds.Funksters (players) view a board containing 20 individual icons (pictures) Funksters select an icon from the board which most tweaks their interest. Each Funky icon, when chosen reveals a Funky question, which may or may not be related to the icon.Potential Funksters, have to think on their feet, answering the question within the strict time limit of one minute. We are looking for answers which might include; insights, useful and amusing snippets, and things we just didn't know. We call this FUNK.The winner - based on audience votes - goes through to the next round of the Funkquest series.What's so good about FUNKQUEST ​?The strict time limit does not allow funksters to give; multi-headed, long, complicated and self indulgent stories - just short punchy bite-sized truly Funky ideas, as we GET THE FUNK OUT!You get to hear new ideas and speakers from outside your usual network, which truly qualifies as FUNKY.​Funky Thinkers know that IDEAS only come from free-flowing CONVERSATION.To make sure you never miss a FunkQuest episode - click https://funkythinkers.com/youtubeWhat did you think ? Leave a comment


11 Jul 2022

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Stephen Miller on the Art of Getting it Wrong

The Matthew West Podcast

My guest today is an author, vlogger, and entrepreneur. His popular YouTube channel The Miller Fam has a million subscribers and his family journey is an inspiring one. We’re celebrating the release of his great new book, The Art of Getting It Wrong. Let’s go to the Story House with Stephen Miller! SPONSORS Catalina Crunch - Snacks that are both nourishing and delicious. Score 15% off your first order + FREE shipping with code MATTHEWWEST at checkout. Christian Appalachian Project has been serving the people of Appalachia for nearly sixty years through donor support, dedicated volunteers, and selfless staff. CAP now touches the lives of more than 1.5 million people each year. Donate today to help CAP restore hope in the lives of children, their families, and seniors in Central Appalachia! FIND PODCAST RESOURCES AND MORE FROM THIS EPISODE at matthewwest.com/podcast/stephenmiller.

1hr 6mins

29 Jun 2022

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Finding the Good in Misadventures in Life with Stephen Miller

The Dad Edge Podcast (formerly The Good Dad Project Podcast)

When it comes to making mistakes and taking risks, are you fearful that you’re going to do something wrong and it's going to be irreversible? If this happens, will you be identified as a failure? That is what most people are afraid of when taking risks. We talk today about this and the stories we tell ourselves and why we get wrapped up in something like this.  My guest, Stephen Miller is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and Youtube star with his channel, The Stephen Fam, with a platform of almost 1 million followers in just 2 years. In his channel, he displays the beauty and the depth, diversity of featuring his large adoptive home of seven. Stephen has recorded six studio albums and is the author of The Liberating King and The Worship Leaders.  Show Notes:www.thedadedge.com/373

1hr 7mins

6 Jun 2022

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"The Art of Getting It Wrong" with Stephen Miller

Legacy Dads with Dave and Dante

In this episode, we interview YouTube personality Stephen Miller to learn more behind author of "The Art of Getting It Wrong." Stephen opens up about his marriage, having kids, working through pregnancy loss, and what it is like to live with his wife and seven kids in a 42-foot camping trailer. The conversation is raw and engaging...God has truly been at work in this man's life, and he is using his platform to fulfill the Great Commission and build God's Kingdom. Listen in and enjoy!

1hr 6mins

6 Jun 2022

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Hatemonger: Stephen Miller, Donald Trump, and the White Nationalist Agenda

The Opperman Report

“A vital book for understanding the still-unfolding nightmare of nationalism and racism in the 21st century.” –Francisco Cantu, author of The Line Becomes a RiverStephen Miller is one of the most influential advisors in the White House. He has crafted Donald Trump’s speeches, designed immigration policies that ban Muslims and separate families, and outlasted such Trump stalwarts as Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions. But he’s remained an enigma.Until now. Emmy- and PEN-winning investigative journalist and author Jean Guerrero charts the thirty-four-year-old’s astonishing rise to power, drawing from more than one hundred interviews with his family, friends, adversaries and government officials.Radicalized as a teenager, Miller relished provocation at his high school in liberal Santa Monica, California. He clashed with administrators and antagonized dark-skinned classmates with invectives against bilingualism and multiculturalism. At Duke University, he cloaked racist and classist ideas in the language of patriotism and heritage to get them airtime amid controversies. On Capitol Hill, he served Tea Party congresswoman Michele Bachmann and nativist Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions.Recruited to Trump’s campaign, Miller met his idol. Having dreamed of Trump’s presidency before he even announced his decision to run, Miller became his senior policy advisor and speechwriter. Together, they stoked dystopian fears about the Democrats, “Deep State” and “American Carnage,” painting migrants and their supporters as an existential threat to America. Through backroom machinations and sheer force of will, Miller survived dozens of resignations and encouraged Trump’s harshest impulses, in conflict with the president’s own family. While Trump railed against illegal immigration, Miller crusaded against legal immigration. He targeted refugees, asylum seekers and their children, engineering an ethical crisis for a nation that once saw itself as the conscience of the world. Miller rallied support for this agenda, even as federal judges tried to stop it, by courting the white rage that found violent expression in tragedies from El Paso to Charlottesville.Hatemonger unveils the man driving some of the most divisive confrontations over what it means to be American––and what America will become.


30 Mar 2022

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Build Strength in All Areas - with Stephen Miller - EP242

365 Driven

Stephen Miller is a former pro MMA fighter, martial arts expert, Strongman performer with 5 world records to his credit, author, speaker, and owner of Legacy 365. He is a renowned motivator of people, and has spoken to crowds as large as 60,000 and shared the stage with other great speakers and thought leaders. He has produced an intensive coaching system called “Circle Builders,” and has authored The 30-Day Family Challenge, Dynamite Comes in Small Packages, The Adullam Experience, and his upcoming book, Circle Builders. In today’s episode, Stephen dives into the concept of “circle building”, to help others build more complete lives, families, and companies. Stephen shares the 7 values that he believes are most important for everyone to incorporate and focus on in order to yield exponential growth in the entirety of our lives. Key highlights: Stephen’s recommendations for real world self defense  Each of Stephen’s world records His story setting a world record on Ripley’s Believe It or Not The injuries he sustained while setting world records The 7 values Legacy 365 focuses on  The great mystery of spirituality His new book coming out: Circle Builders Stephen’s advice for getting started with personal development Quote from the episode: “The legacy you want to leave is the legacy you must live.” For more information about this episode, visit: 365driven.com/episode242


22 Mar 2022

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Stephen Miller on Biden’s Terror Response, the Border Crisis, and Trump 2024 | Ep. 152

The Megyn Kelly Show

Megyn Kelly is joined by Stephen Miller, former senior advisor to President Trump and founder of ‘America First Legal,’ to talk about his firm’s recent legal wins against the Biden Administration, the message he thinks the U.S. military should send to the Taliban, the unprecedented crisis at our southern border, his perspective looking back now at President Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy, the 2024 election, dealing with personal and professional criticism, why he refuses to back down, fatherhood, and more.Follow The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms:Twitter: http://Twitter.com/MegynKellyShowInstagram: http://Instagram.com/MegynKellyShowFacebook: http://Facebook.com/MegynKellyShowFind out more information at:https://www.devilmaycaremedia.com/megynkellyshow

1hr 35mins

30 Aug 2021