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Every Walt Disney Needs A Roy Disney

Achieving Clarity Podcast

A goal is not a plan, a goal needs a plan. Every visionary needs a planner as their partner to help turn that goal into a reality. In this episode, we discuss the visionaries like Walt Disney and their successful partnerships with planners like Roy Disney, and why it is so important for you, if you are Walt, to find your Roy in this world. Doing so will enable your partnership to become a superpower. Credit to Paul Scanlon for his excellent discussion on this topic.


22 Jul 2021

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Episode #14: A Lesson from Walt and Roy Disney

Daily Dose of Disney with Ray Keating

Ray Keating sees that Walt and Roy worked as partners, each bringing different strengths to the House of Mouse.The “Daily Dose of Disney with Ray Keating” podcast serves up a Disney or Disney-related quote each day, with DisneyBizJournal’s Ray Keating offering brief, additional thoughts on how each dose ties in to life, career, business, entrepreneurship, creativity, storytelling, work, or just plain fun.Check out www.DisneyBizJournal.com.Keating has two new books out and another on the way. Vatican Shadows: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel is the 13th thriller/mystery in the Pastor Stephen Grant series. Get the paperback or Kindle edition at Amazon, or signed books at www.raykeatingonline.com. Past Lives: A Pastor Stephen Grant Short Story is the 14th book in the series. Get the paperback or Kindle edition at Amazon, or signed book at www.raykeatingonline.com. And pre-order What’s Lost? A Pastor Stephen Grant Short Story for the Kindle right now.Order Ray Keating’s book Behind Enemy Lines: Conservative Communiques from Left-Wing New York  –  signed books  or at  Amazon.And one of Keating’s newest books on the economy is  Free Trade Rocks! 10 Points on International Trade Everyone Should Know, which is available at  Amazon  in paperback or for the Kindle edition, and signed books at  www.raykeatingonline.com. Read Keating’s latest columns on a wide range of issues at www.KeatingFiles.com. Listen to Ray’s other podcasts – the Free Enterprise in Three Minutes podcast and the PRESS CLUB C Podcast.Love Ray Keating’s Pastor Stephen Grant Thrillers and Mysteries? It’s the Perfect Time to Join the Pastor Stephen Grant Fellowship! For the BEST VALUE, Join the Book of the Month Club. Check it all out at https://www.patreon.com/pastorstephengrantfellowshipHave Ray Keating speak your group, business, school, church, or organization. Email him at raykeating@keatingreports.com. 


20 Apr 2021

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48. Make Decisions You Feel Great About With This Simple Lesson From Roy Disney

The Rialto Marketing Podcast

Do you ever struggle to make decisions? In this solo episode of The Rialto Marketing Podcast, here's a simple measuring stick you can use to not only make decisions but feel great about them too.


15 Feb 2021

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Bibidi Cast 12: Roy Disney e o legado de um gênio financeiro (ft. Claudemir Oliveira)

Bibidi Bobidi Cast

No episódio de hoje, Fernanda e Manu vão falar do gênio financeiro que fez a Walt Disney Company dar MUITO certo, como era sua relação com o irmão Walt, as influências dele no sucesso da empresa e o seu legado que atravessa gerações. Esse episódio é dedicado ao Roy Disney, pois sem ele nem existiria Disney Company! Pra embarcar nessa empreitada, tivemos a honra de receber o fundador do Seeds of Dreams Institute e biógrafo dos irmãos Disney, o excelente Claudemir Oliveira. O papo tá incrível e muito enriquecedor, com certeza foi um dos episódios mais divertidos e importantes que já gravamos! Gostou do episódio? Escreva pra gente em bibidibobidicast@gmail.com e tenha a chance de ter seu email lido e respondido no nosso episódio mensal #CorreioDoRato Nos siga nas redes: http://www.instagram.com/bibidicast http://www.twitter.com/bibidicast Mais plataformas onde nos encontrar: http://linktr.ee/bibidicast Conecte com a Fernanda: http://linktr.ee/fernandaschmolz Conecte com a Manu: http://instagram.com/amigadorato Bibidi Bobidi Boo! ~*

1hr 32mins

20 Apr 2020

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Remembering Roy Disney & Visiting WDW Solo

Theme Park Pulse

Have you ever visited a theme park solo? Sean's guest Dustin, from Steps to the Magic, shares his reasons why you totally should do Disney...solo! Plus, Adam's Theme Park Time Machine remembers Roy Disney, and Dante checks-in from Festival of the Holidays at Disney California Adventure. TIMES*: Adam's Theme Park Time Machine @ 1:36 Parks Planning Forecast w/ Kory @ 11:42 Why you should visit WDW Solo w/ Sean & Dustin @ 13:19 Festival of the Holidays w/ Dante @ 36:37 - Support Theme Park Pulse, and Unpacked with a financial gift of $5 a month for cool bonus content and unlimited good karma! Check us out on Patreon! - Get cool non-spammy emails from us: http://eepurl.com/gi_Ghj  Voicemail: (213) 935-0513 Everything else is at ThemeParkPulse.com - LINKS/SOURCES: Undercover Tourist Roy Disney's Opening Day Dedication on YouTube Walt: A No Midnight Serial (Ep 1) Tips to Dining Alone at Walt Disney World Why You Should Plan A Solo Trip To Walt Disney World -Episode Producer/Host/Editor: Kory Talk Segment Producer/Host: Sean Reid Adam's Theme Park Time Machine written/hosted by Adam Vargyas, Sound Design by Jack Milliken Music & sound effects licensed through Epidemic Sound, design by Kory. Theme Park Alchemy "Pirates Curse" promo design: Kory Recorded in Atlanta, GA - Sacramento and Oakland, CA. -  See our "Gives Ghoul Head" and "Childless Millennial" t-shirts! - This episode plundered by Theme Park Alchemy's fragrance Pirates Curse. Available in candles, wax melts and room sprays at ThemeParkAlchemy.com. Use the promo code PULSE to save 15%!


20 Dec 2019

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Travel Guide Orlando EP.24 - Roy Disney. Um império construído nos bastidores

The Morning Disney Show

Nesse super Episódio, recebi um convidado super especial para falar sobre uma figura fundamental para a Disney ter se tornado a Empresa que é até hoje em dia, vamos falar de Roy Disney !! Conheça, emocione-se, apaixone-se! Notas do Podcast: Instagram do Seeds of Dreams Institute: @seedsofdreamsinstitute Instagram de Claudemir Oliveira: @claudemir_seeds_oliveira Site do Seeds Of Dreams Institute: https://www.seedsofdreams.org Compre o Livro "Roy Disney. Um império construído nos bastidores" até o dia 5/09 e receba autografado em sua casa, link para a compra: https://www.seedsofdreams.org/books/--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/themorningdisneyshow/message


29 Aug 2019

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DHI 048 - Roy Disney Goes to Florida

Disney History Institute Podcast

In 1950, Roy Disney visited Florida and had an experience that may have changed the course of the Disney empire.


2 May 2018

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034 Sailing in the Roy Disney Suite and Concierge

DCL Podcast

Chris joins us to discuss his families experiences cruising Concierge and in the Roy Disney suite with DCL.  Christy and I had a great time talking to Chris about his families experiences cruising Concierge and in the Roy Disney Suite.  We cover everything from booking Concierge and all of the amenities that come with these staterooms. Contact Steve and Christy on Facebook or Twitter: Steve: http://www.facebook.com/dclpodcast http://www.twitter.com/dclpodcast Christy: http://www.facebook.com/packyourpixiedust http://www.twitter.com/packyrpixiedust


20 Mar 2018

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Walt Disney & Roy Disney -DOTM045

Holbrook New Media Audio Feed

The celebrities quoted today were suggested by Craig of the DisAfterDark podcast. The DisAfterDark podcast takes place in the Mouses Head pub in the United Kingdom. They describe the show like this:  "Yet another Disney Podcast, probably containing childish grown up language for immature adults." I really enjoy the show. Check it out at disafterdark.com  Links to Craig and show he cohosts with be in the show notes for episode 45 of Daggers Of The Mind. @bcl1973 @disafterdark  https://itunes.apple.com/podcast/disafterdark-disney-podcast/id499831329?mt=2 http://www.disafterdark.com/ Walt Disney, Creator Of The Famous Mouse “All the adversity I've had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me... You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” No pain no gain. Quite the cliché in our world, but there is still a lot of truth in it. Walt Disney and his older brother Roy had quite a bit of adversity before becoming the overnight success we know of today. Several starts and stops were required to learn the lessons they needed to succeed. Once Walt found out another company had the rights to a character they were cartooning and they not only lost the chance to the character property, but also all but one of the employees that were doing the actual animation. I do believe that would qualify as a kick in the teeth for anybody. Since Walt was the creative one, and not so good at business, his older brother Roy came in to run the business end, and that was when the famous mouse was born. Each had their strengths and weaknesses, and freeing up Walt to be creative and letting the introverted Roy handle the paperwork was a magical combination. Yes, Mickey Mouse came in and saved the day. He was originally going to be called Mortimer, but fortunately that was changed. Good move. When you get your official kick in the teeth in your endeavors, don’t quit, evaluate what went wrong and then team up with others who have talents you don’t possess. Recognition of other people’s talents and pulling together are major ingredients for getting things done.  Check your ego at the door, make sure your teeth are tightening back up and get to work. It’s time to become that overnight success! A quote from President Bill Clinton: "If you live long enough, you'll make mistakes. But if you learn from them, you'll be a better person. It's how you handle adversity, not how it affects you. The main thing is never quit, never quit, never quit." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walt_Disney Walt Disney in the International Movie Database http://disney.com/ ------------------------------ Roy Disney, Uncle Of The Famous Mouse “When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” Why does a person spend all their time trying to please others? I think it is probably because they really don’t have a clearly defined idea of their own values. If that is the case, there is a desperate attempt to find the values of other people that can be substituted for their own. Your core values are what determines what direction you take on any issue. Even when you do research and learn things that fine tune your paths, there should be a basic and stable center that you rely on for your final decision on anything. When you are unsure of where you really stand, trying to please others becomes paramount because it relieves you of the responsibility of stepping out and being committed to a specific path. Then, any failure will be their fault, not yours. This is a very bad move because you end up being wishy washy. When person number 1 is near, you try to do what they would, and when person 2 is around, you may do the exact opposite. This can create conflict, and in extreme cases, serious harm to your reputation and your friendships. This also leaves you open to the type of people that enjoy the power of manipulating others. You are just standing there waiting to be told what to do. Unscrupulous people are ready to oblige. When a conversation starts with “I dare you to”, that is a clear case of being manipulated to do something you shouldn’t. Why would anyone ever bother to dare you to do what is right? Know your own core values. What is right and what is wrong should be static, not flexible. Situational ethics can get you in just as much trouble as being led by whoever happens to be standing around. As an example, I actually heard someone say the other day that it is OK to steal from Walmart, but not from a small store. It seems to me a little tilted. If it is wrong on a mom and pop store, it is also wrong to steal from Walmart.  Lock them in, and be ready to take a stand when the rubber meets the road. When faced with the choice, the choice is simple. Definate, fixed core values make it easy to point in a decisive direction and go for it. A final thought from Senator Cory Booker: "If you look at great human civilizations, from the Roman Empire to the Soviet Union, you will see that most do not fail simply due to external threats but because of internal weakness, corruption, or a failure to manifest the values and ideals they espouse." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_O._Disney http://www.mouseplanet.com/9562/The_Forgotten_Brother_Who_Built_a_Magic_Kingdom ------------------------------------------------------- Would like to say a special thanks to Martin Lindeskog of Gothenburg, Sweden for tweeting and promoting the show on Twitter.com. He describes himself at a Nuismatist, Renaissance Man & American in Spirit. He's a great guy, and I really appeciate the shout outs!!! @Lyceum ------------------------------------------------------ SUBSCRIBE!  iTunesStitcherTunein CHECK US OUT ON   Facebook TwitterTumblr


3 Aug 2015

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0092 - Alice in Wonderland, Roy Disney, Mission Marvel, The Beatles - Communicore Weekly

Communicore Weekly

Down the rabbit hole we go as we learn a bit about the Alice in Wonderland attraction in this weeks Disney History! George looks at Roy E Disney for his Book of the Week! Phineas and Ferb Mission Marvel is the latest DVD we tackle in the 60 Second Review! And finally, The Beatles are weeks Five Legged Goat!


16 Oct 2013