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4 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Sally Irwin. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Sally Irwin, often where they are interviewed.

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4 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Sally Irwin. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Sally Irwin, often where they are interviewed.

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Sally Irwin

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Sally Irwin founded The Freedom Hub in 2014, a business dedicated to ending modern slavery in Australia. Sally is committed to raising awareness of modern slavery, helping people escape the injustice of slavery, rehabilitating people who have survived slavery and inviting others to help fight this crime. With over 10 years experience working with survivors of human trafficking in Australia and Europe, Sally has expanded The Freedom Hub to include a survivor school for victims of slavery, an ethical cafe and event venue and ethical business services. In 2017 Inside Small Business listed Sally as one of Australia's Top 50 Small Business Leaders.

Jun 15 2020 · 38mins
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Ethical Business for Purpose with Sally Irwin

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My next guest is no stranger to a podcast with me. She has been the voice for modern slavery and human trafficking in Australia in recent years. After seeing the women in Germany being trafficked across eastern borders for sex and supporting them, she returned home to Australia, thinking we were immune to such horror. She soon discovered that the reality was that modern slavery did exist in Australia for tens of thousands of people and not just the sex trade - this made her angry and fueled her mission to create the Freedom Hub.

Sally Irwin is the Founder of Freedom Hub, which is a registered charity that equips survivors to live in freedom and they welcome volunteers and local fundraising events to help this cause succeed.

They also run a social enterprise café and retail store, which provides an opportunity for every Australian to choose ethically sourced products with no slavery in the supply chain, while making a difference in the lives of others. 100% of profits support the administration of our Survivor School.

With Freedom Hub cafes on the Gold Coast and in Sydney, along with an event venue focused on ethical event celebrations, this truly is a cause we need to get behind.

This podcast is brought to you by Ethical Change Agency.

Dec 18 2019 · 26mins

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Ep. 151 - How you can end modern slavery in Australia with Sally Irwin

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Sally Irwin is the Founder of The Freedom Hub with the mission to put an end to human trafficking and slavery within Australian borders. The Freedom exists to help people who have experienced this crime – through their Survivor School they offer survivors long term support with personalised classes to assist them from recovering in trauma. Their cafes based in Sydney and the Gold Coast raise funds and a focal point for community involvement and awareness.

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Jul 13 2019 · 46mins
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Sally Irwin, The Freedom Hub

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  • Sally Irwin
    The Freedom Hub

    Moving to Germany in 2008 when her husband took up a Diplomatic post in Berlin, Sally was confronted with the issue of human trafficking – particularly from Eastern Europe, and established a charity in Berlin to fund organisations that supported the victims.

    She also became very active in a café supporting women trafficked into prostitution, and was personally involved in helping a number of these women return to their country and begin a new life.

    Returning to Sydney in July 2012, Sally applied her passion and experience to the issue of modern day slavery here in Australia. As a volunteer Sally worked in the Salvation Army’s Trafficking and Slavery Safe House, for two years. In this role she interviewed, trained, coordinated a new volunteer movement; set up training courses to help survivors become work ready and was actively engaged in encouraging the women to return to the workforce.

    In March 2014 Sally founded The Freedom Hub Survivor School, that trains, equips and provides work experience to survivors of modern slavery in Australia. In 2016 she opened a “business for purpose” which consists of a café, venue & retail to fund the administration of the Survivor School. With her co-workers she is helping survivors to rebuild their lives to a point where they can be employed, self-sufficient and have regained their self-worth.

Apr 02 2017 · 22mins