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EP188: Live Enneagram Typing Session: Leading and Loving from All the Authentic Places with Dorothy Illson (Enneagram 2)

The Leadership Formula Podcast - Enneagram & Success Mindset with Tracy O'Malley

Self-preservation Enneagram 2s are slightly shy and completely charming. They want to be taken care of but resist being dependent on others. They feel responsible for other’s happiness and tend to withdraw when they fear rejection.Dorothy Illson is the Founder of Needle’s Eye Media, full-service digital advertising agency that helps businesses leverage paid traffic to achieve sustainable growth. And while her business is thriving, Dorothy often blames herself for anything she perceives as wrong and wastes time worrying that people are mad at her.So, how might she leverage the Enneagram to stop ruminating on the stories she’s telling herself and start leading and loving from an authentic place?On this episode of The Leadership Formula, Dorothy explains how she gets worked up when she thinks she’s wronged someone, describing her need to be liked and appreciated as an Enneagram 2.Dorothy shares her ability to read people’s needs and make them feel supported, even though she worries about burdening others and is slow to ask for help herself.Listen in for insight on what it looks like when Dorothy is stretching into her growth number 4 and learn how to help a 2 realize that their worth is not based on what they do for others—and make decisions accordingly. What You Will Learn How blaming herself for anything she perceives as wrong gets in Dorothy’s wayDorothy’s ability to read people’s needs and make them feel supportedWhy Dorothy gets worked up when she thinks she’s wronged someoneHow Dorothy worries about burdening other people with her needsDorothy’s motivational need to be liked and appreciated as an Enneagram 2The challenge 2s face in realizing that their worth doesn’t come from what they do for othersHow Enneagram 2s can use their 1 and 3 wings to learn to say noWhy Dorothy moves into a passive-aggressive, unhealthy 8 when she’s stressedWhat it looks like when Dorothy is stretching into her growth number 4How the self-preservation subtype looks different from a typical Enneagram 2Connect with Dorothy Needle’s Eye Media:https://www.needleseyemedia.com/Dorothy on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/dorothyillson/?hl=enDorothy on LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/in/dorothy-illson/Connect with Tracytracyomalley.comwww.instagram.com/tracy_omalleywww.facebook.com/tracy.omalleytwitter.com/TracyOMallwww.linkedin.com/in/tracy-o-malley/ResourcesApply for My 1:1 Coaching Program:http://tracyomalley.com/workwithme/Register for My Enneagram Kickstart Session:http://tracyomalley.com/workwithme/


28 Oct 2021

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How To Stay Positive And Create Positive Change | with Dorothy Illson

The Edge Podcast by Swanwick

In this new episode of The Edge Podcast, James Swanwick interviews Dorothy Illson, founder of Needle’s Eye Media, a full-service digital marketing agency. She has profitably spent millions of dollars for her clients and is best known as the premier media buying partner for personal brands and other digital product businesses who are ready to scale their customer acquisition with paid traffic. Dorothy’s also the host of Do Well & Do Good, a podcast for purpose-driven entrepreneurs, which tells the stories of people who have not only created personal and professional success but who leveraged their success to help create positive change. Listen to this episode to learn how personal development forms an integral part of the entrepreneurial journey. #theedgepodcast #entrepreneurialjourney #purposedrivenlife Connect with Dorothy Illson: Website LinkedIn Facebook Podcast CONNECT WITH US Website   Facebook   Instagram  LinkedIn   Pinterest 


19 Aug 2020

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Episode 011 - Dorothy Illson - Needles Eye Media - Tips and Tricks From A Paid Ads Expert

The Subscription Box Show

Today’s guest is Dorothy Illson, founder of Needles Eye Media. Needle’s Eye Media is a full-service digital marketing agency. Before starting her own company, Dorothy helped a subscription box start up grow to $6 million dollars. Dorothy is best known as the premier media buying partner for 7 figure personal brands and other digital product businesses who are looking to scale their customer acquisition with PAID traffic.In this episode we discuss how Dorothy leverages a scientific approach to help her clients grow, and lessons she learned in the subscription box industry.  She’s also the host of the Do Well Do Good podcast and has spoken on stages all over the world on how to take advantage of paid advertising.For Dorothy's FREE Avatar Template, email me and I will forward you the document: eric@thesubscriptionboxshow.com Guest Links:Website: https://needleseyemedia.comShareable Episode Link: https://www.buzzsprout.com/927664/3489409-episode-011-dorothy-illson-needles-eye-media.mp3?blob_id=13056865&download=trueThe Subscription Box Show shareable Trailerhttps://www.buzzsprout.com/927664/3027694-the-subscription-box-show-trailer.mp3?blob_id=10986793&download=trueHost Links:The Subscription Box Show Website: https://www.thesubscriptionboxshow.comConnect with Eric Musick: https://www.thesubscriptionboxshow.com/contact2The Subscription Box Show Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/thesubscriptionboxshow.comEric Musick’s email: eric@thesubscriptionboxshow.comEric Musick’s Instagram: @thesubscriptionboxshow or https://www.instagram.com/thesubscriptionboxshowThe Subscription Box Show Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2960087864057955/Book a call with Eric at: https://www.calendly.com/thesubboxshow


29 Apr 2020

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Trusting Your Gut- Dorothy Illson

The Free Time Podcast

We all have that little voice in the pit of our stomach that works tirelessly to steer us towards choices that place us on a path of true happiness and fulfillment. Yet, when push comes to shove, our gut instincts tend to get drowned out by a more ‘rational’ voice… the voice of our conscious minds that often tell us to fall in line and stay on the straight and narrow of belief systems that have been widely accepted by society or popular culture.On today’s episode, Dorothy Illson, founder of the Do Well, Do Good Podcast, sits down to share her story about the power behind following her gut and staying true to herself. She explains exactly how she went from turning in her letter of resignation at a Fortune 500 company just two weeks after her college graduation, to taking a MASSIVE leap of faith, joining the start-up world, and ultimately founding her company Needle Eye’s Media. Dorothy breaks down the power behind asking ourselves better questions, and how we can build a stronger mindset to help us create great success and leverage it as a contribution to the world.This is a great episode for anyone who is curious about how to step up and confidently take a stand for what you really want out of life, and how to go after it.Follow Dorothy on Instagram @dorothyillson and check out http://www.needleseyemedia.com/ for more about her and her company’s mission!Also, I'd love to connect with you and hear more about what you'd like to see from the show going forward! Please head over to https://calendly.com/karlsona32 to book a free 15 minute zoom call with me!


2 Mar 2020

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014: Getting Comfortable With The Worst Case Scenario With Dorothy Illson

Screw The Side Hustle

In this episode, Kevin interviews the entrepreneur and founder of Needle’s Eye Media, Dorothy Illson. Dorothy chose her career path during college but met different failures and opportunities along the way. Let’s dive into her story on she found her way into the Personal Development Space Things you will learn in this episode: Dorothy's Origin Story (2:09) Stereotypes of A Successful Career (6:58) Dorothy's Take on The Necessity of Going To College (8:39) Which type of career path requires a college degree and the ones don’t Good and Bad Debt. Which ones are worth the money? (10:32) How Dorothy found her way into the Personal Development Space (12:26) How Network Marketing Played A Role in Dorothy's Path to Personal Development The Stigma of MLMs (14:34) Misconception Towards MLMs Did Dorothy regret getting involved with her past business experience? (16:27) Don't be scared of MLM companies (18:21) The right company shapes you to become successful Dorothy in a Start-up Company and Transitioning to Starting Her Own(20:31) Dorothy's Takeaway on Getting Comfortable With The Worst-Case Scenario (24:02) It Takes Away Your Fear and Gives You More Confidence Worst-Case Scenarios Always Have a Flip Side Fear is the only thing holding us back (29:51) Dorothy's Secret Recipe For Success (30:42) Dorothy's View on Failure (31:59) Failure Works Out At the End, One Way or Another The Importance of Spending Money On Personal Development and Mentorships (34:49) The Best Personal Development Route For Beginners (37:15) Act on things that you consume (Content, Podcasts) Pick something and focus on it. Go All-In! Which is more important, Knowledge, Action, Relationships or Luck, and Why? (40:17) Lightning Segment (42:26) Tweetable Quotes:
 "Good Debts makes you money" - Cole Hatter "Fear is the only thing that's holding us back from going after our dreams" - Dorothy Illson "There's no Failure. There's just learning" - Dorothy Illson "When You Pay, You Pay Attention" - Kevin Mills "You're gonna get burnt out so quickly if you do nothing but work. It's important to do things that you enjoy" - Dorothy Illson Resources mentioned in the episode: Profit First by Mike Michalowicz Travis Chappell Justin Brooke Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Do Well & Do Good by Dorothy Illson Needle’s Eye Media You can connect with Dorothy on her social media platforms, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also listen to her podcasts using this link to know more. She’d love to connect with you. Share this podcast with your social media followers using this link or listen to any of the past episodes for free here! LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode.  You will also love our other podcast episodes  015: Framework Friday - Creating Income Through Airbnb With Kyle Stanley 016: Beating The Odds With Zachary Babcock


13 Jan 2020

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020. Do Well & Do Good with Dorothy Illson.

Taste For Tenacity

This week on the show I’m joined by Dorothy Illson. After discovering personal development and diving in, she shifted from a career path as an accountant, which is traditionally a stable career path. And instead became the third employee at an early stage startup, which is not at all a stable path. So after helping scale the business to 6 million in revenue in three and a half years, Dorothy actually left and founded a full-service digital marketing agency called Needles Media. She is now the premier media buying partner for large personal brands and other digital product businesses. She’s also the host of “Do Well & Do Good.”


12 Sep 2019

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83. Dorothy Illson - Taking a Leap Towards Your Dreams

University of Adversity

In this episode, Lance and Dorothy Illson talk about pursuing dreams, taking leaps of faith, working on the right mindset, and digital and social media marketing trends. Dorothy is a digital marketer and podcaster who aims to show people that creating massive financial success and making a massive impact can go hand in hand. Dorothy abandoned her planned career as an accountant to work for a start-up after college. After helping to scale that business from 0 to $6M in annual revenue in its first 3 years, Dorothy founded Needle's Eye Media - a full-service Facebook & Instagram advertising agency. Leveraging Dorothy's innate talent for data-wrangling, Needle's Eye Media has become the premier media buying partner for prominent personal brands and other digital product businesses seeking improved customer acquisition with paid traffic. In 2018 Dorothy launched the podcast Do Well & Do Good, which tells the stories of people who have not only created success professionally, but who have chosen to leverage that success to create a positive impact on the world. The two brands go hand in hand, as she gives back 10% of Needle's Eye Media's profits to charities voted on each month by her podcast audience.   Dorothy tells listeners: “Treat everything that happens to you as if it is the best possible thing that can happen to you.”IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN:How to prepare for your journey towards your dreamsHow to develop the right mindset in businessCore habits that will build the right mindsetLatest trends in digital and social media marketingConnect with Dorothy IllsonFollow Dorothy on  Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.Follow Dorothy on her website.Follow Do Well Do Good Podcast.Connect with Lance:Subscribe on Messenger to get the latest episodes and tips straight to your inbox! Connect with Lance on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. About University of Adversity PodcastLearn how to overcome failure and tragedy, while becoming your best self with the University of Adversity podcast. Join your host Lance Essihos as he interviews successful individuals that have fought the hard battles to overcome life’s obstacles. Lance started the University of Adversity podcast after overcoming his own adversities shared in episode 01. Join him and thousands of other entrepreneurs in learning how to use Adversity as a fuel to ignite your inner flame and live the life you have always desired. Tune in weekly for a dose of positivity, strength, and real-life practical advice to achieve your life goals.


12 Aug 2019

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#041 Dorothy Illson | Profitable Facebook Ads

Brands On Brands | Personal Branding & Content Marketing

Dorothy Illson is a speaker, entrepreneur, and founder of Needle’s Eye Media, an advertising management agency that helps customers get the most online visibility for their dollar. She also hosts Do Well & Do Good, a podcast where she asks other entrepreneurs how they’ve achieved professional and personal success while still contributing to the community. Dorothy believes financial growth is a vital ingredient to having a positive effect on the world at large. In this episode, Dorothy explains how she found her calling in the world of ad management and explains how she was able to bring in clients when starting her business. She also dishes some important tips for making the most of your own Facebook ads. The Finer Details of This Episode: How Dorothy’s agency helps its clients get on top of their ad game and optimize the traffic coming to their sites. What is “paid traffic” and what does it mean to a rising entrepreneur? Why Dorothy realized accounting wasn’t the career for her and what drew her to the world of ad management. The reason a good grasp of numbers can go a longer way than good copy in the advertising game. Dorothy’s secret for finding clients in the early days of her agency. Dorothy’s core lessons for entrepreneurs looking to implement Facebook ads into their marketing strategy. Why you never want to send paid traffic directly to your homepage. Building an avatar for your ideal customer to understand what they want and how you can best deliver it. Why big brands with big advertising budgets are surprisingly not as effective with regards to paid traffic. The reason Dorothy trusts personal brands more than the larger, more well-known ones. Quotes: “I was able to really get experience and taste a lot of different areas of marketing.” “You really need to let your ego quiet down a little bit and just have the guts to ask for help.” “The best way to build a business is by creating raving fans out of your clients and customers who are then gonna tell people about you.” “It’s not just about getting clients, it’s about delivering to an extremely high level so that those clients are gonna keep coming and coming.” “Give people what you promised them and make it so valuable that they are gonna start to build that Know, Like and Trust factor that’s gonna lead to a sale.” “The brands that I trust the most are the brands built around people.” Mentions: Moink, AdSkills, Chris Harder, Gerard Adams Guest Links:Needle’s Eye Media - https://www.needleseyemedia.com/ Do Well & Do Good - http://dowellanddogood.co/ Dorothy on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/dorothyillson/ Dorothy on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/dorothyillson/ Visit Brandon’s website at www.BrandsOnBrandsOnBrands.com Join the Brand Growth Community on Facebook at www.brandonbrands.com/community And please leave a rating and review on iTunes!


29 Jul 2019

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The Secret To Diversifying Traffic Channels With Dorothy Illson - AdSkills Pro - EP 10

AdSkills Pro Podcast

Dorothy Illson is the founder of Needle’s Eye Media, a full-service digital marketing agency. She is best known as the premier media buying partner for 7-figure personal brands and other digital product businesses who are looking to scale their customer acquisition with paid traffic. With an innate talent for data-wrangling and a holistic understanding of digital marketing, Dorothy leverages a scientific approach to help her clients grow.She’s also host of the podcast Do Well & Do Good, which tells the stories of people who have not only created success professionally but who have chosen to leverage that success to increase their positive impact on the world. The two brands go hand in hand, as 10% of Needle’s Eye Media’s profits go to charities voted on each month by her podcast audience. If you'd like to work with Dorothy, you can reach her at the following link: Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dorothy-illson/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dillson


13 Jun 2019

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52. Dorothy Illson on how to use your success to better the world

Property Hub - Investment Insights & Inspiration

Money is the lifeblood enabler of our choices, the fuel for our freedom and a voice to do good. This is the strong belief of our guest, Dorothy Illson. Dorothy is a breath of fresh air and an agent of optimism when it comes to shining the spotlight on those of us who share her vision of leveraging our personal and professional success to better the world. Dorothy has a great podcast called Do Well & Do Good which showcases a growing tribe of trail blazers who are using their financial prosperity to help others and improve the world – it is a great listen so subscribe to Do Well & Do Good and have a regular listen as inspiration for how you too can make a difference. Her drive to find greater meaning in her life and to make a difference through her podcast stemmed from the fact that while she has achieved great levels of financial success in her Needle Eye Media facebook advertising agency, she was struggling to find the deeper purpose in her path that tapped into her generosity and desire to help others. Through sharing great podcast stories, it is Dorothy’s goal to inspire a generation of individuals to create your own success, to soar to new heights of personal and professional achievement, and to power positivity in a way that lights your souls on fire. In our lively and energising conversation you’ll learn: The inspiring question to ask yourself when you are challenged or experiencing problems How to change your mood quickly and easily when you are feeling down How to write your goals in a way that will massively improve their impact It is Dorothy’s hope that her podcast stories can motivate you to push your personal achievements to new heights. From there, she wants to inspire you to feed your human need for contribution by being a force for good in whatever way is most meaningful to you. Listen and subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, PlayerFM, search Google Podcasts or the player below.  Get Invested is the podcast dedicated to time poor professionals who want to work less and live more. Join Bushy Martin, one of Australia’s top 10 property specialists, as he and his influential guests share know-how on the ways investing in property can unlock the life you always dreamed about and secure your financial future. Remember to subscribe on your favourite podcast player, and if you’re enjoying the show please leave us a review. Find out more about Get Invested here Want to connect with Bushy? Get in touch here Podcast produced by Apiro The post 52. Dorothy Illson on how to use your success to better the world appeared first on Bushy Martin.

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2 Mar 2019