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Shaunda Brown: The Formula to Create Social Impact

the Alt-Normal

On episode 12, we unlock the secrets to driving real change through social impact work with Shaunda Brown, a world traveler, entrepreneur, adventurer and community builder. Before beginning her world travels a year and a half ago, she worked with Sofi to build a startup into a $5 billion fin tech company to provide student loan benefits for Americans and founded Goddess Institute to empower women to connect with their divine feminine through exploring their conscious sexuality. Since then, her natural entrepreneurialism and love for Mama Bali led her to pursue many impact-driven projects including co-creating Bali Live (a virtual festival series to raise funds for Balinese livelihood who have been severely impacted by COVID-19), the End of Life Collective at Roundglass (to support end of life conversations and transform this terrain into one of deep engagement) and researching an approach with Circles to implement Universal Basic Income in Bali to create a potentially better financial system. In just days following the success of Bali Live #2, which raised $27k for the Balinese farmers, we sat down with Shaunda to celebrate and dish out about all things community, impact and purpose driven work for the love of humans, including: • What it was like to work at SoFi and drive the growth that enabled the startup to have significant impact on mounting student loans • The catalyst that inspired Goddess Institute into being, and Shaunda’s personal practices for connecting to higher consciousness • Her experience volunteering in the slums of Bangalore, and how this sparked activism to be the change • With tourism wiped out in Bali (which historically supports 80% of the local economy), what the state of food security looks like today and how Bali Live (and its partners) has impacted those hardest hit • With tourism spending not likely to return to pre-crisis levels until 2024 (putting as many as 120 million jobs at risk), the need for building local economy from the inside out — and potential for administering universal basic income using blockchain technology for the long-term financial health of the Balinese • COVID represents both literally and metaphorical death, which has forced us all to confront our mortality — what we can learn about this process with more grace, ease and consciousness, and how Shaunda’s End of Life program is tackling just that More about the show: https://www.digseedgrow.com/thealtnormal-podcast Produced by Resonance™, the creative practice of Dig | Seed | Grow

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31 Oct 2020

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Have BIG Impact From Where You Are with Shaunda Brown

Peak Performance Humans

Naeem has a wonderful time talking with his dear friend @shaundabrown_! She was (and currently is) living in Bali for the interview. Before that she was traveling around the world, volunteering in the slums in Bangalore and taking a meditation training at the Kopan Monastery in Nepal.She recently raised $18,500 with her event Bali Live, which was an epic 12 hour virtual festival to raise funds for the Balinese people impacted by Covid-19.They had 19,000 attendees to tune in and participate in the workshops, ceremonies and talks from 32 artists from around the planet. They used the funds to build the Urban Garden Project with NGO Kopernik to support Balinese severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Get my BEST Body and Mind Performance Tools Delivered to Your Inbox:   https://sendfox.com/lp/1jj6n6 SUBSCRIBE:https://bit.ly/2P4EdWA About Naeem Mahmood:Naeem is a world renowned Peak Performance Coach and lifestyle entrepreneur.  He graduated with honors from NYU where he studied economics and played on the basketball team.  He started his professional career working in private equity and then at a fund of hedge funds on Wall Street in New York City.  From there he worked for a venture capital firm and tech startup in Silicon Valley.  After realizing the traditional forms of success in the forms of money, status and prestige wouldn’t bring him the fulfillment he wanted he started studying personal development.  He worked for the legendary Tony Robbins as one of his top five national speakers and corporate business trainers.  While working for Tony he travelled all across North America meeting with some of the most successful entrepreneurs and companies such as Google, Salesforce, Berkshire Hathaway, JP Morgan Chase and worked with them to optimize their business revenues but more importantly their mindsets and wellbeing.  He shows entrepreneurs and business owners how to build prosperous and purposeful businesses structured around their ideal lifestyle.


14 Jul 2020

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Episode 7 // Shaunda Brown // Conscious Sexuality

RA_ Talks

Kennedy + Whitney talk with Shaunda , founder of the Goddess Institute, about sexuality, pleasure and consciously choosing intimacy. 


1 Jun 2019

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#9: Shaunda Brown: Reclaiming Your Inner Goddess, Unlocking Sexual Connection, and Conscious Relationships

Pleasure Points

“Part of this spiritual growth is to be aligned with this beautiful body we’ve been given.” -Shaunda Brown In today’s episode I’m joined by Shaunda Brown, the founder of the Goddess Institute, whose mission is to help women connect to their divine feminine through conscious sexuality. We discussed her budding relationship, balancing the mind with the body, and the importance of sex in feeling good! Check out more at goddesinstitute.co.


14 Jan 2019

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SHAUNDA BROWN | On Conscious Sexuality, Spiritual Partners, Breaking Inner Blocks + Goddess Institute | No. 26

IN THE UNKNOWN with Alyonka

iTunes: click here.“Responsibility is such a big word as far as ownership of what I have taken on for myself. I’ve realized that I have taken on so much more responsibility in the world than I want to, nor need to, yet I still choose that. I’ve put a lot of responsibility on myself because I’ve been given so much opportunity to create change in the world and i’ve been given these gifts. Once we realize these gifts, it is our responsibility to share it with the world. So it is my responsibility to share with the world possibilities for living our best lives and to help create a sisterhood through Goddess Institute.” HERE's the known.I was introduced to Shaunda Brown via email by Jesse Israel. He suggested we meet, record a podcast, or at the very least attend each other’s workshops. Somewhere within the message, there was probably a hidden (intentional) current for friendship but it did not need to be said. It just happened. After a few email exchanges, I attended Shaunda’s first Goddess Institute event on Conscious Sexuality. Goddess is her baby. It’s the thing she’s been manifesting, growing and birthing. I walked into a transformed space in Brooklyn, NY and took my seat on a fuzzy pillow smack dab in the middle. There was a microphone. A speaker (future pod guest - Lauren Harkness) and room full of ready-to-learn women. Shaunda spoke first. A few things immediately resonated. Work and the need to be busy, to do, and to prove one’s worth in a male-dominated industry. Injury and the overriding of one’s bodies message. “Don’t do this,” spoke Shaunda as she prepared herself to do a snowboarding trick she wasn’t equipped to do. Shortly after that, she separated her shoulder but pushed through - because that’s what we do - and ended up having more damage done than the original injury. Slooow down it screamed. It being the Universe, God, Spirit, and Body. Lastly, I was mesmerized by Shaunda’s ability to create a “safe” space for women to access their vulnerability, their wounds, their fears, and more importantly, their desires by using conscious sexuality as a healing mechanism. This language and her ability to weave the message into those around her is innately her gift. She cultivates the very meaning of “speak your truth” on a subject that so many still find taboo. If you don’t know who she is or have yet to hear of Goddess Institute — don’t worry…we’ll all know about it very soon. She is leading the charge to change the way we view sexuality in the mainstream and in modern times. It’s not a specific message that one needs to follow. It’s only specific to you. But to access that message, one must be willing to Show Up and to do the work of finding one’s Truth. It is the willingness that she is waiting on - not wasting time for the times to change as she is actively already in motion. When I sat down with her prior to this pod interview, I had asked her about her future goals and what she hopes for Goddess Institute. It was her desire to make it accessible for both men and women that truly solidified that this was "my person”. She, like me, is inclusive and about the people. She, like me, isn’t using foreign concepts or language to change people’s minds. She, like me, is creating safe spaces for people to collectively move through things, getting them to the other side of wherever that may be for each individual. She, like me, is opening hearts and minds without force or a specific destination.Soul Sister — that’s as much as I knew coming into this conversation. The rest? The new partner-in-awesome relationship, her stories about Mom and Dad, her lessons-learned, her knowledge on conscious sexuality, her desires for her personal journey, and the details on Goddess Institute…well, that all showed up because we decided to Show Up for one another in conversation. Enjoy. xxHERE’s Shaunda’s UNKNOWN(s).I’m constantly learning every moment to trust myself more and to be in the state of flow. I’ve said that my life - since I’ve been very attentive and aware of how much the universe works for us - of just trusting that flow. I call it en Fuego where it just catches on fire. This happens and then it opens another door that had never had even been something that I could conceptualize in my tiny human mind. Trusting the unknown to unfold.This whole path with Goddess Institute.  Had you asked me a year ago if this is where I would be in my life. That would have never been a spec of what the possibility was. There are so many unknowns with what magic can be created with goddess institute that I am so excited and passionate to understand more of. Personally, just starting this new relationship with my partner in awesome. It was so unknown to me previously about how that aspect would work in my life, and it was one of my big goals when I was mentalizing things to call in…that life partner, or whatever we want to call it. I’ve never known something so much as I know this aspect of just totally trusting. I have no idea how it’s going to look in that iteration. So that’s a big unknown for me because it’s so new. Just totally surrendering in this way is completely beautiful and having trust in whatever outcome that would be.  “When I let go, I have a goal to get goosebumps at least once a day and I recognize that when I am in this place of awe, of just this child-like wonder where my entire body reacts, I get Truth bumps. I get that when I’m completely present in whatever it is I’m doing. Whether that be sex, food, a beautiful vista of nature — nature is a big way to do that — music is an entirely other experience of getting lost in the sound and the dance and moving my body. Having that experience of just that moment allows me to do that.” CONNECt:INSTAGRAM: @shaundeezy_diesel goddessINSTAGRAM: @goddess.instituteWEBSITE: https://www.goddessinstitute.co/ shaunda’s question:When I think about what it really comes down to in life…it’s just love. As stereotypical as that sounds it’s like: what is the greatest source of love and what is it that you love most and what generates the most love in our lives?EPISODE NOTES:Goddess Institute Retreat || October 5-7, 2019 : book your tickets here. SHARE. SHARE. SHARE. IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU HEAR, PLEASE SHARE THIS CONVERSATION WITH THOSE WHO WOULD APPRECIATE AND BENEFIT FROM IT.HAVE A PREFERENCE FOR THE WAY YOU LISTEN TO YOUR PODCASTS?WE GOT YOU.iTunes: click here.Available on GooglePlay, Stitcher + Soundcloud

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22 Sep 2018