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E180 Jason Todd: John Maxwell Certified Speaker

NoCode Wealth

Jason Todd is a Strategic Advisor, an Interventionist, a Consultant, and a Keynote John Maxwell Speaker. For over 20 years, Jason has helped businesses see the bigger picture and use that vision to eliminate the constraints that clutter the path to success. His experience ranges from business ownership, marketing & consulting to software application development for small to large and multinational corporations. LinkedIn: /in/jasonatodd/ Website: https://therealjtodd.com/


27 Jul 2022

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John Maxwell 1 - Seven Steps to Success

Great Quotes for Coaches Podcast

Today we start a series devoted to quotes and ideas by leadership and productivity guru John Maxwell. Maxwell is one of the most influential and impactful writers and speakers in the world. He has written so many helpful books for leaders and people seeking success. I highly recommend you check out any of his books.We start the series with his "Seven Steps to Success." While this is not necessarily a "quote" in the usual sense of the word, it is a series of 7 steps that if you follow, you will see your success rate grow in many ways. These "Seven Steps to Success" come from Maxwell's book, "Success: One Day at a Time."


13 Jun 2022

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LAL Live Part I: John Maxwell + Translating Wall Street and the Fed (NPS May 27)

Law and Legitimacy

Norm opens by recalling his whereabouts on the day of the Sandy Hook shooting, and what he saw this morning that brought him to a new low.  We get the government we deserve, but do we not deserve better than this? We has become of service? What has become of honor? Law enforcement in Uvaldi have some explaining to do.  Norm points out the proposition that government has no duty to protect citizens against acts of private violence as SCOTUS held in DeShaney v. Winnebgo County DSS (1999).  Norm then pivots to the first hour's entree, Mr. John Maxwell, a former Wall Street professional and a long-time Norm friend.  What is the Federal Reserve Bank? Quantitative easing?  What about the current economic moment? John discusses the unique qualities of the current economic outlook and what factors are squeezing the average family financially.  If the Fed has explicitly stated that it is going to destroy demand in an effort to decrease inflation, how are rising interest rates therefore going to impact the market and the downstream economy? Locally? Globally? Norm says it feels like a "giant shell game." Is it? Like, share, and subscribe. Norm is live every weekday from 12pm ET to 2pm ET on WICC600 AM/107.3 FM. Stream Norm live at https://www.wicc600.com/#. 


27 May 2022

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GRL 398 | JOHN MAXWELL - 2022 Tiger Claw Recap with 50 Mile Champion

Ginger Runner LIVE

This last weekend we hosted our 3rd running of the unique Tiger Claw trail race. This year we added a 50 mile distance which comprised of running the regular 25mile route TWICE. It was an incredible weekend full of community, fun, some spicy weather and bonkers performances. John Maxwell is a stout PNW runner who became our very first 50 Mile Tiger Claw champion. We're excited to welcome him to the show, let's have some fun! This episode was sponsored by OnX Backcountry. Get the GR CREW ONX DISCOUNT here: https://www.onxmaps.com/backcountry/r/16482457-2 #GingerRunnerLive #JohnMaxwell #TigerClaw


17 May 2022

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Ep 1 | John Maxwell on Owning Your Dream, Failing Forward, and Turning Insecurity Into Empowerment

The Daniel Floyd Leadership Podcast

In our very first episode, we hear Dr. John Maxwell (No. 1 New York Times bestselling author, leadership coach, entrepreneur, and speaker) unpack some insights into the enduring success of his own leadership journey, reflecting on the inevitability of fear, the necessity of failure, and the sustaining power of humility. We hope you enjoy this conversation (and John) as much as we did, as he reminds us that our greatest leadership challenge is and always will be ourselves–and as we commit to getting bigger on the inside, the outside takes care of itself. Episode Resources: Johnmaxwell.com Put Your Dream to the Test by John Maxwell The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck The Leadership Challenge by James Kouzes and Barry Posner DFLP YouTube Channel  For an episode discussion guide, go to danielfloyd.org. 


26 Apr 2022

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Book Review | "Leadership 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know" by John Maxwell

Called To Lead

Kevin and Gabe sit down this week to discuss one of the best-selling leadership book of all time, John Maxwell's Leadership 101.We would love to hear from you! GIve us feedback, ask us questions, tell us what you are learning, how you are growing, or any relatable stories from your leadership journey. NOTHING is off the table. You can reach us at: calledtoleadpodcast@gmail.com


14 Apr 2022

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Ep 151 - The Rules of Real Estate from John Maxwell

The Talk of Music City Real Estate Podcast

In this episode, Carey Ann, Monte and Jason talk about John Maxwell’s Rules of Real Estate.  ****You can listen to this and all recent episodes at: www.talkmusiccity.com We Educate and Motivate All Things Real Estate! Have a question about buying/selling real estate and mortgages? Email questions@talkmusiccity.com or use #talkmusiccity to get your question answered! The Talk of Music City Real Estate is sponsored by Music City Removal: www.musiccityremoval.com *****5:10 CA - Mom would use embarrassing moments to change behaviors and The Hall of Rules 11:05 JH - You will never fulfill your destiny doing work you despise 12:50 JH - Starting out by asking "why?" 14:35 CA - the excitement of bringing a deal back from the dead or reviving it *******16:20 MM - What's your daily routine? (420 hilarity) 21:15 JH - Using Gmail to organize his day *******23:25 JH - Pride deafens us to the advice or warnings of those around us 24:00 CA - I came into Mortgages in my 20s and I thought I knew it all 25:15 JH - Asking yourself, "But what did you learn?"  27:25 CA - The best thing that ever happened to me was the worst thing that ever happened to me 28:00 MM - Dreams don't work unless we do 29:20 MM - When was the last time you did something for the first time? *******30:45 CA - You WANT to feel uncomfortable 32:05 JH - Learn to fly on the way down 35:00 MM - Collaboration is multiplication ________________________________________ Carey Ann Cyr manages and operates one of the Top Branches for CMG Financial in Franklin, TN. She and her team have become known for closing nearly impossible deals! They have processed over 300 million in mortgages since 2016 with over 613 families ushered into their dream homes! Contact Carey Ann: www.yourtnlendingsolution.com Monte Mohr owns Realty One Group Music City and has sold over $1 Billion dollar's worth of real estate and over 3000 homes sold over his 30+ year career! Interested in joining Monte as an agent? www.topagentsuccess.com The Talk of Music City Real Estate is Produced, Voiced and Edited by www.jimmccarthyvoiceovers.com #nashvillerealestate #middletennesseerealestate #realestateagent #realestatetraining #buyersmarket #sellersmarket #DISC #DISCprofile #broker #brokerage #switchingbrokers #realestate #realtor


21 Mar 2022

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(Ep.#303)Spotlighting: Steve Krivda, Ziglar Legacy Speaker/Trainer/Coach & John Maxwell Coach

Grogan's Bully Proof

Episode #303 – Spotlighting: Steve has coached hundreds of people globally, from small business owners, CEO’s, and high-level executive teams. Through his experience, he has become the authority in the “art of coaching,” training top business leaders to duplicate their success for increased revenues, efficiency, and productivity throughout their organizations. Steve focuses on coaching leadership teams the skills they need to create change agents from inside the organization. Internal change agents help an organization and will add purpose to transform how it operates. By creating change agents internally, Steve understands that employees will promote, champion, enable, and support changes in an organization. Training includes several board certifications in sales expertise, speaking, training, coaching, neurolinguistic programming, and positive psychology. Certifications include: Ziglar Legacy Speaker/Trainer/Coach, John Maxwell Coach, Results in Coaching, NLP Life Coaching and Timeline Coaching His proudest accomplishments are being a husband to his best friend Danielle, dad of two young men ages 10 and 12. Steve resides in Naples, Florida, and volunteers his time working with the youth at a local middle school sports team. In addition, Steve is a motivational speaker which gives him great pride to change lives in a short amount of time at https://www.stevekrivda.com/about  Listen in & bring your questions for another empowering Grogan’s Bully Proof & Kickin’Life Podcast. Listen in to all the remarkable stories, wisdom & insights. The Grogan’s Bully Proof Podcast is where Bully Proof & Self-Defense Expert Master Rich Grogan shares priceless wisdom on how to become your best. Listen and share these valuable insights with your kids, families & friends. Each show has something very special to offer; while still focusing on our one central theme, of working together to make our society a happier, healthier & safer place to live by empowering parents, kids, teens & adults with hope and the confidence to believe in themselves to stand out in the crowd and stand up to any bully they face, both real & in their mind. You’re now on your way to becoming Bully Proof & Living your best Kickin’Life. Stay connected with us and be empowered daily with our posts & videos:www.facebook.com/grogansbullyproof/www.instagram.com/grogansbullyproof/www.youtube.com/grogansbullyproof https://www.facebook.com/grogansmartialarts  #GrogansBullyProof #KickinLife #GrogansMartialArts  #BullyProof #Courage #Confidence #Hope #Faith #Christian #BullyProof #Bullying #Parents #Kids #Teens #Adults #Love #Live #Life #RightHookOfReality #Success #Happiness #Health #Wellness #Fitness #SquarePegRoundHole #GodBlessShare, Subscribe & Download and follow us on Facebook: @Kickin’Life with Master Grogan. Be sure to subscribe, download & share with others to help make our society a happier, healthier & safer place to live. The post (Ep.#303)Spotlighting: Steve Krivda, Ziglar Legacy Speaker/Trainer/Coach & John Maxwell Coach appeared first on KickinLife with Master Rich Grogan.

1hr 10mins

14 Mar 2022

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La'Quita Monley - John Maxwell Certified Speak, Coach, Facilitator, Trainer

The MisFitNation

La'Quita Monley is An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer, and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team. By using transformation initiatives as empowerment tools, LaQuita Monley passionately equips individuals, organizations, and ministries to unlock their full potential and live out their mission in the most authentic way.  Find La'Quita at the below links:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/laquitamonley/ https://www.facebook.com/LMMonley/ https://www.instagram.com/laquita_monley/ https://twitter.com/laquitamonley1 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfc5jdUSc4GrwY-67HcuLjw https://laquitastoolbox.leadingthebest.com/ECCM0001 https://www.laquitamonley.com/ YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/6kYOq2Uqb9w --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/richard-lamonica/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/richard-lamonica/support


23 Feb 2022

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Leadership Lessons with John Maxwell

GrowLeader Podcast with Chris Hodges

John Maxwell is a world-renowned author, speaker, pastor, and pioneer in leadership development. He's written over 100 books that have sold over 30 million copies and called "the number one leadership and management expert in the world" by Inc. Magazine. Join Chris and Matt as they discuss leadership secrets including how to grow into your leadership potential, what success actually means, how to use your energy in the right places, and much more.


7 Feb 2022