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Best of: Awilda Rivera Pt. 2

JKWD Podcast

Josh and Kelvin are on sabbatical in 2022. Enjoy some of our favorite interviews this year. Original show notes

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9 May 2022

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Best of: Awilda Rivera, Part 1

JKWD Podcast

Josh and Kelvin are on sabbatical in 2022. Enjoy some of our favorite interviews this year. Original show notes


2 May 2022

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Ep 13: What Would Happen If You Pursued a Career Outside Your Degree? with Awilda Rivera

Live and Earn

“I realized I needed to define success for myself, not for someone else.” Awilda Rivera You ever thought to yourself: what would happen if I did something else? Something that you weren’t trained to do in school or use your degree. Perhaps we set those ideas and dreams to the back burner because we’re afraid of being judged by others. Perhaps we will even judge ourselves for being financially irresponsible. In this episode, you’ll meet Awilda Rivera. She went into $100k+ of student loan debt to earn her law degree and ended up not even using it. Instead, she became a Yogi and Spiritual Advisor. That’s pretty damn bold considering the level of financial risks involved.  What we tackle in this episode: Why she left her law degree behind to pursue what she’s truly interested in How she started a business from scratch, even with $100k+ of student loan debt How she bridges passion and purpose The 6 essential tools to define your own success ---- Grab your free video course!  The Money Maker Mindset: 4 Strategies to Focus Your Mind to Make More Money https://HelenNgo.com/FreeCourse


6 Jan 2021

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Awilda Rivera - Pre-Sale Launch Strategy

Get Published Podcast

In episode 603 of the Get Published Podcast, Host and 15-Time Bestselling Author Paul G. Brodie talks with Awilda Rivera about creating a pre-sale launch strategy to market your book. Find out more about how we can help you Share Your Story at www.GetPublishedPodcast.com


23 Jul 2020

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NOW Success with Awilda Rivera

The #SpeakEasy Podcast

I know now success seems like a scam but I assure you that it is not. Now success is the recipe of success with your mindset being the most important ingredient. Identify your desire for success and your external influences. This shift is what took Awilda from pursuing her law degree to becoming a success coach. Part of the shift she needed to make was identifying and letting go of other people’s opinions. You find yourself asking the question “what do I really want to do?” for clarity and personal accountability. The answer can be summed up in many different ways but when you are drawn to making an impact it just may shift what you are currently doing in business. Heck, it may be Ben shift your whole life completely. There is not pre-approved plan that anyone can follow. Now success can be: - showing up for an event - finishing an article - making a connection Don’t be distracted by the bigger, faster, and what’s next. If you do you’ll find yourself losing track of what you truly care about. This is how someone will look up and wonder where the time has gone in their marriage or in their health. For today’s guest, her focus was on a career path that she inherited. A cardiac event that lands you in the hospital at 26, will wake you up. At least, this was my experience.  As I lay in the hospital bed, I realized I had been asleep at the wheel, mindlessly moving towards other people’s ideas of success. I realized that if I continued to operate this way, I would never feel satisfied, successful or happy as an Attorney. As a result, I bravely set out on my own personal and professional development journey to achieve success as I redefined it.AwildaRivera.com was born out of my deep dedication to helping people both redefine success on their own terms and achieve the success they truly desire. As a result, AwildaRivera.com offers 3 different avenues and a plethora of resources to help clients along their journey to success.As a Afro Boricua, bisexual, woman from a social-economically disadvantaged background it is  especially important for me to (1) shed light on the different ways one can engage in personal and  professional development, and (2) offer my  services in such a way that encourages people to willfully undertake their own success journey and  exceed their own expectations


5 Mar 2020

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Success Math with Awilda Rivera | Episode 172

JKWD Podcast

We welcome Awilda Rivera back to the podcast to talk about her new book, Success Math, her series of retreats, and much more! This episode is brought to you by Kettle & Fire. Save 10% off your order with code BetterHumanhood. Awilda Rivera: • Website • Success Math: A Millennial's Qualitative Approach • Instagram • Facebook • LinkedIn • JKWD #86 with Awilda Rivera MORE LINKS: • The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington • 11 major styles of yoga • Ram Dass | Becoming Nobody • Remedy Float • Flo2s • Siddhartha by Herman Hesse • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle • Binaural theta beats • Transcendental Meditation • Silva Method • Shruti box • Babaji • Neem Karoli Baba • Salt room • Zero gravity chair • Thrive Global • Gary Vaynerchuk | Wine Library • Instagram | Kevin Systrom

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23 Sep 2019

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Success Math with Awilda Rivera!

Girl, We Got This

From law school to having a cardiac event at 26 to becoming a spiritual advisor - Yogi / Author / Success Coach AWILDA RIVERA shares tips from her new book Success Math: A Millennial's Qualitative Approach AND her journey to finding spiritual balance! www.awildarivera.com Need a refreshing drink? Try Gold Peak Real Brewed Tea! The taste that brings you home.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


30 Jul 2019

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Ep 103: Win Life with Awilda Rivera: Spiritual, Mindset, Entrepreneur, Travel

CREATE with Katrina Julia

Win Life Feature with Awilda Rivera Success Coach, Yogi, Spiritual Advisor, Retreat Leader, PodcasterWe love sharing the journey of creating a life and business you love. It is about the stories and all of us relate to others in different ways!........Feature SpotlightWe talk how we connected via Pro Networker and Business Channel in Atlanta, How Our Past + Family Life Impacts Us, Mindset, Awakenings (she had a huge one with health while she was an attorney!), Entrepreneurship, and more!We will get into:1) Awilda's Story from Humble Beginnings 2) An Awakening Moment that Woke Her Up 3) Mindset + Transformation on the Journey 4) Her New Book: Success Math5) What is Coming up for Awilda 6) The Vision for the Future7) Where You May Find AwildaWe hope you love to create community with us!Highlights:You’ve heard some entrepreneurial stories when people are past the biggest challenges on the other side, but not the stories in the nitty gritty.You're a side hustler, or founder in the early to middle stages, and want more guidance.You’ve perhaps wanted to take your side hustle to full time, but you are not exactly sure how to.You are ready to share your story, your experience, and your brand out there, so you hang on through the process.You are a brand, and you love creating content, courses, community (and /or would love to explore it and learn more!)You are still reading because… because deep down inside you know there has to be a better way to make momentum and to keep it in every area of your live.What if…What if you handled your mindset?What if you knew you are not alone?What if you tuned in with those in the journey?What if you created smart with tips, tools, and tech?What if you created what you loved?What if you created a 6 Pack of Wealth?What if you had a road map for your brand?What if you built with the foundation to succeed?What if you were clear on how to create stability?What if you saw and grew the limitless possibilities?Imagine the return…Imagine the results…It is possible to create it. How do I know?I UNDERSTAND THE STRUGGLE.FROM FEAR FOCUS TO FAITH FILLEDFROM SELF HATE TO LOVEFROM BATTERED RELATIONSHIP IN 20'S + DEVALUING MYSELF TO PURITY ​FROM CORPORATE TO CALLING​FROM PEOPLE PLEASING + PROFITS TO PASSION + PURPOSE, THEN PEOPLE + PROFITS​FROM CHAOS TO CALM AND CREATINGA LIFE AND BUSINESS I LOVE + HELPING OTHERS DO THE SAME + GIVING BACK​IF I DID IT, SO CAN YOU. How did we do it? I figured it was time to share it to serve others.Because I took ALL the education and experience from industries and brands served, and we did just that. I took over 20 years in >7 industries, creating communities, compensation plans, and now over 2 years immersing in influencer marketing, and we did just that.I struggled with health, wealth, and integrating all the businesses I had served. I lost over 55 lbs and kept it off with a system + tools (Herbalife #1 Global Nutrition, Meal Bags, and more), transformed my business, my time, and now on a path to clearing the chaos in finances to create financial freedom.Once I created transformation and unleashed inspiration in how not only may I be the hero in the story, but more importantly serve others, my world and everything around it changed.Here is to you creating a life and business you love step by step.Create with our 14 Day Free Challenge!ps. visit https://www.fitlifecreation.com/freebies--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/create-with-katrina-julia/support

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8 Apr 2019

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Episode 073 | The Law of Attraction and the Intentionality of Focus with Awilda Rivera

The Mindful Rebel Podcast: Where Mindfulness & Leadership Intersect

Episode 073 | The Law of Attraction and the Intentionality of Focus with Awilda Rivera, Success Coach, Yogi, and Spiritual Advisor IG: @ms.AwildaRivera Website: AwildaRivera.com Guest Bio: Awilda Rivera is a trusted, results oriented Success Coach, Spiritual Advisor and Yogi who has dedicated her life to helping others succeed. Whether you are on the beach with her during one of her international retreats or working 1-on-1, you are her only focus.  As a Coach she uses a combination of the Success Conversion method and her trademarked Success Math approach to get her clients impressive results.  Whether you are an Entrepreneur or Career Professional, Awilda has the tools to help you achieve the success you truly desire.   Episode Sponsors: GRP FIT App - The Fitness Platform for the Black Community. Share your fitness journey with the community and watch the support pour in but also be the inspiration for others. Download the app here and receive 20% off: grpfit.app.link/mindfulrebelpod Check out past episodes at: shawnjmoore.com/podcast --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/themindfulrebel/support

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4 Feb 2019

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EP 120: Self Discipline, Follow Through and Personal Empowerment with Awilda Rivera

Enterprise NOW!

This audio master class is lead by Awilda Rivera. Her life's work is to use her talents to help others achieve SUCCESS. Awilda’s services are designed to assist client's in the cultivation of their personal and professional development.We learn about discernment and intuition and how they can be used to help others. We talk about how coloring can help reduce stress. We also dig deep into self-awareness and how being self-aware can help guide you to your purpose.Golden nuggets:Re-dine successYour path can change but your purpose always remains the sameBe Hella grounded in your whyKeys to success:Be really honest with yourselfYou have to really want itYou have to have a clear visionActionable tip:Ask yourself: What is my big why? Also, be open to recognizing that things can changeInspiration:"Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door." Coco ChanelResources:Awilda Rivera - https://www.awildarivera.comMentioned in this episode:Grow My Podcast Virtual Summit


8 Nov 2018