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In 1996 we Kick it with Lenny Kravitz on tour bus In Vancouver BC Canada

Let's Smoke 1

StemsTv and Triple Up talking '96 stories of kicking it on the tour bus in Canada with Lenny Kravitz smokin Big Bud.  First time I've lived like a Rockstar Subscribe to my YouTube channel @StemsTv Follow me Stems_tv on Instagram TripleUp Network on Facebook For all other inquiries email Tee1one22@gmail.com --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


22 Jul 2021

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Talking Bass Episode 16 - Gail Ann Dorsey - Pioneering Bass With David Bowie and Lenny Kravitz

The Talkingbass Podcast

This week Ellen is sitting down to talk bass with another bass legend and pioneer, the great Gail Ann Dorsey.   Gail is most famous as bass player for the late, great Davie Bowie from 1995 through to his passing in 2016. She’s also played with a wide variety of other bands and big name acts such as Lenny Kravitz, Tears For Fears, Bryan Ferry, Gwen Stefani, Seal and many more    In this interview Gail gives an insight into every area of her musical life and the steps that led her to such a huge gig with David Bowie.  She also digs deep into her biggest musical influences and how they shaped her approach to both playing and singing. You can follow Talkingbass on social media: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TalkingBassVideo Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/talkingbasslessons

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25 Jun 2021

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Two Cents Radio: Episode #280 – Lenny Kravitz’s Fridge

Reality TV Podcast - Survivor Podcast - Amazing Race Podcast - Big Brother Podcast - RFF Radio

Rob, Nico and Nick discuss the return of the cicadas, Orson Welles’s ego, Lenny Kravitz’s fridge, climbing radio towers, cliff diving, science, John Cena and much more. Links to this week’s videos: Orson Welles Drunk Outtakes for Paul Masson Wine Commercial Obscure Audio 2: Orson Welles Outtakes – Frozen Peas Lenny Kravitz Shows His Gym & Fridge Climbing The World’s Tallest Radio Tower The post Two Cents Radio: Episode #280 – Lenny Kravitz’s Fridge appeared first on Too Many Thoughts.

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28 May 2021

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S04E03 Lenny Kravitz 'Are You Gonna Go My Way'

Pop, Collaborate & Listen

THAT RIFF! THAT STYLE! THOSE FLARES! With Lenny Kravitz's 'Are You Gonna Go My Way' we may be checking out an album from 1993 but it's one that was trying to sound like it was from 1970 in the first place so buckle up for double time-travelling.Krister had never heard the whole album before and Dave only had the vaguest of memories of it so we went in pretty blind, hoping for a sea of big guitar rock and Hendrix-style solos all over the place but found something much more calm and reigned-in which was very unexpected. But we also get to chat about Naughty By Nature, Right Said Fred (and a potential name for a tribute act) and Mark Lanegan. All of which are included on the episode's playlist along with the full Kravitz album.And as usual you can look at our Facebook, Twitter and website for more bits and pieces and subscribe to our ongoing Best Tracks from the Episodes playlist on Spotify to hear all of our favourite picks from each album we've talked about so far.

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25 May 2021

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Rags To Dishes 22: "The Lenny Kravitz Shift"

Rags To Dishes

In this weeks episode of Rags To Dishes, the boys trade more stories about the establishment with a FOH legend... Ford.. Ford goes into detail about Living in LA and that time he did DMT after his first shift at the establishment. A comedy of unprofessionalism the hosts get into the dirty depths of take out during the summer, and how you're a complete asshole if you go get food ten minutes before a place closes. From thunderstorms to a managers "Shitty" departure Dan, Max, & Ford grind out the juicy details of the service industry, and which fruit reigns supreme..Follow & Subscribe

1hr 10mins

26 Apr 2021

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Lenny Kravitz: Let Love Rule | Season 2: Ep. 7

The Rock Star Biography Podcast

Lenny Kravitz has sold over 40 million records. He has married and divorced a Huxtable. But perhaps his greatest achievement is reducing hosts Martha and Christian to tears.  How can someone once named Romeo Blue, whose autobiography belongs in the Young Adult section of the bookstore, who had the most privileged childhood in rock--how can that someone have turned our hosts into salty puddles?  Find out for yourself; the flower-power love of Lenny's Let Love Rule might be the therapy you need.If you enjoyed this episode, click here to purchase your own copy of the book. We are partners with Bel Canto Books, and we earn from qualifying purchases. We appreciate your support. 

1hr 27mins

12 Mar 2021

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Lenny Kravitz (live in concert recordings/studio cuts)

LagunaPalooza: Fantasy Concert

Live in concert recordings include Stop Draggin Around, Stand By My Women, Fields of Joy, Let Love Rule, Be, Freedom Train, Always On The Run, (studio cuts include) Are You Gonna Go My Way, Bring It On, Fly Away, American Women


28 Feb 2021

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Ruel covers Lenny Kravitz 'It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over' for Like A Version

Like A Version Podcast

Ruel performs 'distance' before covering Lenny Kravitz 'It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over' for Like A Version.


21 Jan 2021

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Lenny Kravitz

My Turning Point

A multi-platinum, Grammy-winning rock star who grew up with a mother on the iconic TV sitcom "The Jeffersons," married a TV star and fathered a movie star daughter, Lenny Kravitz didn't think he had a story worth telling. In writing his memoir, "Let Love Rule," however, Kravitz learned a lot about family, especially his dad, and much more as he shares with Steve Baltin on this very revealing and in-depth interview.

13 Oct 2020

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Best Of: Ethan Hawke / Lenny Kravitz

Fresh Air

Ethan Hawke plays 19th-century abolitionist John Brown in the seven-part Showtime series, 'The Good Lord Bird.' He says Brown's story feels particularly relevant today, as America confronts systemic racism and the legacy of slavery. Also, Justin Chang reviews the film 'The Forty-Year-Old Version.' Lenny Kravitz talks about growing up the son of a Jewish father and Black mother. His new memoir about his life up until his breakout album is 'Let Love Rule.'


10 Oct 2020