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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Sandy Rees. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Sandy Rees, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Sandy Rees. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Sandy Rees, often where they are interviewed.

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Crisis Fundraising with Sandy Rees: Get Fully Funded!

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This week's interview is with Sandy Rees, the Chief Encouragement Officer at Get Fully Funded. After listening, you'll be able to walk away with some concrete tips to start implementing at your organization ASAP. If you enjoy what you hear, please subscribe and give this podcast a rating on your podcast platform!

May 12 2020 · 27mins
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Sandy Rees, Arf Club Founder

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Sandy Rees, the CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) at Get Fully Funded and Founder of Arf Club, joins us for her second visit to Community Cats Podcast. If you missed her first chat with Stacy, check it out here.

Sandy’s company shows passionate nonprofit leaders how to fully fund their big visions so they can spend their time saving lives instead of worrying about money. Based in Loudon, TN, Sandy teaches her students to focus on donor outreach, authentic messaging, and relationship building in their fundraising.

In this episode, she talks with Stacy about some of the current trends she’s seeing in fundraising for the small nonprofit (hint: think videos!). She also gives some great tips around what constitutes “authentic messaging,” shares a simple ratio to follow to prevent donor fatigue, and reminds everyone that acknowledgment of donations is “a simple thing, but it is…a critically important thing.”

The Arf Club portion of Sandy’s business is an animal welfare-specific fundraising training program, designed to teach rescues and other animal nonprofits how they can raise the money they need to fully fund their budgets. Arf Club shows you how to put the principles of donor-based fundraising in place. The program even includes follow-up, with specialized nudges about when you need to start thinking about or working on particular campaigns. Sandy has just opened up a way to sample what Arf Club has to offer for just $17 that you may want to check out!

To learn more, visit the Arf Club website or the Get Fully Funded website.

Feb 16 2019 · 24mins

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SGI60: Accelerating Your Fundraising with Sandy Rees

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If you’re running a small and growing nonprofit, this show is definitely for you. Sandy Rees will be sharing all sorts of tips and ideas about fundraising, time management, and communicating clearly with your core audiences. She also mentions in the interview a free upcoming webinar where she’ll go more in-depth about this. To learn more visit her website at www.getfullyfunded.com/accel The key points covered in this podcast discussion are the importance of: • clear communications • taking a step back • working in your area of excellence • taking to get grant-ready (and how to do so) About the Speaker: Sandy shows passionate nonprofit leaders how to fully fund their big vision, so they can spend their time changing lives instead of worrying about money. She has helped dozens of small nonprofits go from “nickel-and-dime fundraising” to adding 6 or 7 figures to their bottom line. As a trainer, she shows her students how to find ideal donors, connect with them through authentic messaging, and build relationships that stand the test of time, so that fundraising becomes easy and predictable. Sandy is based in Loudon, TN. Find out more about her fundraising system at www.GetFullyFunded.com. Visit www.socialgoodinstigators.com to find the podcast, transcript, and to sign up to receive notifications as new episodes are released (every 2-3 weeks). Episodes are also available via Stitcher, iTunes, GooglePlay, and iHeartRadio.

Mar 05 2018 · 21mins
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Ep226 - Sandy Rees

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Interview! Sandy Rees, Founder and Chief Encouragement Officer - Get Fully Funde

"I’ve always felt deep in my soul that I’m here to help lots of people. I have a sensitive heart and can’t stand to see anyone suffer.”

Sandy helps non-profits and charities who have been used to nickel and dime fundraising work on getting to six or seven figures on their bottom line! She shows her students how to find ideal donors and connect with them through authentic messaging.

Because one of the greatest challenges for our listeners is fundraising, Sandy has many answers that we need to do the jobs we are trying to do for our community cats!

Sandy fell into this career by accident and didn’t go to school or classes that teach non-profit management. There really weren’t any around! But she went on a tour at a local rescue mission and ended up asking lots of questions. She was soon asked to join their board and a year later, joined their resource development office.

Soon, she jumped into fundraising and never looked back! Surprisingly, she was able to apply a lot of corporate marketing from her earlier career into her new one and she soon blossomed.

In 2005 she started Get Fully Funded and was able to pick specific clients that she loved and connected with. From farm animals to dogs and cats, Get Fully Funded can cover it!

The bottom line is that people are passionate about helping animals, but don’t know how to raise money to help. So she retrains her clients to turn fundraising into something that makes people want to help. She gets donors excited!

She also believes in working by the 1/10/1000 Rule.

  • Plan ONE fundraising event a year and do it really well!
  • Get TEN grants a year. Stop leaving grant money on the table. These types of grants are out there so apply!
  • Build your donor base up to about 1,000 donors. This will set yourself up for sustainable fundraising long-term. It’s also good because if you lose one donor, you’ll be able to weather storms through a base of stability.

Sandy also talks about ARF club, which focuses on small organizations and training opportunities for these places. They are able to work together with all animal welfare groups through private Facebook groups and other Q&A sessions where they can connect and collaborate.

Learn more at http://getfullyfunded.com/arf-club/ and arfclub.com.

Dec 09 2017 · 25mins

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Sandy Rees — Tips and Tricks to Year-End Fundraising

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Fundraising can be a tricky business. Sandy Rees offered up her thoughts on transparent fundraising and how it can help aid your year-end campaign.
Oct 02 2017 · 21mins
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DP 032: Last Call! Email and Social Fundraising for the Final Week of the Year with Sandy Rees

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The year is coming to an end, which means it’s the perfect time for you to make the most of your year-end campaign. Sandy Rees of Get Fully Funded joins Beth this week to talk about what you should be doing from today to Dec. 31 to really push your annual giving campaign. Sandy shares invaluable tips and ideas for the days leading up the end of the year, including emails, phone calls and social media.

Dec 24 2014 · 37mins
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Nonprofit Coach: Sandy Rees CFRE: Get Fully Funded

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He lectures around the world but now is here for you. From the latest in charity news, technology, fundraising and social networking, Ted Hart and his guests help you maneuver through this economic downturn in the charitable sector to greater levels of efficiency and fundraising success. PAGE 2 GUEST EXPERT:Sandy Rees CFRE is a consultant, and fundraiser for the past 12 years. Her passion is showing small nonprofit organizations how to raise more money, strengthen their Boards, and build relationships with donors. She’s the author of Fundraising Buffet and Simple Success Fundraising Plan, and co-author of 7 Essential Steps to Raising Money By Mail. Sandy is an accomplished presenter and an AFP Master Trainer. Sandy lives on a small farm outside Loudon, Tennessee.  In her spare time, she likes to quilt, garden, and ride her horse, Harley.
Mar 27 2012 · 1hr