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From banking to launching a fashion business to Marie Claire eCommerce Director - Emily Ferguson

The Glam Observer Fashion Podcast

Emily Ferguson is the eCommerce Director at Marie Claire. Her entry into the fashion industry is not the typical one of those who want to get into the glamourous industry.  She studied international business, finance and economics and started her career in banking where she stayed for six years but with an exit strategy since the beginning. She went into banking in fact to save up some money to launch her own business and also pay for her student loan.When she had enough money saved, she took the leap and started her own eCommerce fashion affiliate business. She ran her business for three years until the website design company she was working with went bust and one of the freelancers took the copyright. The quote to relaunch her business was 3x times higher, so that was the moment when she knew in her heart that it was not the right time to run her own business again and made the brave decision to step back and went to work for a fashion startup.Her own fashion business was her only experience in fashion, all her previous experience and what she studied were totally unrelated to fashion but she leveraged her own fashion company perfectly to land a job in other fashion companies. You could try this option too: entering fashion by leveraging your fashion business and then switch to the fashion corporate world.She then went to work at the Telegraph and eventually landed at Marie Claire: “Skills are always transferable even across industries...you’ve got to be more relaxed with your career. follow your passion, not your money. "In this episode, we also talk about what her job is about, what she looks for when hiring new people at the fashion magazine, her latest project the Marie Claire Beauty Edit and the future of the business of fashion publications. Enjoy it!FREE PDF guide the Dos and don'ts of the fashion job applications: https://www.glamobserver.com/fashion-job-application-freebieQuestions? Email giada@glamobserver.com


6 Apr 2021

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Season 2, Ep. 5: Fungal Biomes | Prof. Marie Claire Arrieta


When you hear the phrase ‘gut microbiome’, you most often think about bacteria. However, a huge proportion of your intestinal microbes are viruses, archaea and fungi. These other microbes however, have been studied in much less detail and we know less about what they are doing to your body. In this episode, Dr. Ruairi Robertson speaks with Dr. Marie Claire Arrietta from University of Calgary, a leading researcher on fungal microbiomes. She discusses how gut fungi interact with the immune system, myths about Candida and how gut fungi may affect children’s lung health. Microbiome Insights provide services to assess the fungal microbiome using ITS2 sequencing. Find out more at www.microbiomeinsights.com


24 Feb 2021

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Taylore Glynn, Health and Beauty Editor at Marie Claire

Skincare Anarchy

Taylore Glynn, Beauty and Health Editor at marie claire, talks about the need for more due diligence in the beauty industry. Taylore shares her view on cultural appropriation and the need for bigger initiatives across the board in terms of inclusivity and diversity in beauty. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/skincareanarchy/message


28 Jan 2021

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Behind the scenes of a music webzine: Anne-Marie Maccio & Marie Claire Denis

Sparkling Harmonies

In this episode of our webzine "behind the scenes" series, we have Anne-Marie Maccio & Marie Claire Denis on to talk about their experiences with CONFRONT magazine. Anne-Marie used to be a correspondant and also helped manage the French section of the magazine towards the end, while Marie Claire was (and still is!) for the most part a concert photographer, though she did sometimes write pieces for the magazine.

1hr 11mins

19 Jan 2021

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HWHL #25 Marie Claire Lim Moore- Transforming the world of finance.

Happyer Work, Happyer Life.

Everyone struggles to find the right career family balance, get advice on making a success of both in this week’s podcast with Marie Claire Lim Moore, CEO of TransUnion Hong Kong. She also shares meaningful insights of financial business transformation with inclusion and diversity in the workplace, and employee engagement.


19 Nov 2020

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Dr. Marie Claire Bourque - Sports psychiatrist & peak performance (Toronto Maple Leafs)

Peak Health Unlocked

Dr. Marie Claire Bourque is a sports psychiatrist leading mental health & peak performance for the Toronto Maple Leafs. She is also a consultant psychiatrist at the Canadian Association for Mental Health and a founder of Limbus Movement. * About The Debut Docuseries - Longevity Living to 100+ is not an unrealistic dream anymore. But what does it mean to extend our biological and chronological age? How do we do it? What is the formula for remarkable longevity and wellbeing? These are just some of the core questions explored in the series. We have experts across various fields, from leading psychiatrists, movement specialists, thought leaders, physicians, nutritionists and DNA experts, all providing answers to these critical questions. * This podcast wouldn’t be possible without the support of Thrive Performance & Regenerative Medicine. A team prepared to go all-in with you to craft a personalized health plan to achieve your peak health. Book a free consult to start your health transformation at - https://thrivemedicineclinic.com/ * Follow along on Instagram: Thrive Medicine - @thrivemedicine Dr. Rhet Langley - @rhetmd Dr. Phillip Gallegos - @phillipgallegos_md Marc Champagne - @mchampagne


13 Oct 2020

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Ep 215 - How To Keep Your Best Skin In The Game with Marie Claire Cates

SISTERHOOD OF SWEAT - Motivation, Inspiration, Health, Wealth, Fitness, Authenticity, Confidence and Empowerment

Are you interested in building your business?  Have you been struggling with your mindset?  In this episode we dig into the struggles and successes of owning your own business, and how to use your mindset, focus, and determination to grow your business to the top. In this episode I talk with Marie Claire Cates, the Acne Expert, joins us to discuss how she grew her own business. She arrived in America, at 16 and pregnant, and now she’s built a business that ships all over the world. She completely turned her life around on her own. We dove into how your mindset really makes a difference in how successful you can be in life, and how who you surround yourself with makes a big difference. We also talk about skincare, and how to take care of your skin and how having a healthy outside helps you be healthy all over. This conversation was full of dynamite advice. Questions I asked: Dive into your backstory for everyone. What’s your advice for a woman who’s in a tough situation like you were? How do you keep your energy up? What is your solution for employees with drama? How do you find the right people to work with? What would you like every woman out there to know about their skin? How did you remove limiting beliefs? Why is the fear of leaving people behind a limiting belief? What’s your favorite quote? Topics Discussed: Rough starts. Shifting our personal stories. How to decide to change. Finding purpose. Not having a plan B. Overcoming obstacles. Quotes from the show: “My faith carried me through a tough time.” @acneexpert @SisterhoodSweat “I always had this yearning for freedom.” @acneexpert @SisterhoodSweat “I survived 100% of the worst-case scenarios, and I’m still here.” @acneexpert @SisterhoodSweat “If you want to be known for something, you need to niche down.” @acneexpert @SisterhoodSweat “When you keep saying yes, doors begin to open for you.” @acneexpert @SisterhoodSweat How you can stay in touch with Marie Claire: LinkedIn Website Twitter Facebook Instagram How you can stay in touch with Linda: Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube SoundCloud "Proud Sponsors of the Sisterhood of S.W.E.A.T" Essential Formulas My daily energy stems from mushrooms... mushroom coffee that is! Have you checked out Four Sigmatic yet? If you want a coffee that contains superfoods and adaptogens like rhodiola, eleuthero, and schisandra to help you live a healthier, more enhanced life, then you need Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee in your daily routine! Check out their products here and be sure to let me know what you think of it!

1hr 3mins

5 Aug 2020

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Let's Chat About Working for Marie Claire & Global Beauty Brands with Taylore Glynn

Get an Adaatude Podcast

I am so pumped for this episode with Taylore Glynn - we chat about all things beauty and skincare! Taylore is the associate beauty and health editor for Marie Claire. We dive into what products Taylore is using in her skincare routine right now and some of her other favorites. I even learned about some new brands that I am going to try! Taylore also shares with us what it is like to write for a major beauty publication company. For all of my skincare fans - do not miss this episode!  Inside This Episode:  How Taylore got her start in the beauty industry  What sets Marie Claire apart from other beauty publications Global skincare brands and ingredients  Some of the beauty products that Taylore is using right now What a typical day of writing for Marie Claire looks like for Taylore  Taylore’s tips for a perfect cat eye A little bit about Taylore’s travel with Marie Claire  A few body care products that Taylore loves And so much more!  Links Mentioned:  Augustinus Bader Skincare 111Skin Sulwhasoo Korean Skincare Drunk Elephant Marula Oil ZO Skincare Complexion Renewal Pads SkinCeuticals Lipid Restore SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Fresh Skincare Wander Beauty Dior Backstage Foundation Natura Bisse Diamond Cocoon Sheer Charlotte Tilbury Chanel Mascara  Glossier Lash Slick PCA Skincare Voya Body Oil Monastery Body Oil Lumi Face Mist Cleen Beauty Vitamin C Serum


15 Jul 2020

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Andrea Thompson Editor In Chief at Marie Claire

Hacking Happiness by DOSE

Andrea Thompson is the Editor In Chief at Marie Claire. For much of her career she has specialised in investigative journalism and loves helping bring to light inspirational stories from people who traditionally have not been given a voice in mainstream media.In her years as an undercover reporter, she travelled the world exposing everything from child labour in India to rogue surgeons in Moscow who were creating stem cell beauty treatments from aborted foetuses. She’s secretly filmed money-grabbing doctors on Harley Street for Channel 4 show The Ugly Face of Beauty and went undercover on celebrity yachts in Cannes to investigate the casting couch tradition that exploits young models during festival season. Her most nerve-wrecking stories included researching the casual use of rape-drugs in Goa for The Sunday Times and going undercover to expose the dubious business dealings of property tycoon Donald Trump for The Daily Mail, a whole decade before he took up residence at the White House.At Marie Claire, Andrea oversaw a hard-hitting feature on rape as a weapon of war that won the title an Amnesty Media Award, and now acts as as a judge for the awards each year. She regularly chairs events for Marie Claire and mentors young women trying to break into the industry. In this podcast, she talks to us about how she balances a high powered career with raising two children, her advice to budding journalists and how she gets her endorphins pumping though runs and climbing trees in Hampstead Heath.This podcast is in partnership with MALIN+GOETZ – purveyors of uncomplicated luxury skincare. Discover more at malinandgoetz.co.uk/love-at-first-swipe.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


3 Jul 2020

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How Investigative Journalism Brought One Young Woman Up Close & Personal with Weinstein

Dot to Dot Behind the Person

Do you think anyone was covering the story of Weinstein 15 years ago? If they were, why did it take so long to ignite international interest? Is Covid-19 going to create a fresh start for women or set equality back? Can a fashion and beauty brand embody a genuine feminist agenda? These are all topics we explore in the second episode of Dot to Dot ‘Behind the Person’ with this week’s guest Andrea Thompson.In this episode we talk about growing up in London with an English mother and father from Barbados and what it felt like to be ‘different’. We explore how seeing the way in which her father was treated compared to her mother made Andrea determined to allow marginalised voices to be heard. Andrea tells me about her time as a fearless young reporter meeting Weinstein face to face, exposing one of Trump’s businesses, investigating Russian companies and uncovering sweatshops in India. We discuss the four pillars that underpin the values she really cares about: women’s empowerment, sustainability, education of girls and women and mental health, and how this is driving the current agenda at Marie Claire. Andrea is passionate about unveiling injustice but doing so in a way that provides people with the everyday relief and inspiration to make a difference and get on with their own lives with a spring in their step. This underpins everything she does including the fashion and beauty at Marie Claire which is about celebrating women as they are, instead of as they 'should be'. I’m sure that you will be able to feel the energy that she puts into her career and ensuring that people are heard seep through the recording to positively infect your day, week and maybe even your year ahead. 


20 May 2020