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Episode 24: Bobby Thomas

Population Unplugged

In this episode Cornell talks about his father Bobby Thomas, and the importance of amazing parents..


20 Jun 2020

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All Things Administration Pt. 2 - Neal Scoggins, Greg Addison, feat. Bobby Thomas

The Grind

In part two of All Things Administration, Neal and Greg continue to talk to CEO and President of the Arkansas Baptist Foundation, Bobby Thomas. In this episode, they continue the framework started in the first episode and build on the fundamentals that all church plants need to know so you can build your plant on steady, financial ground and keep it that way. Questions Discussed: What are the basic things churches should have in place in regards to receipting payroll? What’s the difference between a W-2 and 1099? What is each used for? Who gets what? What are the basics of issuing your first paychecks as church planters? When you know you’re going to bring more people on, do you deal with it now or later? How can you turn things around, if you didn’t start right to begin with? When you plant a church or create a satellite campus, do you maintain the same tax credentials at the parent church or does that vary in different situations? What often would you recommend that church plants go back and use the assessment to check their systems? What do you suggest church planters pay extra attention in times of financial stress, like during the COVID-19 pandemic? What are some things that are happening at the Foundation to be excited about? Some Key Takeaways: Making key decisions early in the administration and financial needs is key to creating a functional system and maintaining that system. As a sponsor church, you have two responsibilities: - Keeping your satellite campus/church plant accountable - Helping to create and train a finance team with those leaders to be able to manage when God provides and people come to church. Where you can find help when you need questions answered, or to be directed in the right direction: - Your sponsor church - ABSC Church Health and Church Planting Teams - Bobby and his team at the Arkansas Baptist Foundation Resources Email: thegrind@absc.org https://www.abf.org/resources/ https://www.abf.org/contact/ https://www.absc.org/


9 Jun 2020

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All Things Administration Pt. 1 - Neal Scoggins, Greg Addison, feat. Bobby Thomas

The Grind

In part one of All Things Administration, Neal and Greg talk to CEO and President of the Arkansas Baptist Foundation, Bobby Thomas. In getting back to the basics of church planting, Bobby goes in-depth of how the administrative side of a church plant should function. He also offers plenty of tips and advice in making sure your church plant is completely functional and legit - from a legal standpoint. Questions Discussed: What are the buckets we need to deal with when it comes to administrative needs in church planting? What is the process of becoming a legitimate church plant - in a legal sense? What are some basic things that church planters need to know about receiving contributions? What are some typical struggles you see with that? What would a proof is given to someone to prove to the IRS that they gave to your church look like? How do you handle designated gifts? What is considered deductible and not deductible? How do you handle donations and stay legal with them? What are the basics of spending money received correctly? Some Key Takeaways: The key buckets to the framework of administration in a church plant are: Gathering and creating governing documents, receiving contributions and handling that well, dealing with payroll and compensation, creating a process to handle your budget of money received, etc and creating a process of annually reviewing your documents and needs. Whatever mechanism you use for keeping track of contributions, there are two things you have to be able to do: You need to be able to account for the receipts, money that came in, and be able to account for each giver, doner, how much they gave. Resources Email: thegrind@absc.org https://www.abf.org/contact/ https://www.abf.org/resources/


2 Jun 2020

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LIVE: Financial Truths w/Bobby Thomas from the Arkansas Baptist Foundation

Lead Defend

As young adults, learning to manage our finances can be challenging and confusing. This week, Ryan and Seth are joined by Bobby Thomas, CEO and President of the Arkansas Baptist Foundation, to talk about how to successfully deal with your finances. Bobby brings experiences from his own life, and uses biblical examples to show that managing your finances is not only just responsible but something we are called to do. Note: this episode was recorded live at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention. LINKS http://www.leaddefend.org/, https://www.abf.org/ SOCIAL https://www.facebook.com/leaddefend/, https://www.instagram.com/leaddefend/, https://www.facebook.com/ABFsince1949/

28 Nov 2019

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Talkin' Musicology w/ Bobby Thomas Jr. of Weather Report Ep. 001

Talkin' Musicology

Listen as I talk musicology with Bobby Thomas Jr. of Weather Report. Bobby talks about his time with Weather Report, Jaco, Wayne Shorter, "Night Passage" and other things. Follow Talkin' Musicology & Isaiah here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYQTUxyVNTlJup14yQe9IUQ?view_as=subscriber https://twitter.com/TALKIN_MUSIC_ https://www.instagram.com/talkinmusicology/ https://soundcloud.com/user-346881066 https://www.instagram.com/ijrogers_/ https://www.facebook.com/lifeisaparade https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7u3JgBrKB_C41se27dqjUQ?view_as=subscriberSound: Isaiah J. RogersEdited By: Isaiah J. Rogers & Lock Denis (@Lock.photo)

1hr 7mins

1 May 2018