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9 - Human Design w/ Krystal Thompson

Unapologetic with Tevyn & Kennedy

Tevyn and Kennedy learn about human design with life coach Krystal Thompson (@hotelwilderness) and talk about doing what brings you joy.


27 Apr 2021

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41. Transform Your Life & Biz with Human Design with Krystal Thompson

The Abundant Entrepreneur

Episode title: 41 -Transform Your Life & Biz with Human Design with Krystal Thompson Episode summary introduction: On today’s show, we have Human design & Hypnotherapy expert Krystal Thompson. In this episode, she shares how she helps her clients transform by using human design. She also explains the 5 different types of human design and how you can obtain and begin to implement it in your own life & biz. Resources mentioned in this episode: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hotelwilderness/ 111 Journal Prompts to Activate Abundance: https://hotelwilderness.teachable.com/p/111-journal-prompts-to-activate-abundance


14 Apr 2021

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Dance with the Universe Through Human Design with Krystal Thompson

Becoming Infinite

#010:  Krystal Thompson is a Human Design Reader, Certified Life + Success Coach, NLP + EFT Practitioner, and Clinical Hypnotherapist. That’s a lot of titles, she knows. Basically what all of those mean is she is trained in integrating the mind and body to activate and align with soul purpose. It is her absolute pleasure to help you access the well of light and limitlessness that is within you.Human Design is such a cool tool with which to view our lives. Krystal is  going to teach us about the different Human Design Energy Types and how to best nurture our  type.TAKEAWAYS FROM THIS EPISODE:Human Design is about the energy you were born into. Each energy type has a strategy, which is basically like how the universe and you like to dance together.Human Design is a beautiful opening into coming back home to our natural rhythms and simplifying everything.Try out different spiritual tools and if they work for you, keep them. If not, try something else. It’s all about getting free. Whatever does that work for you is beautiful.A lot of times things you feel self conscious about are your gifts.Knowing your Human Design can help you avoid burnout in your business.MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:www.hotelwilderness.com https://www.instagram.com/hotelwilderness/Facebook Group - Manifestation Camp: https://www.facebook.com/groups/manifestationcampJenna ZoeGet Your Human Design Chart here: MyBodyGraph.ComSONGS IN THIS EPISODE:Bang Sugar Bang - Don’t ChangeMad Planet - Two of UsThank you so much for listening!💫Join the magic and hit subscribe💫While you're at it, connect with us on Instagram and Facebook!And, here's where you can support the show ❤️Becoming Infinite Website


24 Mar 2021

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098.Krystal Thompson: Hypnotherapy, Human Design + Living 5D

The Real Undressed with Deborah Kagan

Krystal Thompson is a Los Angeles-based Human Design Reader and Board-Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. Her readings and services are a unique blend of conscious mindset work, subconscious reprogramming, energy healing, and inspired action coaching. Everything she teaches is a process she has been through in her own transformation, and is done with one goal in mind: to elevate the collective by reigniting the individual. By uncovering what’s kept them stuck and creating new neural networks for change, she helps her clients and community tap into the clarity, confidence, and empowerment to build the life they want - not the one they think they have to settle for. In this episode we speak about everything from: ~ the collective shift from 3D to 5D living ~ the difference between being stuck and out of control and why you need to understand the difference ~ what hypnotherapy is and how it can enhance your spiritual and sexual experiences (think flow states) ~ understanding Human Design and how it can expand your personal freedom ~ how parents can use Human Design to support their children to be their best selves ~ defining the Energy Types of Human Design and the ideal way to activate them ~ the critical reason to rid yourself of old conditioning and the easiest ways to do that ~ the key question to ask yourself (hint: this one can literally change the way you feel everyday and then approach life overall). ~ ways to keep your energy body clean ~ and much more! Connect with Krystal Thompson Website |   https://www.hotelwilderness.com/ Instagram |  https://www.instagram.com/hotelwilderness/ Facebook Group |  https://www.facebook.com/groups/manifestationcamp * FREE GUIDED BREATH TECHNIQUE Turn your fear into Faith. Your Stress into Serenity. Your Anxiety into Assurance. Your Misfortune into Mojo. www.therealundressed.com/breathe *** Connect with Deborah Website | http://therealundressed.com/ Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/therealundressed/ https://www.instagram.com/deborahkagan/ Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/mojorecoveryspecialist/ Subscribe to The Real Undressed Podcast iTunes | https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-real-undressed-with-deborah-kagan/id1494643770 Spotify | https://open.spotify.com/show/1eOQaw6kryBsXo7Jb6qEnv Please remember to: Subscribe Rate Review the podcast. I read every single one and your feedback is valuable.

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16 Jan 2021

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Mindset Work for Entrepreneurs with Krystal Thompson

Success Beyond the Lens Podcast

What do you do when your passion is no longer the thing that fuels you? Find a new passion! That’s what Krystal Thompson did when she realized that while she loved photography, it wasn’t fueling her the way she wanted. Listen in as we chat about building the business you want, living the life of your dreams, and finding your confidence in yourself.  Krystal majored in photography and really had every intention of using her skills and drive to master the world of pictures. But it wasn’t enough. She struggled with the weight of anxiety and depression and knew she needed to make a change. Krystal is now a manifestation coach and helps people all over the world to realize their true capabilities.  Here’s the thing, your life and business are not one and the same. Your business allows you to live the life of your dreams, but what does that mean? What are your dreams? How do you plan to reach them? There are so many things holding us back from the realization that what we desire is there for the taking. Krystal helps you move past them.  Listen as Krystal shares how you can start building your business around your life instead of the other way around. We are meant to learn and grow every single day, and your business is the same! Stop allowing the stress and overwhelm to bring you down and learn how you can circumvent them! In This Episode: [01:36] Learn why Krystal moved away from photography to coaching. [04:54] You can build harmony between work and personal life. [07:54] Build your business around your life instead of building your life around your business. [09:07] Hear tips on how to keep the fear at bay when you think about how your business is built. [10:55] Jenn shares how difficult it was to continue when she lost her father. [13:24] Krystal describes how the brain works and how we can rewire how we think. [16:24] Jenn says that manifestation work brought her out of the darkness after her father passed away. [18:38] Krystal discusses putting the belief in yourself on autopilot, so you don't have to think about it, like brushing your teeth. [21:03] Jenn speaks about turning down work with an affluent client because it wasn't what she wanted to do and then two weeks later got a job with her dream client. [24:57] Krystal says that your business is a small piece of the pie, have fun and spend time on life. [26:35] If you have no one at the finish line, what have you accomplished? [28:25] Krystal gives advice that the listeners can do today to help them take the first step. [32:01] Jenn shares that you can outsource cleaning your house or whatever drains you, it doesn't have to be something about your business. [35:02] Krystal speaks about her favorite business tool. [36:02] If Jenn came out to LA to have a drink with Krystal, where would they go, and what would they drink? [37:12] Krystal shares her favorite quote. [37:48] Thank you for being on the show! [37:57] Krystal shares some final thoughts. Links and Resources Find Jenn: Success Beyond The Lens @successbeyondthelens Instagram @successbeyondthelenspodcast Facebook | Picbabun Grab your Boundaries Resources Editable Welcome Packet Template Pinterest Freebies Find Krystal: Krystal Thompson Instagram


10 Aug 2020

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90 | Astragalus Monograph by Krystal Thompson - Read by Heather Irvine


Another narrated monograph! Today’s episode Heather Irvine reads Krystal Thompson’s astragalus monograph. Thanks for listening! RESOURCES Hotel Wilderness Giving Tree Botanicals Astragalus Monograph Krystal is the woman behind Hotel Wilderness, a food and project blog focused on bringing healing herbs into the nooks and crannies of our daily lives. She is a photographer with a deep-seated love for food and plant medicine, and can usually be found happily crafting between the three. HerbRally www.herbrally.com Breitenbush Herbal Conference www.herbalconference.net 


5 Oct 2018

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Yarrow Monograph by Krystal Thompson | 17


On today's episode I narrate herbalist Krystal Thompson's monograph on Yarrow.  Here's a sampling from her monograph which you can find here: www.herbrally.com/monographs/yarrow Medicinal Use: Perhaps most famously, yarrow is prized for its benefits to wounds or minor bleeding. Its mild antiseptic and anodyne properties coupled with its ability to coagulate blood and stop bleeding make it the perfect ally in this case. These properties also make it useful in cases of hemorrhoids, post-partum care, bruises, and mouth sores, as well as internal bleeding (4). Yarrow beautifully harmonizes blood circulation and can be beneficial in cases of stagnation such as vericose veins or fibroids, as well as cases of overstimulated blood flow, such as hypertension. It is sometimes considered a skin tonic and can be used in a very effective facial steam to improve complexion through circulation and cooling inflamed tissue. Yarrow can also be protective against topical sun and wind damage. Yarrow prepared as tea is a wonderful ally in the face of tough colds. Its diaphoretic action makes it especially useful at the onset of fever or in cases of obstructed perspiration (1). Diaphoretic plants “move the circulation toward the surface of the body, helping to cool it off through sweating, and increasing the immunological activity on the “front lines” of the body’s battle against the cold” (6). For these same reasons it is a common plant accompaniment to sweat lodges and other types of therapeutic sweating where the “front lines” of the battlefield can be physical as well as spiritual. Yarrow opens pores and purifies the blood, a great combination for eruptive conditions such as measles, chickenpox, fevers, etc. In TCM, yarrow’s benefits here would be described as tonifying Qi or releasing to the exterior (5). No doubt related to these indications, yarrow also has a reputation for being generally beneficial to kidney disorders. Yarrow has an additional affinity for the pancreas and the lungs. It can benefit “thick blood,” which occurs when liver or pancreatic function is compromised due to high insulin levels or low digestive enzymes (10). Here, the blood contains more fats and other dense compounds that struggle to move freely through the blood vessels. This causes overexertion on the heart and improper gas exchange within the lungs, which puts stress on the entire body. Yarrow stimulates pancreatic function and boosts blood flow to help avoid these instances, but can benefit the anxiety or insomnia that may follow if thick blood does set in. For more monographs (40+ as of now) please visit: www.herbrally.com/monographs You can visit Krystal online at HotelWilderness.com Let us know what you thought of the episode! Thanks so much for listening.  Please share this if you feel so inclined :)  Krystal is the woman behind Hotel Wilderness, a food and project blog focused on bringing healing herbs into the nooks and crannies of our daily lives. She is a photographer with a deep-seated love for food and plant medicine, and can usually be found happily crafting between the three.


25 Oct 2017

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Breaking Out of Diet Culture Through Self Compassion And Yoga With Krystal Thompson

The Recovery Warrior Show

For twenty years, Krystal Thompson tried nearly every diet and workout plan on the market in an attempt to shrink her body. When she saw minimal change in her weight after a year-long, grueling diet, she decided to try something seemingly radical: allowing her body to dictate its own weight. Krystal tells us how her journey into body positivity and complete self acceptance has enriched and expanded her life in ways she never imagined. Tune in to find out how Krystal stared living her luscious life and how you can too. FREE ACCESS TO THE FOODBODYLOVE RALLY https://rally.truewarrior.fm/ TRUE WARRIOR FEATURED CLASS How to Get Unstuck: Identify the Blocks and Barriers Holding You Back From a Life You Love https://www.truewarrior.fm/how-to-get-unstuck What You'll Learn • How in the quest to shrink our bodies we actually start to shrink our lives • Why mainstream, westernized yoga culture actually promotes body negativity and diet mentality • How being “healthy” for the wrongs reasons can be detrimental to your physical and emotional wellbeing • The importance of practicing self compassion and vocalizing it with your friends, family, and loved ones • That letting go of concepts of beauty and diet mentality is often a long, slow process SHOW NOTES: https://www.recoverywarriors.com/krystal-thompson/

1hr 5mins

24 Aug 2017

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#89: Making Body Positivity More Inclusive – With Krystal Thompson

Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen

I’m chatting with Krystal Thompson – Professional Yoga Therapist and Intersectional Body Positivity Activist. She talks about how the body positive movement can be more inclusive, what it means to practice body positive yoga, how it can help you heal your body image and details on our upcoming virtual workshop – The Self-Care Shakedown. We also talk about: The moment she decided she was done with dieting and diet culture and how yoga helped her to heal her relationship with her body. How the body positive movement can be more inclusive and expand representation in an effort to uphold the belief that all bodies are worthy of love and respect. Why “all bodies are good bodies” is an exclusionary statement. Blowing up the BS around statements like “as long as she’s happy and healthy”. The co-opting of body positivity in yoga culture and all of the different reasons this is problematic. The various systems of oppression that benefit from you feeling bad about yourself and how to fight back. Everything you need to know about The Self-Care Shakedown. Plus, so much more! 


2 May 2017